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Chapter 43...Greta again!?

I feel unbearably shy when i open my eyes and grey orbs are staring directly at me with a mischievous look on them.

"Goodmorning beautiful" The owner of the grey orbs greets with his deep hoarse morning voice.

I don't answer i quickly hide my face on his chest feeling like a teenager being acknowledged by their crush for the first time.

Justin chuckles kissing my hair and brushes my back soothingly I'm enjoying so much of this moment and feeling i wish to wake-up like this everyday but Ofcourse this is my life we talking about things never goes my way as a light knock sounds on the door breaking me out of my bubble. Justin sighs heavily in my hair,he holds my face in his hands giving me a sad smile and kisses my lips,cheeks and forehead ending with rubbing our noses together getting a few giggles out of me.

"You not much of a talker in the morning Kitten or I just leave you speechless?" Justin jokes smiling but I don't get a chance to reply as the knock sounds again but a little harder this time.

"Somebody really wants to die this morning " Justin growls out getting out of bed, his mood has changed. He doesn't even put on his pants or shirt his still in his boxers and his member is very much looking alive inside his boxers making him walk a bit funny.

He takes his phone and looks at something on it but frowns not happy with whatever his reading or seeing. The knock sounds again more harder than the last sound,Justin looks like his contemplating between opening the door and not but his not showing any emotion of fear or panic that can tell me we in danger but he looks irritated.

"Justin can you please open the door the knocking is starting to get annoying." I politely say.

He lightly throws his phone to the bed and it lends next to me,he moves to open the door but he opens it like his blocking whoever at the door not to get in or to be seen by me.

"WHAT!!" He barks at whoever
"No! And I bloody told you-" He gets cutted off by the person shoving themselves inside and it's none other than the thorn in our relationship right now Greta.

"The fuck!!" She says when she sees me

"I -I -I thought she'd be gone by now like the other's." She says with an unbelievable look

Justin is pissed but when our eyes meet he looks scared and guilty.

"Jus-" but Justin holds up his hand silencing her

"Mr Sky to you Miss and This will be the last time you enter our room uninvited or there will be hell to pay ,im going to step aside counting to three to let you go without harming you for disrespecting me and my wife I'm giving you a chance because of your kids and sick mother at home, One! " Justin says calmy by the time he said three Greta has disappeared and only her very sweet suffocating perfume is the proof of her presence in here.

Justin closes the door,he walks slowly towards the bed ,he doesn't sit and there is silence between us. I don't know if I should start asking questions because I don't know how this will end.

"Giana first of all im sorry,I love and respect you very much but my past will always keep rearing its ugly head in my new found life in terms of my relationship. I don't plan on lying to you ever but I don't tell you some things unless it's something that can be of danger to you." Justin says looking at me

"Who is she to you and how many of them am I going to come a across with?" I ask too calm

"She is nobody to me, I hooked up with her a couple of times when she was working at one of my clubs until she got pregnant but had a miscarriage. at the time of her pregnancy her and I got to more than saying a few words to each other like before I did that because she was going to be the mother of my child but I had no plans on a future with her I wanted us to be civil with each other if we were going to share a child and I was going to take full custody of the child anyway so that gave her an idea that she can behave differently with me and I let her but it ends today." Justin says now looking away from me

"To answer your second question,you will come across a few more of these women but none of them will disrespect you or me like her because they know their limits with me." He continued.

I'm hurt and shocked at the information im hearing and truly don't know what to say or how to react.

"So you have unprotected hook ups with different women who work for you? what kind of a boss are you? And don't you fear sicknesses you can get from or give these women and if the tables were turned how would you handle this whole situation?" I ask him

"No Giana I don't go around having unprotected sex with my workers! I slipped up just once with her i was too drunk and in a bad mood when she came to me that night i don't even remember what happened but only remembered waking up next to her and a few weeks later she came with a pregnancy test showing positive and I did research on my side and she was pregnant and according to her she was exclusively sleeping with me that time but after the miscarriage i removed her from around me. I told Stephano to take care of it but one day when i was here i ran into her and we hooked up again but it was like a year ago" he says adding fuel to my burning heart.

"And if the tables were turned i would kill every man that has ever touched you because im selfish like that and this would probably cause problems between us but believe me my love i will never cheat on you that part of my life of living a reckless life is over i promise you." Justin says

"What's the story about you and the love of lions" I decide to change the subject before i go into a depressive state.

Justin looks at me surprised by my change of questions but chuckles a bit at the mention of lion's

"Well those two lion's were a gift from Li's father for my 2nd year birthday,they were 2years old too and he trained us together for 3years to become bestfriends and how to tame them and they have lived way past their life's span and I fear that one day i will be told they no longer-" He stops talking looking sad

"I need to take a quick shower I have a few things to rap up here before i leave,do you want to join me in the shower" Justin says with a mischievous look but to be honest I'm not in the mood for anything right now im still turned off by what he just shared with me so i politely decline saying I need to make a call to my mother and it will probably take long.

Justin doesn't argue but I can tell that he senses that something is wrong but let's it go for now and I'm grateful for that.

I dial my mother's number and it doesn't get picked up more than three time, I start to worry about her and decide to call her one last time if she doesn't answer than i will ask Justin to drive me home as soon as he gets out of the shower but this time someone answered but kept quite for a whole minute while I kept saying hello.

"Damn child i can hear you stop saying hello" my mother says sounding out of breath

"But you kept quite even though you heard me and Why did you take so long to answer and you sounding out of breath so early in the morning" I ask her curious

"Well why so many questions detective Jackson, anyway i was busy doing some exercises when you called." She responds in a sassy tone

"Mom you hate to exercise don't lie" I tell her laughing

"Giana baby stay out of grown people's business i was exercising and that's the end of -mmm stop it" She says moaning over the phone

"Mom who's there with you? Mom are you having sex right now " I ask her shocked but she just giggles and hung up on me.

I'm lost for words right now i have this image of my mother having sex and I'm traumatized by these images and thoughts.

"Kitten are you okay" I'm startled by Justin talking to me standing a bit far from me and looking all kinds of sexy with a towel Wrapped around him with water dripping from his body.

"Yes im okay why you ask" I say smiling at him

"Well when i came out the shower you were looking a bit sick and I called you two times you didn't answer" he says

"No im good,how was the shower? I should also take a quick one now that I'm done calling my mom"

"Giana if something was bothering you,you would tell me about it right?" Justin says

"Justin relax please I'm fine and yes i would tell you i dont want any secrets between us" I tell him sincerely

"I know that you not happy with what happened earlier but i promise you it won't happen again, fighting about other women or cheating in our relationship is something that i vow not to happen again but bare in mind there are things that will happen which are from my past but that doesn't mean I'm doing those things now, I need your support and understanding when such things come up." He says moving towards the bed dropping his towel when his standing infront of me his other mamba already up standing at attention.

He gets inside the bed and immediately kisses me i don't hesitate to kiss him back and soon things start to heat up,my body reacts to his touches.Justin separates my legs apart when he gets on top of me.

Justin plants featherlight kisses along my shoulder after removing his hoodie i had on,
and I start to squirm languidly beneath his touch and my breasts rise and push into his hands,my nipples hardening further.
I grind my behind against him…moving side to side needing him inside of me right now.

"Kitten stop if you don't want to stop me and to just fuck the hell out of you right now no foreplay whatsoever" Justin says warning me but I don't listen and grind again.I feel his grin against my neck after my disobedience. Without any warning he slams inside of me making me lose my breath I feel overly full with him inside I can feel him in my abdomen.

"Justin it's too much" I cry out

"That's what you get when you decide to not heed my warnings baby" Justin growls out and resumes on torturing me he goes deeper inside making me scream in pain and pleasure.

"That's right baby feel of me,I've been holding back for you"He says

This man is not being gentle with me at all right now,we are not making love he is fucking me and I love it, its bringing out his wild side in bed and I know for a fact I'm going to be limping around after this.

Justin has picked up a rhythm of him flexing and swiveling his hips in the same motion hitting my walls giving me a sweet punishing feeling,my body reacts to his rhythm of stretching and over filling me. Moaning,I throw my head on the side needing to release,he brings my head back with his hand to look at him and our eyes locked and I see love and wonder.

I can't believe this fine man is mine and I'm his and that thought pushes me over the edge and I climax shouting his name.Justin after a few strokes i feel him tensing up and his moves gets sloppy,I open my eyes while also riding out my high i see his jaw strained and he closes his eyes and growls coming and collapsing to onto my chest panting.

We are both panting trying to slow down our heartbeats and trying to breath normally. After a few quite minutes between us Justin gives me a lazy grin and kisses my lips gently and removes his very deflated mamba from inside me and moves from on top of me winking moving to his previous side on the bed closing his eyes.

"Um don't you have a meetings or things to rap up today" I ask him

"Later baby, right now i have no strength to do anything even if we're to be attacked you would have to defend yourself or we both die" Justin says laughing a little

"Well rest in peace to us than because i can't fight or shoot for shit" I say Laughing making Justin laugh harder.

"Don't worry you will soon learn but not hard-core fighting but to just hold on till help comes" he says when his done laughing

"And what would that fighting consist of?" I ask now interested

"Basic fighting skills for self defense,how to get out of handcuffs,chairs and dark rooms,how to count your steps,how to pay attention to your surroundings like oceans,cars,boats and sounds you hear around you and lastly how to unlock rooms without a key but your jewelry." He says like it's nothing

"That's alot of things but why the need to learn those things" I ask

"Because you are dating me and incase you get kidnapped until I get to you,you will need those skills to help yourself or us who will be tracking you down. So whenever you will not be with me you will have something on your clothes tracking you and you can also just talk we will be able to hear you but you won't be able to hear us so with that you describe to us your surroundings and will check it ,if they are able to destroy the tracker on you." Justin informs me

"So I will wear jewelry that can be use as a key to unlock a door how?" I ask

"Oh my! what have i gotten myself into now. Kitten later please can i sleep for now im tired" Justin says sleeping

"Okay but when we both wake up this conversation continues" I say but get no answer back.

I decide to join him in sleeping after I take a shower i feel nasty right now and I smell like sex which is my new favorite smell because it's a smell of us both mixed together.

I wince when i move from the bed,my private part hates me right now and I don't blame it.once out of bed I nearly fall down from the pain i felt when i took my first step but I soldier on and limp my way to the bathroom walking with my legs apart and taking breathing breaks in between from the pain.

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