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Chapter 50...Never leave a relationship after a fe

Things have been offish between Justin and I after the stunt he pulled,I have been spending time with Daisy,catching up on my studies online also taking walks around the property eating icecream or fruit salad sometimes just to get my mind off things and I sometimes spend time reading around the pool area.Justin hasn't been sleeping in our room lately too,I have barely seen him.He no longer works from home,I don't see him in the mornings i eat breakfast and lunch now alone,he comes back early for dinner but during dinner times we are not alone so that doesn't count,I sometimes feel him looking at me but whenever im about to look back at him his eyes are already gone from me,i don't how he senses my presence because whenever im about to approach him or talk to him he either starts moving fast to somewhere or focuses on a conversation with someone else.After dinner he either leaves again or locks himself in his office with instructions not to be disturbed.

Right now it's lunch time and today im going out to eat lunch,I can't remember the last time i went out by myself or went to the mall to window shop.

Iam making my way downstairs to let Maria know that im going out today,Justin once told me that my personal driver is always available so i will just tell him after i tell Maria too.

"Maria im going out for lunch today and i will also do a bit of window shopping too" I tell Maria in the kitchen

Maria looks at me surprised and confused by what i just told her.

"Okay,are you going with Justin?, im now confused because he asked me to prepare lunch for the both of you today " Maria says

"Um,well make lunch for him only please" I say to her not wanting to go into details of how Justin and I don't talk these days which means i didn't know about any plans of us having lunch together.

I leave after that avoiding more questions from her.

"Can you please tell my driver to bring the car out to the front please" I tell my male bodyguard,I don't know their names because Justin said their names were not important only their job is.

After 10minutes he tells me that the car is waiting so the three of us make our way out to the Bentley truck,my male bodyguard opens my door first than goes to open the door for my female bodyguard too making her blush. What a gentleman i think to myself and if I'm not wrong i think these two may have a thing for each other I've seen the way they look at each other,They would make a cute couple too.

In no time we are by the big gates my driver is scanning his hand and putting in the pass code and my phone vibrates showing "My life line" as the caller but i ignore it knowing that what happened to Rose and i a few months ago is about to happen again but to my surprise the gate opens and we leave.

I decided to go to a mall 20minutes away from Justin's house because im still dating one of the most dangerous men but also a man with dangerous enemies so if anything happens we can get away fast or help can come sooner.i asked my bodyguards to give me space because i don't want to draw attention to me but my female bodyguard came up with the idea that she will quickly buy new clothes and dress casual and will act like we friends just out shopping or having lunch together.

Right now me and her are just going around the mall walking in and out of different stores,I could use the card that Justin gave me to use a long time ago but im not interested in anything i just wanted to get out of the house and for lunch i will use the money from my savings.

"Lindsay im tired and hungry right now,can we go to the food court so we can look for something to eat" I say to my female bodyguard who's name i found out today because i had to have a conversation with her if we're going in and out these stores together and she is really cool and we seem to like the same things so im enjoying her company.

"Yes, no problem but are you not going to buy something?" She asks confused

"No,I just wanted to go outside for a change." I tell her

"Oh um okey,this is none of my business and you can tell me if im stepping out of line but is everything okay between you and the Don?" She asks

"It's okay and I can't lie to you because you always around and have probably have overhead our conversations so um Justin and I had a little argument but we'll sort it out soon im sure" I tell her

"Well the Don loves his privacy alot ,he doesn't talk alot around us unless it's business, even when you around he hardly shows you affection or shows emotion and outside people may think his not inlove with you but that's far from the truth and your room is sound proof so only you,him and the walls know what happens in that room." She says

"Oh,do people talk about us or our relationship?" I ask her curious

"Ofcourse but not bad things just curious and a few gossips here and there" She says

"And what exactly are they curious about" I ask her

"Not a lot,People just wonder how you got to be with the Don and how's the relationship between you two and some think the Don forced you into a relationship,some say you there for his pleasure but you must understand that some of these theories come from jealous women or people who have never seen him show affection or emotion towards you or anyone for that matter but us who are always around you have witnessed him slipping up a few times where he will call you Kitten or you two will have passionate make out sessions and his no affection or emotion mask falls off sometimes."She says amused

"Mmm okey,it's interesting to know that people do talk about us." I tell her,we are now walking into the food court department and there is different places of food,sweet and desert shops too.

"Giana! Giana!!" I hear my name being called making me stop walking because i know that voice,I slowly turn seeing a very excited Mika running towards me but Lindsay immediately blocked me from him and my male bodyguard appears out of no where.

"Hey! move out the way i would like to see my bestfriend" Mika says rudely to Lindsay who is infront of me but she doesn't move

I tap Lindsay on the shoulder whispering to her that it's okay i know him.she hesitantly move but stay close beside me.

"Hi Mika" I greet him politely

"Jesus Giana i was so worried about you when you didn't show up at school and your number was not going through,I even went to where you stayed and your cousin Selena told me alot of unbelievable things about you but one day Professor Sky came to the school and I asked him about you and he told me you were fine but didn't want to see me again." Mika says all this not taking a break to breathe.

"As you can see me Mika iam Very much alive and fine and Professor Sky told you the truth too but Thank you for being concerned about me." I politely reply to him with a bit of spiciness

"Alot has changed about you,you look happy and grown,you don't look like the shy book nerd Gigi i used to know" Mika says with a small smile

"Well thank you if that's a compliment and yes im happy and alot has changed and so have I and Lindsay and I need to go,it was nice seeing you again Mika,take care." I say taking Lindsay's hand leaving with her but Mika stopped us.

"Giana um,can i have your number there is alot i want to talk to you about and things didn't end well between us so i would really like us to work things out maybe even become friends again."He says

I really don't know how i feel or how to react to seeing Mika again,not so nice things happen between us and he showed me a side i didn't know he had and my life is taking another direction right now,im not sure if i can bring Mika into it or even trust him to be in it but I decide to give him my number to be polite and maybe i will or will not take his calls this is something that i have to really think about. After Mika finally lets us leave we look for a nice cosy restaurant with less people inside.

I asked Lindsay to join me on the table but my male bodyguard refused and said he is good in the shadows.i asked Lindsay to remind me to order takeaways for him and the driver.

Our drinks have arrived,I ordered a glass of sweet red wine and Lindsay ordered orange juice and our starter is a full plate of cheesy nachos which we are ravishing right now.

"So Lindsay what is your partners name and why did you choose this dangerous job" I ask

"His name is Matthew but I call him Matt and I chose this career because growing up i witnessed my mother being abused by my father everyday and she couldn't fight back,my father would laugh at her saying women are useless and powerless my mother should just give up trying to fight back and i grew up wanting to be strong and prove him wrong but he died before i can show him how wrong he was ,I'm actually an ex marine i got sent home after 5years because i beat the shit of my commender for saying the exact words my father said to my mother after that someone introduced me to Mr Li and after he saw my record he recruited me to his team and a year later im picked as of the members to join the Elite team that protects the Don's family before that i was the women's bodyguard in Don's clubs." She tells me

"I'm sorry about what your mother and you went through and I'm proud of how strong and hard working you are,im sure your mother is too." I tell her sincerely

"Thank you and you're a very good pure hearted woman, it's a pleasure to be your protector" She tells me with a genuine smile.

I blush and look away not used to compliments but a figure catches my eye when i looked away,Stephano is lurking in the far corner of the restaurant,I quickly pretend i didn't see him but Lindsay sensed my change of mood,im not good at hiding my feelings or emotions so i know right now i look scared and In panic mode.

"Giana hide your emotions now and act like nothings wrong and with a smile tell me what or who you saw,I have already alerted Matthew." Lindsay says calmy smiling at me like we having a normal talk.

"Stephano at the far corner of the restaurant," I manage to tell her trying to act normal.

"Ok this is what's going to happen,we going to call the waiter over and ask for the ladies room and we both going together while we wait for backups because he might be not alone and we might be outnumbered if you are the target." Lindsay says

Lindsay calls the waiter over and asks for the ladies looking very calm but I see Stephano making his way towards us and I kick Lindsay under the table panicking and she sees him too but still remains calm while im 5seconds away from peeing myself.

Stephano is getting closer to us i can even see that his smiling but his smile quickly varnishes and he looks at something behind me making me also look back and i see that Justin is walking towards us with a blank eyes are now glued to Justin.

Justin soon makes it to us and he brings me into him for a tight hug, his body is tense.he let's go after a few minutes.

"Hi Kitten,I didn't know you were having lunch out today" he says taking a seat closer to me and Lindsay has disappeared, I must have not seen her leave as i was focused on Justin and I look to where Stephano was but he also disappeared.

"Justin you know about my every move" I tell him truthfully justifying my decision of not telling him

"Is that why you didn't tell me or ask me if it's okay for you to go" he says

"I don't have to ask permission to do anything from you and when was i supposed to tell you because you no longer sleep in our bedroom,you no longer have breakfast or lunch with me or even come have a useless conversation with me just so you can ask me how iam doing" I say to him.

"So you punish me and I must be okay with it or whatever you choose to do to me. Justin I love you with all my heart and promised to never leave you but you also need to not do shitty things to me just because you know i love you and your actions end up hurting us both." I continued

"Noted miss Jackson and I'm sorry for punishing you but you also need to listen to me when i tell you to not do something and when i was told you were going out i wanted to say no but you are a grown woman that needs to live life too and your life must not stop because you're with me so what i have to do is to make sure you happy and safe." He says

"Noted as well Mr Sky,so are you going to be joining me for lunch or should i ask you to bring back Lindsay my lunch date partner" I say to him with a smirk

"Well your lunch partner has a job to do and it's not to have lunch with you and if we were not aware of Stephano and Michelo whereabouts you'd be kidnapped by now because your two bodyguards can't take on 12 armed people that were here for the attack but as soon as they got word that we are already here they had to pull back and your lovely bodyguards are in big trouble for not letting me know about your movements, i had to find out from the other shadow security detail i have on you,they are busy playing love birds with each other forgetting about their jobs and their love affair is not my business but if it's affect their work then i might have to put a stop to it." Justin says seriously

"Oh come on Justin you can't do that." I tell him

"Yes i can because im paying them alot of money for a service and if they can't deliver or follow my rules then i might as well fire them and they can carryon playing love birds somewhere else."He says

"Don't be harsh on them,let them know you're not happy or give them a warning but don't fire them." I say

"This conversation about the love birds is over,have you ordered?" He says looking around the cosy restaurant

"Yes and we'll share my meal when it gets here or you can order something else if you don't like it." I tell him

"I'll share with you,there's no time to order i have somewhere to be after i drop you off at home." Justin says looking at his watch.

"Where have you been sleeping at these past few days and why don't we have breakfast or lunch together?" I ask him

"Kitten i was feeling bad for what i did to you so i thought maybe you needed sometime away from me,I have been sleeping in my other room or at the office if im too tired to come home." He says

" okey but from today you will sleep in our room no matter what's going on with us and I will also do the same." I tell him because I have gotten used to having him beside me all the time during the night and waking up next to him and to be honest i can't be mad at him for long ,a few hours is enough.

Justin nods his head agreeing with what i said,he takes my hand in his squeezing it lightly,the waiter comes back with my food and Lindsay's order and the takeaways for my driver and Matthew.Justin has a confused face seeing all this food but he decides to not ask anything.we soon started eating my meal after he ordered a glass of Whiskey from the waiter.

Its after 20minutes we've just finished eating and now we fighting over the bill,Justin says over his dead body will he ever let me pay the bill when his with me , im just saying i was already going to pay it so he should just let me do it but he still refused until i saw the waiter getting impatient with us so i let him do it.

"Kitten let's go please im running late to where im supposed to be going after i drop you off." He says taking my purse and the takeaways in a plastic bag standing up.

"Okay, why don't you go ahead and go wherever you going and I will leave with the team i came with." I suggest to him

"No,I don't want any surprise attacks on you on the way,Giana until Stephano and Michelo are dead none of us are safe but don't worry soon i will get rid of them,I just need to know how my ex,my mother and Rose are involved in this." Justin says shocking me about his mother and Rose involvement

"Lets go before you start asking me too many questions baby" He gently pushes me infront of him making me lead the way.

As soon as we get out Li is waiting for us by the restaurant exit,my two bodyguards lead the way out the mall with Justin beside me and Li behind ushered to Justin's Lamborghini,I give Lindsay the takeaways telling her it's all their lunches,Justin looks at me with a side eye and gently buckles me up in his car,he talks with Li and my bodyguards about how they will form a barricade around us just incase for surprises along the way back home.once all the planning is done Justin comes in and drives off.

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