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Chapter 42...Lets just Kiss and say Goodbye my 💘

I don't know how long I have been in here but my whole body feels numb and I'm shivering so bad I'm unable to feel my hands, the only sound I hear is my teeth clacking against each other and the water hitting my body, my tears have run out but this feeling is better than what I feel in my heart. I never knew somebody's words and behavior can break me this bad even the bullying I suffered from did not hurt this bad this hurts too much because it's from someone I actually really am inlove with and thought loved me too.

The shower door is opened harshly but I'm too numb to react or look up at who opened it but I know who it is already as I'm already used to their overwhelming presence.

He switches of the shower and fully gets in and I can see his barefooted.He wraps me in a fluffy towel and effortlessly picks me up bridal style, I wrapped my shaking arms around his neck needing the extra warmth. He goes out the bathroom and soon im gently being layed down on the bed. I haven't stopped shivering and my teeth are still clacking. If someone could see me like this they would think I was having a seizure.

Justin disappeared for a few minutes after laying me down on the bed when he gets back he removes the towel and removed some hair on my face ,next he removes my bra and underwear from Fenty which was supposed to be a little surprise for him.

I felt very uncomfortable when he removed my underwear but I did not have enough strength to tell him or stop him from doing it. Iam naked and vulnerable infront of him right now and I haven't even looked at his face I just can't right now.

Justin then increases the heat temperature on the room and dries my hair with another towel once done he lotions my whole body from my face to my toes he then puts me on his Kelvin Clein boxers, his hoodie, sweat pants and socks once done he takes a hair dryer and dries my hair again.

I have stopped shivering and my teeth clacking has stopped too but it feels hard to open my mouth.Justin tucks me inside the bed and starts cleaning the mess he made I hear him moving up and down because I'm not looking at him I'm facing up watching the ceiling. A knock sounds on the door I see Justin moving to the door with my Peripheral vision. He takes whatever from the person and closes the door without even a Thank you typical Justin style.

After a few minutes he comes into my view and now I can really look at him our eyes are locked into each other's, He looked stressed and guilty.I won't lie and say this look didn't touch my heart I do love and care for him very much that big factor I cannot not run away from.

I break the eye contact first looking away from him and I hear him sighing and clears his throat.

"I'm going to feed you some soup so that you can take these pills on a full stomach and the soup will also help you keep warm to avoid getting sick from the cold." He says sounding worried.

I don't say anything back and after waiting for a few minutes he takes the tray with the soup and starts feeding me slowly until its finished. I didn't know i was that hungry and I really feel much better.

Justin then gives me about 5 different pills and water to drink, he brings me Chamomile tea which he says is for more warmth and to help calm me down. I take it from him and take slow steady sips avoiding his eyes because his sitting down next to me on the bed looking like a lost,sad puppy while watching me drink the tea.

"Giana im really sorry for the insensitive words i said to you and my behavior towards you was very disturbing even to me and I could give you a thousand excuses for it but still doesn't justify it. I seem to be the one always ruining our relationship and causing you pain which confirms that i need to maybe let you go so that you can be happy because you deserve all the happiness in the world and I'm clearly not the person for the job and I'm not meant for love only meant for the Mafia and other business things,maybe we met at the wrong time in our lives." Justin says now looking down at his feet.

I take what he said all in and start digesting it and as i sit there my tea now forgotten..I start to panic when I realise that he wants us to breakup. Justin takes my silence as confirmation of agreement to what he says and he slowly gets up not looking at me.

"You need some rest so Li will come tomorrow afternoon to take you home,the caters will attend to your every need,if there is any danger my security detail will take care of it their in the next suite with my name they will be staying behind until further notice and you will always be under my protection and when you get back to school you will have a fully owned apartment by you and will be fully furnished and a car owned by you if you need a driver you let Li know and 5Million dollars will be deposited into your account in the next few hours you can do whatever you want with it and Goodluck with everything and if you need anything at all Li will take care of it and Thank you for loving me Kitten." Justin says with his back turned from me.

My head is spinning and hurting right now,my body is into shock i feel dizzy I'm not believing anything happening right now,my brain,body and heart are having a huge fight right now because they are saying different things. WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!? I'm screaming inside my brain,my heart is beating at a fast rate and my body refuses to move. I think im going to have a heart attack here and now.

I hear movements but I'm too far gone to really focus on it. After sometime and taking breathing exercises i managed to calm down and my mind cleared.Im now able to pay attention to my surroundings. I see Justin bending over his suitcase doing something inside it,after a few minutes he stands up straight I can now see his wearing a navy suit looking very much of a CEO man but his face is blank hiding all emotions.

I know he can feel my eyes on him but he refuses to acknowledge it. He takes his phone,key car and comes to my side leaving the extra key card on the night stand he is so close but also feels so far at the same time.

"Where are you going?" I timidly ask but he pretends not to hear me and quickly leaves a kiss on my forehead walking out of the room.

My heart refuses to accept what just refuses to accept that this is goodbye refuses to accept that this is the end of refuses to accept that this is the last time i will feel Justin's warm hugs,passionate kisses,strong arms,his strong beautiful muscled body against me,his famous smirk,his boyish smiles and his egotistical chuckles and those crystal grey cat like eyes that weakens my knees every time they lovingly looks at me.

In no time im out the bed like my ass on fire,I run to the door swiping the key card and opened it with force i never thought i possess. When im outside i look from left to right trying to see him but I don't so i run to the elevator and press the button for the underground parking i keep praying that I get to him fast i keep walking around in circles in the elevator nervous and praying silently holding my tears back. Soon the elevator stops at my destination and I quickly run out to where Justin parked the last time and I see a different car reversing out but it comes out from one of the reserved spots for him. I'm now behind the car but I don't think the driver can see me or paying attention because he keeps reversing and now my body refuses to move away from danger so i just close my eyes shut accepting my fate until someone harshly moves me away and when i open my eyes an unknown man is tightly holding my arm looking scared as hell and the driver has stopped and he quickly gets out and it's a worried Justin with red eyes like his been crying.He makes his way to me and the unknown man who has let go of my arm.

"Giana are you okay? Did I hit you?" Justin say frantically searching my body for any injuries.

"Justin stop! I'm fine this guy moved me just in time" I tell him but his not convinced he doesn't stop checking so i just let him until his satisfied.

"And you! where were you? How did she make it this far without you stopping her" he barks at the unknown man.

"She caught us off guard Don,she just shot out the door and when i was about to caught up to her she was already in the elevator moving so I took the stairs while Jim informed me of where she was heading. I'm sorry Don it won't happen again." The man responds

"You damn right it won't!! I don't have time to deal with your incompetence right now disappear from my eyes Li will sort you out" Justin barks again touching his head wincing from pain.

The man quickly disappeared and Justin focuses on me again.

" Are you sure you okay?" He asks his voice totally different from the one he used speaking to that man.

"Where were you going Justin? Leaving me? Did I agree to this decision you took by yourself I mean I thought there was two people in a relationship but you decide to just" I stop running out of words.

"Why? So when the going gets tough Justin Sky the whole "Mamba the Mafia Don" decides to give up and run? Well listen here Mr Sky I'm not going anywhere this will not be how our relationship ends and who said you don't deserve love or not meant for it?" I ask now staring up at him because his way taller than me.

"Look Justin let's just go back upstairs collect ourselves and emotions and talk like adults inlove figure a way forward after realizing our mistakes and parts we both played that got us here and now but know this I may be angry,hurt,disappointed in you right now but I'm not letting you go anytime soon there are bigger things than this that may still come so if we let something like this break us than we might as well call it a day." I tell him leaning my whole body to him feeling tired.

Justin bends down his head and captures my lips with a passionate kiss and I happily deepen the kiss getting a low moan from him. Justin picks me up breaking the kiss. He starts moving towards the elevator with me clinging onto him like a Koala.

"What about your car? " I ask when we inside the elevator riding up and Justin is pampering me with kisses around my neck giving me goosebumps i really missed this part of our relationship.

"Justin wha-"

"Shhhh you talk to much" Justin says cutting me off.

We soon make it to our room he gently lays me down on the bed like im some China tea cup that will break.

"Kitten just to honest with you im in no mood to talk right" Justin says

"Okay we can talk later for now we can cuddle" I tell him

"How about we cuddle after I have done this " Justin responds gently getting on top of me raining kisses all over my face making me giggle.

"Are you okay with this or am i taking it too far right now" Justin says looking at me searching my face.

"No im okay and i want no, i need this right now too" I tell him truthfully

"Say no more Miss Jackson " Justin says smiling widely like he just won some kind of jackpot

"Is it okay if I get a little rough with you?" Justin shyly asks,I hesitantly nod yes

"Don't worry I promise not to hurt you and if you feel any pain let me know or tap my arm" Justin reassure me

"Look who's now talking to much,I love a man with more action less talk Sir or might find me-" Justin cuts me off with a long kiss and we get lost in the kiss.

He starts playing with my nipples gently squeezing my breasts,attacking me with kisses on my neck living hickeys there for sure my body is feeling hot and his boxers I'm wearing are dripping wet right now. He removes his hoodie followed by the sweat pants and his boxers im wearing I'm now naked as the day i was born.I removed his shirt as well and started lightly sucking and kissing his nipples while unbuckling his belt putting my hand inside his trouser, touching his member over his boxers and his already hard as a rock i take it up a notch by putting my hand inside his boxers immediately he let's out a few curse words hissing.. well no surprises there he is Mamba after all including what his packing down there. I run my other hand all over his body his skin feels so soft,he growls when i squeeze his nipples with my fingers and I can feel the other mamba growing more and twitching when I did that.

He removes my hand from his boxers and wickedly looks at me.

"Oh this is how you wanna play? Don't you know it's dangerous to poke a snake while it's safely hiding in its hole! It will attack back baby" He says spreading my legs apart a bit roughly he stares at my dripping vigina like his seeing the next best thing since sliced bread.

And he attacks!! He goes down there and laches his tongue deep in there giving me the BEST feeling I have ever felt in my entire life my body feels like small fire works and Justin is taking no prisoners he is working on me, i let out a scream but I catch myself halfway on the second one,Justin increases his punishing rhythm by rolling his tongue through my walls and clit. he is praising and worshipping my vigina with his tongue right now, my body heat goes up and I feel it building up my legs start shaking something wants to be let free inside of me I try to squeeze my legs but Justin holds me in place and I try to push his head away but he growls warning me and I can't take it anymore I let out a loud scream my body bursting out like fireworks from France with orgasm. Justin let's me ride out my orgasm while licking everything like his licking a spoon with ice-cream.

After a few minutes i calm down but my legs are still shaking a little and my heartbeat is slowly getting back to normal.

"Don't do that again because I might not survive next time" I tell him and meaning it.

"I know you can take it baby and get use to this it may be your daily bread" He says winking

My eyes starting feeling heavy and I let out a yawn feeling drained.

"Tired" Justin asks smiling at me

"Yeah I felt all my strength leaving my body earlier" I say hiding my face with my hands feeling all shy.

"Well I will have mercy on you and leave you for now and your body has gone through alot today,im going to let you rest" Justin says getting up pulling up his pants. He looks for his hoodie putting it on me and tucks me inside the bed.

He takes my sweat pants,his shirt,my boxers and throws them inside the washing basket.

"Come cuddle with me please" I say yawning

"Okay but I'm just going to cuddle with you until you fall asleep then i will take a cold ass shower before I have this meeting_ Shhh before you say anything it will be a zoom meeting so I'm not going anywhere." Justin says and cutting me off when I tried to argue.

"Sleep and when you wake up it will be morning and maybe we can continue from where we left off" He says kissing my lips softly getting behind me inside the bed after he removed his pants but still has his boxers on.

Justin draws me to his warm chest and rubs his nose on my nose after that he tucks his face inside between my neck and jaw.

"I love you so much Giana i really do angel" he says

"You are my all Justin and a life without you will be a very dark and sad life,you have given me hope at a happily ever after life" I tell him truthfully

"That's how i feel as well Kitten" He says now falling asleep

Mmm who was supposed to cuddle who to sleep? Tables have turned just as how life works.

I'm sure he is also exhausted and needed rest too so i decide to help him fall asleep faster by playing with his hair with my fingers like im giving him a mini massage and it works after a few minutes his flat out gone, it doesn't take me long to follow him as I'm also dog tired right now.

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