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Chapter 51.. Let the Mamba out the cage!!

Justin's POV

I have been working tirelessly all day trying to make sure all the information my team has gathered about the people involved in the plannings of taking me out is correct and there are no missing links because i want to finish this off as soon as possible so i can put it behind me.

The most shocking part is the list of people involved,i have asked them to double check the findings more than 6times and Li told me that the only way to believe what's written down on these papers is to see it for myself so right now im in one of my offices at one of my clubs,this one is the like a head office to me because it's the first thing that i built from scratch and saw it come to fruition and made me fortunes,I held most of my meetings here for both the underworld and my clean businesses. I spent most of my days here working my fingers to the bone to get where iam right now ,I took my losses,licked my wounds and had my breakdowns in this place and I also made millions of dollar deals,celebrated my wins and laughed at my unbelievers here too,this place is my favorite place,it has seen things that alot of people would do anything to witness the many layer's of me,it has seen Mamba the undefeated youngest Don of all times that makes grown men tremble with fear just by knowing that monster is still alive,Mr Sky the man who makes women wet just by only gracing them with his smile but only to break their hearts,Justin to those dear and close to him who know him as a sweetheart and gentleman and Mr J.G.Sky the ruthless charming CEO who always gets what he wants in the boardroom the mogul business man.

Before Giana i never use to stay in my house alot it always felt empty and i had nothing to rush back home to,my enemies didn't have anything valuable that they could say is my weakness until Giana came into my life.her presence in my life has awaken me to want more in life than chasing paper and making a name for myself.She has made me want to leave an unbreakable legacy for my future kids,I see myself committing and submitting to her wholeheartedly as my queen,my wife,the mother of my kids and the women that will close my eyes when i take my last breath, the final bow ,the last fuck you to my enemies when life decides i have had enough fun here.

I take my phone and view my home security app to look for the only pure wild flower blooming in my house amongst thorns,the only living thing that makes my heart beat faster,the only woman who made me pray for the first time in my life when she was hurt, she made me make promises to the man in heaven because with the life i leave i know heaven is not for me.i told myself iam my own God and i decide what happens to me but her laying there in that cold concrete floor that day showed me that I'm not the God that i think iam,im not powerful enough to bring her back to life or decide what happens to her but only her creator has that power.

I see her in our room dancing all alone while pretending she is at a club or party,ever since she learned that our room is sound proof she has been doing all the crazy things in there even having conversations with herself which i find amusing and I could listen to them but i don't want to invade her privacy.i have already taken alot from her that is why i need to shut this down now so she can leave a normal life where she can go wherever she wants and i wanna take her all over the world,let her explore the fine things in life.

"Don your mother has arrived" One of my security detail guys stationed outside my office tells me,he can see me because my office door is open.

"Okay let them escort her up here and when she gets here close the door behind and wait for my instructions outside." I tell him

Okay let the games begin Mamba,this is business not personal remember that, you are a beast protecting her beauty from her preys,you get rid of anything her way,these people would take you out in a heartbeat,Show no mercy to betrayals and keep it moving. I internally advise myself.

"Son why am i told that you summoning me,since when do i take orders from you.have you forgotten who pushed you out." My snake of a mother comes waltzing in my office being her dramatic self.

"Hello mother,thank you for coming anyway and if you pushed me out than why would you conspire with my enemies to have me killed." I ask her getting to the point.

"Justin what are you talking about now,have you gone mad? Why would i betray my own family,my blood." She says playing dumb

"I don't know mother,that is something you should tell me and I understand your other accomplices but you was the shocker." I tell her sipping my whiskey

"Listen son,I don't know what you've heard but whatever it is it's not true" She says

"Then explain this to me" I say pushing the papers to her that have evidence of her embezzling money from my businesses,bank Statements of her taking out money from the family trust funds,checks signed by her to Markov,Michelo,Teresa and Gustav the Russian Mafia Don who is my only enemy amongst all the other Don's.

Her eyes bugged out surprised and she takes steps back towards the door trying to escape but the door is locked.

"Now dear mommy explain all these checks to all these people and where is my money going to? And the trust fund money! Really mother!!." I say getting up taking my suit jacket off and folding my cufflinks slowly

"Justin im being framed baby,i would never steal from the family or betray you this way.your father would skin me alive" she says crying crocodile tears.

"Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!! I'm not interested if you are innocent or not,I want you to tell me the reason for all this." I roar

I watch her taking her phone out from her bag dialing with trembling hands

"Your son is accusing me and wants to kill me" She says immediately to the person on the other end who i guess is my father

I throw my knife aiming it at her hand,she screams dropping the phone and I throw another one in her thigh getting a louder scream from her making me wince from the painful noise in my ear drums.

"I'm your mother! And you-" She says but I cut her off

"And I'm your son but you still betrayed me and you know very well what i do to betrayal!" I tell her

"Please son don't add your own mother to the list of your victims,this one will haunt you forever." She pleads

"Tell me why? and I might let you go." I bargain with her

"Okay i will talk but take out these knives they hurt and I'm losing alot of blood baby please" She begs

I don't make any moves to take out the knives I just give her a blank look.she sighs once she sees im not buying into her pleads.

"I was not pleased by your father's decision to choose you as the Don,that is your brother's rightful inheritance,he always loved you more,praised you and always boast about how you are his twin in everything including his taste in women which always irritated me because you are a bastard that he got from his affair while married to me" She says shocking the life of me.

"Wait! Stop! Hold on!! What are you saying?" I ask her not believing what im hearing

"I'm not your biological mother Justin,you were born from wedlock.Your father had an affair and got you as the results of his just taking back the things that belongs to my children which includes Markov,yes i also cheated on your father with Markov's father as payback but unfortunately got pregnant." She tells me making my head spin from all this new found information

"Your mother died when you were 3hours old and your father decided i take over as your mother and we will never tell you that you are not mine but when he always showed you more love compared to your brother's i got jealous and envious,I tried to poison him multiple times but he always survived.i started mistreating you behind his back but he caught me once and punished me so bad i almost died, that is the day he told me that your mother was his true love,his soul mate hurting me more. My hate for you increased and I started planting seeds to your brothers for them to hate you,I told them how you came about,how you stole our perfect lives from us,how you and your homewrecker of a mother took everything from us." She says with so much hate

All this time i have been speechless,it's like im in a prank show and I'm already waiting for someone to come out with the cameras to tell me I've been pranked.

"How did my mother die?" I ask once I've realized that this is real.

The woman infront of me starts fidgeting and avoiding my eyes after i asked that question.

"You might as well tell it all now because one way or another im going to find out and don't worry about my feelings im a big boy i can take whatever you tell me." I tell her but I can feel my heart beating fast to whatever im about to know.

"I had her killed after she gave birth to you,the plan was to kill her while pregnant, to get rid of the baby as well hitting two birds with one stone but your father had people guarding her 24/7 so the only perfect chance was when she just given birth with her weak and your father's focus on the baby." She says breaking me into pieces
,I felt my knees getting weak,my stomach twisting painfully

"This is all your father's fault,he forced my hand so many times with his actions and decisions." She says

"How did you get her killed and who did it?" I ask after clearing my mind by shaking my head and blinking many times to get rid of the dizziness i felt.

"I asked Michelo to do it because he was the least to be suspected,I got Gustav to help me get rid of anything that can point to me or Michelo as the suspects and he framed the Chinese Mafia as the culprits as your father was in war with them." She says her knees buckling from the loss of blood

"How did Michelo kill her?" I ask this cruel woman infront of me

"He putted a pillow over her face and shot her twice in the head with a silencer gun that Gustav gave me" She says and I can't help the tears that come out of my eyes.

I quickly wiped them away hating myself for showing her how hurt iam,for the first time in my life i have cried infront of the enemy,I have showed emotion,I have showed weakness.

"Okay,so how is Teresa and Stephano involved in all this mess." I ask

"Those two idiots are just money hungry,throw them a few meaty bones and you've got yourself lapdogs,Stephano was a hard one to recruit but we had to involve Rose and we got him. I don't know why men let women be their weaknesses really,Just like you letting that imbecile of a girl be your weakness." She says

"Mmm okay,thank you for singing like a bird lady you made my job very easy.a part of me wants to first torture the living lights of you and after that torture and kill your sons while you watch but truly speaking i have no time to do all that right now,all my head and heart is telling me to do is go home and cry until there is are tears left,you have managed to break me and I'm telling you this because you won't tell anyone so my secret is safe with you." I tell her truthfully

"No,you promised to let me go if i tell you everything,you promised Justin" She says weakly

"I never promised you anything bitch!! And even if i did who in their right mind would let a soulless person like you leave after hearing your heartless deeds" I shout at her

"Your father will never forgive you if you kill me and my sons will revenge my death,if you kill me your wife and future kids will never leave a happy safe life. I have connections with many people in the underworld." She says laughing

"Well let's test the waters shall we" I say taking my phone out dialing my father.he picks up on the first ring

"Hi Dad,did you hear what your evil wife said and did" I ask my father while putting him on loud speaker for the bitch to hear

"Put bullets in her until she stops breathing" My father says making her cry out

I end the call smiling at her and i take out my gun putting it on my desk while taking a seat on the same desk crossing my legs.

"Any last words to your lovely sons,any words of goodbye,encouragement or advise to give them pointers on how to avoid their deaths." I ask her.

"Please Justin i will disappear from your life or give you all the information i have on all your other enemies just don't kill me son." She begs for her life

"Your death will be my proudest kill of all times,I might even cut your head off after i kill you and make it a decoration for my dungeons." I say to her

"You know what this is a great idea" I say with a smile

"Snake!!" I shout and after a few minutes Snake knocks on the door.

"Move!!" I shout at the evil woman,she jumps moving away from the door, Snake comes in with a blank face and closes the door after.I taught him well. I internally think.

"Get me my swords" I instructed him, he moves to the hidden closet putting in a code taking out a glass box with three different swords inside opening it for me.

"These beautiful babies were a special present that my grandfather Don Giuseppe who im named after instructed my father to give to me on my 21st birthday,he said i must use these swords only for my proudest kill or pass them down to my children." I inform Snake and my evil step mother.

"You can leave,let the cleaners know i have a job for them,tell them the parts are to be sent Separately to each son and their respective accomplices. Give them the names of the people for the drop offs,the head must be sent to Gustav." I give Snake instructions

My evil step mother has been annoyingly weeping ever since i got a go ahead from my father.

Snake takes his leave but when his at the door the evil woman throws herself at him,asking him to help her but he presses the knife on her her thing harder making her scream and let him go. I smirk winking at Snake before leaves,he salutes closing the door behind him leaving me with the dead woman standing...see what i did there,I mused in my head.

"Last chance woman,any last words to your sons? Don't take my kindness as weakness" I say raising my eyebrow at her

She keeps weeping irritating the fuck out me,the only tears that i tolerate and that touches me are Giana's.

"Kneel down,im giving you a chance to pray,tell the devil you coming to open the gates for you" I tell her.

She weeps more than before, i shoot her on the leg now pissed.

"Shut the fuck up and Kneel!!!!" I roar

She dropped down crying in pain, her blood is staining my white Egyptian carpet.

now that she's kneeled down i walk towards her,he whole body starts shaking,she starts weeping louder than before asking for mercy.

"For the last fucken time,do you have any last words and have to told your father you are coming. Are the gates opened for you?." I ask her

She grabs my legs begging me to spare her life instead of answering me or doing what i asked her. I keep quite until she looks up and that's when i put a bullet between her eyes as she falls backwards i cut her head off with my sword making a swoosh sound. Her head rolls around a few times until it stops.her whole body is now on the floor with blood spasming out her neck dirtying my pants and shoes. Atleast my shirt survived i think to myself smiling.

I go to the bathroom inside in my office to take a cold satisfying shower after im done i get dressed using the clothes I keep here for things like this or for when i used when i had my one night stands here.

I get back to where i killed the evil step mother seeing her blood all over my carpet now some of the blood going out the door. My cleaners have a tough job,I need to ask my assistant to order another furniture and carpet for me.

I take my phone and leave my office open taking the steps instead of the elevator.

When i get to the ground floor of the club i find the cleaners waiting for me with Snake,I call him over with my eyes,he leaves them coming over to me.

"Tell them to clean my sword,gun and get rid of all the furniture in there too and let me know once the drop offs of the body parts is done." I tell him

"Oh and please do tell Li to send the video of the killing of my so called mother to everyone but not my father,it's still his wife after all let's give him some respect and time to deal with her death" I continued.

"Yes Don and are you going home or ?" He asks

"As much as my heart tells me to go home but my evil deeds tells me to go to the VIP section and getting pissy drunk and right now im going with my actions so let the security know im putting my life in their hands today for my protection and let Li know that you and him are bosses for the day ,don't take it to your heads though." I say patting him on the shoulder smirking.

"Don't worry boss man your life and businesses are safe in our hands especially the woman of the house Giana" he says winking at me making me chuckle at my friend.

I make my way to the VIP section in my club spotting my security detail already paving the way for me.

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