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Chapter 37...Justin's POV!!

I'm at one of my trap houses right now waiting on my men who went on a mission to get the shipment of my drugs that are worth 6million dollars,I wanted to be part of the drop off but I have Markov and his allies in the dungeons that I need to deal with and I have discovered that in 2 of my clubs someone is hiring underage girls as workers in my clubs and also offering them drugs on top of that they have been stealing my money and we have discovered that some people have been snooping into Giana's life and have been following her around but it hasn't been easy for them because she is with me most times and they can't get to her. I have a million things that need my attention including Giana.

"Don the drop off was a success the boys are on their way back." Snake informs me

"Ok,let the backups fallback but our snipers must still cover the men until they reach here safely with the product." I say

"If anything that needs my attention comes up I will be in the dungeons with Stephano having some fun." I inform Snake.

"Yes Don, word on Giana is that she has been checked by the doctor she is good but may suffer from memory loss from the hit on her head and an ABI from the choking she suffered and Maria says she managed to finish the chicken soup you told her to make for her and has taken her medication but-" Snake says

"But what!!" I shout not happy with this information im getting.

"The doctor said he will monitor her progress" Snake says not affected by my outbursts he is already immune to them.

My personal phone vibrates in my pocket,I quickly take it out and see that its Giana calling me.I dismiss Snake by turning my back on him letting him know we done for now.

"Hello Kitten,Are you okay?" I say answering her call

"Where are you Mr Sky" She says sounding a bit not her usual self.

"I'm at the warehouse mi amor (My love) , is everything okay?" I respond

"Yes, are you busy? Did i disturb you?" She says rushing her words

"I'm never busy for you Kitten and You didn't disturb me". I lie not wanting her to feel guilty of disturbing me.

"Um, well I just wanted to hear your voice and to make sure you okay and I missed you." She says

"Kitten it's been a rough day for you,I should be the one making sure you okay and I'm sorry i couldn't stay with you and it kills me everytime i have to say no to you and I miss you too love" I tell her truthfully

" I understand Justin but I won't lie and say it doesn't hurt but I choose all of you the bad,the good and I wanna ride your dick until my legs fall off" She said the part giggling but I on the other hand couldn't believe what I just heard, I had to look at the name and number on the screen to make sure that it is really MY Kitten im talking to.

"Excuse me? Kitten did you just say you want to ride my dick until your legs fall off or I'm just imagining this?" I ask to make sure I'm not dreaming

She is giggling non-stop while im confused as fuck right now but a thought comes to me of where can this kind of behavior come from.

"Baby did you drink wine?". I ask her

" Well I was bored,lonely and sad so i went to your Wine cellar and took two bottles there but I'm still on the first one and I'm watching this porn site I found in Snake's laptop that he borrowed me when mine was acting up." She says now her giggles have stopped but she sounds really out of it.

"I wish you could see how my lips are sipping on this wine because that's how I wanna be sipping on your cum big daddy" She continues

Ok,that's enough I can't take all this dirty talk from my angel while im miles away from her and I need to focus on business right now,I need to shut this down right now before I decide to get the fuck out of here and get back to her.

"Giana sweetheart can you please stay on the line while I take care of something real quick my love"

"Aye Aye Captain " She says laughing.

I take my business phone and make a call to my head of security,he picks up on the first ring.

"Chun Li turn on the cameras in my room and make sure that I'm the only one who can see." I tell him

"Yes Don" he responds and in 2minutes he tells me it's done.

I keep him on hold while I go to my home security app and go straight to my room's one. I see Giana sitting on the couch filling her glass with wine, the bottle is almost finished she is watching porn like she said, I can't believe that she is really watching it.

"Li go to my room and knock,Giana will give you a laptop and a bottle of wine when you get there...Keep those things to you. Keep the cameras of my room on for me only still." I say hanging up afterwards not waiting for his reply

"Hey Kitten you still there? " I say unmuting Giana on my personal phone

"Still here baby" She says slurring

"Someone is going to knock on the door,I need you to please give him the laptop and the other bottle of the wine baby okay!?" I tell her

I see her nodding but she doesn't say anything to me on the phone,I can see Li outside our room knocking,Giana gets up stumbling a few times but she doesn't take the laptop and bottle and she has also abandoned her cellphone,I think she forgot about me. She opens the door after missing the handle 2 times,she opens the door widely. Her and Li exchange a few words after that she stumbles back to the couch and takes the bottle and laptop walking back to him and handing it to him. Li bows a little showing her respect leaving after that. She closes the door and makes her way to our bed and throws herself facedown on it, she moves after a few minutes later lying on a comfortable position and it's lights out after that.

I hang up and now I want to get the killing of these mother fuckers done quickly so I can get back to my Kitten soon so I can take care of her.

"Snake!!!" I shout knowing very well his waiting for me outside.he comes in.

"Never give or do something for Giana without my approval and I'm heading down to the dungeons. When the men gets here take care of the testing and tasting the product, organize a celebration for all the men who went on the missions lately,the celebration venue will be the gun's trap house.give them the most expensive drinks,food and women whatever they want and let them know that tomorrow morning on their bank accounts there will be a difference in their bank balance." I tell Snake while making my way outside the room going to the dungeons.

When i get get to the dungeons the smell of sweat,pee,blood hit my nose making more fired up ready to get ball rolling, I pass the men guarding the dungeons,these men are deadly and ruthless and are the best of the best. I know this because I trained some of them myself the older ones were trained by my father meaning they have been part of my father's reign too as a Don.

I finally make it to Markov cell,I hear cries of pain and begging. I guess Stephano has started without me. I get inside after the men guarding the cell let me in,Stephano look my way smirking.

"About damn time you showed up man,I was about to kill this fucker." He says handing me the golf club his been using on Markov, truthfully the fucker is minutes from taking his last breath,Stephano did a number on him. His whole body is bruised and battered his skin has turned purple from the hits and his one eye is swollen closed,his coughing up red clots of blood. Stephano stripped him off his clothes,his tied up with shackles his hanged up by ropes.

" Well he looks already dead,there is not much fun i can have with him right now anyway" I tell Stephano, he smirks shrugging his shoulders in response.

"So Markovich you really thought you could get me killed,touch what's mine and take my crown and empire from me?" I ask him curiously

" Well I give you a D for trying and for even thinking of that and at almost succeeding in doing it. If i didn't have such strong loyal men with me and if I was not my father's son you would have succeeded but I took this position from a great Don the man whose blood runs through me and his blood runs through generations of previous Don's who were resilient,powerful,fearless and had love for their position." I tell him truthfully

"Fuck you Justin!! You may think you've won but I'm not the only one after your crown and woman,you can't kill us all. Someone you least expect will get to you and fuck that bitch of yours infront of you one day,Not all your men are loyal to you" He says laughing at the end

"Mm well thank you for letting me know that little information but I know that not all my men are loyal to me and I might have little idea of who might be the one i least expected to betray me but don't worry yourself about that,worry about your death, I will continue to take care of your mother and sister's for you they won't feel your absence too much" I tell him winking at him

"But since you already hanging on by a thread I can't really enjoy torturing you so I think I will just let you feel what it feels like to be touched and violated just like you wanted to do to my woman, you managed to traumatized her then I will damage you before I put a bullet between your eyes" I tell him that and hit him hard with the golf club on his knee. He screams so loud that my ears hurt from his scream.

I move away from him and tell the guard to call Skull for me, Skull is a merciless,heartless,soulless killer.he enjoys torturing his victims so much especially the ones who rape and kill women and young girls that's because his wife,mother and daughter was killed that way so he lost himself the day he lost his family and there is no saving him from the darkness his in.
He never talks to anyone including me but he does talk to my father,he was supposed to have retired with my father but he told my father I need a guardian angel on my side so he will be mine and his been my guardian angel behind the scenes. He is always present on my most dangerous and difficult missions ever since and he always shows up when im about to get killed to get me out.

Skull comes in and assessing the atmosphere and scene and looks at me.

"Skull I need you to teach this rapist a lesson but I want to be the one killing him." I tell him and tell Stephano that we should leave the room because I don't want to witness what Skull is about to do.

What Skull does to these men is that he brutally rapes them too,some he even cuts off their tongue's and dicks,if you lucky he will rape you and break a few ribs and kill you after that. It depends on what exactly you did.

As soon as we go out we hear Markov begging already, we hear his screams and after 15minutes he stopped screaming. I give Skull another 10minutes to get himself together but if he doesn't come out afterwards i will have to go in before he kills him.

Skull comes out wearing a different shirt and jeans, all the people who do the torturing and killing have clothes down here including me, we can't walk around with bloody clothes after. We even take showers before leaving the dungeons.

I bow in Thanks to him and Stephano and I head back to Markov cell but when we get there the scene is gruesome I can feel bile rising up but I manage to keep it down.

"Damn!, Skull makes the devil look like an angel compared with him. And he killed him even after you told him not to." Stephano says touching Markov checking for a heartbeat.

" Skull does whatever Skull wants, truthfully i fear Skull myself " I tell Stephano truthfully.

I call the guard and tell him to bring the other 15men who were helping Markov behind my back even after i sent out a warning to anyone who will help him.

The men come in and immediately start begging for mercy when they see the scene infront of them of how their friend died.

I don't have time to be questioning and torturing these fuckers so I tell the guards to line them up for me and hold them still and wait behind them.

I take out my Glock 43 red and silver gun from my waitst and fire 15 shots shooting all the men between the eyes. They all fall down like flies. My men have so much faith in me not even one of them moved maybe thinking I will mistakenly shoot them.

I instructed them to get back to their posts and I called the "cleaners" to clean up and ship the bodies to their families.

And when Stephano was torturing Markov there were cameras taping everything till the time the cleaners finished cleaning up.

I tell Li to make copies and send them to all the Big and small groups of Mafias as a warning to anyone who might wanna try me soon, I want them to come knowing very well who they dealing with and that they have signed their death wish when coming for me,my family,my men,my crown and empire.

I also instructed that this video be played for everyone who is employed by me,this is me sending a message to the ones betraying me and the ones who might wanna try.

Tomorrow I will be cleaning house,getting rid of all the bad apples in my empire but for now I'm going to have a long ass cold shower here,change and go to my world at home and take care of her.

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