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Chapter 60...its alot🧐🤗🤭

Today is the day Justin gets released from the hospital and everyone is excited even the home staff,Maria called me in the morning letting me know that they're back and she wanted to know what time Justin is coming back because she has planned a little welcome home party for him and invited everyone she thinks Justin is close with.

She also asked if there's anyone i wanted to add to the list of invitees that she might not know of that's close to Justin or anyone i wanted to invite on my side.i told her i wanted to invite my mother but she is too far so I told her i didn't have anyone in mind that is close by that i wanted to invite.

"Where is that useless doctor that i pay way too much for his shit services." Justin growls out getting impatient

The doctor was supposed to have came back from getting Justin's papers for his release and surgery results thirty minutes ago but his a no show which is testing both our patience.

"I swear on my dead mother's body if he doesn't come in after five minutes from now iam firing him and his entire staff of idiots and I'm going to walk out of here. I'm tired of incompetent people!." He shouts

I'm still stuck on the first line from his rant, what does he mean "dead mother's body" Because last time i saw her she was alive and nobody told me anything about her passing.

"Kitten whats that frown on your face about?." Justin asks and i didn't even realize that i was frowning.

"Justin i hope this is not one of your lies to keep me safe because if it is than you've proven my point about us not getting married soon." I say calmy to him

Justin's facial expression quickly changed from relaxed to his famous blank look,we both had a mini staring competition until i cracked and looked down.

"I'm waiting for you to continue Giana because you can't make such a statement and not support it." Justin says still spotting that blank look

"I swear on my dead mother's body",what do you mean by that because your mother was alive last time i saw her." I say with a raised eyebrow.

"Giana before i tell you everything,I just want you to know that i did not lie to you.i just didn't tell you, there's a difference between the two and I would appreciate it if you don't say words like "i hope it's not one of your lies" because i have never lied to you but I just don't tell you things ." Justin says sternly

Justin than began to tell me about how he found out about his biological mother,evil step mother,Gustav,Michelo and Stephano and he told me he killed his step mother but didn't go into details. I feel sorry about what he went through and all but why didn't he tell me about this. Justin really confuses me because just when i think i know him he proves me wrong every time.

It's amazing how quickly your mood can change,how deep your heart can sink and how much one person can affect you.

I blame myself for expecting too much.

"Kitten don't over think this please,I was going to tell you but alot has been happening and i have a million things to always take care of but i was going to tell you when the smoke from all of this died down." He says when i don't say anything after his little story.

"It hurts when you realize that you aren't as important to someone as you thought you were." I say feeling sad and my mood has taken a shift from being excited to go back home with Justin to feeling doubtful and scared about our relationship.

"Giana don't talk like that please, you are more than important to me. You are a limited edition baby,my heart and i agree that you are the one for me. Just because im not meeting all your expectations doesn't mean that i love you any less,or don't trust you enough." Justin says

"I don't know where i stand with you and I don't know what i mean to you." I say with tears threatening to come out

"For fuck sake Giana! What do you really want me to do or how do you want me to act around you because it seems like iam always fucking up with you some how and to be honest its tiring to have to argue with you everyday about something im not doing right,iam trying my all to please you but there are things im also getting used to or trying to change to accommodate you." He says frustrated

"I'm not the same person i used to be,pain changed me,the underworld changed me,my day to day dealings changed me.everyday iam working on my own demons and working on being a better person for you."

"Dont expect perfection and don't expect easy in a relationship." He continued

"If maybe you asked me why i didn't tell you everything i would have told you that im not used to sharing feelings with anyone and when it comes to my personal life i have always been alone wolf,even my own father knows only what i let him know and he doesn't question me because he knows how private iam about my feelings " Justin says getting up taking his Gucci bag and sliding his sunglasses onto his face

"Iam leaving this damn hospital right now before i go crazy,let's go!!." He says taking my hand and not even waiting for my answer.

We quickly exit the hospital room and all the security detail start looking alive,we all move in silence and when we turn the corner the doctor we were waiting for bumps into one of the security men and instantly falling down.He quickly got up dusting invisible dust on him.

"Don i was about -" he started to say but Justin cutted him off by knocking him down with his fist making me scream from surprise and shock

"You're fired and all those idiots you call staff members." Justin barks at him

The doctor just lays there on the floor with blood gushing out of his nose.

I move to go help the guy but Justin yanks me back a bit forcefully glaring daggers at me so i quickly retreated back to my previous spot next to him.

We soon continue with our walk and we take the elevator down to the ground floor,when we are approaching the exit of the hospital i see a face i never thought i would see again. I see Selena.

Selena is looking malnourished,weak and she has on dirty clothes and has purple bruises on her arms,legs and neck. She is nearly unrecognizable but i can never forget my own cousin.

"Selena" I whisper my heart breaking for her a million times and my hands getting sweaty and starts shaking a bit.

"Kitten whats wrong ?,why do you look like you've just seen a ghost" Justin says quitely next to me but i can feel his whole body getting into defense mode,he looks around for any danger as well as the security detail.

I point to my cousin with shaky hands unable to speak at the moment.

"Do you know her" Justin asks confused

"Th- that's my cousin Selena" I say and Justin now looks at her again,after a few seconds he recognized her.

"Oh she won't hurt you baby,i can even let you take her out on your own" he says looking unbothered and chuckles a bit

It's hard to know how you feel or to know what's real or not because you can say you hate someone but you truly don't. Right now i don't really know how i truly feel about Selena

Justin quickens his steps when we are about to walk passed her and I slowed down which created a little distance between us.Selena saw us but got scared when she saw the men guarding us, she hesitantly gave me a weak wave and a sad smile.

I don't know what i was doing or thinking but i just wanted to help her out or find out what was wrong with her because she is in a hospital so i greeted her.

"Hey um Selena,it's so good to see you! What are you doing here? Are you ill?." I say all this fast

"I need your help,please take me with you or he will kill me if he finds me here." Selena says ignoring my little greeting and questions

"Selena what are you talking about? Who is -" I say but don't finish my words because Justin startled me by holding me close to him

"Giana don't! This is not your problem, let's go" he says leaving no room for argument.

Selena tries to touch me but one look from Justin makes her recoiled back,Justin quickly led us out of the hospital.

Outside there are expensive cars already waiting for us and Justin led me to a red Ferrari portofino M car,he quickly opened the door for me in the front and quickly threw his Gucci hospital bag at the back and walked around to the driver side and got in.

Once he buckled me in and settled inside he flashed the lights at the car in front letting them know that they can move and after that he started driving following the car infront and the other three cars followed us.

It was dead silent inside the car,Justin ignored me when i politely asked him if he can turn on the radio or play music for me.

"Giana i really don't know what to do anymore,you keep finding faults from me and I'm even sure that you are blaming me for almost every bad thing that's wrong on this relationship, I'm in the wrong for stopping you minutes ago from starting something you can't handle and i would have to get involved, I have alot of shit on my plate already ,i don't want to add your cousin's problems to that." Justin says focusing on the road.

"It's okay if your doing your random acts of kindness and saving your friends but i can't help my own cousin." I shot back

"You see that smart mouth of yours is what will get you in trouble and I don't know when you started talking so much. The situations are different and I know everything about your so called cousin and let me tell you something sweetheart she will not get out of what's she's put herself into alive and you can't save someone like her she is in too deep. She thought she was swimming with the dolphins but she was swimming with big brutal sharks." Justin says

"I guess you're scared of those sharks that's why you can't help." I say taunting him hoping he takes my bait

"I'm not scared of anything and for you to say something like that confirms how little you know of me,maybe i should play you a movie starring me but only if you promise not to run out screaming and you will have nightmares for a will never ever put me and scared in the same sentence again though. "

"Or better yet you can watch me live in action , I already have a willing participant that was just captured last night that escaped from me in China and I'm itching to get my hands dirty i have been missing in action for a little bit." Justin says with excitement

"No thank you,im good." I say not wanting to poke the lion any further

"Oh you backing out already,what happened to your smart mouth,you have been wanting to know more about me so i think it's time i grant you your wishes and stop babying you or sheltering you from my other life." He says smiling mischievously

"Justin please!,you can Stop now you've proven your point. I'm no longer interested in knowing your Mafia or business side. I'm happy with the Justin i know." I say avoiding another useless fight with him

Justin maybe thinks his words didn't get to me but unfortunately they did and I acknowledged the parts i play in most of our fights and I just think my insecurities get to me too much when it's concerning him. Justin doesn't see himself as i see him,he is every woman's dream and even though he is not meeting all my expectations but his trying to and he meets all my needs the other things are just wants.

I just need to separate my needs from wants, I'm going to be working on my "smart mouth" because it may not be something serious now but in the future it can be annoying and cause me my almost perfect life with my soul mate.

"Justin im sorry,I really hate it when we fight,I hate it even more when i realize that is was my fault so im owning up to my faults
,please forgive me my love." I say sincerely

Justin doesn't say anything and I'm not used to him not saying anything back to me.

"You are my strength,yet you are angry with me and I feel very weak and exposed .Please accept my sincere apology and let us move forward." I say

''There is nothing to forgive baby,we are a couple so we will definitely have disagreements and little fights here and there but as long as we end up in each other's arms at the end of the day i can handle it. thats all I have to say ,also i love you endlessly." He says giving my hand a little squeeze

We both fall into comfortable silence and he played some Jazz music while he takes us home.

I woke up in Justin's arms carried in bridal style ,i don't know when i fell asleep,i woke up when i heard a woman's woman's voice but i still kept my eyes closed pretending to be sleeping.

"I'm so happy you're home son,in your absence you were missed." The woman's voice being Maria says.

"It's good to be back Maria,Thank you and I'm sure you're the only one who missed me" Justin says chuckling

"You would be surprised just how many people really care about you child." Maria says

"We've prepared a little welcome home lunch i invited a few people that i think you would be happy to see but you can put Giana to bed first." Maria continued

"Kitten you can open your eyes now." Justin says sounding amused

I kept my eyes closed still pretending to be sleeping until Justin pretended to drop me down and i quickly opened my eyes letting out a little scream.

Justin and Maria laughed at me and Maria even had tears coming out of her eyes.

"I'm glad you found that funny, you can put me down now Sir." I say my words dripping with sarcasm

"Welcome back too sweet child,Thank you for agreeing to marry Justin,you make a honest man out of this stubborn boy and welcome to the family dear." Maria says sweetly

I give Maria a bright genuine smile and to think she didn't like me in the beginning.Justin puts me down gently and holds me closely to him

"Ok let's not waste any more time your guests are already waiting for you,I will lead you to them." Maria says ushering us to where the guests are.

We quickly made it to the room where the guests were and when i saw the guests i saw Justin tense beside me and he had every reason to.

The guests were Li,Snake,Valentino,Skull those were the expected guests but the shocker was Stephano,Rose,Pepper and Justin's ex who i don't even want her name to come out of my mouth and the surprise guest was my beautiful sexy mother, the other guest were Justin's men who i have seen around and about five women i have never seen or met before.

"Finally the guests of honor have finally made it,now can we start drinking Maria." Valentino happily says making his way to us and giving me a warm hug and kissed both my cheeks and then went to Justin gave him a full warm hug too but Justin just patted his father lightly feeling awkward at the exchange

One by one the guests came to greet Justin and i telling Justin welcome back and sharing a few words and jokes with him, the women only talked to Justin and smoothly ignored me like i wasn't even there and they gave me weird looks when Justin was not looking. Finally it was my mother's turn,Thank the freaking heavens!!

"You two are sooo fuckin in trouble and if I didn't love my daughter i wouldn't even be here and you!! Sky would be six feet under." My mother says sounding upset.

"I mean what the fuckery fuck! , How come i had to hear about my child's engagement my very own seed which i carried for ten fuckin months had to endure eighteen hours of labor pains for but I had to hear about her life from a stranger by the name of Maria who also told me about her being shot which made her end up in hospital ,her losing a child because of it." My mother says her voice cracking holding back tears.

"Pumpkin you are all i got,you are my last family. Iam still fighting to see another day because of you otherwise i would have ended my life long time ago when i lost my soul mate and son on the same day but I had to fight my sadness,depression and suicidal attempts because of you and when i heard how i almost lost you but didn't know. how do you think that made me feel? Giana iam only living for you." My mother says sounding broken and we both started crying hugging each other for dear life.

"I'm so sorry mom, I'm so so so sorry." I kept chanting while hugging her

"And you Sky did i make a mistake by liking you the first time i met you? Because i don't remember getting a call from you asking for my blessings in asking for my daughters hand in marriage, her father might not be with us now but im still here to represent him and I'm her mother,father,brother all in one and don't take me for a fool i can easily take you out i have connections too boy." My mother says after breaking the hug and wiping her tears away.

"I sincerely and deeply apologize on my son's behalf Mrs Jackson,this is definitely not how i raised him and i promise he will do better in future,I will make damn sure of it but let's not forget that these are children in our eyes who are stubbornly and blindly inlove so they don't think or reason like us as parents but their time will come when they feel the happiness,sleepless nights,forever worried and panicking about their kids when they become parents too." Mr Valentino politely says to my mother, I didn't even notice that he was still around.

"Oh well now that I've said my piece it's all in the past now and im waiting for both of them to show change,it's a happy day so let's be happy and pumpkin and J Congratulations my children on your engagement and welcome back, let's forget about the past and look to a beautiful bright future ahead and please give me grand babies soon i need some little innocent Giana's running around because my big Giana is no longer innocent ever since she discovered a man's private part." My mother says giggling and winking at us when she said the last part.

Valentino bursts into laughter and my mother followed,Justin shakes his head looking amused while i look like a tomato from embarrassment.

The lunch party soon began with expensive hard liquor coming in, luxury cocktails around and wine, I don't even wanna try to pronounce these big names of these drinks, the starters followed which was different sea food delicacies. Everyone looked happy even the ladies who kept giving weird looks,I was stuck next to Justin's side,Valentino's or my mother's. There were the only ones who i had long conversations with but i did greet Li,Snake and Skull, Stephano and Rose kept their distance which made me a little sad because i once thought of Rose as a friend but at this moment it is what it is.

The party which Maria said was a small party has been going on for about four hours now,there is even music playing and people dancing having a good time,the main course meal was served an hour ago which was deliciously good specially prepared by Justin's chef and his assistants.

Valentino asked to dance with me but he was limping hard after two dances and i did warn him about my two left feet but he said he was a good teacher so i let him try to cure my non dancing abilities.

My mother dragged Justin to the dance floor and Justin can move,my man has moves that can put professional dancers to shame and my mother shocked me because she can also move those feet and hips. If she was not my mother i would have felt threatened by her.

Im sitting in between my mother and Valentino they are going on about useless topics and we end up getting involved in those topics. Skull, Snake and Justin are also having fun sharing jokes and insulting each other in the process. Li has been awfully quite and kept glaring daggers at Valentino whenever he and my mother would drunkenly laugh and share a few sneaky touches here and there but what's surprising is that Snake and Justin would talk with their eyes and laugh out loud at the situation meaning they knew something that I didn't know.

We didn't realize that we were making memories,we were just having fun.

"Hey J,can i talk to you in private please." Justin's old flame says touching him on the shoulder

"No love you can't,he is busy right now with his family. Drop him an email or something later." My mother says in a sassy way.

"Um who are you oldy!?." The old flame shots back

"Iam the hot mother inlaw of J and the proud mother of the beautiful,smart,intelligent and rare diamond called Giana. Oh yes i gave birth to the rarest diamond of all Puttana." My mother says attempting to stand but failing miserably.

Puttana: Whore in Italian.

Justin doesn't say anything he just gave his old flame a look and she quickly scurried away like her ass was on fire.

The mood was ruined so Valentino asked to show my mother something and my mother happily accepted while giggling like a school girl. She even shortened his name to Val or Ntino what ever she felt like using while they were acting like horny teenagers.

Rose finally got the courage to come to us and I watched her staggering towards us carrying a glass of whiskey and a cigar on the other hand.

"Hi sweetheart!!" She happily greets me with a big very drunk smile.

"I just wanted to tell you all that i have chosen to stay with the family and im very sorry and ashamed of what Stephano did to the family. I have decided to leave him and start afresh within the family only if iam still welcomed and if yes ,i would like to renew my vows and oath to the Mafia and family." She says with tears running down her face.

Silence falls after that and all eyes are on Justin.

"Rose you have nothing to apologize for,you mustn't take the blame for someone else's doings even if they're your lover or partner. I never had an issue with you but if maybe you did know about the other person's doings than I would have a problem with you as well. So you are still in the family "Justin says calmy

"Can we please not talk about serious issues right now because we are all clearly either tipsy,drunk or stupidly drunk and today is a celebration for the gift of life, family,friends and love as we are also celebrating the engagement of our youngest but strongest and deadliest Don the family has ever had with the beautiful and bravest woman the family has ever had that tamed the stubborn Don down." Valentino shouts from across the room where he has my mother cuddled up to him.

People raised their glasses in agreement with him and the party continued smoothly after that.

Li left early saying something about him not feeling well which made Snake,Skull and Justin laugh their asses off resulting in Li storming out angrily which fueled their laughter.

The ladies who were giving me weird looks ended up in different corners of the house with Justin's men ravishing them live,some things made me close my eyes in shock and shame and some things done to them made me gag and they happily enjoyed it giving full consent.

The lunch party turned into a night party and i was exhausted from it all but i didn't want to leave Justin by himself with those vultures of women so i stayed because he really seemed like he was enjoying himself with his people a.k.a family.

My mother bid me goodnight and disappeared with Valentino thirty minutes ago and when i offered to check if her room was done and ready for her,Valentino told me not to worry about my mother she is a full grown woman and asked me to relax and enjoy the party ,my mother is with him.

When i told Justin about my concerns he also assured me that my mother was fine and to let her live and explore. To calm me down he put on his lap and kept playing with my hair or rubbing my back while whispering sweet nothings in my eat.

The party went on until three am the next morning. I have to give it to Justin's people they can handle their liquor and they can party because the lunch thing started from one pm the previous day until three am the next day. No one had to drive back,Justin organized drivers for each person or the ones who decided to leave together.

Justin and i were slightly drunk but everyone was sickly drunk and I can bet all of my none existent money that they will wake up with regrets and headaches that will last them a few days. We created alot of unforgettable moments from this party and this is something that i didn't know that the family needed because all of us have gone through alot these past months individually and together.

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