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Chapter 40.. Zero rating for this restaurant!

Im now doing some finishing touches on my basic make-up look ,my mother gifted me a Fenty make up kit with lipstick and lip gloss but Justin has told me about him not really liking lipstick on me he says it's a problematic thing when he wants to kiss me which is all the time during the little time we get together so I decided to put on a lip gloss for the soft lips and kissable lips and I'm also wearing the Fenty lingerie that my mother bought for me as well..Dont ask me how she knows about these things when I asked she told me to leave her alone and start enjoying life to the fullest it was kinda weird to expirience this part of things with my mother because we never did as far as I know she thought I was still a virgin but I didn't wanna discuss that part with her I might faint from her reply.

"Honey we need to go,John is already on his way to the restaurant and please message Justin to meet us there." My mother shouts from her room.

"Ok mommy, give me 5minutes please ." I shout back taking my phone out sending a quick message to Justin as per my mom's request.

After im done and satisfied with my look. I make kissy faces to the mirror feeling silly and I take my little purse that matches my little yellow summer dress that I have on with nude wedge heels and walk out my room excited and nervous to be meeting John and seeing Justin.

My mother is giggling on the phone talking to whoever and she quickly says goodbye when she sees me approaching but she still smiling even though she tried so hard to hide it.

"John is tickling you over the phone that's why you can't even hide your smile" I say with a raised eyebrow

My mother giggles and opens the door walking out with a pep on her step and swinging her hips like Shakira.

"Mom! Tone it down a bit I know those hips don't lie and so does the person who got you shaking those hips " I say laughing

"That's right baby my hips don't lie" she says turning around shaking her boobs at me showing me her cleavage and laughing loudly.

Ok I think my mother is drunk because I have never I mean never seen this fun,childish,silly side of her and if it's John who brings out this side then I'm not going to tell Justin to scare him away.

We get inside my mother's Nissan Dutsun car and yes it's an old beat down cheap car but it was my father's valentines day gift to my mother many moons years ago and she loves it.. I think and we can't afford another car right now and the expensive Mercedes we owned was beyond repairs after the accident and as long we still move from point A to point B without any problems we keeping it and thanking God for it.

On the drive to the restaurant my mother asked me to play music from my phone because her car can't play the radio anymore and we were having a karaoke battle in the car it was fun and time just flew by. I didn't believe when my mother said we have arrived.

Okay why would my mother choose this expensive looking ass restaurant,the kind of restaurant where people leave their cars with someone who parks their car's. .I think they are called Valet or Valet parking..dont crucify me im not from that world I tell my sassy conscious.

Anyway we get out and the valets seem like they arguing as to who should come and assist us but after 5minutes the line started getting long and people with expensive cars started to complain so they had no choice but to come and help us,I won't lie and say I didn't feel embarrassed or feel poor at this point.

The Valet didn't even greet us he just said keys looking irritated and walked off after that. My mother and I mood have gone drastically down and none of us says anything to each other,we walked inside and we were told to wait they didn't even ask us if we had reservations or anything they just looked at our outfits and decided what we were. My mother is trying to call John but his not picking up.

After 30minutes of us waiting to be assisted I feel tears threatening to fall because I have never felt this low in life and people come and get assisted infront of us but no one dares look our way.

Suddenly there is commotion happening everybody seems on edge and the atmosphere changed to being very tense,after a few minutes Justin comes in with Li two feet behind him,Justin hasn't seen me yet his talking to a man I haven't seen before. Now there is 4 people with tablets checking for something on them with shaking hands. Li finally looks my way and he whispers something in Justin's ear and he quickly looks my way and our eyes locked and at that time I couldn't hold my tears back they come rushing out and with my blurry vision from the tears I see Justin quickly making his way to me leaving behind those people still shaking.

As soon as he is close to me i take two slow defeated steps to him and hug him tightly and he returns the hug immediately.

"Ju- J- You are here!." I say struggling to talk as my throat feels heavy with a lump from the emotions I'm feeling right now

Justin just holds me tight and I can feel his body tense and his heart beating fast letting me know that he is pissed and ready to kill whoever.

After a good few minutes i have calmed down and so as Justin.

"You must be Justin my future son inlaw" I hear my mother say quitely behind me...I have even forgotten that she is with me.

Justin reluctantly let's go of me but joins my hand with his as i turn around to my mother.

"And you must the the sexy Mrs Jackson" Justin says smirking looking at Li beside him making him blush.

My mother let's out a few giggles and blushes as well it's like looking at two teenage kids inlove.

"I'm sorry for being late my last meeting took long to finish and the Jet had a few important checks to be done as I haven't use that one for quite sometime." Justin politely informs us

"Oh its okay we also have been waiting here for over an hour now waiting to be assisted but people who have come before and after us have been assisted long time ago and they didn't even ask us if we had made any reservations they just tossed us aside like nobody's." My mother rants not realizing the damage she's causing by this.

"Even outside the" bell boys" didn't want to assist us until the line got long and had no choice but to, I guess people get judged by the cars and clothes they wear here but I also understand business is business but they really made us look disgusting." My mother continued while Justin listened attentively and Li also looked pissed.

"I'm sorry Mrs Jackson you will never expirience that kind of treatment again as long as I'm alive or any member of my family is alive" Justin says meaning every word and squeezing my hand assuring.

"Is our table ready?." Justin says glaring at the four people who followed him after he came to us, they all nod frantically and after they bump heads trying to help us to our table one of them finally leads us to a secluded side of the restaurant. There is only us on this side with dim lights and soft music playing quitely behind.

Justin pulls out my chair and Li pulls out my mother's after we are all seated a waiter was already waiting on the side she comes to us and takes our order for drinks.

Justin ordered 2 bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne which the waiter informed us that its one of the most expensive champagne in the world but Justin rudely told the waiter that we know that and to save the stupid lessons for other people who care.

My mother's phone rings and she rolled her eyes looking irritated but she answers anyway.

"Yes John...We have been here for 2hours said you were already on your way...oh well get well soon...yeah i will check on you later...okay okay bye my daughter needs me bye!" My mother speaks on the phone

"Sorry about that,um it looks like John won't be joining us tonight something about stomach problems anyway let's get this dinner started" She says looking happy surprising me because uh her so called boyfriend just canceled because of some sickness but she looks happy.

I also saw Justin and Li exchange some weird mischievous look between them.

The waiter comes back with the 2 bottles of champagne on a big expensive looking basket full of ice and 4 expensive looking glasses.

The waiter poured the Champagne in our glasses and asked us which fruit we wanted him to add between the strawberry,blackberries or blueberries. I just looked at Justin since he knows more about this lifestyle than me so he chosed strawberries for both our glasses and my mom and Li chose the blackberries.

After that we ordered starters which was just hot barbecue wings and cheese sticks for each person and the waiter left quickly after that promising that the food will be ready in 10minutes.

"So Justin this is the part where i take my late husband's seat and grill you about you and the intentions you have about my daughter and so my first question is Do you love my daughter and why her because i can tell you a man of influence, you are Filthy rich,a walking sexy Greek god and women from different walks of life want a piece of you but you chose my meek innocent of a daughter" My mother says calmy looking at Justin trying to intimidate him but Justin looks at my mother back the same way and after a few minutes my mother backs down in defeat losing the battle and submitted to him.

Justin clears his throat and sits up straight in his chair looking smug at getting my mother to submit to him.

"Well Mrs Jackson iam a man who is not taken easily by appearances or looks and I don't judge the book by its cover so I wasn't drawn in by her appearance or anything but something inside of me wanted to know her and it kept drawing me to her and I needed to find out what is and yes I love your daughter very much and she has managed to break down walls I putted up years ago and she is healing my scars without knowing and yes I'm rich and all but that doesn't matter to me i can lose it all tomorrow and not care as long as Giana,my family and men are with me I wouldn't care because those people are my family." Justin says looking serious.

"So by something I picked up on your statement you said your men im guessing your some kind of boss and if I'm correct a gang boss but you also a business man" my mother says shocking me but Justin and Li doesn't react but have both have unbothered looks.

"Actually iam a mafia boss and a business man on the side Mrs Jackson and your daughter is safe with me and I will kill everyone who dares lay their filthy hands on her." Justin says

The waiter come back with our starters and we all start eating with comfortable silence only the background music playing

After we are done eating the waiter comes take our plates and takes our orders for the main course meals and leaving after that.

I have had 3 glasses of champagne already and I'm on my 4th one and feeling very buzzed right now.

"Kitten this will be your last glass baby i don't want you waking up with a bad hangover tomorrow" Justin says quitely next to me while brushing his hand on my thigh seductively.

Loving the way his hand feel on my body i lean into him some more.

" If I don't stop drinking will daddy give me some punishment because I'm ready im even wearing lingerie just for your eyes only" I say brushing my hand along his muscled lap going slowly towards his manhood but just when im about to hit the jackpot he stops my hand and huskly whisper in my ear.

"Don't start things you can't finish baby and I might be not fully healed yet but I can still take you to heaven and bring you back"

"Mmm well I believe in actions than words Mr Sky" I boldly respond and licking my lips seductively.

"Hey you two!! we still here wait for later to do all that please." My mother says laughing a little

"Um sorry mom" I say sipping my glass of wine trying to calm myself down and getting rid of my blushing.

Our main course meals comes and we slowly eat making small light conversations the atmosphere very chilled and nice but I did notice Li and mom giving each other loving looks.

Justin ordered sparkling water with lemon to drink to get rid of the alcohol and I had to finish two glasses, nobody wanted desert so Justin asked for the bill and the person who was in charge of the restaurant tonight.

After waiting about 5minutes the waiter comes with another person.

"Good evening Mr Sky and ladies and gentleman" the man greets

"Your full names and rank in this restaurant" Justin says

The man responds and Justin nods and says okay and dismissed the man and waiter after settling the bill.

"Li take care of that please and make sure they know it was my instructions, anyway Mrs Jackson it was a pleasure to meet you tonight and you are now part of my family and under my protection, can I please borrow Giana for tonight I promise to bring her back in the morning there is a show I need to take her to if that's okay with you" Justin says.

"Ofcourse darling and um Li can drive me home and you you kids can leave but I want her back early morning Mr!" My mother's says smiling

After the goodbyes we finally leave the restaurant and Justin's G wagon is infront and my mother's car behind, Justin doesn't show any reactions when he saw the car but he ushered my mother inside while Li took the driver's seat once the last goodbye are done we go inside his car with him on the driver's seat.

"So Miss Jackson you said you believe in actions than words" Justin says smirking at me driving out.

"I don't think you know what you just started baby but I know im ready to finish whatever you started " He says caressing my cheek with his free hand giving me goosebumps.

Justin looks at me when I don't answer with a raised eyebrow and smirking at the same time

"Someone is all bark but no bite I see, oh I'm gonna enjoy this exploring you when we get to my hotel" He says chuckling

"I thought we were going to a show" I say

"Oh ladies and gentleman she can speak thank the heavens" Justin dramatically says looking shocked

I burst out Laughing at his silly side and he joins me after a few seconds and we are both now laughing in the car looking silly together.

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