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Chapter 6...What kind of Business

Justin and I are still waiting for our food,iam starving the food is taking forever to come I have finished 2 bread rolls already my cranberry juice is long gone even Justin has finished his whiskey there is comfortable silence between us but I keep stealing glances at my date I still can't believe this gorgeous man asked me to a lunch date and I wonder why,iam brought back to earth by a warm hand touching me on my arm gently.

"Are you okay?" Justin asks with a concerned look

"Yes iam more than fine Justin,Thank you for asking" I say with a bright smile

"Good because I hate to seeing you sad or to see tears from you unless it's tears of joy my Kitten" .

His words warm my heart and I give him a greatful smile.

" When is the food coming iam about to eat you if this food doesn't get here in the next 5 minutes" I say pouting

Justin chuckles and shake his head amused by my silliness.

"Yeah it's taking long I will have to call the owner later and have a word with him but I would love for you to eat me" Justin says with his voice horse with last at the end.

I can't help but squim in my seat and feel something pull in my stomach,I clear my throat and suggest we ask each other questions to pass the pass and the wait and he agrees.

"How old are you and I know you already know my age" I say with a raised eyebrow.

" Iam 30years and yes I already know you are 20years Kitten" he says looking at me

Damn 10year age difference I think to myself I thought he was 20something because he looks that young but also matured but I don't really care about age anyway.

"Why did you ask me to have lunch with you today" I ask him

"I aksed you because I find myself thinking about you every minute since the time I spoke to you something is pulling me to you and I need to know what but also I really like you alot Giana there is something rare about you" Justin says honestly.

Ok iam lost for words and to be honest this is a first for me I have never had a boyfriend
because no one has been interested in to a point to ask me out and Mika has had his fair share of dating and he has alot to say about man and has alot of swear words for them as well,he always says iam lucky I have not started and I should stay like that for my sanity and purity but Justin makes me feel foreign things and I want more of these foreign feelings so I guess I like him too.

I decide to change the subject I ask him about his family and I find out that he has 4 brothers, 2 older than him and the other 2 are younger than him which makes him the middle child his parents are still alive and have been married 35years and I can't help picture myself and him married that long with our own family.

I tell him about my family not that it's information that he does not know already but he listens to me with interest like it's the first time he hears about it,while I talking iam disturbed by our waiter appearing to our table with a apologetic look but Justin's mood has changed from relaxed to irritated.

"Why the fuck did this food take so long were you ordering it from China?" He asks with a deadly voice

And the waiter jumps a little taken aback by his voice and question.

"I apologize sir there was some confusion in the kitchen" the waiter replies

"Don't apologize and answer my question with a correct answer by telling us what happened and yes you are wright this shit won't happen again" I touch his hand and ask him to calm down.

The waiter tries to speak but I cut him off telling him it's okey and ordering the same drinks from him and tell him it's okay he can leave us.

Justin is scowling at me and the waiter but I ignore him and start digging into my food after the waiter leaves,Justin starts eating too buy I stop him before he puts his first spoon of food in his mouth and tell him to say grace but he gives me a questioning look.

"I didn't see you say grace but you stop me to say grace" he says with a raised eyebrow

" How were you going to see me say grace with that scowl you had" I say to him smiling

He doesn't answer he just huffs and starts mumbling his grace words and starts to eat and I do a happy little dance inside that I told Justin what to do for the first time and he listened.

There is comfortable silence between us enjoying our food but me not being used to silence while eating because Mika and I always talking when we eating so I decide to make a conversation with Justin and I ask him if he has social media so I can follow him and steal his pictures so I can look at him to my heart's content alone but I don't tell him that part.

"No iam not on social media Kitten I don't want to end up jeopardizing my businesses and I like to keep my private life private and remain a mystery to people." he replies

Immediately his answer picked my interest.

"What kind of businesses do you do?". I ask all my attention on him now eating paused.

"Beside being a part time professor Iam into clubs I own a few of them from different spots and states,Iam also into property I buy and sell them after upgrading them and I also rent some but that's just cover my real identification and title". Justin answers also now looking at me and the eating paused also.

"What do you mean by being a part time professor and covering you real identity and title Justin" I ask confused but also scared of the answer I will get.

"I mean iam not a full time professor, teaching is my passion but the life I grew up from does not allow me to follow that dream to it's fullest so I decided to do it part time by the connections I have so I only teach your class but can leave anytime my title and businesses need me"

"Um ok but I still you haven't answered me fully yet for me to be satisfied with your answers". I tell him with a shaky voice already thinking the worst is he some kind high profiled individual

"Are you some kind of secret agent or FBI or something" I ask him

Justin laughs sooo hard to a point that tears come out of his eyes for a good few minutes and im just looking at him finding nothing funny but also enjoying his baritone laugh, Justin chuckles last time and his face changes to serious and starts to answer but we quickly stops when our waiter comes back with our drinks.

After thanking the waiter and Justin giving the waiter deadly looks again..the waiter scurried away and I take a sip from my juice and Justin takes a long sip from him drink and looks at me and

"Kitten I don't think this is the right place and time to tell you my about my real identification or title cause I can't read your reaction normally I can read people and know exactly what to say or how to handle them but you confuse me so let's finish our lunch and I'll take you home". Justin says and starts eating letting me know this conversation is over for now.

I dont argue because I also don't know if I want to know now so I get back to eating.

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