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Chapters 39...Mrs Jackson

Li just pulled up in my family house after a 4hours drive, he didn't even take any breaks on the road but he did ask me if I wanted to stretch or buy something at the gas stations we passed but I wanted to get home as soon as possible,Li wasn't interested in any small talks. everytime I started a conversation he would give me one worded answers or just pretend he didn't hear me so after some time I left him alone I just listened to the soft music he was playing and kept quite.

As soon as the car stopped I got out and stretched while Li was taking my small suitcase and book bag out the boot, my stretching is disturbed by someone squealing excitedly and I know that squel very well.

" Oh my baby is home!!" My mother says fast walking to me with her arms open wide, I give her a bone crushing hug when I meet her halfway.We are both jumping up and down while hugging each other and my mother starts sobbing uncontrollably in my shoulder making me cry as well. These are happy tears of finally being reunited with her,I didn't realize how much I really missed her and how I needed her warm loving hugs.

After sometime of crying,hugging and telling each other how we missed and love each other we get ourselves together and I introduced Li as a friend of Justin's who volunteered to drive me home as I have anxiety of being in a plane. The anxiety part is true but the friend and volunteered part is something I came up with on the spot and I can't believe my mother didn't question me any further about it.

Once we inside the house I saw Li looking around with a blank face,our house is a very small homey house with 3bedrooms,1bathroom,a small kitchen and dining room and a small porch outside its nothing to brag about but I love it and it's my home.our neighborhood is quite and peaceful but with two sides an area of big fancy houses where the rich reside and the area I live in which has average people like me.

"So honey is Li going to be staying with us or?" My mother asks looking between Li and I for an answer.

Well this is something I didn't discuss with Justin or Li and I'm not sure if I want him to be staying with us I kinda want my mother's attention onto me like old times but if we have a visitor then she will spend more time making sure his okay and feeling welcome giving me less time with her.

"No! He is not,his Actually passing by and has some business to take care of around." I respond with more lies. Lying has become a habit to me these days and I'm ashamed of myself.

I'm avoiding eye contact with Li because I don't know what was his plan or instructions from Justin.

"Yes Mrs Jackson I will not be staying,Giana can you please show me where I must put your suitcase in and I will take my leave after?" Li says.

"Oh!, um well Li can you please stay for lunch you have been driving for a long time im sure you tired and hungry." My mother offered

"Take it as a Thank you from me as you have taken care of my daughter and volunteered to drive her down here safely." My mother says cutting Li off when she saw the hesitation from his face and knew he was going to decline.

"Okay Mrs Jackson i will stay for lunch" He finally gives in and gestures for me to lead the way to my room where he will put my suitcase in but when I'm about to leave my mother stops us.

"Giana that suitcase is not that heavy,you can carry it yourself child,Li is hungry and tired from all the driving so you go upstairs with your things while I get lunch ready." My mother says

"No it's okay I need to take it to her room,Giana can show me where" Li says giving me a strange look that I don't understand.

"Okay then if you insist but hurry back lunch will be ready in 10minutes." My mother's says with a smile.

Li turns around quickly going upstairs not even waiting for me to lead the way now,I think his irritated. When we get upstairs he moves away letting me lead him to my room now.

Once we inside my room he quickly moves around the room checking the window,under the bed etc for a good 5minutes once satisfied he tells me I can feel free to do whatever and Justin will be calling me later he is busy with a few things right now.

"Lunch is ready!!!" My mother shouts from the kitchen, Li is the first to go and I follow behind him after 15 minutes. When I get to the kitchen my mother and Li are having a full conversation with my mother giggling like a school girl. So Li can talk with other people but not with me. Well maybe he doesn't like me I think to myself.

I quitely sit down and dish a big plate of spaghetti with meat balls and Greek salad, I was starving. Li and my mother don't pay any attention to me they continue with their little conversations until we finish lunch and Li says his goodbyes.

"What an interesting man" my mother says smiling

" Who?" I ask confused

"Li honey,he is a smart,funny and intimidating man all at once" She responds

I give her a confused and irritated look but she ignored me and kept smiling making me more irritated because I don't understand her liking Li this much. She just met the guy but she already knows he smart and everything.

"MOM!! please don't tell me you like Li in a romantic way" I say dead serious

"What? No honey I already have someone I'm seeing, that is why I also wanted to see you so I can introduce you to him." My mother says shocking the hell out of me.

"Mom what do you mean you seeing someone? What about daddy" I say

"I mean we are together baby and your father has been gone for 8years now I need someone to be with too, your father was my soul mate but he didn't treat me right sometimes and he died because of his actions I have forgiven him but I need to move on and start living too" My mother responds

I really don't know how I feel about this right now,I mean I do want my mother to be happy and living life again but with another man?,I know my father was abusive when drunk and he was not a good husband or father when drunk but he was when sober and those are the memories I cherish the most.

"Honey we've never talked about your father and brother passing and we both grieved our own way and I lost a husband and a son and you lost a father and a part of you because your brother was not just a brother he was your twin and I know you went through alot including the bullying you had to go through alone while we were both grieving I was not a good mother then I forgot about your pain and focused on mine and I'm sorry for that." My mother says with tears falling out.

"Mom it's okay let's not go back to the past and I don't want to talk about dad or Gio right now or the bullying. Those things happened and I dealt with them my way and the scars left in my heart by those events are starting to heal and Justin is mending my heart without even knowing." I say

"Justin the man you dating? That's his name right" my mother asks now smiling big.. I think my mother is bipolar by the way her emotions and attitudes changes so fast.

"Yes mom his name is Justin Sky and he-" Wait that's him calling me I say when my phone vibrates in my pocket.

I quickly take it and answer

"Justin!" I say excited to hear his voice because I miss him. I hear him chuckling first

"Hi Kitten what got you so excited" He says

"Nothing I'm just happy to hear your voice" I say

"Well I'm happy to know you happy to hear my voice baby" Justin says

"Li has given me an update on the trip and that he met your mom and did a minor check in your room but I need you to make sure that all doors are locked and your phone is always with you my number and Li 's are on speed dial I need you safe till I get there and limit your movements please, not alot of people know that you've traveled and I want to keep that way" Justin says

"When will you be coming?" I ask because I really miss him and now that I'm home I'm missing him terribly

"In the next 48hrs baby I just need to make sure all hands on deck this side and I'm giving you time with your mother I know you've missed her." He says

"Have you told her about the attack on you " he continues

"Um not yet but I haven't even thought about it since I came back,im just happy to be home right now"

"Good,well i need to go right now my love but I will call you later,say hi to your sexy mother as per Li's description of her" he says laughing at the last part and he hung up not waiting for my response. Rude man!!

"What's wrong angel you look irritated,did Justin say something upsetting" my mother says

"Um no, Li says you sexy" I tell her

My mother bursts into laughter and blushing at the same time.

"Oh wow! Well wow!" She says blushing some more

"Yeah that's his description of you and it's unbelievable because the didn't even want to have a conversation with me on the way here but his after my mother now" I say

"Oh honey maybe he wanted to concentrate on the driving anyway how is Justin and when is he coming I heard you asking him on the phone." She continued

"His fine,just finishing up on business and he'll be here in the next 48hrs" I respond

We are disturbed by a knock on the door,my mother quickly goes to answer it but me dating a mafia leader and not trusting anything right now I hold my phone out ready to press Li's number on speed dial.

"Honey look who's here to see you" my mother says coming inside the kitchen smiling. Behind her is Blake Wilson my neighbor and the only guy I had a crush on for years in middle school and the guy who broke my heart when he asked my enemy Joselyn to Prom and also dated the girl who was the worst bully in school and Blake use to tease me as well but didn't participate in beating me up but he was there just looking while I was being bullied and he lied and covered up for my bullies when I reported them to the teachers he would say I'm the bully and very clumsy when asked about the bruises on me and he claimed to be my brothers bestfriend and always ended up causing fights between my brother and I with his lies,after my brother's death I hated him because when my brother left he was angry with me about the lie he told about me to my brother causing him to tell me to stay behind or he will embarrass me by telling people I pee on myself at night when our father wanted to go to the mall with us so I stayed behind that's how I survived being in the car on the day of the car accident that took my brother and father.

"Hi Gigi" I'm brought back to the now by his annoying voice

"Don't call me that!" I respond harshly. That's how my family calls me,my brother gave me that nickname.

"Giana don't be rude!" My mother scold me

"It's okay Mrs Jackson that's how we play with each other" Blake says smiling

"Okay then I will leave you two to catch up and Honey we going out later tonight to Dinner" my mother says going out the kitchen

There is dead silence between us, Black keeps stealing glances at me while I'm giving him death stares.

"What the hell you doing here Blake?" I finally ask.

"I saw you getting out that expensive Bentley and uh I thought it was your boyfriend but I saw him leave afterwards anyway I came to say hi and you look good but you've always looked good and I'll stop because I'm rambling right now" he says blushing

"Well Hi and Bye" I say moving passed him going to the door opening it gesturing with my hands that he can leave.

"Look Giana I have always wanted to say sorry for how I treated you and how I contributed to the mistreatment of you and how I caused fights between you and your brother but I did those things because I lo- I mean liked you alot and wanted everyone to not like you so you can run to me and I was childish I know and I'm so so sorry and I have changed" Blake says

"Listen Blake I never want to see you again in my life just like im never going to see my brother again because of your lies and he left angry at me because of the lies you made now get out of my house and life or I will tell my boyfriend to kill you like a nobody that you are" I tell him my voice trembling holding back tears.

"Get.The.Fuck.Out!!!!" I shout at him when he doesn't make any movements of getting out.

Blake finally leaves and I close the door softly and slide down to it and start silently crying not wanting my mother to hear my cries. After a few minutes my phone vibrates in my hand I forgot that i was holding it in my hand.

I answer without checking the caller but I don't speak I just hold it on my ear.

"Kitten i will there with you tonight,Please don't cry i hate to see you cry" Justin says on the did he know im crying and I thought he was going to be here in the next 48hrs.

"Justin um im fine and I'm not crying" I lie my new found toxic habit.

"Giana you called me and I heard everything between you and that fucker and I'll see you tonight. I need to go but stop crying it's enough." He says and hung up.

My tears are now gone and I'm just sitting here trying to figure out what just happened.i called Justin but I thought my finger was on Li's name and I could've pressed the dial button by mistake.

"Honey why are you sitting down like that and have you been crying" My mother says a few feet away from me

"Baby whats wrong? Is it Justin? Did you guys have a fight!" My mother keeps the questions coming.

"No mom, uh I'm just happy he said his coming tonight" I tell her half truth half lie...atleast it was not all lies this time my conscience reminds me.

"Well that's great, I might as well invite John too then we will all have dinner together now I need to look for a fancy restaurant we will go to I need to impress my future son inlaw" She says excited

"Mom relax Justin doesn't need to be impressed he is a very non judgemental guy and his very simple and laid back but Who is John?" I ask now smiling.

"Wow then that's great honey I like Justin already,he loves you for you that's what I like and John is the guy I'm seeing" She says blushing at the last part.

My mother looks happy and enjoying life maybe this John guy is a good man for her but I do wanna meet him and since Justin will be here I want him to intimidate and observe him as well because Justin is good at scoping people out.i hope John won't pee himself. I giggle thinking about my silly plan. Well now I feel more lighter knowing my love is coming sooner then i expected and for him to drop everything and come to me makes me start seeing the future with him as my husband and father of my kids. Justin really is my knight.

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