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Chapter 58...Problems😒😈

It's been over twenty four hours since Justin walked out of this room,I haven't heard anything from him or from the people he left me with under their care.I don't know how to feel about not hearing anything but i also keep telling myself that no news is good news,I have tried everything to keep myself busy and not think about him,these past hours have not been easy at all for me. Iam trying my hardest not to break down and cry.

I have not seen Skull or Justin's father Valentino yet,Tony told me they are busy taking care of Justin's business affairs and making sure everything is running smoothly before he gets back. When i asked him if they have heard anything from Justin he told me Skull is responsible for answering all questions relating to Justin's whereabouts.

It's currently 2am right now according to the clock on my phone that iam playing candy crush on,I downloaded this game six hours ago and iam hooked on it,iam on level one thousand and sixty-five,this level is kicking my behind and trying all my patience because i keep failing it.I have been stuck on the same level for an hour now.Matthew my bodyguard kept asking me if iam okay in here whenever i screamed from frustration, i switched off the lights to make him think iam sleeping so he can stop bothering me.

The atmosphere here has been tense,there's men in suits all over the property looking stiff carrying guns,all the working staff inside the house has been sent on paid leave for safety reasons including Maria.Tony reminded me of a few rules that Justin set for me temporarily,I tried to break a few of them but got caught. The first rule i broke was no online shopping and i learned the hard way when Tony came in two minutes later to remind me again after i ordered a painting i saw on a art gallery online store and my order was declined immediately.i can't believe they're tracking my every move like that.

The second rule was no roaming around the property whether inside or outside but i was desperate to find something to take my mind off Justin so i asked Matthew to get me some water and sneaked out to the gardens,his gaurding my room all alone because his fellow colleague slash girlfriend was also sent on paid leave iam the only female here surrounded by men,I did pass a few men inside the house while i was sneaking out but Tony was already waiting for me in the garden and politely told me to go back inside and that it's not safe for me to be accessible like this,he begged me to cooperate with them promising me that it's only for a few days.i felt guilty for putting myself and others in unnecessary danger and trouble so i have been trying to behave like a responsible adult and not like a spoilt brat that Justin is turning me into by treating me like delicate flower.

Hurried knocking startles me from winning this foolish level on this game which i now have a love and hate for.

"Giana it's Tony,can you please get dressed and come downstairs now." Tony says outside the room when i don't say anything or make any movements because i thought he came in to tell me to go to sleep,who knows if their able to see my movements as well in here.

I don't ask any questions after that because the first thing that came to my mind is that this is definitely about Justin or we are in some kind of trouble and we need to move.

I hurriedly got dressed in my Jean's, a sweater and my Vans sneakers,I took my phone and sprinted out the room not even checking if my hair or face was fine.

When i get down stairs in the lounge i find Skull talking to Tony quitely both of them look worried. They quickly stop talking when they feel my presence.Tony can't look at me in the eyes.

"Let's go" Skull says and Tony followed him, Matthew gently pushes me forward to walk because i was just standing there my head spinning because of scary scenarios going in my head.I follow them outside there is three black Bently bentayga 4X4 with black tinted windows,Matthew ushers me inside the one in the middle. When i get inside i find Skull is the driver, I quitely sit down with Matthew next to me.

"We are going to the family hospital,Justin got hurt and his father already left to check out the situation." Skull informs me and starts the car.

"Justin got hurt? Where!? How? Is he okay??." I ask panicking close to tears

"I don't have the full details about what went down in China but they landed two hours ago at the hospital,Matthew thought it was a good idea to let you come maybe Justin will need you there." Skull replied turning the radio on after that.

I know his done talking and has no desire to answer more questions. Skull has a " i don't like humans aura" and right now he has a don't fuck with me aura so i keep quiet,my heart is beating a thousand times in a minute thinking about Justin.

I give Matthew a grateful smile and he takes my hand in his squeezing it lightly,When i look up my eyes meet Skull's and he gives me a hard glare and Matthew let's go of my hand like it burnt him.

The whole ride i avoided looking at Skull and Matthew i just stared out the window as the thick forest looking area disappeared revealing civilization.

After 45minutes we arrived at the same hospital i was at when i got shot.

Matthew helps me out of the car and the two other Bentley cars that was trailing behind us pull up next to us and revealing big men in suits.

Skull said something to Matthew in another language and i saw Matthew flinching.My bodyguard gives me a tight smile leading me into the hospital with the big men surrounding us from all sides.

We didn't even go to the reception area to find out where Justin's room is at like the normal routine you do in a hospital.

Skull ushered me inside the elevator with him and four other men from the big men,Matthew gets left behind and i wanted to say something but quickly changed my mind as i saw Skull's look daring me to say something.

There is thick silence inside the elevator making my nerves sky rocket,I begin playing with my fingers counting the numbers in the elevator,it stopped at number fifteen and iam ushered out.

We walk for a bit and turned a corner,as soon as we turned the corner about thirty men are pacing up and down in the hall way looking stiff, Li spots us coming and he meets us halfway.He gave me half a smile than started talking to Skull in a different language again which is starting to irritate me.

We stop infront of a room and they keep talking in that language.

"Giana would you like to come in with us but i must warm you Justin is a bit moody right now and his father is trying to calm him down" Li says avoiding eye contact with me.

I nod lost for words right now,Li slowly opens the door for me and i walk in and they follow me. Justin's father Valentino is standing next to him blocking our view of Justin.

"Figlio (Son) let the doctors do their jobs,they know what their doing."

"How many fuckin times must i say No!! for you to leave me the fuck alone." Justin shouts

"Well iam your father and elder what i say still goes so you will have this surgery done even if i have to do it myself you stubborn ass child" Valentino roars back making me flinch

Skull clears his throat and Valentino turned back looking at us standing there in the middle of the room.

"Skull what is she doing here? You know this is a fuck up right!." Valentino Says

"By the look of things we need her right now" Skull says shrugging his shoulders

"Giana congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the family officially now." Valentino Says walking to me and kisses me on both cheeks.

"I have only been blind for a few hours and already these fuckers are disobeying my orders!!" Justin says

As soon as i heard the word blind my knees buckled and i started getting dizzy if not for Li's quick reflexes i would have fallen down but he caught me in time.

"Quickly grab that water bottle for me." Li instructed Skull while he gently puts me down in a leather couch inside here.

Skull puts the water bottle in my lips to drink and I do finishing the whole bottle,I felt better after drnking the refreshing water.

"Giana come here please." Justin says tiredly

"And all of you leave,Li i will deal with your ass later." He continued

"I don't care how you do it child but convince that man to agree to surgery before it's too late,you are my last hope." Valentino Whispers to my ear and squeezes my hand leaving the room with Skull and Li.

As soon as the door closes that's when i look at Justin clearly focusing on him,his hair is messy,his eyes have dark circles.Justin looks fragile and scared.

"Justin" I say walking towards him as tears i have been holding back since he left rushes out and the first sob comes out and another and another.

Justin hugs me tightly to him while i cry for everything. When i cry its not usually over one thing.its built up emotions that i have been holding in for too long.

Just a simple hug from Justin has the ability to reduce my stress,makes me feel safe and protected,cures my sadness,heals my wounds and gives me assurance that iam loved.

"Kitten iam back in your arms just like i promised ,please stop crying im fine sweetheart." Justin says rubbing my back soothingly until my tears run dry.

I finally break the hug and slowly move back a bit from Justin,his silver grey eyes are looking straight at me but you can see that something is wrong.

Have you ever had that moment when you had to beg yourself to be strong for the other person because they needed you to be strong for them. That's where iam at right now.

"My love what happened? How bad or critical is your current situation." I politely ask not wanting to say the word blind outloud.

"I dont know Kitten,before you arrived here my doctors had done a few tests on me and patched up the bullet wound on my left side,for the first time i failed to complete a mission and I don't truly know how to feel about it yet and the icing on the cake is im blind.A whole fuckin Don of the Italian mafia is blind, the damage is too much.I don't know how we are going to come back from this." He says blinking back tears

"You can and you will Justin. You can work from home while you learn how to do things blind,you have men who are loyal to you we can keep this a secret and your father can handle things for you until you are okay to lead again." I say with confident

"Or I can just step down and you can start over a new life without me so you can find your happily ever after." He says trying my patience

"I mean what are you going to do with a blind man,I don't want to be anyone's burden especially yours." Justin continued.

"Now you are talking bullshit Justin,iam not leaving you blind or not im going to stick beside you,especially now that im at a place in my life where I'm very happy,very content. I'm finally okay with the idea of who I want to love and spend the rest of my life with and nothing is going to stand in my way to having that kind of love. So you are never getting rid of me ever Sky." I say

A knock disturbs us and two doctors come in after Justin gives them a go ahead to come in.

"Don we have some good news for you,you suffered a retinal detachment which is a sudden vision loss because of eye trauma,blockage of blood flow to the retina which was caused by the bomb explosion." The doctor says

"Can you get to the good news and spare me the doctor language." Justin says rudely and I pinch him

"What" he says rubbing where i pinched him

"You know exactly what." I say back

"Doctor please continue" I say when Justin doesn't say anything back

"Mr Sky this is a temporarily or partial vision loss but treatment consists of surgery which will take an hour to perform and your eyes will be good as new in two days time." The doctor says

"Oh Thank you Jesus,Doctor when can you perform the surgery? How safe is it and what kind of surgery is it." I ask excited for Justin

"We will perform Replantation surgery,it's very safe and we can start in the next ten minutes or whenever the Don is ready." The second doctor said

"Please prepare for surgery now,Justin will be ready too." I tell the doctors,they wait for Justin to object or say something but he doesn't so they leave promising to come back to get Justin ready for the surgery.

"I like it when you take charge Kitten maybe i should just hand over the mafia to you." Justin says but I don't know if his mocking me or joking with me

"Quit playing Justin get yourself ready mentally for the surgery and I'm surprised you didn't object or say something rude." I tell him

"Well what could i have said when the future Mrs Sky did all the talking and decision making on my behalf." He says smiling

"I'm glad to see you smiling again but I will be more happy when you have your eye sight back." I say touching his growing beard that needs a trim now.

"I'm smiling because things are not as bad as they seemed,I now believe that there's always light at the end of the tunnel." He says

"I can't wait to see your beautiful angelic face Kitten that is the only thing i was going to miss seeing." Justin says being sweet

"Justin after the surgery can you please take a couple of days off so we can also work on our relationship and I think we need to see a marriage counselor before we get married." I say seriously

"I can take a day or two off but nothing more than that baby, what is this working on our relationship and marriage counseling talk about now because i thought our relationship was fine,we were doing fine or am i imagining things." Justin says with a frown.

"Justin we both have a problem when it comes to talking about things that happen in our relationship,we both sweep them under carpet and act like it never happened. For an example we never talked about losing the baby,we never talked about the incident of the shooting and me being almost Raped. You never sat down with me and asked how i felt but you thought i should see a therapist,I don't want to talk to someone else about my feelings i want to share them with you and vise versa." I tell him something i have been bottling up

But as usual we get disturbed by a knock on the door.

"You see why we need time alone,we never get even five minutes alone because there is always something that needs your attention,I need your attention too Justin. The only time i get with you is at night if I'm lucky enough you're not tired. Even at night your phone is always turned on and vibrating with notifications. I need the same attention you give to your businesses and your men. What will happen when we get children am i going to raise those kids alone or they will grow up knowing nannies more than their father." I say

"You may be able to mute all the bad things that happen to you but I can't,iam a woman we are sensitive to things and I can't keep quiet anymore. Things need to change and I'm even thinking something bad which im not supposed to even think. I think maybe if you were permanently blind i would have more time with you and you will need me more like i need you and I would feel needed by you." I continued while Justin is just sitting here listening attentively.

"I heard you loud and clear Giana and I promise to make effort and pay attention to our relationship too. I love you and I don't want to leave you or for you to leave me." He finally speaks

The person knocking got impatient i guess because they slowly opened the door and got in looking scared though.

"I'm sorry Don but we need to get you ready for the surgery." The doctor says with a shaking voice probably waiting for Justin's wrath but surprisingly he doesn't react,he just nod his head.

"Um I'm going to need to undress you and put you in our hospital wear." The doctor says now calm because he didn't get his life threatened by Justin

"I have a wife doctor and she is very capable of undressing me, tell her what to do and wait outside we will call you when im ready." Justin says

The doctor gives me instructions and gives me the hospital wear for Justin leaving like his ass on fire after that.

There is awkward silence between us I think it's from the talk we just had and im going to leave it to Justin to show me changes and interest in our relationship that's when i will know he listened to my words and wants to make things work.

After helping Justin with putting on his hospital wear,combing his hair,brushing his beard and making sure he looks presentable even though his going into surgery but he must not look sick.My man must always be on point no matter the situation.

"Goodluck my love but before we call the doctor can we pray first." I say already holding his hands.

"Dear God, my Justin is undergoing surgery and I feel so alone when he is not around. Lord, please help me to trust You in this situation. I realise that all the securities upon which I have been resting are being taken down one by one, including my husband upon whom I rely so."

"Lord, I do lift up my heart in prayer to You and ask that You would be with my Fiancé Justin and me as he faces this operation. I pray that You would give the doctors and nurses the skill to bring him back to full health and strength. But no matter what the outcome, I pray that You would give us the strength to trust all our tomorrows into Your hands, for I believe that Your grace is sufficient for all our trials and tests in life. Father, I pray that as unpleasant as this operation is, that through it You would draw us closer to You and to each other. In Jesus' name Amen."

When i opened my eyes i see tears rolling down on Justin's cheeks and i quickly hug him tight while he silently cried.

After a few minutes he breaks the hug and gives me a great smile squeezing my hands.

"Thank you my queen,you can call the doctor in." He says with a hoarse voice.

I give him a kiss on the lips but he brings me back deeping it when i tried to break the kiss ,we both moaned in bliss because we sure as hell missed this.

The doctor knocks again making Justin growl and says a few cuss words,I just laughed at him and pecked his lips again walking to open the door for the doctor.

He comes in with a wheelchair and asks me to help him put Justin in it.

"I would never ever sit in this rubbish thing,what would my men say when they see a whole me in a wheelchair. Get this thing away from me if you don't wish to die today" Justin says threatening the doctor.

"I have two fuckin legs for a reason and they work fuckin perfect! Don't test my patience doctor im already done playing with you and everybody disobeying my orders today. Iam still in charge here,I still pay your fuckin salaries that you don't even deserve!!." He shouts.

"Ok,OK that's enough Justin. The doctor is doing his job perfectly, please dont make it hard for him." I say rubbing his back trying to calm him down

"You won't use the wheelchair than and I will personally lead you to the operation room,we are in this together forever. Just calm down my love everything will be fine i promise you." I say still rubbing his back.

"Do you want me to be in the operation room,would you feel at ease if im there." I talk to him like im talking to a child right now because i can see the vulnerability in his actions.

He nods and I look at the doctor to see if it's okay,he also nods.

"Can i please have the hospital wear as well so we can move forward." I tell the doctor

"We will provide you with it when we get to the surgery room mam' if that's okay with you." He says timidly but with a grateful smile

"Perfect, Justin lean onto me and let's make our way to the operation room my love." I keep the same tone i was using with him earlier.

Justin does as instructed,I can feel his weight on me but i don't want to show him how bad im struggling. When we got out of the room his men went stiff and in business mode,Justin got into his Mamba mode too. The only people that know of his blindness is Zeal,Snake,Li,Skull,Tony,His father and me and i don't think his men will ever find out.

His men tried to come to help me with him but i shook my head no with a polite smile and Justin will never know that part.

His men just surrounded us from all sides while we were walking to the operation room. When we finally made it to the room,his men wanted to check it first,once given the all clear we made it inside and I quickly went to the bathroom to change into my hospital gear.

The doctors gave Justin an injection that will make him temporary die, they did explain it to me but in doctor terms so i just nodded not understanding a thing. I kept on playing with Justin's hair and giving him light kisses to calm him down until the injection worked.

Once it was lights out on Justin,the doctors started working and I kept a close eye on them not wanting any fuck ups on my man because i will raise hell if they did. Justin taught me very well how to hold my own in situations. I wish Mika and his minions would try me again they would definitely get a different reaction from me this time.

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