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Chapter 4..Lunch date

I just got to school and it's 8:30am right now and I have 30 minutes to spare because my first class is at 9am so I decide to read a book that I started a week ago and it's not like me to take this long to finish a book with a great story line but with all the studies I have and no day off with homework I haven't really had enough time to indulge on this book but today I will make use of the 30 minutes I got,so I go to where I will be having my first class in and go to the back I take out my book and phone play music and I start reading, I play music just to tune out any noises that can disturb me not that iam really focused on the music while I read.

In no time it's 9am and I see kids filing inside the class and iam soo disappointed because the book was just getting to the climax parts where you don't want to put down the book and the parts where you find yourself laughing if it's a funny part or you start tearing up if it's a sad part and all those juicy parts,anyway the teacher comes in and it's the start of another day of class after class.

Lunch time comes and iam excited,exhausted and scared because today iam having lunch with Justin that makes me nervous and scared a bit but iam excited it's Lunch time cause iam starving and exhausted from all the classes I attended today, I think about letting Mika what's going on but I also don't want to have answer questions I don't have answers of yet and knowing Mika it will be question after question and I don't want my business being discussed by the girls I have uncessary attention on me that is why I keep to myself most times but I don't mind telling Mika iam Very comfortable around him and I know his a genuine friend with genuine intentions regarding me and our friendship but after thinking again I decide not to tell him right now and call him later on to update him on everything and will have information on the Lunch date as well.

So I walk to the parking lot and yes I see the Lamborghini I walk to it and open it to see if it's open for real and it so but I close it quickly not getting inside because iam now scared and shy just to enter in someone else's car without them being there so I decide to wait for him outside instead,while waiting I hear my name being called when I turnaround and see who's calling me I wish I can be invisible instantly anyway I put on a forced smile and wave at Sandra,she comes sauntering to me with a questioning look.

"Hey Giana,what are you doing here? Mika was asking us if we've seen you today"She says with a raised eyebrow

I now feel very bad for deciding not to tell Mika it's obvious his worried about me but i will make it up to him when I finally call him later.

"Hi Sandra,iam waiting for someone" I tell her

"Oh,who can you be waiting for? Is is the owner of this car but I doubt it,anyway where are going with whoever you waiting for?" She asks

I ignore the question and statement she made about who can I be waiting for or her doubting that iam waiting for the owner of this cat because I dont know what she is trying to say by what she said, just when iam about to answer her Justin comes looking very delicious in a black fitted shirt that shows his muscular build with black Jean's and black looking expensive looking shoes if you close enough you can even see your shadow in them and those grey sharp cattish eyes oh my my my iam lost in them until he is next to us but his eyes are focused on me and they are holding me captive until someone clears the throat harshly and the spell is broken and I look beside me I see that its Sandra who disturbed our moment and I feel irritated by her actions.

"Oh hey Professor Sky iam in one of your classes do you remember?" Sandra ask in a voice I know that is not hers it's fake as my Nike sneakers iam wearing today

"Um,Hi..I do remember your face but not your name Miss?" Justin says calmy to her

"Oh ha haha my name is Sandra Gilbert but you can call me any name you prefer calling me" she says with that voice again and I roll my eyes internally

"Oh ok I will call you Sandra because that's the name I prefer to call you with just like your parents Sandra" Justin says

Just as Sandra is about to say something I cut her short by talking first I don't know where I got the balls to do that or pull that move and iam shocked myself.

"Sandra the person I told you I was waiting for is here and we need to go before we are late to our reservation but please tell Mika I will call him later" I don't wait for her response I open the door to Justin's car and I quickly get in but when iam about to close the door Justine holds the handle stopping me with a smile and gently closes the door for me and I smile back as a Thank you.

Justine goes over to the other side of the car and nods as a goodbye to Sandra and I look at Sandra and her mouth is open wide with shock written all over her face and I find myself smiling at her reaction, Justine gets in and looks at me and ask if iam ready to go and I smile and whisper a small yes now the nerves are back and I find myself sinking more to the seat,Justine just smirk and starts driving out.

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