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Chapter 49...Punishment for who?

Today is the day when i get my stitches removed and i will no longer be using the wheelchair, I'm now able to do things by myself but still not able to do hectic things as yet ,Justin couldn't wait to ask the doctor if we can now get busy under his Egyptian sheets embarrassing the hell out of me.He is also doing well health wise because i forced him to see a doctor and i even had to take extreme measures of throwing threats of leaving him.

Justin has been clingy lately which is surprising because that's not his character and I have been having nightmares where im getting shot while pregnant again but this time my stomach is really big and when i get shot all i see is blood everywhere while im screaming for help but nobody comes,this dream haunts me every night and I wake up sweating and crying. Justin always gets up to comfort me,bring me water,wipe my sweat and cuddle with me until I fall asleep and when i wake up in the morning his side is always cold empty,no sign of him until it's lunch time and when i ask about his whereabouts he ignores me by starting another conversation.

Malibu and King were buried together in the garden,the place has been heavily secured and it was Justin,Li and I present there and it was my first time seeing Justin cry out loud like that,he even lost his voice,had eyes swollen from the crying,he kept saying the pain is too much when i tried to comfort him,he refused to leave their resting place so i stayed with him there from 1pm in the afternoon until 3am the next day,we were just laying there cuddling he looked lost,beyond the words hurt and broken,Li came out around 9pm when it was chilling cold to put two blankets over us,I couldn't get up or move because whenever i did he would hold on to me a little tighter and that's when he started getting clingy.

Justin has not left the house since then,his father has taken over all his businesses except the Mafia businesses because that's a bit hard to do as people will start asking questions and demand explanations and I'm told the Don needs to be seen around for assurance that his alive,well and still the Don so Justin has been taking calls,handling meetings over the phone but the excuse that the members or other business associates was given for his absence is that my situation is critical so he needs to be here for me as everyone knows or was informed about Mamba's lady being shot trying to save him,the physical meetings are held by Snake and Skull with Justin present in the meeting via online for assurance that his still the Don.

"Kitten your nurse would like to come in to remove your stitches,is it fine for her to do it now?" Justin says coming inside our room

"Yeah,ready as ever!!" I say doing a little happy dance making Justin chuckle typing on his phone,the nurse comes in after a few minutes and she immediately gets to work while Justin watches her every move,he doesn't trust anyone after nurse Betty's stunt.

The nurse finishes removing the stitches and does a few checks to make sure im fit to start doing things by myself ,once she is satisfied she bids us farewell as she would not be attending to my every need now and she told me the Don has placed her as one of the family's nurse.

"Giana I've been thinking about the nightmare that you've been having lately and you should maybe start therapy sessions with a friend of mine,I trust her to be able to help you." Justin says looking at me

"I guess since it's a she and by you referring to her as a "friend" you two have history involving being naked together and I don't want any therapy sessions with a stranger,I can talk to you or my mother if i feel the need to talk to someone." I tell him irritated

"Kitten not everyone woman you will meet is someone i have slept with,yes i did sleep with alot of women before you but that doesn't mean those women worked for me or I mixed business with my one night stands and the reason why i suggested therapy is because you went through a very Traumatizing situation where you nearly lost your life and you lost a baby we both have not even acknowledge that,we act like nothing happened and with everything i have seen and done i can easily push it back and keep it moving but you not damaged like me, you still pure and I want you to remain that way forever." Justin says looking serious.

"I'm sorry about the woman comment i didn't mean it but i was just irritated and I have had my share of therapy sessions when i was dealing with the bullying but now this is not something serious that i cannot handle,I think it just comes from fear that something like this can happen again." I tell him sincerely

"I hear you and I'm not going to force you to see a therapist but I do worry about you alot and I also want you to decide what you want to do about school even though you don't need it because you will not be needing anything or a job." He tells me

"Justin i will not be a stay home mother,wife or a trophy for your mansion that you leave and come back to or one of those polished,spoiled women who held up their nose like people smell like shit when they meet people below their high profile life's." I tell him truthfully

Justin laughs like really laughs at me and I ended up laughing as well.

"Wow Kitten you are one funny tiny thing,look baby you are dating a billionaire there is no way you will work while im alive,you won't be a trophy for our mansions because even though we're not married yet, you are already in my will since the day you owned my heart and everything that has my name on it too." Justin says

"Ah before i even forget,I have a surprise for you for being the best thing that has happened to me in a long time" he continued rushing out the room living me confused and curious about what he is up to now.

Justin comes inside holding a big Gucci bag but it's covered with a blanket.his smiling big confusing me more because Justin hardly smiles or laughs and his doing both today.

"Okay i won't ask you to do the close your eyes shit we too old for that but anyway Surprise!!!" Justin says removing the blanket and the cutest puppy i have ever seen comes out.

"Ahhh Justin!!! No you didn't,oh my God you did!!." I say jumping into his arms full of joy,he catches me easily while moving the puppy away gently from us.

"Oh my I love you soo much Sky!! I love this puppy too" I say kissing him quickly on the lips and going to grab the cute puppy in my arms cuddling it.The puppy responds by licking my face making me fall more inlove with my new bestfriend.

"I guess you both like each other and I hope i won't turn into a third wheel in this group or someone needs to go right now" Justin says smiling but serious too.

"Relax Justin nobody can ever replace you no matter how cute they are" I tell him truthfully while playing with my new best friend.

"Well in that case im happy you love your surprise, I can see you both will be inseparable but I'm a very jealous man that never shares and I would like to make that known to avoid fights later on." Justin says winking at me.

I don't respond to Justin because im already playing tug of war with Daisy,I decided to name her that because I love daisies.

Next thing Justin gently takes Daisy away from me and puts her inside the Gucci bag walking to our walk in closet leaving her there.

"Justin you can't do that! Daisy is not used to us or this house yet so she could be scared right now" I tell him panicking but Justin gently picks me up walking to our bed and throwing me on it lightly and doesn't waste any time crashing his lips to mine in seconds he deepens the kiss making me moan instantly feeling like im on cloud nine. We fight for dominance after sometime i give up and I can feel him smiling through the kiss for winning the battle.

He soon removes my dress,followed by my bra and underwear,Justin suddenly flips me over fast and im now laying on my stomach,this move from him scared me a bit but i reminded myself that this MY Justin he won't hurt me so i relaxed and waited in anticipation of what's to come next.

He places his hand on my naked behind,softly fondling me,stroking
around and around with his flat warm palm and lord!! i was not ready or mentally prepared for what happened next.

Justin hits me hard on my behind making me try to jump away screaming bloody murder from him like bread in the toaster in response to the pain but his grip is very strong on me,he gives me another stinging slap on my behind,I try to move again now holding back tears and confused as to why Justin would decide to cause me pain or if this is one of his fetishist.

"Stop moving Giana or your punishment will be increased." He growls

"Why am i being punished and I haven't fully healed yet Justin." I say

"Well you have been having a smart mouth lately and I have warned you three times already if you can recall and I think it's time I let my actions speak louder than my words baby" Justin says caressing the two parts where he hit me.

When he hits me the 5th time i can't take the pain anymore i start begging him to stop and he does. Justin caresses my burning behind softly and there is total silence between us only my harsh breathing can he heard.

"Why would you choose this choice of punishment Justin,why didn't you discuss it with me first." I ask him now feeling emotional and heartbroken as my heart tries to make up multiple excuses for him.

"Giana this is the only punishment that is suitable for you from the the list of punishment i give to people and this one is the safest and less dangerous.I don't discuss punishments with anyone love and you suppose to feel pain." He says moving to open one of the side bed drawers. after a few minutes something cold touches my behind making me now cry thinking his continuing with punishing me.

"Hey,Hey its okay im just applying something to soothe the pain and make sure the bruises fade away within a few hours." Justin says carefully like his talking to a scared animal.

"Do you want me to run you a bubble bath Kitten" he asks me

"Do you offer bubble baths to all your victims too after punishing them or I'm just the lucky one" I ask him annoyed

"Wow I didn't know you were this hard headed and i guess that punishment was not very effective,let me check if there is any one i can try on you again." Justin says getting,I also get up too ignoring the stinging pain i feel when i sit up.

"Justin i swear on my father and brother's graves if you punish me again i will leave and never come back,I have suffered enough bullying and intimidation during my teenage years and I'd rather kill myself than go through that again,I beg you please to not punish me again or force me out of your life like this." I tell him now sobbing uncontrollably.

"Oh my Kitten, i was joking about punishing you again,I was just scaring you and I didn't know this is how you felt about punishment or that the bullying that happened is still affecting you like this,I promise to never ever punish you again or I would gladly shoot myself in between my eyes" He says now hugging me to him while im sitting on his lap

"Well this is proof that we hardly talk about serious stuff about each other or share our childhood hardships." I say to him

Justin takes loud deep breaths still brushing my back soothingly.

"I'm the stupid one here,I have all the information about you and didn't think of finding out how much what happened to you affected you or is still affecting you." He says

"Please forgive me my love" he continued

"It's okay you didn't know and this was a tiny huddle we had to go through" I say now all my tears dried up.

"I'm going to take a shower instead of a bubble bath,my behind feels very tender right now so sitting down on the bath tub will be too much for me right now." I tell him and he gives me a half smile full of guilt and regret,I would comfort him but right now i need to deal with my behind.

I slowly get up from his lap after giving him a kiss on his forehead.i head inside our walk in closet to pick out something casual to wear and I find a nice grey Nike track suit which belongs to me that Justin bought for me.

I walk out the walkin closets not finding Justin in the room,he must have stepped out than,I decide to worry about his whereabouts after my shower so i jump inside the shower washing away all my troubles and find myself feeling lighter and refreshed.

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