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Chapter 52...There we go again.

It's currently 2am according to the clock on the laptop im busy studying on to pass time as iam waiting for Justin to come back home,the last time i saw him was in the morning during breakfast,he told me he was going to miss lunch because he has a busy day today but will definitely make it for dinner.imagine my surprise when i got a call from Snake telling me that Justin will miss dinner tonight and has asked me to not wait for him as well because his held up somewhere.

It would have been the 3rd day of him sleeping in our room after our fight,we were slowly getting back to our normal routine but we haven't been intimate and it's so frustrating to me because Justin will make out with me and when things start to heat up he will draw back leaving me hanging in need. I even have bad thoughts of him cheating on me or not finding me appealing to him anymore,these thoughts have brought up insecurities for me. I find myself looking at my body parts and comparing them to the people on Instagram who are always perfect whether it be their bodies,makeups,clothes or just their life's and i leave my account depressed after that.

When i look at me and look at Justin i see total opposites things that should never be mixed together it's like we are water and oil because let's be honest the man is perfect in everyway possible and a billionaire at that which is the icing on a already perfect cake and me well I'm just a simple basic girl,your next door kind of girl,when i told my mother this she told me to never look down on myself and iam worthy enough to be with even a president,iam a beautiful woman in my own way that I know but there are woman more beautiful than me that i also know.

I'm brought back from the road of self pitty and insecurities by the banging of a door and curse word's downstairs,a clever person dating a man like Justin would probably hide and call security for help but not me because the first thing that came to mind was what if it's Justin being attacked so i made a bee line to the door going out to see.

As soon as i get out im met by Li and another man holding escorting a drunk Justin coming out the elevator.Li and the man avoided eye contact with me and as for Justin his head is hanging face down,I remain rooted on the same spot surprised and confused.They hurriedly navigate Justin to another room 2doors away from our room and that's when i found my voice back.

"Li where are you taking him? What is wrong with him? Is he okay?!." I ask all these questions walking to them.

"Um the Don is fine Giana,he is just a little drunk right now and we are getting him to sleep in his other room so that he doesn't disturb you" Li responds hesitantly

"Drunk? I thought he was held up somewhere working,so when did he find time to get drunk" I say confused more

Li and the man looked to be uncomfortable with my many questions and a heavy man trying to break free from their grips.

"He was drinking while working" Li says scratching his head. I don't believe him but i decide to not question him any further about Justin's escapades.

"Please bring him inside our room" I tell them.

They drag him to our room but only Li enters with the heavy man,I was holding the door open for him when he was passing with my drunk boyfriend and the drunk man bumped his head on the door and he starts cursing that made Li let out a few chuckles.

"He will need lots of icewater with lemon when he wakes up so i will bring it up" Li says

"No,it's okay Li i got it from here and he doesn't need any TLC for his actions,he must suffer the consequences a bit when he wakes up with a killer hangover" I say to Li making him laugh looking at his boss and he tells me goodbye afterwards leaving our room.

I walk to Justin and start by removing his shoes,socks but when I try to remove his clothes,he stopped me with a very painful grip, his eyes have been closed shut since Li dropped him off on the bed.

"Justin!! You are hurting my wrist,let go please" I say with gritted teeth from the pain

"Who the fuck told you to touch me you bitch!! I have a beautiful woman waiting for me at home,get your filthy hands of me before i kill you!!" He says his grip getting tighter.

"Justin let go!!" I say slapping him hard with my other free hand, he immediately opened his red eyes from the drinking blinking a few times looking at me in rage but after a few minutes his face soften and he quickly let go of my hand.

"Kitten? What are you doing here!?,I told Li to drop me off in my office,I didn't mean to hurt you baby,I thought it was some woman trying to get lucky with me tonight" he says closing his eyes again

"Can you dim the lights please it's too bright in here" he continued,I did as he asked

"Will you be able to get inside the bed by yourself?" I ask him

He doesn't answer me but he tries to get up twice failing but when im about to help him he gets up successfully the third time staggering a few times once he is on his feet. I quickly open the the covers and adjust the pillows for him.

"Thank you baby" he says kissing me on the lips but he leaned his whole weight to me making us both almost fall holding onto each other but luckily i managed to balance us.

"Okay Mr Sky get your drunk ass in bed and I will help you get off your clothes" I say

Once his settled inside the bed,I start removing his clothes starting with his shirt,vest,watch and i moved to his pants and Justin opened his eyes giving me his mischievous smirk.

"Now we getting somewhere,I really like where this is going Kitten" he says winking at me,I roll my eyes dramatically at him sticking out my tongue for the extra effects.

"Come now don't act like you not enjoying yourself" he muses

Once im done taking his belt and pants off i move away from him,he gives me a questioning look frowning.

"Excuse me Miss Jackson but you are not finished yet" he says still spotting that smirk

I give him a confused face and he points to his Kelvin Clein boxers with his eyes.

"Since when do you sleep naked?" I ask him

"Who said anything about sleeping,I thought you were going to have your way with me tonight,it's the only chance you will ever get to have me at your mercy and if i were you i would take the chance and run with it" he says looking smug

"How come you are this talkative right now because when Li dropped you off you were mute and drunk" I ask him giggling thinking about this

"I was not drunk baby,just tipsy and seeing you makes everything better but don't avoid the subject of you not finishing your job,im still waiting" he says raising his eyebrow

"Well since you are "not drunk" there is something i need to talk to you about" I say quoting the not drunk part with my fingers

"Oh oh this is not good,I swear whatever it is im sorry and it was not my fault" he says turning his back facing away from me

"Justin stop being a drama king,im serious about this and this is my only chance of discussing this with you as you are " not drunk but tipsy" because i can't have the courage to talk about it with you sober" I say seriously

" I did say this is not good" he says mumbling the words out still facing away from me. I get annoyed by his childish behavior right now so i leave going to the bathroom banging the door.

I sit on the toilet seat trying to calm myself down and I'm feeling very emotional right now,My mother always used to tell me that i was a very sensitive baby even when growing up and that my father added onto it because he used to baby me too much,she said even one tear drop from me my father would panic and give me whatever i wanted .

I hear a small knock on the door but i ignore it, im not really in the mood to talk to him right now.

Justin comes in after i don't respond to his knock,he is still in his boxers.he closes the door and just stands there looking at me with a puppy look.

"Look Giana im sorry,i didn't mean to upset you,I can see now that you're serious so let's talk." He says but I keep quite because now that he wants to talk im feeling nervous and scared of his reaction to what i want to discuss with him.

He sighs loudly and opens the door walking out after i made no moves of talking.

I'm such a coward,why am i scared of talking to him am i going to be able to talk to him in really deep serious issues if i can't talk to him about this. I internally kick myself for it.

After sometime i finally go out the bathroom and Justin is not anywhere in the room but i have an idea of where he could be so i make my way out of the room and to the room 2doors away from ours.

I hesitantly knock three times without any response and a part of me wants to give up and go back to our room but another part tells me not to because if i do than Justin and I are going backwards in our relationship,we just made up for godsake! And now we are going back to not talking with each other again.

I bang on the door two times and next thing the door gets ripped open by a very tired looking Justin.we both just stare into each other's eyes,after sometime Justin breaks the eye contact.

"Kitten,it's now 4am in the morning im physically and emotionally drained right now,I had a long day an emotionally exhausting day yesterday.i found out some very shocking things and I'm trying my best to deal and get over it. So can i kindly ask you to please give me a few hours of sleep and I promise to talk to you about whatever is bothering you after but right now i have no fighting spirit left in me for a fight with you or anybody." He says

Oh my God! Talk about being selfish. I have been wallowing in my own self pitty and insecurities i have neglected Justin's feelings, I know his lifestyle comes with a heavy price and his been going through alot lately but he never forgets to make sure im comfortable,safe and happy but I on the other hand can't even ask him how his day was or how he is emotionally even though he won't share what's really going on.

"Justin im so sorry,I feel so bad and selfish right now for not c-" I say but Justin cuts me off mid sentence by taking my hand and pulling me inside this room.

"Let's sleep and talking will happen after please baby" he says walking to the bed and getting inside leaving me standing in the middle of the room.

I take a look around the room since it's my first time being inside here,it's a nice room almost similar to the other one,the only difference is that this one is smaller and doesn't have his little work station or the long couch that the other one has.

"Please turn off the lights when you done looking around" he says, Justin hates sleeping with the lights on with passion so i know his annoyed right now but also being nice to me for not going off about it.

"Um okay,I'm sorry again and have a nice sleep we will talk when you feel fine to do it. Goodnight shit i mean Goodmorning i guess " I say giving him a kiss on his forehead. I slowly turnaround when Justin doesn't say anything back.

"I love you Justin i really do" I tell him but he doesn't say anything again until i open the door

"Giana get back here and get inside this bed right now before i lose it with you" He says

"Did i chase you out or did i say something about you not sleeping here with me" he continued

"But I thought"

"No you thought nothing,there are some of my t-shirts in there choose any to wear and get in here" he says now sitting on the bed giving me a serious look

I quickly removed my clothes and got his t-shirt to wear,I make my way inside the bed. I'm doing all this with him watching me like a hawk.

Once im inside he reaches for me and cuddles me to him closing his eyes.

"I forgot to switch off the light" I say timidly not wanting to annoy him some more.

"Sleep,I got it" he responds and presses something next to his side of the bed and the lights go off.

We are both quite just listening to each other's breathing and the rhythm of our heartbeats.

"I'm very much inlove with you too Kitten and nothing will change that,you have become my reason for wanting to see the next day everyday." He says holding me a bit tighter to him.

I take his hand kissing it as my response,I feel special to know that im loved by this man just as much as i love him.

Justin's breathing slows down as a sign that his fallen asleep,I say a gratitude prayer to God and soon drift off letting the land of sleep embrace me with its warm hugs.

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