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Chapter 54..Yes Yes and Yes!!!

I woke up tired and grumpy this morning from sleeping late,I had a mini panic attack when i woke up in unfamiliar room but after collecting my memory and remembered everything i calmed down but was quickly disappointed when i realized that Justin was not there next to me and my mood turn took an ugly turn from there and it got worse when i saw a message from him on my phone telling me how sorry he was that we couldn't have breakfast together and how he didn't have the courage to wake up me from my sleep,I would have preferred it if he woke me up because i really always look forward to the small things i get to do or share with him like waking up next to him and having breakfast just the two of us, I think im becoming obsessed with him and I have noticed that im also clingy,I don't know if he has noticed this too but if he has he hasn't said anything about it to me yet.

Right now it's lunch time,iam relaxing by the pool in a pink bikini paired with Gucci sunglasses which belongs to Justin and I have just finished a very delicious meal perfectly made by Justin's personal chef that he won from his father,Justin told me that when he was growing up his father and him used to fight over the Chef because they loved his food too much and he would tell his father that when he becomes his own boss he will get a chef almost as good and won't have to share him or her with his father but when the time came for him to move out and get his own chef he tried getting other chefs to try out but they were not good enough so he made a bet with his father about a certain business deal his father tried to get for years but couldn't and he said If he can get that deal then his father will let his chef go work for him and won't share him as well and Justin says he worked day and night trying to put the best proposal for the deal together and to cut the story short he got the deal and won the chef.

I can see Matthew my male bodyguard making his way to me all smiles and I'm confused because that man hardly shows any reactions or emotions around me so i look at Lindsay my female bodyguard for answers but she shrugs telling me she has no idea what her boyfriend is up to and Yes they are finally dating after Justin asked them what the deal was between them and they told him they had feelings for each other and he told them he has no problem with them dating but it must never ever affect their work because if it does than hell will rain on them as per his words.

"There is another delivery for you Miss Giana,I have just scanned it to make sure it's clear for you to open it." Matthew says smiling big when he gets to us,confusing me more about this happy side of him.

"Well it must be a good delivery if you smiling this big Matt and is this Justin's doing again just like this morning's breakfast delivery?." I ask him, i was so surprised when Lindsay told me breakfast was already waiting for me after i finished my hot refreshing shower this morning and hearing that made my mood a bit better but my mood took a very positive turn when i received a call from Justin and we spoke for over an hour just talking about random things.

"Yes Miss the gift is also from the Don" Matthew says

"Oh its a gift." I say already excited about it and knowing that it's from my man is the icing on a already perfect cake.

"Matthew where is the delivery? Don't tell me you left it to someone else" Lindsay says with a serious face and a scolding tone to Matt. She has been taking her job very seriously ever since the talk with Justin and she has been a bit hard on Matthew and not even paying attention to his flirting or jokes.

"Relax Linds ,the delivery is getting double checked by the legederary Mr Li himself,you know how the Don doesn't take any mistakes when it comes to Miss Giana's safety." He says rolling his eyes at her in a annoyed manner. Ok I think there is definitely trouble in paradise between these two, I will ask Lindsay about it later.

We see Li coming towards us carrying a big bouquet of red roses with a fancy looking basket full of things inside but I cannot see what is inside.

"Hi Giana,this is your delivery" Li says handing me the bouquet of red roses with Gold roses in the middle with words "I love you", and he gently puts the fancy basket next to me.

"We will give you some space" Li says moving slowly away from me and motions with his head for my bodyguards to leave as well

I'm speechless and smiling big at what im seeing,Justin is not a romantic type or a softy this is why this is so surprising.

After a good 15minutes of admiring my roses and checking inside the fancy basket that has a beautiful teddy with my name on it and fancy chocolates,dried fruit pack,cashew peanuts,cranberry juice, a bottle of semi sweet red wine,Pringles and my favorite fruits which are semi riped mangoes,peaches and bananas. There is a card hand written by Justin that said "My love,once again im sorry for my behavior lastnight.Please be patient with me,You are the only light in my dark heart. I LOVE YOU KITTEN." ,this little card made my cry because of the vulnerability and sincerity of it from Justin.

I take my phone from beside me and dial his number but it rings until it goes to voice-mail so i try him two more times but still nothing, my mind starts coming up with all the Negative thoughts most of them being him cheating on me and this delivery being his distraction for me to suspecting him but i managed to over power those negative thoughts by thinking of all the good things Justin has done for me and how good he treats me.

I asked Lindsay to take pictures of me with my roses and basket to post on my Instagram account and I sent some pictures to Justin as well with a simple "Thank you Sky",when Lindsay was taking the pictures she was worried that Justin won't approve of them because im wearing a bikini and in some pictures im wearing my bikini but wearing his shirt over it but the shirt is open on the front,the pictures came out better than i expected,I looked like a model.

I normally don't read comments or check my direct messages on Instagram because of all the mean things i have seen said on some celebrities accounts so imagine how they will tare me apart not even being a celebrity but this time i wanted to know so bad how people think of these photos i posted and this will give me an idea of Justin's reaction. As i read through these comments 80% of them so far are very positive and uplifting and some are very disturbing to me because some of the things these boys or men say are very sexual and uncomfortable to read,Mika commented with fire emojis and asked me to read my dms from him and yes i have been avoiding his calls because i feel like there is nothing to fix or talk about but I'm also afraid to tell him this.

I replied to his comment with "Thank you and Ok i will" and went to my direct messages but i get distracted when Justin's message popped up in my notifications,I quickly went out of Instagram and took deep breaths nervous about opening the text message.after more deep breaths i finally had the courage to open the text message.

"Hey Beautiful,I'm currently in a business meeting and i have two more after this one,I got the shock of a lifetime when i opened the pictures you sent,I love them. You look gorgeous and sexy enough to eat and facts I'll be eating tonight. We have a date tonight,please prepare yourself for it around 8:30pm i promise to be home by that time. I LOVE YOU and you can change to a dress now enough parading my goods around my men." The text message said

I reread the message again not believing that Justin didn't make a big fuss of the pictures,the reason why im so surprised is that i once went out to get water in the kitchen at night wearing his shirt only and he went crazy about how i can't walk around almost naked infront of his men and I'm probably giving the security monitor guys a free show.

I decide to head inside the house,I have had enough of the natural vitamin D from the sun and got my tan too.

Lindsay helped me with carrying my things upstairs and was carrying on and on about how lucky iam to find a man like "the Don" and how i should hold onto him forever because relationships like mine don't come easy and they are rare to find. I appreciate her friendship but I have discovered that she is a chatterbox but i like her still.

"Hey Lindsay,I have a date tonight with Justin and I'm feeling tired and sleepy,do you mind if i take a little nap." I ask Lindsay who is sitting on the couch in the bedroom

"Lucky girl i still say and yes you can nap a little,im sure Boss don't want to deal with a grumpy Giana like we did this morning from lack of sleep." She says

"Thank you and I'm sorry about my attitude this morning, can you wake me up around 6pm so i can start getting ready." I say

"Don't worry i got you babes,I will also help you to get ready for the best night of your life with your prince charming man." She says

"I don't know about the best night of my life part but I would appreciate your assistance with getting ready." I say

"I'm 1000% percent sure of the best night of your life part and helping each other out is what friendship is for." Lindsay says winking at me

"Why it's like you already knew about this date and the details around it." I ask her giving her a questioning look

"Yes we have been already briefed about it,we had to be because we are your safety detail,everything that involves you we are informed in order for us to plan and prepare." She informed me

"Mmm okay,can you give me a little info about the date." I say to her with a pout

"Ah aaa now you really want to get me fired,Take your nap and I'm leaving before i say something about tonight" She says laughing walking out the door

Now I'm nervous again and it's about this date tonight that Lindsay says it would be the best night of my life,why would she say that? And what am i going to wear. I start putting together the dress,shoes and makeup in my head.i look at the time and its around 2pm and there is alot i need to do before the date,like shaving everything that has un wanted hair in my body parts,doing a mini pedicure,washing and styling my hair.

Instead of taking that nap i decide to start putting out the outfit,I chose a dress that my mother bought for me when i was visiting her,it's a little cocktail black dress that i will pair up with my red Christian Louboutin heels that Justin bought for me and I will wear the jewelry that he gifted me with a few months ago. I will do a basic make-up look with a red lipstick to match my shoes and make the whole look simple but expensive.

Once i have figured out my outfit,I head into the shower to start deep washing my hair,shaving all the unwanted hair in my body parts once done i blow dried my hair,straightened it with a hair iron afterwards,im tired all this is alot of work,now i see why people choose to go to places where people can do all this for you.

I get a text from Justin saying the date is not at 6pm,I look at the time and its 4:30pm. What if he sent this message while i was asleep like my previous plan and Thank God I decided to do these things earlier because i would definitely be crying right now if i didn't and got this change of plans text.

Lindsay bursts into the room with a panic look but frowns when she sees me in Justin's robe with a phone in hand.

"Um you look fresh and cleaned,you not sleeping like you said you were going to give me a little update Miss Jackson" She says with a raised eyebrow

"I decided not to sleep but started getting ready instead and the gods were with me because now Justin just changed the time of the date to 6pm" I tell her

"Yeah we just got briefed about the change of times too that is why im here sweating bullets because i was coming to wake you up and help you with the little time given to get ready and I also need to attend the meeting of tonight's patrol and security details regarding the date,Mr Li has instructed me to be with you in this room until the Don arrives but I was scared to ask how am i going to attend the meeting while im here with you." Lindsay says worried

"Li is a weird but cool guy once you get used to his weirdness." I say

"Maybe to you his weird but to us he is almost as scary as your man,they always have blank,unbothered faces on,even in meetings we could be discussing life threatening things they won't show any reactions or emotions especially when it's about you but Don once let his poker face slipped when we received a letter from a man who is now six feet under,he threatened to do unthinkable things to you and kill you afterwards if Don doesn't let his brother go after a mission went south and Don went beast mode on us for like a good 5minutes until Skull dragged him out the meeting room,he wanted no plans on attacking or finding the man. He told our hacker guy he has 5minutes to find the man and went out by himself,30minutes later we received news that the man is dead now that's your man baby girl." Lindsay says shrugging

"Anyway let's get you ready to have the best night with your beast you beautiful woman." She says taking my makeup kit.

We start getting me ready,Lindsay says i should wear my lingerie because im definitely getting freaky tonight and she said it the nastiest way possible to my virgin ears.

We are doing final touches to my look when a handsome Mr Sky comes in wearing a custom made tuxedo looking all kinds of billionaire status,he has his famous blank look,Lindsay quickly scurried to the door and gave me a thumbs up with a Goodluck closing the door gently behind her.

"You look breathtakingly good baby even with the lipstick my enemy but this red one makes you look more sexy and badass." He says giving me a kiss on my forehead and cheek

"Thank you and you look all kinds of rich bachelor and must you always have that look around people even with my friend Lindsay?" I say looking up at him because the man is tall people but I like his height but what's surprising is that in bed we fit well together it doesn't show that we have a huge height difference between us.

"You saying it correctly Kitten when you say "my friend" she is my employee not my friend." He says looking at his watch

"Are you ready to go" Justin asks undressing me with his eyes from top to bottom

"Stop you pervert and yes im ready" I say taking my purse and giggling at his high school bad boy behavior

"Ok than my lady lead the way sweetheart." He says taking a small dramatic bow ushering me out of our room

"You are a character today Sky,I want ever you had before coming here" I say winking at him

"Mmm you are my drug baby,I get high just by being in you presence and I like this dress on you it even gives you a little bit of more ass" he says giving me a little spank

"Justin!! Behave yourself,what has gotten into you today?" I say shocked at this public display of affection from him because My Justin never i mean never shows such Behavior infront of people or his men. Him holding my hand together with his or holding me close to him by my waist is the only affection he displays in public.

"Ok Ok,I will admit i had a little bit to drink with Li and Snake for Goodluck and get rid of the nerves." He says taking my hand as we are walking down the stairs but I would have preferred the elevator in these heels im wearing and I hope he doesn't notice my wobbly walk.

"Goodluck for what and what are you nervous about? I hope you not breaking with me or confessing about cheating on me" I state my fears out loud to him.

Justin looks at me like I've gone crazy or I just told him that he is a woman.

"Focus on your walking Miss Jackson before i let you fall and break your neck on these stairs" he says smirking at me

I gasp from shock and embarrassment because of what he just said right now.

"That was just straight up Savage of you Sky" I say after i collected myself

Justin bursts out in laughter,like really really laughs out loud. Another shocker people!! I look at him amazed and falling more deeply in love with him.

"Ok Ok! Quit it now,that's enough laughter for someone like you,you don't want to cause people heart attacks from hearing you for the first time since working for you." I say playfully shoving him away from me but that was a big mistake because i forgot about my wobbly walk and I lost my balance,luckily Justin caught me in time before any damage or more embarrassing moments from me.

" You are the clumsiest woman i have ever dated Kitten i swear" he says holding me tight next to him

I give him a death look and forcefully removed his hand from my waist but he puts it back quickly giving me his own death look i get intimidated by his look so i leave his hand there.

"Giana it was a stupid thing to say and I didn't mean any harm by it but if my statement offended you I'm sorry, can we not fight over something this stupid please." He says sincerely

"Apology accepted but please refrain from making statements where your previous escapades are involved." I say seriously

"There no exes in this relationship and even if their names come up or paths cross with them we don't acknowledge their energy." I continued

"Message received loud and clear future Mrs Sky" Justin says kissing my hand

"Stop mocking me Justin or I will turnaround and go back upstairs to sleep because y- ." I say but Justin silences me by pushing his finger on my lips.

"I was not being funny,im serious. Can we get over this already please,I want this night to be a memorable one. Can we not fight please." He says looking a bit stressed now

I keep quite,Justin ushers me out to the gardens and there a sight infront of me takes my breath away.

The is a beautiful decorated table with two chairs and there are small romantic lights lighting up the walk way to the table,im speechless. My hands are shaking and they are also sweaty right now.

Justin takes my hand leading me slowly to the beautiful setting,he pushes my chair in after i sat down and he takes his own seat opposite me.Im speechless,I look up and see the stars shining down on us and the atmosphere is warm all around.

"You like it" Justin says seeming nervous,his even scratching his hair in a nervous way.

"Justin this...this is...Oh my!" I tried to speak but I can't as a big ball feeling in my throat, I can't help the tears that falls from my face.

"I don't deserve this kind of love and treatment Justin,this is overwhelmingly too much." I say crying harder than before.

"Ok look at me my love,you deserve all the love and happiness in world. Iam the one who doesn't deserve you and iam unworthy of the love you give me but iam a selfish bastard and I want you all of you to myself for the rest of my life. I was going to wait and do this later when we both settled down and relaxed but fuck it! So here goes nothing." Justin says standing up and coming infront of me and immediately goes down on one knee taking out a beautiful deep green box.

He opens it and there a Beautiful rose gold ring with a big amethyst sparkling crystal in the middle and its surrounded by diamonds in it and another band surrounded with diamonds too.

"No no no no no Justin please oh God no." I say not believing my eyes.

"Giana Jackson ,The day I will love another woman in my life is the day you become the mother of our lovely daughter."

" Your love is truly a wonderful gift for me. I can never think of anyone else who could love me so deeply! I don’t want anyone else to have your heart, kiss your lips, be in your arms, be the one you love. I don’t want anyone to take my place. Please never let it happen and be mine forever by marrying me." Justin says blinking back tears, his hand with the ring is shaking.

"Yes" I say now a sobbing mess.

"Yes i will marry you" I say again.

Justin gently puts the ring in my finger and gets up giving me a bone crushing hug but I can't return the hug because I'm still in shock,my whole body is shaking uncontrollably.

Justin senses that im seconds away from passing out so he pours me a glass of water and tells me to take deep breaths.


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