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Chapter 59...Another secret revealed

It's Justin's second day in hospital and he hates being in here with passion,the surgery was successful but the doctor's wanted to do more tests to make sure that they didn't miss anything. Justin refused to stay here as soon as he woke up from his temporary coma and I had to calm him down promising to stay overnight with him.

Justin had other ideas at night but I quickly shut down his dirty mind with an excuse that i wanted him to see me if we did any lovemaking but I wasn't going to be involved in any sex act in a hospital and I have become quite a screamer too so i wasn't about to let Justin's men know about our activities behind closed doors.

In the morning Tony brought us breakfast,fresh clothes and other essentials like lotion,hair dryer,brushes,perfumes and Justin's beard trimming thing. Tony offered to trim Justin's beard but I quickly stepped in before Justin said something rude and I offered to do it myself, I had to watch three YouTube videos to learn how to trim it perfectly and I did good for a first timer.

I’m lying down on the bed with him, my head resting on his chest while he plays with my hair and I'm just listening to his heartbeat which is like a lullaby to me because im slowly falling asleep. We are so cosy we have forgotten we are in hospital, Thank God for these private hospitals, its nice to have money sometimes there is complete privacy for us because we have the whole floor to us including the security detail, Justin's men use the other hospital rooms for sleeping and taking showers after changing shifts on this floor but their food is ordered from one of Justin's business friend which he trusts,they cannot eat or drink anything from random places for safety reasons.

"Kitten how would you feel about us getting married next week" Justin says out of the blue catching me off guard.

"Sky you just proposed four days ago and now you want us to get married!?, I thought we were going to wait a little longer before we walk down the isle. are your Mafia business dealings up to date? I don't want a million security detail on our day just because there is a threat from one of your enemies. My mother will be present and I don't want her life in any danger on that day." I say to him.

"To answer your question or suggestion Justin we will get married when we have reached the stage or level in our relationship where we can tell each other anything and everything. No secrets and No lies." I continued

"Giana unfortunately i cannot tell you anything and everything i do regarding my businesses or my actions,decisions and activities outside our home, that is something you must accept wholeheartedly. It's not safe for you." Justin says

"What's the worst thing that could happen Justin? .You letting me in on things you do outside your house is a big deal to me because that will show me that you trust me,have faith in me and you love me wholeheartedly without any secrets and lies. Why can't you understand how important these things are to me." I say frustrated

"Giana calm down please iam not looking for a fight with you and I do trust you but I also need you to allow me to be a man in your life and lead." He responds pinching the bridge of his nose showing frustration too

"Don't make me the neck in our relationship that turns wherever the head faces which will be you in our case,I don't want to be sexist and say things like a woman's job is in the kitchen bullshit because that's not my beliefs but I do believe that a man is the head meaning its leads and a woman is the neck meaning it's supports the head and I also acknowledge that the head is useless without the neck vise versa, We both need each other baby and I do listen and understand everything you say to me but I also need you to give me a chance to show you that i listen to you when you talk." He continued

There is silence after that and surprisingly he hasn't stopped playing with my hair and I have not moved from his chest even though we are having a heated conversation.

"All im asking from you my love is that you trust me,it's fine if you don't tell me about all the gory details about your businesses but tell me about where you are going,how your day is looking like,take me to your other legal businesses introduce me to that part of your life and be comfortable enough to share things with me,offload some of your worries or fears to me." I say breaking the peaceful silence

"My belief on trust is that a relationship without trust is like a car without gas, you can stay in it all you want but it won't go anywhere. I don't want a perfect version of you because no one is perfect even me. Relationships are not about finding the perfect partner but learning to see your imperfect partner perfectly." I continued after getting no response or reaction from Justin.

"I don't have anything more to say on this Kitten but iam listening to you and trying to understand your perspective which is my way of showing respect to you and our relationship." He says after another long silence.

"Thank you,You listening means alot to me. When i walk down the isle i will be choosing alot of things " I say sincerely

" I will be choosing you as my forever,my life partner,my parenting partner someone who will deeply influence our children and someone who's going to make my life emotionally fulfilling." I continued

"And when i walk down the isle i will be choosing my forever too, including all the other things you've mentioned and adding to that list my travel companion to vacations and business affairs, my personal doctor who will take out bullets in my body and patch me up too and my primary leisure time and retirement friend." He says with a lazy smile.Making me wish to see his eyes so bad because im missing those sharp glassy grey eyes that make my knees weak and my stomach have knots inside. I'm heartily waiting for the time the doctor's will take off the bandages on his eyes.

Falling inlove with this man is the best thing that has ever happened to me,his the only one who i wouldn't mind losing sleep for. The only one who crosses my mind constantly throughout the day and i can never ever get tired of talking to him or seeing his dangerously handsome face that he can pull off different looks from. He makes me smile without trying,he can bring down my mood without the intention to and affect my emotions with every action of his and I want him to be my forever but there is alot of things we need to overcome before we can say i do!!.

Things that are my concerns can seem like small things to him but to me those are deal breakers or red flags that im willing to correct and work on together with him because i really see a very bright future with him and I also listen to him when he speaks because i also have my flaws and new to this relationship thing so i learn as i go too.

"You're too quiet Kitten have you fallen asleep or you're in your mind too much?" He says lightly pinching my cheeks.

"I'm actually hungry and also in my mind too much, I think i need a vacation in a island somewhere with dark blue waters and white sand sipping on alcoholic beverages and eating lobsters with lots of cheese and garlic." I say dreamily

Justin let's out a few chuckles amused and now pinched both my cheeks still chuckling.

"You are a character miss Jackson,please take my phone and text Li to bring us lunch before you accuse me of starving you." He says chuckling

I gently moved from the comfortable position I was in on his chest, I take his phone beside him and texted Li.

"What did you order for us" Justin asks when i returned to my previous comfy spot on his chest

" I ordered a chicken burrito bowl with rice and beans for you and ordered an avocado and egg sandwich for me,for drinks I ordered cranberry juice for you and semi sweet red wine for me." I responded

Justin frowns a little when he heard about my choice of drinks and I'm sure it's about the wine.

"Isn't a bit early for alcoholic drinks and I think you should not drink for now maybe you can after a month or so." He says seriously

"It's 5pm somewhere in the world right now and I need a little bit of alcohol right now because my emotions have been all over the place from the day you walked out of our room four days ago." I say a bit confused about his words.

"I'm sorry baby,I didn't mean to worry you but I'm serious about you not drinking. You can have one or two glasses today but can it be the last time until a month from now." He says and I can't believe we are about to argue about alcohol now because what he is saying and asking me to do is unfair and his not giving me a valid reason for asking me not to drink.

"Justin im not about to argue with you again today and about a stupid thing this time." I say already holding my breath

"We are talking Kitten not arguing but to keep the energy positive let's drop this issue for now." He says squeezing my butt making me giggle. Justin is so random sometimes.

After thirty minutes we hear two soft knock sounds on the door and we both say come in at the same time which makes us share a little laugh together.

Li comes in carrying take away bags with food and Snake following behind him with our drinks,they gently sat everything down on the little dinner table that has been added in here.

"Hello cosy love birds,the delivery guys are here at your mercy." Li says bowing down dramatically

"Li stop being a drama queen and adding to your list of bullshit that needs to be addressed as soon as i can see." Justin says being his rude self but i do not take their rude exchange of words to heart or seriously anymore and it's has become a normal thing to them.

"Well i thought being blind for a few hours was going to humble your ungrateful ass but hey a zebra never changed colors or its stripes so why would i expect something different from you " Li shot back making Snake look at him weirdly

"Nothing will ever humble me in this world ass hat!! and blind or not i can still kick your ass you miserable peace of -." Justin says but I cutted him off before he could finish his sentence.

"Ok!! That's enough from both of you and stop acting like little boys for a day! Act your age for once please." I say irritated

"Li give my wife her food before she cuts our balls off because i know what's causing her outburst right now." Justin says amused but I don't see anything amusing about their forever childish behavior towards each other.

Li moves the dinner table closer to us on the bed, I silently start putting our food on the plates,taking out silverware preparing to help Justin eat.

"It's okay wife Li will help me eat,you eat your own food before you- never mind." Justin says

I don't say anything back to him because im still irritated and it was a great move to not finish whatever nonsense he was about to say to me.

I start eating my food while Li helps him eat and they start discussing business between themselves.

"Snake the python man!, why are you so quite my friend? What's bothering you and I hope it's not someone we need to put in a body bag because im a blind man right now so count me out ." Justin says jokingly

I had forgotten that Snake was here because his been quite all along and didn't even say anything when Li and Justin had their pissing contest and he is the one who normally intervenes.

"Why did you save Stephano? What kind of example are you setting for the men and since when do we forgive and save people like Stephano." Snake says with a bit of aggressive behavior

"There are rumors of how you have fallen from the throan and how you have lost your passion for the Mafia ever since you met Giana,a few hours earlier i heard some of our men talking about how soft you've become and that love has turned you into a lovesick puppy that is why you failed the second mission and on killing Gustav in China but instead you saved the enemy." Snake continued

Li stopped helping Justin eat and Justin's body has tensed and his face shows that blank look as he listened attentively to Snake. Justin jaws kept clenching.

"Snake i don't think this the right time to talk about this man." Li says looking at Snake with disappointment written on his face

"It's okay Li,Snake is just speaking his mind and I don't want him to hold back his true feelings and beliefs from a sense of being polite or fear of me, we are family and we should always call each other out if one of us is doing something we don't agree with." Justin says.

"I have never worried about people who speak behind my back because they're behind for a reason.i appreciate people who say things to my face and not behind my back and I'm delightfully aware that people talk behind my back it's a pleasure to know that they have no guts to say it to my face." Justin continued.

"My say is that it's not the right time or place to be discussing such things Justin and Snake knows better than to entertain gossip and rumors because when people don't know what's going in your life they speculate and when they think they know they fabricate,that's has been Justin's life before he even met Giana and those that think he has fallen or gone soft they know damn well they are lying through their teeth,they have witnessed him in brutal killings and they would shit their pants if they even shared a look with the Mamba." Li says with such passion and confidence

"Li don't give this too much attention we have always ignored such things but what i will address is the Stephano issue not that I'm forced to but because you are my family and an explanation for my actions or decisions is what you deserve." Justin says calmy

"I have always respected everyone's privacy around me and their decisions as long as it's doesn't involve me or my businesses that is why i never get into anyone's love life's or anything they do in their respective life's and I demand the same from my employees regarding Giana and my relationship with her because i don't play about what's mine, when men gossip about me i don't give a fuck but when Giana's name get thrown in there than it's a problem. a fuckin big one." Justin raised his voice at the last statement and I squeezed his hand to calm him down.

"I met Stephano at the age of seven when my father and i were at a restaurant,when we were there eating i noticed this terried fragile boy who had a bruise on his lip. When our eyes met i saw alot of emotions. i was taught to pay attention to my surroundings and observe things around me including people at the age of three and by the age of seven i was a professional and it became part of me so i knew something was wrong with him and i focused on him and saw Stephano try to steal a man's wallet,his hands kept shaking. He got caught but i moved swiftly while the man was causing drama i managed to steal the wallet from Stephano and put it back inside the man's pocket and my father intervened and made it look like the man was lying on Stephano. After that my father said i must make it a little mission of mine to befriend Stephano and help him from whatever trouble he had at home because it was obvious his parents forced him to steal." Justin tells us the story with sadness.

"I found out that he was being physically and emotionally abused but the worst part is he was also being forced to let disgusting men and women use him as they please sexually for money. My father took care of all those people including his parents and our journey began from there as brother's,my happiest days of my youth were with him. He was a troubled teenager and he was a wild kid but only my father could tame him he looked up to him and always told me my father was his hero,his very own superman.when we started going to missions he was once captured and was tortured and sexually abused again. After he was rescued he used to have nightmares waking up screaming and shaking,I would stay up all night watching over him because i promised to do it for him to feel safe,he would sleep during the night and I would sleep during the day because he would be following my father around like a lost puppy during the day because he felt safe around the both of us,he started taking drugs i found out when one of the men snitched on him and I had to tell Skull begging him not to tell my father or punish Stephano,Skull killed the man who snitched because if you steal you get killed or punished so he got rid of the evidence" He continued telling the story.

"Stephano has gone through alot of shit,he always had my back vise versa and when i found out about his betrayal my father told me to do whatever i felt right in my heart and something that i would not regret later causing me to back track on my personal progress. When i saw him bleeding to death i didn't see Stephano our betrayer i saw that fragile,terrified boy in the restaurant,I saw the Stephano who was my brother who had kept my secrets,protected me from my enemies and the Stephano who we went on missions and got sickly drunk with the same day, I couldn't kill that Stephano or leave him to die." Justin says.

I couldn't help the tears that escaped from my eyes while Justin was telling the story and I'm proud of him for choosing to save him with or without reasons.

" Justin i never say this as much as i should but i hope you know that im proud of you,your achievements,you've worked hard for everything you own and regarding the Stephano matter im proud that you found that light of hope in the darkest moments.iam not saying this as your fiance im saying this because it needs to be said by someone and who better than me." I say giggling at the end.

''And you make me feel so proud of being inlove with you Giana and that is why i want so badly to make you Mrs." He says with that boyish smile of his.

"Ok enough of the romance some of us are still searching for a Giana in our lives so please spare us or give us some pick up lines." Li says smiling

"Sorry to disappoint you my brother but i don't use pick up lines that's too basic and not masculine for me , you can ask Giana if you don't believe me but i can try and give you a few." Justin says laughing

"Whatever smart ass but try me with a few pick up lines." Li says

"How about! I want you to be the reason you look down on your phone and smile then walk into a pole." Justin says bursting out with laughter at his own corny joke and Li,Snake and I follow laughing. I guess Snake is satisfied with Justin's reasoning because he didn't say anything after the story.

"Or if you were a fruit you would be fine apple." Snake added and we all laughed

"Or Are you a bank loan? Because you have my interest" Justin says making us laugh louder.

They carried on sharing corny pick up lines until my stomach and cheeks hurted and couldn't take anymore. Its funny how the situation was serious a few minutes ago but now it looks like it never happened. I wish for a friendship like this with someone i think to myself looking at these three scary men to alot of people cracking jokes between them and looking all youthful and stress free.

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