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chapter 48...This man never catches a break

It's been 3days after my little tantrum and I'm glad i finally decided to say something to Justin about how his absence affects me but I'm not happy about how i communicated with him about it and things could have turned out for the worst because Justin is a very dominant man and he doesn't take disrespect very lightly that is why his reaction or how he handled the situation surprised me and he has changed his day movements because he now only leaves the house for really important Mafia business that can't happen without him being physically there and whatever he can handle over the phone or laptop he does it. During the day he takes me on garden walks to stretch.

I have 2 new bodyguards a woman and a man,the woman is always in our room watching me,she only leaves when Justin comes in,they follow me every where,even when im with Justin outside the room but they keep a respectful distance from us,I also have a new nurse,a doctor,a chef ,a personal driver and two cleaning helpers.I told Justin that it's all too much but he ignored me.

Last night around 6pm Justin came in looking very tired and sick.i asked him if he was okay he told me he was feeling a bit dizzy and needed to just lie down,I gave him some of the medication that the doctor had prescribed for me and told him to eat the lasagna i was having for dinner after that he joined me in bed to rest,just as he was falling asleep Li called his phone and Justin asked me to answer it and put it on loud speaker after i told him who was calling.Li told us very bad news about one of the famous lions being sick,I have never seen Justin get up that fast from the bed he almost knocked me over,after making sure he didn't hurt me he left faster than lightning from our room,he was only in his boxers and didn't even care. That was the last time i saw him and today is the next day 1pm midday. I tried calling him multiple times but his phone was not answered so I had no choice but to call Li because i was worried sick since he left,Li told me Justin has been with the Lion since lastnight with doctors but it's not looking good and what's concerning him is that Justin lost his balance twice trying to get up but refuses to be checked out by the doctors or leave the Lion so he had to call his father to intervene and that his father and Skull are on the way here,I asked the nurse to make sure i look presentable by giving my hair a proper wash and blow dry,im dressed in a nice pink dress,and flully sleepers,I have eaten and taken my medication. I have been very cooperative to their instructions because i need to get better for Justin's sake he needs me right now.

The door opens and in comes Justin followed closely by Li.

"Li! im fuckin seconds away from punching your lights out right now if you don't fuckin stop following me like a hooker im owing money,I said fine damn!!." Justin says...his words are scary but with his exhausted voice his words don't hold any wait.

"I told your stubborn ass i will back off only if you agree to see a doctor or when your father gets here" Li responds to him and I'm shocked that he talked to Justin like that.

"You're such a hoe right now and I will shoot you for real if you don't leave." Justin says

"Yeah,Yeah you are a barking dog with no bite right now,you can barely stand up for 30minutes without sitting down." Li says again and I have had enough of his disrespect.

"Li that's enough! Yes Justin is being a hard head right now,Yes he needs to see a doctor but he is still your boss that's no way to talk to him, i ask you to show respect because i will not tolerate your disrespect towards him like that." I say very angrily

Li is taken aback by my change of mood and the way im speaking to him,he really looks surprised while Justin is looking at me proud and amused at the same time.

"It's okay my love,Li is my brother he didn't mean any harm,we talk shit to each other on a daily basis you've just never witnessed it because we only do it when we are alone but I'm very proud of you having my back like that Kitten" Justin says.

"Giana i apologize for-" Li starts to say but gets told off by Justin

"Oh shut up idiot and get the fuck out,let me know when the old bastards are here " Justin says..I guess that's his father and Skull his referring to as "old bastards"

"Whatever big head and I can't wait to see you get your ass whooped by the real Don" he says quickly walking out when Justin pulled his gun out

"Wow i didn't know you and Li had that kind of relationship" I say to Justin

He laughs a little looking like his remembering some funny memories,he walks to the bed and sits next to me and I can now really see his face clearly.his eyes hold alot of sadness and exhaustion.

"How is the lion" I ask making Justin chuckle

"You mean Malibu,that's her name and she is hanging in there but she's dying that's what me and King need to accept" he says blinking many times trying to hold back tears...I figured that King is the other Lion and I'm curious to know how their names came about and from who but I think a conversation about his lions is a sore topic for now.

"I'm sorry baby,I know how much you love them and how strong your bond is with them" I tell him sincerely taking his hands with mine,giving his head a kiss comforting him.

"Let me go shower fast before my father gets here and gives me hell for smelling" he says getting up slowly

"Well you always smell good to me and that should be the only thing that matters" I say meaning it...Justin always smells good for real,his Clive Christian's Imperial Majesty Perfume for Men always fills up the room and it's his signature smell ever since I've known him,When my mother first met him at the restaurant she couldn't stop talking about his smell and even went as far as asking him the name of it and she googled the name because she said from now on every man she dates must smell like that but quickly changed her mind when she found out that it's the number one most expensive perfume in the world and when she saw the costs her jaw dropped down to the floor and asked me how rich is Justin exactly and unfortunately for her he heard her but only laughed it off saying my mother was a very interesting character.

"You really are the perfect match for me Kitten,you always make me feel like a king with the love you give me" he says

"And you make me feel more than like a Queen, I feel special and loved like virgin Mary the highly favored woman amongst women the legendary women who birthed the most worshipped King of all times."I say getting emotional.

"Ah let me run because you are getting all emotional and spiritual right now with me but Thank you and I love you baby" he says disappearing inside the bathroom.

Justin has been in the shower for plus minus 5minutes, when a knock sounds on the door, I don't know if I should tell whoever at the door to come in or not because what if Justin decides to come out in his birthday suit which he does sometimes .the knocking gets a little louder right on time as Justin gets out the shower with no clothing in sight like i feared he would.

"Justin someone's at the door " I say

Justin frowns looking irritated but doesn't get a chance to answer because his father yells that his coming in from out side.

"Dad im naked for fuck sake" Justin says

"And what is it that you have that i don't and have not seen before ,I was told you were on your last breath dying but I find you naked so what is really happening " His father says.

"Father as you can see im fine , now can i have some privacy."

"Go get dressed while i talk to my daughter inlaw here" his father says with the same mischievous smirk his son has.

"Mm OK,can you take your daughter inlaw out to the gardens for a walk she needs to stretch her legs " Justin says walking inside our dressing room .

I have never had a full conversation with Justin's father before and the last time i spoke with him was the day of the disaster dinner here and I know he has this calm look about him but I know there is a beast dormant in there because it has not been threatened and if his Justin's mentor than i know his just like him if not more deadly. I'm greatly intimidated by the previous Don.

"Don't worry Giana i will not hurt you ,my son wouldn't leave you alone with me if he didn't trust me.we are going to have to have some kind of relationship if you're dating my son." His father says with a smile. he goes out to call my nurse to help me . Once im safely in my wheelchair he asked to push it for me even though i can remotely drive it myself.

We are soon downstairs with my two bodyguards closely behind and I can see that their presence is irritating Justin's father but he doesn't say anything.

"Before we head out to the gardens Giana i would like you to meet someone special who is part of the family" He says leading me to the the room where Justin have his meetings in the house.

Inside this room there's about 25 men some I know like Stephano,Skull,Li etc.

Skull and Li exchange looks and does not look pleased to see me here.

"You must be the gorgeous Giana that everyone is curious about, the woman who has captured my brother's cold heart." A man who resembles Justin says but something seems off with him.he bends down to hug me but I flinched away from him,my male bodyguard steps in between us while my female bodyguard moved my wheelchair back

"Sir please step back, no male that has not been cleared by the Don is allowed to be near Mrs Sky" My bodyguard says

"Oh wow! Mrs Sky?" The unknown man says laughing hard

"Michelo behave and show respect if you don't want us to have problems" Li says sternly and I see my female bodyguard answering her phone and flinching every second listening to whoever is on the phone with her,her ears and face has turned red,whether she's blushing or scared i don't know.

"Oh shut up Li must you always ruin the fun and be Justin's little pet everytime" The man who i now know is Michelo says rolling his eyes at Li

"Li is right Michelo behave,don't make things difficult for me who is trying to build this family back together" Justin's father says glaring at Michelo

"Come on both of you are overreacting i was not being rude at all,iam just surprised that she is already Mrs Sky" Michelo says

"My dear i didn't mean to offend you and I'm sorry if i overstepped the line with you,im happy to meet you" Michelo continued holding out his hand to me for a handshake and I hesitantly take it but quickly withdraw my hand back after the handshake.

Justin bursts in looking like a wild animal who has escaped from its cage.



"Son calm down le-" Justin's father tries to explain but Justin doesn't want to hear none of it.

"No! No ! don't you dare tell me to calm down Father. Why would you bring Giana here? Why would you expose her to all this? And the icing on the cake is that you brought this traitor here in my house" Justin says pointing to Michelo again glaring daggers at him

"And you three allowed it to happen, not even one of you felt the need to let me know until her security detail pressed the emergency button to my phone" Justin says looking at Skull,Li and Stephano with disappointment.

"I want you ALL to leave my house and never return,I don't fuckin want your fake apologies or calls..You are all traitors so you are dead to me" Justin says

"Enough! That's enough. you are now thinking with your heart not your head Giuseppe, I would never put Giana's life in danger because I know how important she is to you and to the future of this family,I would put my life on the line for hers and yours just like Skull and Li would. As for inviting your brother here i did it because you both need to get over the past and be a unit, you both can take over the world as brother's, it's time you both stop this nonsense i have my reasons for doing what I'm doing Giuseppe, Don't question my choices and never ever raise your voice at me again son" Justin father shouts glaring at Justin.

"I repeat i want ALL of you to get the fuck out of my house this second before i hurt you all" Justin says glaring at his father challenging him

The room has gone silent and the two Don's glare at each other challenging each other. Justin pulls out his gun in blink of an eye and shoots Michelo twice and Stephano once, Michelo got shot on the foot and hand while Stephano got shot on the shoulder.

"This is a warning for the both of you,im coming for your balls for trying to take me out, hurting my wife and killing my unborn child, Prepare yourselves for war,im comin for revenge" Justin says walking to me and gently picking me up from the wheelchair handing me over to Li's arms and leaving the room still in silence with only groans of pain from the two people shot

His father looked at him and shook his head looking hurt.

"That boy is exactly like you when you were his age,now you know how hectic you were." Skull says breaking the silence

"Well karma is a bitch that never forgets your address i guess" Justin's father amuses

"Gentleman don't mind your Don's words,you are still part of this family except
the two bleeding bitches and if anyone of you was working with them may the good lord be with you because my son never says something he won't do,You're all dismissed from this little gathering including you two because Justin has given you time to prepare for your funerals,im really disappointed in you Michelo you really fooled me into thinking you've changed from your ways and Stephano you owe my boy a lot for what he has done for you but you chose your end there is nothing i can say to that" Justin father continued.

" Father your the one who made me like this the day you chose him as Don over me your first born and I would rather die than watch him leave my life" Michelo says

"Michelo you are really childish and you will never grow up,Justin proved himself worthy to be chosen,he worked hard while you were busy putting your dick in everything with a hole and wasting away from drugs,you tried four times to start your own gang but you failed,joined forces with Justin's enemies to take him down but he defeated them,he didn't kill you because to him you are just his bitter brother but now he will kill you for surebecause you are a threat to something he can't leave without, you don't lack anything because of your brother's hard work, if he was a cold hearted person like you believe he is than he would have cut you off from the family and the money,he wouldn't be supporting your 7 kids from different mothers putting them to private schools,they would not be living in mansions lacking nothing with their mother's and he wouldn't be doing random visits to them and checking in on them every day something you fail to do but you still want to kill him and take over,who would want to have a drug addict for a leader? The Mafia wouldn't survive a day with your leadership." Their father responds

"Li take Giana up before that boy comes back and shoots all of us this time" Skull says winking at me

Li and i leave after that,he takes the stairs instead of the elevator.

"Why take the longer way Li" I ask him

" Stephano and Michelo are still around i don't want them knowing our secrets" he responds

"Oh okay,did Stephano really betray us?" I ask Li

"Unfortunately yes and it is affecting Justin because it's never easy to kill a member who was family and I know Stephano's reasons are stupid for switching up on us." Li says

We soon arrived in our room and I'm tired already from today's event,Justin is sleeping face down on the side of the bed,Li gently lays me down next to him.

Li hesitantly leaves after not getting any reactions from Justin,I think he wanted them to talk about earlier but Justin's not ready i guess.I run my hands on his naked back admiring the lion tattoo and also play with his hair.

"Malibu is gone and King is losing his shit,his now refusing food or water to drink,his blinded by grief that he even tried to attack me and had to be putted down"

"Oh my God Justin are you okay,did you get hurt? And what do you mean by had to be put down"

"I wish to go away to where nobody knows me or just drink something to stop my mind from thinking and my heart from feeling, all of this mess happening to me and around me is too much for me right now,maybe i should go on a suicide mission so i can get hurt maybe be in a coma for a year and wake up with everything happening gone." Justin says not answering my previous questions

"Justin please don't shut down now,this kind of talk is scaring me. I know things are very bad right now but we are going to be fine,we will smile again i promise you and you still have me and always will." I tell him

I feel his shoulders moving letting me know that his silently crying so i keep brushing his back and decide to sing songs that my mother always sang for me when i was feeling sad. After 3 songs i see that Justin has finally fallen asleep.

Justin has gone through alot in his life and his gone through all of it alone from a young age which he still feels the need to but I'm here now and I want to share his burdens with him,this is a man who had his first kill at the age of 12,he does not know what being a child or teenager fells like,he is a man who was thrown inside the deep end in the water told to swim and he did and never complained and still right now life is throwing him inside a forest full of wolf's and he must come out alive but My Justin is just tired for now ,he won't come out that forest he will live inside it and lead those wolf's himself as the King of the jungle with me beside him i will make sure of that and his biggest strength is that he never shows the enemy that his down, infront of them he always stands tall and proud but only to me he will show me how wounded he is.

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