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Chapter 41...WFT!!!??

Justin just pulled up at the Michelangelo hotel the most expensive hotel in my city and I was not even surprised he chose it,we went to an underground parking and different expensive cars are there and there is 4 parking spots that are written "Reserved for Mr J.G.Sky" Justin parks in one of them.

He quickly gets out and come to my side opens my door for me taking my hand in his helping me get out. Oh what a chivalrous gentleman i think to myself. Justin leads me to an elevator that takes us to the reception desk the place looks luxurious with a beautiful waiting area. We soon are infront of a very gorgeous woman with blond hair tied professionally back.

"Goodevening Mr Sky, Welcome back! your suite is ready and here is your key card with the spare card you requested." The gorgeous woman says with professionalism but the look she is giving him is not professional at all.

"Evening Greta,Thank you." Justin says taking the key cards from her but I don't miss her brushing her hand with his but he quickly removed his hand like it burnt him.

He takes my hand in his leading me to another elevator but when we halfway to the elevator.

"Justin! Um I mean Mr Sky, I wish you a nice stay and I'm working the night shift today so if you need anything just call." She says with the same look from earlier.

To say iam pissed right now will be an understatement,the disrespect from this woman I mean doesn't she see him with someone or am i a ghost!.

"Okay Thank you again Greta but I won't be needing you for anything,My wife here will cater to my every need." Justin says now speed walking to the elevator still holding my hand. We quickly get inside without waiting long and when we turned around I saw "Greta" with a sour face like she just ate a lemon.

I'm fuming inside and I decided to keep quite and not say anything because I don't trust myself right now because I might say things out of anger that I might regret later or can land me in hot water with Justin or a full blown fight might happen if I decide to speak my mind. There is uncomfortable silence in the elevator and we on the the 5th floor now going to the 20th floor and it looks like the numbers are moving slow making me more angry.

We finally get to the 20th floor and I'm surprised no one entered while we're in there. I quickly get out leaving him behind and I don't know where im going but I'm moving that's what matters right now.

I pass about 4doors and I see a door with his initials and surname and I fast walk to it but just when im about to get to it a hand snakes it way around my stomach to my waist pulling me back to a muscled chest which I know very well.

"Kitten stop" Justin says holding me tight to him but I wiggle trying to break away from him.

"Kitten what is wrong! Stop with this nonsense please." Justin says a bit angry

But I don't stop but when I fail at breaking free from him and I take extra measure steps and stomp my feet and try to hit him in his jewels but he managed to block my hit on this jewels but even though I did hit stomp him with my shoe very hard might I add but he didn't seem affected by it.

"Giana what the fuck is wrong with you!? Why you acting like a child right now!! If there is something bothering you speak don't act like a bloody child dammit!!" Justin shouts turning me around to face him and he looks pissed but that's good because right now we matching energies.

We keep staring directly at each other both angry and after a few seconds Justin shake his head with unbelieve and moves away from me going to the next door with his initials as well,he swiped the card and goes in but doesn't close the door. I just stand there for a few minutes trying to calm down but nope I'm still angry. A man with bald head and big belly comes out from one of the rooms we passed wearing only a towel he spots me standing there and his face lights up as he comes to me slowly but before he gets to me I run inside Justin suite closing it.

I take a look around and I'm speechless this place looks like a dream but I'm interrupted by Justin coming out from the shower with only a towel wrapped around his lower body,his hair is a little wet giving him the extra sexy essential look and something new to his body is a sleeve bicep tattoo that really really suits him he looks like a badass badboy. Justin looks at me for a few seconds and moves to the walkin closets and I get to see his other tattoo which is a roaring Lion head that fits his whole back with sharp scary teeth but suits him too.

When did he get these tattoos and when did he get the time I question myself.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door,I look at Justin but he doesn't look at me and makes no move to open the door,so i quickly make my way to the door and I don't believe what I see.

"Hello there baby girl,my name is Steven and I saw you earlier and thought-" it's the bald big bellied man I saw earlier but his sentence is rudely cutted off by Justin opening the door wider behind me making me almost lose my balance by the force he use to rip the door more open while I was still holding it.

"If I see your pig looking self or even smell your cheap perfume again in this area I will put a bullet through your Skull so back up, go pack up and leave I don't want to be told you still here in the next 30minutes bitch!" Justin says glaring daggers at poor Steven who looks like his seen a ghost. Justin doesn't wait for his reply and harshly shuts the door in his face.

"Next time you open the door without clearing it with me I will put the bullet in your Skull! Don't fuck with me Giana" Justin says walking away from me and disappearing to another door.

What just happened? Did Justin say what I think he said! Did he just threatened me? Is this MY Justin that just told me to not fuck with him! No! No! No! Maybe he has a twin brother because how do you explain the tattoos and this is a Mafia world nothing is impossible. I think to myself scared,confused and lost right now.

Justin's twin brother comes back (that's what I'm going to think of him as right now until I'm sure it's really him) and is talking on the phone harshly using another language and I have not moved at all from where he left me. After 15minutes of him being on the phone he finally hangs up and looks at me but quickly turns away which hurts,he starts getting dressed but his dressed casual which is rare but he still looks very dangerously yummy. Once his done he takes his key card,phone and wallet and sprays his Giorgio Armani perfume again even though he did when he was dressing up. He ruffles his hair making it unruly.

"Where are you going Justin at this time of the night?" I ask not able to hold myself back from asking

"Don't worry about me im a big boy who doesn't need to explain anything to anyone, Worry about yourself Miss" he says not looking at me

Wow wow wow!!! I do not believe even a second that this is Justin! If it is what happened to him ? or This is the real him his finally removing the mask his been hiding in.

"Justin what is wrong with you? Why are you like this!?" I ask

He finally looks at me but his eyes are cold and empty and he chuckles maniacally.

"Oh now you wanna know what is wrong with me and why am I like this but when you were doing your own childish games and I asked you the same thing you stayed behind and flirted and made plans with that thing and now you wanna know what's wrong with me but I'm not like you so I will tell you the truth I'm going to see Greta for some pleasure is that answer satisfactory to you?" Justin say dripping in sarcasm.

I can't take this behavior from him anymore it hurts and heartbreaking too much iam not strong enough to take hits like this from him so next thing I feel my tears coming out and I quickly turn away from him not wanting him to see me cry who knows what harsh words will follow from him but I did his face turn soft with a look of regret before I turned away from him.

As more tears start coming and low cry noises come out i quickly run to the bathroom knowing very well that my loud sobs will follow soon.

I quickly take my dress off and leave the lingerie on I was wearing not having time to take it off as sobs already coming out and I was trying to block them by putting my hands on my mouth.

I turn of the shower and get inside even though it's freezing cold and I can't even see where im supposed to press or pull for the warm water and truthfully don't care right now because I'm also feeling very cold in my heart right now.

Once fully inside I let myself go and cry to my heart's content while sitting down on the shower floor wondering where I went wrong in life and why can't I ever be fully happy in life.

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