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Chapter 46...Running out of people to trust

I got here 5 nights ago,when the helicopter landed on the rooftop of Justin's home there were almost 50 armed men waiting for us even the mighty lions welcomed us,When I first saw them I got a little scared but Justin assured me that nothing was going to happen they are more loyal and trustworthy more than the men guarding us but the doctor's were shit scared but had no choice to tough it out.

I'm on bed rest for the next two weeks,im not allowed to move around and I have a nurse to help me bath and do my woman hygienes because i refused and had to use my tears for Justin to let me not use the pee catheter or for him to be the one helping me and I'm going to be on a wheelchair if im going somewhere far but I will have someone pushing me around as per these many doctors allocated to me by Justin and as i speak there is some men who are building an elevator to accommodate my wheelchair instead of using the stairs,Justin is doing everything to make sure im comfortable,safe and loved.

Justin has been very busy with making sure im okay,taking care of his businesses,handling the Mafia,trying to also stay alive and find out who is trying to kill him, his hands are full and on top of that he has no one to trust right now with anything since he is sure that whoever is trying to kill him is part of his Mafia and the men closest to him can sense that something is wrong and there is change from him,Maria has told me that im probably the only person he says more than 5 words to these days.

I see the door handle moving so I pretend to be sleeping because i know for sure it's nurse Betty who comes and goes in this room like it's her own,she gives me pills which makes me always feel tired and drowsy i hardly see Justin because im always drugged up but Nurse Betty says he comes often to check on me and that's not enough for me i want to be awake when he comes so I can see his face,have a conversation with him and also see if his taking care of himself.

I hear movements and after a few minutes the shower starts..Shit!! it must be Justin im sure he thought i was asleep like always but it's no train smash because when he gets out I'll be wide awake waiting for him for a change. The door handle moves again and in comes nurse Betty with that Annoying bright smile of hers which i now hate.

"Oh hey sweetie,You're awake just in time for your chicken soup and medications." She says

"Nurse Betty i have been eating chicken soup for the past 5nights and I'm truly tired of it can you please ask Maria or the Chef to change my meals and the medication is always making me tired and sleepy 90% of the day im sleeping." I decide to tell her my feelings.

"The chicken soup is best for you and healthier for you,the medication is to make you to not think too much because of the loss you suffered." She says looking at me sadly.

"Well i would like to change the menu and I no longer want to take those pills i have a choice of what happens to my body and what to feel and what not to feel." I boldly say to her

Her bright smile disappeared and she gives me a not so happy face.

"Listen here young girl im the nurse here appointed by the Don,I studied for this job and I'm very qualified for this job and so what i say goes because im the-." I cut her off from spitting more nonsense

"NO! You listen to me now,Justin listens to me at the end of the day and I'm sure he won't be happy to hear all the things you just said and - " She cuts me off too coming closer to my bed.

"Do you know that i can finish you off with just one injection and your so called Justin won't know a damn thing or I can just finish you off right now with this pillow" She says removing the pillow under me harshly,I wince from the pains from my wounds.

I try to scream by my voice comes out like a squak and she quickly puts the pillow over my face making it hard for me to breathe.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I hear Justin shouting and immediately the pillow is removed from me and I can breathe but my lungs hurt.

"Oh Don we were practicing some breathing methods so that her lungs can get stronger and I was about to feed her and give her medication." Betty quickly says moving to the tray she came with.

Justin looks at me and i slowly shake my head because im still trying to breathe normally even when it hurts. Betty has her back turned acting busy with the tray and that was her biggest mistake because Justin takes two quite steps to her and what he does next shocks me to the core. Justin snapped her neck i only heard a crack and her body went limp and he slowly puts her body down and opens our room door calling the bodyguard outside our door,the man comes in doesn't ask any questions but picks up Betty's body and leaves the room.

"I'm really sorry Kitten i failed you again, She has been our nurse for years and now she turns out to be this,my father will be disappointed and I'm close but yet so far from closing in on the person who is trying to kill me and take over my crown and businesses and they already trying to confuse my business associates and judging by Betty's switch up, alot of my members have lowly switched up too but right now they are just chameleons changing colors." Justin says sitting down on the bed looking tired and stressed,he looks way older than his age right now and his hair and beard has grown too.

"Justin i think it's time you ask your father for help,you can't fight this on your own. I'm sure your father has gone through almost the same thing when he was the Don so he can help you." I say

"You are right Kitten,my father is the only person who i can trust right now and his been on this journey or seat before." He says taking my hand in his kissing it.

Justin takes his phone and dials a number who i found out is his father when the person answered and said "About time you called me" I heard because Justin putted the call on loud speaker

"Hi Dad" Justin says quitely.

"Oh Son don't call me that because you going to get me emotional,the last time you called me dad was on your 12th birthday before i sent you on your first mission that night and after that you stopped calling me Dad but you called me Father or Sir and that's when i knew our old close relationship is gone and you became a man not my little prankster anymore" His father says and i can tell his holding back tears just as Justin is right now.

"Anyway I have already been filled in on what's happening and was waiting for your call but even if you didn't call i was going to show up anyway because you still and always will be my little prankster no matter the title you hold or age." His father continues and I see Justin bowing his head refusing for me to witness his tears.

It gets quite for a good few minutes i wonder if his father is still on the line or if Justin still remembers that he is on a call.

"Um,Skull is already on his way to your house to fill you in on what we've found out and you can trust Li but Stephano and Snake give them information but make sure it's not correct one of them will lead us to the master planner and I'm going to send you a contract that you will sign giving me everything you own including the Mafia and everyone under your protection that includes Giana because son something big is coming your way and whoever it is wants everything including her dead or alive and I need you to mentally prepare to play their games but i know you won't be If Giana is not protected that is why i need this contract between us to be something you have as a hidden weapon." He tells him.

"Okay father and I will be waiting for Skull's arrival" Justin says finally speaking

Justin's father laughs and says..

"His already waiting in your office and Goodluck with everything my boy and May my forefathers who walked the same road you walking now protect and guide you and always remember you kill without remorse if someone threatens what's yours, family or not you leave no enemy's behind that can come for your children one day." He says

"Thank you dad and if i don't make it out alive make sure you do everything written in my will about my successor and Giana." Justin says making my heartbeat start racing with this kind of conversation.i feel like i can't breathe properly again,why is he talking like this?.

"Nonsense,You are my son Justin Ofcourse you will make it alive. You have more than 9 lives just like Skull always says after your near death stories he shares with me and you know you're called Mamba for a reason and I named you Justin Giuseppe Sky for a reason too and if you want to know why you will stay alive to find out, I need to end this call now Skull says the thing making this call untraceable and unrecorded is about to end soon so I will see you soon at the battlefield." He says and hung after that.

"Wait Dad!!." Justin rushed to say but the call has already ended.

Justin looks at the phone sadly. I move my toes touching him with them trying to get his attention and it works because he looks at me.

"He knows you love him and that you are grateful for his help and his very very proud of everything you are." I tell him truthfully

"Ho- how did you know that's what i wanted to tell him" he says after staring at me intensely in wonder.

"I know because i know you and i think I know the kind of man your father is and something tells me that to him all this is like history repeating itself because he also maybe went through a similar situation with his own father when it came to their bond or relationship." I say

Justin gets up and comes towards me and kisses my forehead,nose and hair smelling it which i find a bit weird but i guess he likes it because it's has become his thing to do it.

"I'm not even going to try and find you a new nurse and new doctors i will let Skull do it his good at background checks and breaking people's spirits." Justin says

"You changing my doctors too?" I ask

"Kitten im even thinking of changing everything about you including your last name but right now that's not something to discuss but will soon." He says getting up to take the tray Betty came in with.

"I won't even be surprised if this was poisoned,im going to ask Maria to take care of your meals and medications until a new trustworthy nurse or doctors come which will be tomorrow latest. For now you stuck with me,Maria or Skull." Justin says smirking at me waiting for a smart remark but I disappointed him by agreeing with him.

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