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Chapter 55...What a beautiful movie my life is

Justin and I are seated on a beautiful decorated place,enjoying a delicious candlelit six course meal dinner under the stars while enjoying each others company. Iam still a bit shaken up by what happened because it's was so unexpected.

The chef comes with the desert and puts it infront of me with a smile.

"This desert is a homemade Oreo crispy rice bars. This is the classic Krispie treat recipe on steroids with the addition of crushed OREO cookies. Thick, chewy and completely irresistible. I made it especially for you Giana. Enjoy and Congratulations to the both of you ." Our chef Santorini says

"Oh wow,Thank you Chef but where is Justin's serving." I ask

"The Don doesn't eat desert or anything sweet" Santorini responds shocking my socks of because Justin always ate my deserts when i offered him but he never ordered or i asked for his.

"You don't like deserts" I ask him for confirmation

"Yes Kitten, Santorini that would be all for tonight. You've outdone yourself as usual,Thank you. The cleaning staff will take care of the rest,you can retire for the night but can you please ask Snake to bring me a bottle of Whiskey." Justin says calmy

Santorini bows and leave after that.

"Baby eat your desert before it starts melting " Justin reminds me

I start indulging on my desert and as always Santorini never misses with his creations no wonder Justin and his father fought over the man.

I want to kiss her.not because I want to feel the softness of her fair lips or the warmth of her breath as she exhales against me. I want to kiss her because i can't think of any other way to fully express that she is perfect.I want her to know that i see her as perfect.that she is perfect to me. Justin thinks to himself as he looks at his new fiance elegantly eating her desert.

"Justin if you ever let Santorini go i won't speak to you for a week,this man is perfect in the kitchen" I say to Justin complementing Santorini.

"Well Kitten the man is getting old and won't be with us forever so my advice to you would be start learning from him or steal his recipes." He says smiling

"That is actually not a bad idea baby,I will definitely talk to him about teaching me." I tell him

"But baby the question is,Can you cook first" Justin says with a raised eyebrow

"Oh my! Justin Ofcourse i can cook and damn good too." I say feeling offended that he thinks i can't cook.

Justin bursts out laughing.

"Ok Ok,you don't have to be so defensive Kitten i was just asking relax" he says laughing some more

I keep quite and carried on eating my desert.

"Hey what are you thinking about in that little beautiful head of yours." Justin says after sometime of silence

"I'm thinking that if I did anything right in my life it was when i gave my heart you. you are full of compassion, love and strength,when i need a strong hand of support you are always there, I love you for who you are and for all that you do for me. " I say truthfully

"You're perfect exactly as you are.With all your flaws and problems ,there is no need to change anything.all you need to change is the thought that you need to change." I continued

Justin looks at me intensely,he blinks back tears a couple of times. His eyes are bloody red from the crying his doing inside.

"I wish i had met you earlier.I will love you until the last breath leaves your body or mine and even in the after life when you're in heaven and I'm in hell i will still love only you. I know i make many mistakes but trust me you're the most important person in my life and when i say sorry i actually mean it." Justin says

"My success means nothing without you in my life.I'm not telling you its going to be easy,im just telling you it's going to be worth it.When life seems to suffocate me with problems and issues. Your love revives me
and keeps me strong like a gasp of fresh air. I undoubtedly love you Fiance." Justin continued making me cry because this is the first time he has expressed his feelings openly to me like this and iam over joyed.

I cover my face with my hands crying because we all know what a ugly crier iam.

"Hey Kitten no more crying,you know what your tears do to me" he says concerned giving me his handkerchief with his initials.

"These are happy tears" I say with hiccups making just chuckles a few times.

I finally calmed down and I know my make up is a mess and I'm a mess too. I probably look like a character from a scary movie.

"Kitten why are you looking me like that now?." Justin asks

"I want to kiss you." I say

"And what's stopping you love?" Justin says leaning back on his seat.

I get up slowly from my seat and make my way to him,Justin moves back his chair giving me space and I take a seat on his lap and rap my hands around his neck and our faces immediately closes the gap between us we start kissing. The kiss doesn't take long to get intense,we passionately kiss deeping it ,I moan enjoying being this intimate with Justin because it has been quite along since we got this close together.

Justin's hand makes its way inside my dress and slowly and tediously goes to the middle of my thighs. He separates my legs apart a little by stretching his apart as im sitting on him giving him more access. He reaches my lacy material and starts rubbing my clit over the material.

" Do you have any idea how crazy lace lingerie makes me" he says rubbing me some more making me moan from the heavenly feeling this gives me.

He unzipped my dress with his free hand while raining kisses all over my neck and jaw. Without any warning he tares my panty off with one pull making me scream from surprise.

" No no Justin that costs alot" I say giggling

" I'll buy you hundreds more sweetheart." He says but we are startled by someone clearing their throat.

I tried to get up but Justin holds me in place,he zips my dress back up,removes my panty and puts it inside his pocket,he fixes my dress and gives me a kiss on the forehead and lips. He does all this taking his sweet time.

"Snake are you just going to stand there and not bring me my whisky." Justin says calmy

"No i was watching some free live porn, im tired of paying for the acted out one's." He says laughing

He comes closer and puts down the bottle of whiskey with a bowl filled with ice.

"Congratulations once again lovebirds but take your escapades upstairs please." He says chuckling

"faccia di merda!." Justin says to Snake. meaning: Asshole

"Puttana" Snake replies..
meaning: Whore

"ti taglierò il cazzo." Justin shouts when Snake is a bit far away from us. meaning :i'm going to cut your dick off.

"non se ti uccido prima" Snake shouts back.
Meaning: Not if i kill you first.

Justin moves me off his lap but I move my other leg fast and he hisses like his in pain.

"Justin are you okay? Did i hurt you baby" i ask panicking a little.

"Yes and no" he says grimacing

"Look what you do to me Kitten" he says showing me the big tent in his pants

He poured a full glass of his whiskey and dropped two ice cubes inside and gulp it all with one take closing his eyes after. And his hard on was gone immediately.

"Wow,what did you think about that turn you off so quickly." I ask him in wonder.

"I thought about my biological mother." He says and I saw a little emotion that quickly passed from what he said.

"Today was the most memorable as well as the most loveliest day of my entire life. Thanks for proposing me. Being so so very honest to you I as the girl was actually too shy to say how much I actually loved you but then when you just turned up and said you too love me that felt amazingly good." I say sincerely

"For me your proposal was actually just like my dream that actually came true.I Thank god for such an intellectual as well as such a wise person like you actually proposed me and made me the very part of your life." I say feeling a bit emotional again

"No more tears Kitten please" Justin says pouring himself another glass.

"Can i also have a drink" I ask Justin

He opens a bottle of champagne and poured me a glass and added sliced strawberries inside.

I take a sip and the champagne tastes really good and I take some Ferrero Roche chocolates to eat.

I look at Justin and he has a lost look on him,he keeps doing circles on his now empty glass of whiskey.

"Sky are you okay?." I ask him

A cold breeze passes making me shiver and get goosebumps. Justin noticed and he gets up from his chair and quickly comes to me. He takes off his suite jacket and drapes it over me. I instantly felt warm and Justin's perfume engulfed me,I moved the jacket closer to me wanting more of his addicting smell.

"Kitten i think we should head inside now,it's getting cold and I don't want you getting sick and we have some unfinished business between us." He says winking at me

Justin gets up and comes to me,pulling out my chair for me gently.

He takes his bottle of whiskey and takes my hand with his other hand leading me inside the house. We passed a few of his men who Congratulated us but i was the only one who responded with "Thank you's " Justin just kept walking,the typical Justin behavior.

we took the elevator this time and i was so happy inside because these heels were killing my feet,I don't think i would have made it up alive if we used the stairs.

We soon make it inside our room,Justin throws the bottle of whiskey on the couch,he takes off his bow tie, shirt and he unbuckled his belt,his pants and boxers followed. He throws all his clothes inside the washing basket.

"Why is my fiancé still dressed or you would like me to help you." Justin says already walking towards me like a predator scoping his prey.

Justin pulled me to him by my waist,he started kissing me from my mouth to my neck,he unzipped my dress and let it drop and my bra followed,he went for my breasts next, one in his mouth,the other his lightly squeezing it driving me crazy.

He then picked me up and threw me on the bed a little bit hard making me bounce a few times.

I tried to get up but He pushes me back down onto the bed,pressing me into the the mattress,and his mouth and hand move to my breasts.My fingers curl into his hair as
he takes one of my nipples between his lips and tugs hard.I cry out as the sensation sweeps through my body,spikes,and tightens all the muscles.

With his mouth he toys with my nipple,pulling at it,making me squirm and writhe and yearn for him.and slips his
hand inside the middle of my thighs,sliding his fingers against my sex.His breath hisses out as his one finger glide into me. I push my pelvis up into the the heels of his hand and he responds rubbing against me.

"Ah!" I gasp,my mouth opened like that of a fish just out of water as he inserts a second finger and started working them giving a sweet punishing rhythm,my back nipple inside his mouth he kept the torturing rhythm until my body started burning with a need to release and Justin licked and toyed my breasts until a loud scream of his name I choked out cumming into his hand,he slowed down his rhythm giving me time to ride out my orgasm.

Once i was calm but my heart was still racing faster and still panting from my high. Justin disappeared from my view and without warning his mouth in on my jewel.

"No no,Justin please i can't take anymore,im still sensitive there." I tiredly beg

"Yes you can sweetheart" he says now his tongue working magic on me. Loud and low moans can be heard enveloped the atmosphere as I drown in a pool of immense pleasure.Justin takes me over the edge by lapping his tongue on my clitoris and my legs shook as my juices bursts out of me as i cum for the second time. Justin cleaned off all my juices with his tongue and that made me cum the third time.

"You taste like my favorite Whiskey fiance" Justin says smiling big .

I lay there unmoving,Justin comes up and we are now face to face both looking at each other,he gives me a few gentle kisses all over my face.It was at this moment
when i realized that i was so lucky to meet this man on top of me drowning onto the pleasure his showering me with.

"Sound proofing this room was such a smart move for me,you can scream fiance.Those high notes are Oscar worthy." Justin jokingly say.

"Maria Carey has 24hours to respond" I say laughing and Justin joins me we both laugh hard.

Justin suddenly flips us around me taking the top.

“You.On top”he orders,pulling me astride him

"I want you to ride me" he says his voice hoarse and his eyes deep grey almost black with need.

He guides me,and hesitantly I ease myself down onto him. He is already hard.
He closes his eyes and flexes his hips to meet me,filling me,stretching me,his mouth forming a perfect Ahhh as he exhales.

It feels so good possessing him.i've never done this before,I couldn't really believe that i was doing this.He felt deeper in me.Justin grabs my hips and I hold onto his biceps for balance and I start to move creating a rhythm,I tip my head back lost in this void of pleasure.i let my tits touch his face he went mad,he bucked.i increased my speed once i figured a perfect rhythm,Justin groans loudly closing his eyes in bliss.This gives me confidence to gyrate my hips. We both go crazy at this,Cuss words gushed out of Justin with force.i resisted the urge to kiss him seeing him undone like this.

"You feel so good fiance" he says caressing my breasts

"Thank you i have a great teacher and practice partner" I say winking at him

Justin groans loudly as he finds his release holding me tight. I think the whole room rocked.

Seeing Justin come apart beneath me sets my own release off,I come audibly,i have tears in my eyes as i come for the 4th time in a space of minutes.feeling exhaustion hit me like a tons of bricks.i collapse on top of him panting.i just lie on top of him catching my breath.Justin soothingly rubs my back

"You did good baby" Justin encourages as he pulls me more to him.

Justin and I stayed like that for a long time just enjoying skin to skin contact with each other.

"You have this youthful glow about you" Justin complements me making my cheeks flush.

"I would take you again but you're exhausted.i need to work on your stamina fiance" he says tapping me on my butt gently than flipping us over again smoothly. Once he is on top,he gently eases out of me making me wince from the pain of riding him.

"Do you have strength to take a shower with me." Justin asks but I shake my head no.

He disappeared for a couple of minutes and came back with a small basin and a towel cloth. He started wiping my body from my face down to my legs and he came back with another clean warm water and cleaned my jewel tenderly. Once done cleaning me up he lotioned my body and dressed me in a sexy silky red nightie from Victoria secret.

He tucked me inside the bed and tide my hair with a hair band his eyes fixed on me.

"You would make a great father to our daughter one day" I say to him as i observed the way his so gentle and caring with me

"Thank you baby,rest now. There was something i wanted to discuss with you but you're exhausted we will talk in the morning." He says covering me with a blanket

"I'm going to take a quick shower and join you in bed love" he says giving me a quick kiss leaving.

Wow today has been alot starting from the morning till now it has been a movie.Justin simply takes my breath away,iam his in everyway possible.For the first time in my life i allow myself to feel excited about the future.

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