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Chapter 53....A very rare,special ring

I'm woken up by a hand lightly hitting my face,a few seconds after opening my eyes a very painful headache starts making me grimaced from the pain i feel,Immediately i moved my eyes to check who the hand belongs to thinking of many scenarios,one of them was i got drunk lastnight and cheated on Giana,the second one was that i got taken when i was drunk and now i need to get ready for some few pains from being tortured before i get myself out of here.

As soon as my eyes landed on the owner of the hand all the bad thoughts i had went away and my heart started working normal seeing the only reason it wants to never stop beating for.

I gently remove her tiny hand in my face and also removed the hair in her face covering her like a curtain blocking my view of her.She stirred in her sleep and pouted making me smile at her innocence.

My phone vibrates on the night stand on my side,I take it checking the caller.

"Goodmorning Maria" I say answering

"Goodmorning son,im just checking if you're up yet and what would you like for breakfast." Maria responded to me

"Yes iam,please prepare me a very oily breakfast im suffering from a bad hangover and for Giana her usual please" I say

"Okay breakfast will be ready in 30minutes time and I don't know why you keep drinking if the next day you're sick really" She says scolding me about drinking for the millionth time since i met her.

"I'll be down there after i take a shower" I say ending the call,I don't have time for her motherly lectures and concerns right now,I still need to find out about where my own biological mother's body is buried.

I managed to get out of the bed without waking up Giana,I haven't figured out what kind of a sleeper she is yet because sometimes she gets woken up by small movements and sometimes she sleeps like she is dead.

I quickly take a cold shower because i hate showering with hot water i feel lazy after i take a shower with hot water.when i get back to the bedroom Giana is still looking like sleeping beauty and I don't have the heart to wake her up so i let her catch up on sleep.

It takes me less than 10minutes to get ready,once im all suited up for the day I hesitantly give Giana a kiss not wanting to wake her, after that i leave closing the door silently going downstairs for breakfast.

I greet Maria and the three helpers she's with in the kitchen with a "Goodmorning" and as always the three helpers gives me lusty looks which i ignore making my way to the island kitchen table taking a seat waiting for my breakfast while i sms Li and Snake to come join me for breakfast.

After 5minutes Li and Snake join me at the table.

"I thought you'd be still sleeping by this time" Snake says taking a seat and Li handing me my laptop already opened showing me updates on my so called enemies whereabouts

"And let you ass holes run my businesses down to the ground" I say looking at him and Li smirking

"Here is your breakfast Don,I made you my granny's special waffles." One of the helpers says putting breakfast infront of me,I don't acknowledge her presence or anything she just said by continuing to look at the laptop infront of me, she just stands there expectantly looking at me.

"Yo sweetheart where is our breakfast" Li asks after a few seconds of her standing next to me unmoving.

She finally leaves after sometime and Li bursts into fits of laughter making Snake laugh too.

"Who is the brave girl" Snake asks after his laughter died down

"Don't know,don't care" I answer pushing the breakfast away from me.

"Ain't you going to eat your breakfast especially her granny's special waffles" Li says laughing again.

The girl comes back with Li and Snake's breakfast putting it down infront of them and when she sees that i haven't touched my breakfast her face changes to disappointment.

"Call Maria for me" I tell her...her face brightened when she realizes that im talking to her ,she quickly leaves with a smile after saying "yes Don".

Maria shows up after 5minutes,she gives me a worried look.

"Justin what's the matter? Is there something wrong with the breakfast?" She says

"Yes there is,Since when does my breakfast gets prepared by someone else other than you or my chef" I ask her

"Oh Cindy offered to help when i was still busy preparing breakfast for Tony and the early shift security detail." She responds

"If you were busy why didn't you ask my chef to prepare it for me" I ask her

"Oh lord!! Justin just get to the point already and stop with your stupid questions." She says annoyed.

I give her a look in warning to mind her attitude and tone with me,Maria treats me like her son and i value her love and loyalty to me and my family but after what happened with my evil step mother i can't trust anyone anymore,who knows if she knew about what happened to my real mother because she was close to the evil step mother.

"Maria from now on my breakfast will be prepared by my chef or Giana only and please let the three helpers know that my men and i are off-limits to their lusty ways and I expect them to be professional at all times while under my roof." I tell her

"Please leave with this on your way out" I say pointing to the untouched breakfast.

She doesn't say anything back to me but glares,she takes the food and starts to walk away.

"She is clean Justin you don't have to worry about her betraying you and she is really loyal to you,she has been a mother t- " Li says but i stopped him from continuing

"Not now Li" I say to him

"Snake can you tell the jewelers to meet me at the club in an hour,I'm ready to leave if you guys finished with breakfast." I say

"Yeah let's go" Li says,we all stand up leaving the kitchen,I passed Giana's bodyguards on our way out

"There will be two deliveries for Giana today,the first one will be her breakfast and second one will be roses with a snack basket, scan it before giving it to her." I instructed them

"Yes Don,is she okay i haven't seen her yet this morning" Her lady bodyguard who has become sort of a friend to her asks.

"She is fine still sleeping,we went to bed 4hours ago cause right now it's 8am,you can wake her up around 11am if she still sleeping by then." I decide to answer her this once but I hope this will not make her think we are now friends.

I continued walking out,Tony is waiting for me as always outside,we exchanged greetings and i went to the back seat finding my phones,laptop already there on the seat,I check for my extra guns and all is in order.

Li comes to the car,I open the window down to hear what he says.

"Michelo and the other two culprits have managed to leave the country to France and word on Gustav is that he also left Russia to hide in China." Li informed me

"Okay i guess we also leave tomorrow morning to China,make arrangements for our leave and let our men prepare for our arrival in China, Is Gustav getting help from someone we need to take care of too?" I say

"No,after everyone saw that video of you killing your mother,Everyone has been keeping quite in their little corners and don't want no part in whatever is going on,the Chinese Mafia leader has sent you an email clearing his name of any involvement you may think he has in helping Gustav,the man even called you 6times yesterday but you were busy drinking so i told him you will call him today" Li informs me

I take my laptop and go to the said email quickly reading it and replying with an "Okay" sending my reply back. Li gives me an unbelievable look.

"You are brutal man,the man sent you a paragraph assuring you of his friendship and loyalty to you but you only reply with a four worded answer,You never cease to shock me" Li says laughing

"Li i don't have time for any bromance in my life,my actions speak very well for me,I have helped that man 6times already with people trying to take him out and i also borrowed him 100 million dollars to buy out all the shareholders in his business so he can run it peacefully and however he wants to and when he told me he will pay me in installments i told him to keep the money its a gift from me."I tell him something i never told anyone because i don't do things to show off.

We are disturbed by Maria coming towards us,she stops next to Li outside the car.Our attention is to her now but she is just standing there looking nervous.

"Maria can we help you with something" Li asks her with a comforting smile.

"Um yes,can i talk to Justin alone please"She says

"Maria ,judging by how nervous you are i think you will need Li to help you in whatever you want to talk to me about" I tell her

"No,I'll leave" Li says walking away to his car leaving me with a nervous Maria

"Maria i need to go in 5minutes time can you please just say whatever it is you want to say." I say looking at her expectantly

"Um,I wanted to talk to you about Pepper." She says, I knew from her nervousness that whatever she wanted to say was going to piss me off

"What about Pepper" I say

"Her parents have chased her out of the house again and she has not been the same after what happened with you,she has started using drugs and she is getting closer to the wrong people i fear for her life." She says

I keep quite waiting for her to tell me exactly what she wants from me.

"Can you please do something about her,don't do it for her .please do it for me."She says after some minutes

"I'll see what i can do" I tell her

"I think it would be better if you can hire her to work for you so you can keep an eye on her and if she can come back to the house i can moniter her too" Maria says pushing my buttons with her.

"We are talking about someone who bullied Giana,someone we found pictures of me all over her room,the girl is dangerous around Giana. I can help with finding her a place to stay,work ,rehab for her and get rid of her bad friends ." I tell her.

" Thank you son,Thank you" She says now smiling

"Tony im ready to go" I tell Tony, he nods and stars the car. Maria leaves after.

After 45minutes i arrived at the club,my security detail already waiting for me,I take my private elevator this time unlike yesterday when i took the stairs.when i get to my office.the furniture and the carpet has been changed.There is new additions to my office which is a wall picture of me and my lions and a picture of Giana and I on my desk. My assistant is the best,she always knows what i want even if i don't tell her about it.

While im still admiring the new additions,Snake sends me a message telling me the jewelers are being escorted up.

After sometime a knock sounds on the door,I give them permission to enter.i exchanged greetings with the two jewelers,a man and woman they are married to each other and started this business together.

"Okay Mr Sky we have managed to find you 35 of our best engagement rings,ranging from the best sellers to the most voted for on our websites." Wanda the wife of Mr Smith says, she is a very beautiful, elegant woman and you can see she has expensive taste in things.

She opens the suitcase with the rings,she shows me the rings one by one explaining about them but none of them excites me and I don't see Giana in any of them.

"I'm looking for something unique,rare,calm and special but I don't see that on these rings." I tell them

"Now i think you describing the special woman you're buying the ring for Mr Sky." Mr Smith says to me amused

"I think i have the perfect match for what you just described Mr Sky,it's a bit pricey though" Wanda says

"Money is never the issue when it comes to this woman" I respond

Wanda takes out the ring in a little glass box and the ring instantly catches my eye and interest just like the first time i saw my Kitten.

"This pretty purple stone does tend to be seen in a raw state, but if it’s well cut, it can look truly beautiful in fine jewellery just like I imagined the beautiful woman in that picture with you" Wanda say pointing to the picture on my desk with Giana smiling brightly at me

"We've paired the lavender hue with rose gold for a gorgeous, romantic setting something a little quirkier.this ring is the Floral Amethyst engagement ring and Amenthyst crystal is well known for its natural tranquiliser, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities which i figured the rare woman this ring is for does in your life as the business mogul you are Mr Sky" Wanda says...I have to give it to this woman is bloody good at what she does i think to myself already planning a business proposal for her.

I take the ring and I'm in love with it and I know Kitten will love it too.i planned on proposing to her later in the week but I'm going to have to do it tonight because I'm leaving tomorrow morning to China and that's another issue i know will be a problem between us.

"I'll take it and whats the price for it?,I need the ring now because i need to get our names written on it and also put a tracker on it today but thats not your worry that's my men's job."I tell them

"The price is 10 million dollars and has 1year insurance on it" Mr Smith now speaks only when money is involved.

I get up and go to the other room in my office,I put in the code in my safe taking out the money counting it to 10million dollars,I walk out with the cash in hand.

"Please count it and if everything is fine,please take the bag and put it in there. my men will escort you out the building"I say

They both looked shocked when they saw the money.they started counting the money and putted it in the bag with bright smiles.

"Are you comfortable with traveling with the money by yourselves or should i ask my men to escort you until you safely home?." I offer to them.

"We would appreciate your assistance Sir" Mr Smith says, there is something off about this man but it's not my business to get into, i already have my own problems to deal with.

"Okay i will let my men know and on my side we are done here and it was nice doing business with you" I say standing up,they also stand up we shake hands.

"Thank you Mr Sky,i really enjoyed doing business with you as well and would also appreciate if you would consider us when looking for the wedding rings" Wanda says...I can't help smiling this woman knows what she is doing and she's flippen good at it.

"I will Mrs Smith and i will drop you an email later this week about a business proposal i have for you." I say to her.

Snake tells me the security is ready for them outside,I let the Smith's know and after final goodbyes they leave. Snake and Li immediately comes in giving me funny looks and I know for sure they are about to talk shit.

"I thought you were getting us new member rings but now i doubt that is it" Li says

"Li cut the bull,you are the one who did the checks on these people so you know what they are about and yes im going to ask Giana to marry me tonight and that's where you idiots come in,Li please help me with the arrangements but I want it to happen at the house and you Snake I need you to personally see the process of getting our names on the ring and the tracker installation,the tracker must be hidden like it's one of the diamonds in the ring." I say

"Well Boss man Congratulations are in order and I can't wait to throw you the sickest bachelor party ever seen in the underworld and with regards to tonight's arrangements i think we will need Giana's mother's in put" Li says

"Li what did i say about Giana's mother and you" I say glaring at him

"And I'm still saying we are just having fun together it's nothing serious as yet" Li says shrugging his shoulders

"And I'm still asking does she also think this is just fun between the two of you because she is family and if you fuck up with her,Giana gets involved and I automatically get involved too,Look I know you're both adults but this is the mother of the woman i love and yes today I will tell you, you two idiots are my friends almost brothers i don't want to end up choosing sides on this thing" I tell him truthfully

"Ok,OK! don't start crying now man,I will talk to her about it and let her know where i stand with her and if things go south i will break things off with her now rather than later." Li says already annoyed by this conversation.

"Since you ladies are done with your little fight,Congratulations man and Giana is the perfect match for you,you chose right this glad you've grown-up in the love department." Snake says pouring us glasses of whiskey.

We take the glasses clinking them together and say "salute" drinking the whiskey raw in one take.

Li and Snake get up telling me they are going to start on their allocated jobs and complaining about how they need increases of incomes.Li and Snake don't have a certain salary they get paid more than anyone in the family,they are millionaires already. They just want to be idiots about everything but I value their time,loyalty and love for the family,they lighten up my load by alot.

Now i need to start my day too but first i need to call the woman who makes me love life.i take my phone dialing on the name "Kitten"

"You left without giving me my morning kisses Mr Sky,Where are you? and Goodmorning " My heart says answering the call and my stomach twists with butterflies hearing her voice

I'm a lucky son of a queen,I think to myself.

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