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Chapter 47...A whole lot of emotions

I'm waiting to meet the new people who have been exclusively selected by Justin,Li and Skull who will be attending to my every need in terms of my recovery and my safety. Maria has been the only person who is allowed to be around me so she has been doing everything from taking care of my meals,bathroom needs and medication but Justin has been the one bathing,dressing me and changing the bed and cleaning our room and sometimes his the one who brings my food also helping me eat when he manages to find time.At night he comes to our room early but still works taking care of some business things using his laptop, making small conversations with me here and there while I watch movies until i fall asleep,in the morning he wakes up a bit more earlier than his usual time because he has to give me a bath,change the bed,clean the room and get himself ready for the day too but he only leaves when Maria comes up with my breakfast. I have noticed that his been having a problems with sleeping because sometimes when i wake up in the middle of the night he will be outside the balcony smoking and a glass of whiskey in hand ,he has this rough look about him from lack of sleep.

Justin and I have not talked about our loss yet and I think we are both trying to push it back pretending like nothing happened,we just refusing to acknowledge it right now and with everything happening right now and the pressure i feel that his under its better we don't touch that wound for now,im physically and mentally not ready too and I know Justin has received the results back about if i can still have kids in future or not and his also dealing with whatever the results said alone because that's his way of protecting me from getting hurt i have learned that is one of his love languages too when to carry both our problems on his shoulders but it's also killing him inside but he won't admit that.

Justin comes inside our room giving me a small smile.

"Hey Baby,you good?" Justin says giving a little kiss on my dry lips.

"Hey,I'm good but are you?" I say looking at him searching his eyes for some answers and those grey orbs have been looking darker these days.

"Yeah im good,the elevator is now working and Skull will be bringing your new staff up here in a few minutes,I just had to make sure you okay and ready to meet them.You not in any pain or need the bathroom right?" He says adjusting the pillows under me.

"I'm good but my body does need some stretching, laying here day in day out does make my body uncomfortable,the only movements it gets is in the mornings when you are getting me ready." I tell him

"Ok let me tell Skull to meet us downstairs we are going to try and use the stairs so that you can stretch your body but any time you feel pain or tired let me know okay!" He says with all seriousness and I give him the biggest smile i can offer in return.

Justin takes a hair brush and brushes my hair tying it back into a ponytail,he puts lip gloss in my lips and picks me up gently helping me stand but my legs are a little wobbly so he supports me with his weight until i can stand up properly without feeling like im going to fall but I'm still holding on to him very hard,im sure by the way im gripping his biceps his feeling pain.

We slowly take small steps walking out the room until we reach the stairs.

"Do you want to try walking downstairs or should i carry you?" He asks but I shake my head no because i want to challenge my body to see how far it can go.

We take small careful steps going downstairs and Justin forces me to take small breaks in between and we finally make it down the stairs,im feeling very happy at my small achievement.

"Wow you did very well Kitten im proud of you" Justin says giving me a kiss on my forehead but when he pulls away i pull him down to me and kissing him on the lips and soon the kiss starts to get heated with Justin deepening it,we both get lost in it until we hear someone clearing their throat,We hesitantly pull apart turning our heads to the disturbance.

A handsome but older looking man with very intimidating eyes and a deep scar starting from his chin passing his neck disappearing to his chest i can't see beyond from the beginning of his chest because his wearing a shirt.

"Done checking me out child" The man says raising his eyebrow in question.

I blush embarrassed about getting caught ogling the man but i was not checking him out in a lusty way,I was just curious about his scar.

Justin looks at me smirking and he shakes his head amused by the situation.

"Giana please meet Skull,a very dear and close member to our family, his my second father and i trust him with my life just like he trusts his-" Justin gets cutted off by Skull taking out a gun and pointing it to me and i screech in surprise and fear.Justin pushes the gun away with his hand from my view glaring daggers at Skull.

"I'm sorry child i was just fucking with you for fun,I didn't mean to scare you, i seem to have a weird sense of humor." He says laughing putting the gun behind his waist.Justin just keeps glaring daggers at Skull not pleased with his actions.

"Oh you can talk to females but I thought you were mute." Justin says to him sarcastically, it's Skull now who is glaring at Justin and Justin smirks raising his eyebrow in a challenging way.

"I don't talk to ass holes but I do to beautiful delicate flowers like Giana" Skull responds

"Relax old man she's spoken for already and you don't want to be my competition." Justin says

"No you relax boy,I have a way with women and you the one who wouldn't want to be my competition but you family so she's safe." Skull says winking at me.

"Whatever,is the new members here yet?" Justin says already over this little pissing contest.

Skull doesn't answer he just disappeares to the kitchen.

"Can you believe this is the first time that man says more than 5 words to me since I've known him" Justin says with unbelieve to me.

"Why ? what is wrong with him and talking" I ask more curious about Skull and his weird character.

"I don't know but he does talk to my father they even share loud laughs together,Li says they are reminiscing about their bad boys days when we hear them laugh like that which makes us also laugh just imagining them like that and when i ask my father why he only talks to him he always has a different answer like "because he can or because he probably thinks his shit smells like perfume" which makes us both end up with hurting stomachs from laughing" Justin says with a genuine smile which i haven't seen for a long time which tells me that he really loves both these men.

I look at his eyes and see that grey color of his eyes is back sparkling like glass making me fall head over heels for him again and again,I quickly get on my tippy toes stealing a quick caught of guard kiss from him but i quickly regret my in a moment move because i feel pain from the gunshots wounds for moving too quickly,I grimaced in pain.

"Giana what's wrong? Are you in pain." Justin says with concern holding me tight to him,I don't answer but just nod because of the pains i feel and its at that time Skull comes back followed back by 8 people consisting of 4 women ,4 men.

Skull's face was blank and scary at the same time when he came back and when he saw the situation we were in his hard look soften a bit but quickly got back to the previous look. Skull doesn't say anything he just waits for Justin to acknowledge their presence and after sometime he does communicates with his eyes with Skull first before moving his eyes to the 16 pair of eyes looking at us.

"Good day ladies and gentleman i was part of the team that picked you,I know everything i need to know about you all and if you don't know me it will be best if you asked about me but becareful who you ask too, that will be your personal homework to do because when we meet again i will ask you any random question about me and expect a clear answer. Right now you can't properly introduce yourselves to my wife because she is not feeling well but since you are assigned to her you will introduce yourselves when you get a chance and I expect nothing but great feedback from her about you or we will have a problem if not and I have eyes everywhere on things concerning her so don't try any bullshit with me.You will die a very painful death. You're all dismissed for now,work start tomorrow,Li will tell you the rest." Justin says with a blank face too

The 8 people look a little spooked by Justin and what he said to them so they seem to be stuck not able to move until Justin raises his eyebrow in question that seems to release them from whatever trance they were in,they quickly scurry away from our view with Skull following behind them with a amused look.

"Mmm so that's your "I mean business mode"?, it gets people ready to shit on themselves" I ask Justin laughing a little with pains forgotten

"I learned all this from just being around my father during his time as Don,I always thought i would never pull it off until my father one day caught me off guard and told me to address some new recruits and on the same day asked me to hold two different meetings,one being a boardroom business meeting and the other being a Mafia business meeting with 4 other Mafia Don's present, I was shitting bullets but held it down even when the 2 Mafia Don's challenged my points and threatened me,my father didn't intervene not even once he let me handle it all alone, that day he threw me a celebratory dinner he told me how proud he was of me and he is very sure of me as his successor one day and I was only 15 when that happened." Justin says

"Wow Justin you've gone through alot and your world is very scary and that really concerns me alot when it comes having kids in the future,Does that also mean that they will be also in the Mafia and probably lead the Mafia one day" I say to him

"Our children without a doubt will be part of the Mafia,they will be born into it,grow in it and leave by it,they will be trained better than me though because I won't allow my kids to be tortured and sent on missions to kill very young, I will allow them to enjoy and experience their childhood." He says and I nod in agreement.

"Justin i think i need to lie down now,my body hates me right now i have done too much standing" I say leaning all my weight to him.

Justin gently picks me up bridal style,I quickly throw my hands around his neck holding on like a Koala. Instead of taking the stairs he goes to the elevator,at first i didn't see it was an elevator because it's looks like the rest of the walls ,Justin scanned his hand and the elevator opened that's when i saw that its an elevator.

"This elevator is disguised like the walls incase of emergency if you have to escape to the safety room so it won't be easy for the intruders to see it and it only accepts a few hand scans like yours,mine,Skull,Maria and Li only.My father's will be added later." Justin informs me while we inside,he pressed the number 3.

When the elevator opened it was exactly infront of our bedroom,I look at Justin amazed but he just smiles a proud smile.

"There's alot of escape routes that you need to know about for emergencies and There's even hiding places in here that takes you to different places around the property but let me not over overwhelm you with information my love,let's focus on your recovery first" He says once we inside our room.

Justin lays me down gently on the bed,he makes sure im comfortable and gives me my pain killer medication. If i told people how Justin is so gentle with me they wouldn't believe me because this Justin, im experiencing exclusively for me and i truthfully love it that way because it's like our little secret something i only share with him.

Maria knocks and comes inside the room after getting a small come in from Justin.She comes in with a few products.

"Maria tomorrow i want you to monitor the new nurse for a few hours while she attends to Giana and you have done alot these past days so after that you can take days off to do whatever but Tony stays i need him around-the-clock" Justin says seriously

"Is there anything you allergic to or don't like Giana? The new chef is already preparing a list for your meals and needs to go out to hand pick the ingredients." Justin says to me now

"No,but I have cravings for things like pasta,pizza and fried fish" I tell him smiling just thinking about food

"Ok but that will have to be cleared with your doctors first and you can have whatever you like" He says typing fast on his phone

"It's probably still the cravings from the pregnancy but soon it-" Maria says but stops herself mid sentence looking regretful and sorry

The room gets quite,Justin carries on typing but now it's more faster and his face has hardened,his clenching his jaws and my heartbeat is racing faster.

"Maria when you done giving Giana a foot massage please see me in my office later" Justin says breaking the silence.

"Baby i need to go right now,I will see you in a few hours if you need anything ask Li or Maria only for now" Justin says coming towards me giving me a kiss and a hug

"Where are you going?" I ask him while still hugging him refusing to let go of the hug making him chuckle at my sleek move

"Let go and I will tell you" he says but I tighten my grip on him instead, getting all emotional all of a sudden,I feel tears coming out

"Kitten don't do this please,I really need to go but how am i going to focus on anything knowing i left you like this" Justin says,im full on crying right now ruining his shirt and I don't even care that I'm an ugly crier right now.

"Don't go please" I beg him but he gently removes himself from me avoiding my eyes,he goes to the closet and comes our wearing another shirt with a jacket on. I haven't stopped my crying,Maria is just massaging my feet i guess she also doesn't know what to say right now.

"I promise to be back in 5hours time" he says walking to the door

"I don't care! You always leave me anyway,you never spend time with me not even when im laying in this fuckin bed because i stupidly took a bullet for your ass!! So leave! Don't come back i won't even care!" I shout at him throwing a tantrum.

Justin stopped walking and slowly turns around looking at me like im a science experiment,his facial expression keeps changing showing different emotions.Maria pretended to need the bathroom as soon as Justin stopped walking so she is in there im sure listening in though.

After a few minutes of us just looking at each other Justin finally takes the steps towards me until his standing infront of me,he looks at me again and it's really starting to scare and creep me out.

"Giana are you high on something? Or are you coming down with a fever because you've never talked to me like that,especially shout at me and I wouldn't want that to be a normal thing in our relationship."

"I'm not high or sick but I'm just expressing my feelings and I would like you to acknowledge them" I say

"You can express your feelings anytime but my problem is the way you doing it right now acting like a little girl refusing to be told no to doing something,I don't appreciate your tone and little tantrum ,the only thing you didn't do was throw your toys around." He says with sarcasm

"I understand you upset with me and you not happy with me always leaving and never spending time with you but I didn't know that's how you feel you've never told me but to find out this way is not it and I'm grateful and will forever be indebted to you for saving my life Giana,I will cancel the drop off that i was supposed to go to right now and stay with you" He says taking out his phone typing furiously on in

I really really feel bad for the way i acted and the things i said to him,he doesn't deserve this from me right now but I really miss him because his always busy with something even if his around so i reached my breaking point and it just came out.

"Maria!!" Justin shouts making me jump a little surprise,Maria quickly comes out the bathroom looking innocent making me internally roll my eyes.

"I will continue with massaging Giana,you can take the rest of the remainder of day off,I will take it from here" he tells her.

Maria leaves after and Justin reads the instructions on the products and starts applying them on me from the beginning of my thighs to my toes massaging me giving me goosebumps,both of us has not said anything until he finishes and puts the things away,I can feel my legs are relaxed and not painful.

"Ok Miss Jackson what else do you need me to do take this chance and use it wisely because its rare and truthfully speaking Kitten im not always going to be around,I lead a busy life that demands me to have little time with you and I'm sorry for that but i will try and squeeze in some more time with you from now on."He says coming to sit next to me.

"Thank you for choosing me today and Thank you for trying your best,im sorry for the way i acted no matter the excuse i was not supposed to handle it like that." I tell him,he kisses my forehead in return

"Can we have a movie marathon with popcorn,skittles and other snacks please" I ask him

"Okay but don't tell your doctors i was with you when they come for you" he says smiling

" I'm going to get the snacks,start choosing a movie and not cartoons give me some respect please" he says making me burst out in laughter

Justin leaves the room and I can't help smiling big because im a lucky girl for getting a man like him with his flaws and all but I'm highly favored to crossing Paths with him.

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