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Chapter 44...The calm before the Storm

Its been 3days since Justin,Li and I came back from my childhood home and things have been great between Justin and I,we have become more close and he has also changed somethings on his daily schedule or routine, for an example he now comes back home early to have dinner with me and his trusted men even though they mostly talk about business but I'm there with him and now when i wake up in the morning he will still be in bed with me looking at me like some stalker,we eat breakfast together,after dinner we watch movies,share joke's in our room and our sex life is great his teaching me alot of nice but naughty things that leave me limping and aching all over my body the next day but still i go back for more.

My phone vibrates with a message notification,I check it and it's Justin asking me if everything is okay.I don't respond because im heading down anyways to have breakfast with him.

"Goodmorning baby" I say making my way to Justin kissing him on the back of his nape and squeezing his shoulders like im massaging him.He turned around in his chair on the kitchen island and pulls me down on his lap and gives me toe curling kiss.

"Goodmorning to you too beautiful" Justin says after the kiss

"Slept well?" He asks now dishing food for me in my plate while I'm still on his lap,When I tried to move he gave me a warning look.

"I always sleep well when im next to you" I responded and thanked him for the food once he was done dishing it for me,we soon fall into comfortable silence while eating and I have come to notice that he likes eating in silence.

We are both finished eating after 20minutes,im just sipping on my coffee while scrolling through my Instagram account so i decide to take a picture of Justin and I,im looking at the camera smiling big while Justin is looking down typing on his phone. So his face is hidden. The caption says "The man behind my smile"

"Justin look at the picture i just posted" I say showing him the picture.

"It's nice baby I love it" he responds kissing my hand going back to his phone.

"What are you busy with over there" I say motioning with my chin to his phone

"I'm reading the stats of the Financials reports for my clubs and properties ." He says

"Don't you have people who do that for you like financial accountants or something" I ask him

"No i don't trust other people with my money" He says

"Not even Stephano or Li because you seem to trust those two alot even with my safety" I ask curious because he hardly talks about his relationships with his "family" as he refers to them.

"Stephano and Li yes but I always leave room for betrayal or disappointment from people" He says

"What about me?" I ask testing him

"What about you Kitten?" He asks

"Do you also leave room for betrayal or disappointment from me as well" I say looking at him to his reaction when he answers.

"When it comes to you I get confused so I can say i don't know for now" he says but his answer does bother me and confuses me at the same time.

"What about your hook-up lady friends" I ask

"I'm going to pretend i didn't hear that to avoid fighting with you and this conversation is over..I'll be in my office if you need me" he says getting up.

"I'm going to be stuck with Stephano,Li and Snake in my office the whole day today but later on i want to take you out to dinner so please behave" he says kissing my lips quickly and walking out the kitchen.

I don't have anything better to do so i decide to go out and chill by the pool reading my book but my phone has been vibrating non stop with message notifications from my Instagram since i posted that picture but I ignored them while Justin was here.

Time really flyby when you reading a great book,Maria brought me lunch and snacks by lunch time as per Justin's instructions and he also told her to tell me to move from the sun as my skin may get sun burnt or have skin cancer for staying in it for long but I just wanted a beautiful natural tan on my skin when i refused he threatened to let the lions come out to join me and I thought he was bluffing until Li came out with one of the lions and I screamed and told him i would move but he just laughed and returned back with the lions after that I called Justin 6 times but he didn't pick up so I sent him a message calling him all kinds of mean names but he replied with only "I love you too" with laughing emojis.

Right now im in our room getting ready for the dinner date and Justin said it will only be the two of us and there won't be any business talks or calls because as of tomorrow I'm going back to my normal schedule of attending school as i begged him not to find me a private tutor or to register me for online classes I still want to expirience the student life etc and he said his going to be extremely busy with his businesses because the Mafia side of things have been quite and no new enemies have come up and it's because of Markov and his allies deaths but he will always stay ready for anything.

"You look gorgeous Kitten,I love this pink dress on you,it's simple but sexy and if i didn't believe in myself i would tell you to change it but iam a man not a boy" He says flexing his muscles in a playful manner making me giggle.

"Ah Ah ah! No lipstick please unless if you don't want my kisses tonight" he says taking the red lipstick i was about to apply on my lips,I roll my eyes dramatically at him sticking out my tongue for the extra effects but he just shake is head chuckling.

After 15minutes we leave the house and drive out in a orange Lamborghini and I do notice two black G wagons following discreetly behind us and when we get to the freeway one of the G wagons moves beside us and the other one stays a bit far behind.

In 45minutes we arrive at a beautiful Chinese restaurant and once we inside the place is a bit packed and its a family restaurant so it's also very noisy. Soon we are seated at the far back of the restaurant where there is less noise and people,this side has more of a romantic feel to it.There is about 6 other couples excluding us.

"Do you like this place?" Justin asks me

"Yeah it's a nice place,Thank you for taking me out tonight." I say

"You're welcome beautiful and it's something that i should always do but you know how hectic and dangerous my life is so when i take you out i have to make 1000 % sure that it's safe from all angles." Justin says sincerely

Ok I forgot to let you know that we are sitting on small cushions here on the floor crossed legged and I don't have any problem with sitting like this for 10 to 15 minutes tops but I know for sure im going to start feeling uncomfortable soon im not that flexible and I tried yoga classes with Mika and i gave up after 2days of waking with a aching body from bending my body so much but funny enough I'm not thinking of giving up sex from all the limping around after it.

"So I know you said no talks of business etc tonight but I just have one question to ask and we won't talk about it again." I say to Justin

"Mmm okay let's hear the question Miss Jackson and I hope it there won't be any mentions of my hook-ups because if its that than we might as well get up and leave" Justin says with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh my Justin relax it's nothing like that and I'm sorry I said that in the morning I didn't mean to upset you. So my question is are you going with me to school tomorrow?" I say

"Actually no,there has been another professor standing in for me as I'm on "special leave" indefinitely " he says

"What? Why you on leave" I ask sad that I won't be seeing him at school.

"Kitten have you forgotten my other important titles beside being professor? Right now i can't juggle all these things all at once, there is one that will have to take a backseat and unfortunately the professor title will always take a backseat when it's time to choosing the most important title" he says

"So in ranks which one is which" I ask curious . Without a missing a beat Justin starts ranking them

"Mafia Don is first,Business man is second and Professor is last." He says proudly

"Um okay but what about your family,your men and me these things don't matter to you" I say sounding sad

"Kitten being a Mafia Don includes my family which consists of my parents,siblings,You and every men or women who took an oath to be the members of the family " He responds

I feel so stupid for asking that question, I mean I should've known that part of information and I'm saved by our waitress coming to ask us to join her to the sushi bar so we can create our own meals and drinks,I struggle to get up as i feel my legs and feet cramping from sitting in that position for long,Justin notices my struggle and helps me up and holds me until my legs are steady but when I take the first step my left leg feels like there are tiny niddles poking me under my feet i wince and stop myself from hopping around crying in pain so i lean my whole body to Justin's making him hold me tight looking very concerned.

"Giana what's wrong? Do you feel pain?" He asks me but I realise that the other couple's are now looking at us making me shy and lean into him some more.

"No im good,it's just a few cramps from sitting down for long" I tell him

"Are still feeling them now" he asks brushing my face with his hands gently. I quickly shake my head no because the pain is gone for real.

Justin looks at me for assurance and I give him a quick kiss on the lips standing on my tippy toes and he starts following the waitress slowly looking at me for any discomfort.

We are soon seated on some long bar stools or chairs that has 4 different chefs over on the other side creating our meals and drinks after we told them our meal choices and drinks after they explained all the different things and spices they had lined up.once they finished with our meals and drinks they left us to eat in private and I really enjoyed everything from creating the meals and drinks,watching them make it for us and feasting on our creations.

After we are done with our dinner Justin settled the bill after asking me if i wanted desert but I politely declined too full for any other thing.

Justin and I are walking hand in hand as we navigate our way through the crowded part of the restaurant but as we are moving I feel very uneasy and get this cold feeling like something is wrong and when we are a few feets away from the exit a man seating in the last three tables groped my butt making me squel surprised and scared and luckily Justin saw what happened and he doesn't ask any questions but grabs the man's head and slammed it on his knee 3 times,immediately there is blood all over the man's face but Justin is not done he punches the man on his ribs you can hear them crack,people are in shock, some screaming,some running away from the scene but nobody tries to help the man.Justin slammed his own head at the man's face 2times but gets held back by Li when he was about to do it for the 3rd time the man has lost consciousness and his very bloody and unrecognizable.Justin has the man's blood on his forehead and knee.

Justin and Li talk quitely after he dropped the man down like a rag doll,Li comes to me slowly and pushes me gently to the exit but I refused asking why Justin is staying behind but he politely told me Justin is going to change he doesn't want me to see him with all that blood and we will be waiting for him inside the car so i agreed to go with him after that.

About 20minutes of anxiously waiting for Justin to come out,im inside his Lamborghini with Li on the drivers seat. I finally see him coming out with changed clothes but still looking pissed.

While his halfway to us,he stops taking out his phone from his pocket and answers a call,he is so focused on the call he doesn't see a very suspicious young teenager boy coming behind him,he is a few steps away from him,Justin turns around and looks at the boy but the boy smiles at him innocently and goes down like his fixing his sneakers so Justin faces away from the boy again focusing on the call but my eyes are glued on the boy's movements and I see the boy adjusting his socks so I go with my gut feeling that's telling me to alert Justin about this boy so i quickly go out calling Justin's name and Justin looks at me frowning like asking me what's wrong but that's when the boy quickly got up with a gun but I scream and next thing i see is gun's going off and me on the cold concrete floor,Justin shouting something running towards me.

I don't know how long I've been on this cold concrete floor but I really really feel tired and sleepy but Justin has been begging me not to sleep or leave him, im trying to tell him I'm not leaving him I'm just tired and need to sleep but I can't talk and when I try to talk he tells me not to waste my strength.I can see Li with my tired eyes pacing up and down with his phone looking stressed,Justin looks like his holding back tears but he keeps shouting at someone,when i look around im surrounded by many men that are creating a Barricade around us which is Justin,Li and I,these men look scared and tense but why would they look scared because they are scary looking themselves with all those tattoos,some with scars and muscles like they live in the gym.

After a few minutes the man i recognized as Justin's doctor and 2 other unknown men came and started fussing over me and that's when i realized that I've been shot from the pains i was feeling,they beg me not to close my eyes too,after a few minutes they put me on a stretcher and put something over my mouth and I was able to breath a bit better, soon im in a ambulance with Justin and Li and the doctor. I see Justin doing the cross closing his eyes praying and I can't help but cry too when i see tears falling out of his face,the doctor and Li exchange looks and looks like they're holding tears too. There is so much I want to say to Justin but I can't fight this sleep anymore so I give in and close my eyes.

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