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Chapter 57...Justin's POV😬🤴

My men and I just landed in one of China's biggest and busiest airports called Mei xing, i rented a place for my private plane to land here and also to stay for however long i want.

Unfortunately they couldn't close the airport for us in time because i don't like crowds and in my line of work it's a risk to travel in a crowded area cause anything can happen in a space of seconds but Li made sure that only the trusted people know about our moves but the part that is pissing me off is that someone failed to do their job right and I dont take kindly to failures in my team

Right now we are walking inside the airport and wherever we passed the place fell unbelievably quiet, people stared at us like they were seeing aliens.

The only sounds you could hear was our expensive shoes clapping on the tiled floors, I know people could feel the power that radiated from us as we walked. We were all dressed in custom made suites but Iam in a tuxedo. All my men are very well paid to afford an expensive lifestyle and i expect nothing less from them because all of us work hard for the lifestyle and the day you take an oath to the Mafia you are a walking target,so why not spend the money but I always make sure that the men and women who have loved ones are taking care of them and they are lacking nothing,even after you die they will live a financially free life because there are no long life guarantees in our world.

"I fuckin told that idiot that the cars must be waiting for us as soon as we touch down here but no they have bullshit stories about being stuck outside and we must pass inside the airport to get to them." Li rants for the millionth time since he got that information,maybe his waiting for my reaction or for me to say something but I have been quite the whole journey just following his instructions.

My mind is on revenge,Giana and my biological mother. I wonder what she looked like or how was she like as a person.

I haven't had a sit down conversation with my father yet about my real mother and his evil wife,I have alot of anger towards this fucked up situation and lots of questions too,im just giving him time to mourn his wife only because his still my father, my elder and you don't lose respect for your elders no matter what or who it is.

"Why are people staring at us so much?." One of Li's newbies say

"I swear i never got so much attention before." He continued

I give Li a side glare because only he knows why would he bring a new member on a mission like this but I have trust in Li so i never question him about his choices or decisions because he always delivers and he is damn good at what he does.

"Get use to it kid,this is your new lifestyle but don't take it to your head and grow balls to do some shady shit because you will die a very painful death, if you're lucky i will be the one to kill you but if you're unlucky the Don will be the one who kills you and that is something you must never ever wish to happen to you" Snake replied

"And we draw attention wherever we go but it gets alot worse when Justin is with us." Li says giving me a mischievous grin.

"Oh than i have to be Justin's friend,what do you say big guy" The newbie happily says walking up to me putting his hand over my shoulder.all my men looked at the kid like his the alien now,others looked terried for him anticipating my reaction because everyone here knows who iam,what im capable of,what I do to people calling me Justin unauthorized and how unfriendly iam.

Surprising everyone i don't give them any reaction or say anything,I just remove the annoying kid's hand on my shoulder and continued walking,iam already pissed because of this stupid long walk to get to the transport which I'm not used to.

After that there was uncomfortable silence as we continued walking.

We finally made it to where the cars are waiting for us and I got inside immediately. The car i got into is surrounded by about 15men who were already waiting for us. Why so many men you may ask but I think the answer is obvious.its because iam one of the most deadliest men in the Mafia but also the most wanted or hated too and because im also not a robot nor invisible i do bleed and can die but don't forget it's never easy to kill me,I have bullets and knives scars as proof, I have been in a car crash that the car rolled over 6 times and caught fire but i came out alive even though for three months i was hospitalized,bandaged all over looking like a mummy,Li has pictures as proof.he always threatens to release them to everyone when im being an ass to him.

"Li lets separate now,everybody must put their earpieces on,we have 6 gangs to take out.You,me and Snake will lead two attacks each. Did all of gangs fall for the wrong info our chameleons fed them?." I talk to Li for the first time since our journey here.

"Yes,luckily all the gangs did and has called for emergency meetings in their trap houses right now for our rumored attacks on them tomorrow morning but if only they knew that it's a few hours from now." Li responds

"Great,our chameleons inside those gangs did great,remind me to thank them for a job well done,let's all move out at once and no men of ours will be left behind dead or alive we leave together." I instruc0ted Li

I put my earpiece on and switch off my security alerts on Giana, my family and businesses.

"OK, im ready let's move out and the plan is simple Shoot to kill and women must not be killed unless it a kill or be killed situation with them." I tell Li

"Before we move out Justin,Are you good man?, mentally or emotionally" Li asks

"Li why would you ask me such a question? Since when do we ask each other such pussy ass questions,We don't talk about feelings Li." I say irritated

"Hey man don't take it the wrong way but I care for you alot and as much as you will never admit it you care for all of us too and so i worry when you act weird on us." Li says

"Li im not about to have this talk with you right now,im good that's all i will say to you." I say

"Ok boys,Let's move out!! The plan is Shoot to kill and don't leave a fellow man behind." Li shouts on the earpiece

"Was shouting necessary ?" Li's newbie ask on the earpiece,I can't help but chuckle at this kid nuances.Li looks irritated

"I swear if we didn't need this kid for his system hacking abilities i would have killed him already." Li says

Aaah so that's the kid's speciality,I was wondering why is this annoying,clueless kid here.

"Windy shut the fuck up and start turning off the security cameras in those trap houses and take over control of the gates and anything with a door." Li instructed the newbie who has the weirdest name i have ever heard.

"Goodluck everyone and Try not to die today." I say on the earpiece, closing the car door letting Li know we done talking.

We are all traveling in black Lincoln Navigator Black Label L 4x4 cars with six men in each car in six cars which means there are thirty-six men going on a mission.

I traveled with 12 men and met up with 24 of my men from this side for this mission and all of them were trained by me and Li, we picked the best of the best because i don't want no fuck ups or any deaths on this mission.

As soon as we got out of the airport exits,the cars separated to different directions, I'm focused on my own two missions im leading which includes my brother Michelo's gang.

"Are the security cameras taken care off,gates unlocked and doors opened and secret passage ways blocked?" I ask on my earpiece. I have turned of Snake and Li's because i don't want any distractions about their missions i trust them enough not to fuck up and will only turn on their earpieces when im done with my own.

"You have a clear way Don." One of the men leading my Mafia business dealings this side responds.

We soon get to the first trap house to attack,we parked a few minutes away from the trap house and had to trek by foot to get to the place so that we don't draw attention,it was so easy to get in, everything was easy to access and no one was guarding the place,this just showed me that these gangs are not matured enough to take me on. My men and i moved in smoothly and trigger ready. I made a signal for my men to stop maybe we are walking inside a trap.

"Li,Snake what the fuck is going on here? No one is here?." I whisper shout after i turned on their pieces

"It's the same here as well,let me get info from our chameleons" Li says referring to our inside men,we call them that because they switch and blend in anywhere we want to get inside info from,they are the best spys.

"It's not a trap Don,all the gangs decided to hold the meeting and stragegize via a conference video meeting with all the gangs combined in their respective locations. Right now they are discussing attack strategies and your brother and Stephano are sharing what they know about your attacking strategies,This is going to be tricky for us because if we attack the first three now the other three will know and either run or wait for us to attack."Li says frustrated

"Not if i cut off the last three gangs to be attacked internet ,making it look like an internet or network connection problem from their sides while you guys attack the first three gangs and i will cut off phone connections as well so that they don't call the other gangs blowing our plan off." Windy the newbie says making me like the kid's quick thinking. I think we will keep him as a member.

"Good plan kid,do it now because we are already inside,are we all on standby?" Snake says

"Positive" Li and I respond

I let my men know to get ready for action and I count to three and two of my men kick the door down where the meeting is being held and bullets starts flying,we are attacking them by coming down from the room,windows and the door. In 5minutes we are done and about 50 men are lying dead all over the room,we go around making sure all of them are dead,if we see any moving ,blinking or groaning man we you two times between the eyes to make sure you don't survive.

We go to each room checking for any run away's or hiding ones but luckily for us everyone decided to attend the meeting.

We planted bombs in different areas around the trap house,making sure the bombs will go off in ten minutes. We have three minutes remaining to getting out,We run out the place and as soon as we get out the gates the bombs go off powerful enough to bring down the whole building turning it into dust in minutes.

After minutes of us taking cover down with our masks on to not inhale the smoke or dust .i signal for us to move again,we trek back to our parking place.

Once I've doubled checked that all my men are OK,no injuries or men left behind,we leave going to our second mission.

"First missions successful Don." Snake informed me by text message because they are muted on my earpiece.

"Congratulations and Goodluck with the second ones" I replied back.

We get to where my brother's gang the Vipers are hiding.I can feel that something is off so i tell my men to plant the bombs first setting them to go off in thirty minutes and instructed them to make sure they are all out before time runs out no matter the situation they must pull back before time runs out,we all set our timers and move in.

It's quite and no one guarding the place just like on the first mission but my gut tells me not to relax instead be more alert.

"Windy can you locate or detect all the bodies in here and where because my gut tells me they know we are coming." I say on my earpiece

"I have managed to find all of the bodies and places where they are at and you are right I think it's a trap." He says

"Ok allocate each member people to take out, where and how many people." I instructed

Our phones flashes and a link pops up,when you open the link it shoes you where to go and how many people are there and where.

"There is about eighty men here and Justin I have allocated you to the boardroom there are twelve men in there and others of you have six men each to take out in your allocated places." Windy informs us

"Are you stupid kid?,why would you give the Don more men.You want him to be killed or something." One of my men Zeal says scolding Windy on the earpiece

"I wouldn't be here today if i was stupid smart ass!!, I'm sure Justin knows why i did it and I know because Li told me Justin's instructions." Windy smartly replied back

This kid who gave him permission to call me Justin or to talk to my men like this. His got balls of steel for him to behave like this but I like him alot for it too.

"Cut it out Windy,Zeal is not your mate or your size so back off." I reprimand him my voice calm and authoritive.

"Goodluck everyone and it's a honor to be on this mission with strong willed men like yourselves,You are best of the best. Try not to die today,This one will not be easy like the first mission be more alert,use every skill we trained you in,have eyes everywhere,use your intuitions about a situation." I say to all the thirty eight men including Li and Snake after i unmuted their earpieces.

"To the men in my team,let's get the ball rolling and meet outside in twenty minutes." I say after checking my timer

I signal for them to move,we all look at the link on our phone that's directing us to where we need to go.

I open the door in the boardroom and find the twelve men waiting for me with guns pointed at me,this is including Michelo,Stephano and Gustav who is a surprise to me because the last update on him was that he is hiding in a unlocated place.

"Nice of you to finally grace us with your presence dear brother" Michelo happily says but his happiness is from him being high on drugs right now and he looks like he hasn't taken a bath in days.

"privet Dzhastin" Gustav says smiling wickedly at me

privet Dzhastin: Hello Justin in Russian language

I look at all the men in here at alot of faces im familiar with and i start planning how to take them out. I look at the timer and i have fifteen minutes left.

"Ain't you going to greet me my old friend, I was waiting for your hello too since your other two bestfriends here have been so nice to greet me." I say looking at Stephano

We have a stare down between us until he gives up and looks away. I smile wickedly and sigh loudly.

"I'm not here for any bromance or long talks. I'm here for revenge and since im out numbered can someone just shoot me already and you can all get on with your lives." I say nonchalant

Michelo gives his gun to Stephano and tells him to shoot me,Stephano hesitantly takes the gun pointing it at me but they get distracted when bullets sounds start outside and that's when i get a chance to quickly get down taking out my two guns shooting everything in sight,bullets starts flying inside and outside. I leave one gun and take out the knives hidden in my ankles and starts throwing them aiming at the legs of men in here, right now i don't care who I shoot im on survival mode. After three minutes or so the sounds of guns stopped.

Four of my men comes in looking for me,we quickly look at the ones still alive and sadly Michelo died along with the other nine men ,he stood no chance of surviving because he was high on drug's and not focused. We discovered that Gustav and Stephano escaped.

"Windy locate the two men in this building now!!!!" I shout on my earpiece while running out with the four men behind me, my men confirmed that they succeeded in killing all their targets.

"I can only locate one person and his ten steps away from you on your left,his in that room." Windy responds.

"Don we have six minutes left,we need to be heading out if we want to make it out alive." Zeal says

"No,you men go.I'll be right behind you." I say

Stopping at the door where Wimpy said the man is at. My men have not left.

"It's an order Zeal,Leave now" I calmy say almost pleading.

They hesitantly leave,i take out my gun and cautiously enter and i find a badly bleeding Stephano lying down breathing hard.

"You got me bad J on my fuckin stomach and chest,I already knew we didn't stand any chance against you and your men. I told all of them that you have elite men with you,trained by the coldest two men i know who i use to call my brothers but they didn't believe me." Stephano says grimacing in pain

"If we were your brothers then why did you switch up on us? Was it about the money or position because you could've asked me for more and i would have given it to you Stephano.All you had to do was ask or talk to me like a brother." I say feeling emotional because his betrayal hurted really bad.

"I wanted to come to you but they threatened Rose i had no choice" He says

"Bullshit!! That is Bullshit man and you know it. I could have listened,protected you and Rose so don't lie and say you had no choice." I say and look at my timer,I have three minutes left.

I move to him, putted my mask on him ,picked him up and threw him over my shoulder and i run out of there faster than Osain Bolt.

Zeal spots me running and comes running too taking Stephano from me because i was running out of energy from all the running I did with a man who weighs 90klg over my shoulder.

When we were all outside we had exactly two seconds left and we just took cover and the bombs went off destroying the place in minutes.

Minutes went by and Zeal tapped me on my shoulder letting me know it's time to move but the problem is that everything is dark,I try to blink a few times thinking the darkness will go away but i can't and I feel all my energy leaving me,my knees buckling.

"Don we need to move out,are you good." Zeal asks

"Zeal where are you? Why can't i see you!" I say panicking on the inside but refusing to let him see me like this.

"Don,im standing right infront of you. Can you not see me waving my hand." He says with a worried voice.

"No,i can't but im sure it's just an after effect from the bombing." I try to assure myself more than him.

"We need assistance here,can one of you come by the exit." I say on my earpiece barely holding on my composure.

"Zeal you give Stephano to him and I need a word with you." I say when one of my men arrived.

Zeal does as instructed,Stephano leaves carried by the guy.

"Listen you will lead me to our parking place and you won't tell a soul about my situation,when we get to the car.Instruct the driver to take me straight to the airport. We leave immediately going home but you take me straight to our family doctor when we get home " i say

"Don you're bleeding from inside your suite jacket." He says now panicking

"Zeal when i said i can't see right now,I was not giving you permission to bullshit me" I angrily say

Zeal takes my hand and makes me touch where I'm bleeding and his right iam. Who the fuck shot me and how come i didn't feel anything,maybe it's because im still feeling the adrenaline pumping, my blood is still hot and maybe that is why im feeling my energy leaving me.

"Ok just lead me to the parking place,i will travel with you only in the car so you can take the bullet out,i will tell the others to travel in the other car.No matter how bad you see me struggling along the way don't you dare help me especially infront of the other men." I instructed him.

We soon leave,I follow Zeal's footsteps. We take a few breathing breaks and now im feeling the pain of the bullet.

After fifteen minutes we made it to the parking place,I collected myself infront of my men and instructed them to travel in the other car and head out.after they left ,me and Zeal go inside the car and after that it's light out for me.

Stay tuned for Giana's reaction finding out about Justin's situation and how his men feel about him saving Stephano.

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