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Chapter 61.. Justin's last POV🥺🥺

I woke up to a naked little sexy Kitten next to me who had her eyebrows furrowed,her rosey juicy lips pouted making Mamba junior down there more excited than he already is by just waking up next to this beauty right here but my mood is ruined by my phone that has been vibrating none stop next to me and reminding me that iam currently suffering from a killer hangover and i now wish i was still blind atleast Giana was treating me like a little prince spoiling me rotten with all her attention and loving,my father treated me like a small boy that needed his daddy for protection and everyone who knew about my accident really showed me unexpected love and loyalty and my phone was not this busy.

When i can't take anymore of my aggravating phone which was causing me more hangover blues and regrets of drinking way past my limit a few hours ago because a certain temptress gave me her Oscar performance of acting all kinds of cute from pouting,to giving me some puppy love by kissing me all over my face begging me to drink with her, she even took it up a notch by licking my face which i would find disgusting if someone else besides her did it to me,I would probably kill the person on the spot.

"What!?" I bark on the phone after deciding to answer it before it wakes up my cuddle partner next to me.

"Hey take it easy man it's not my fault Giana didn't allow you in between her thighs last night." Snake says asking to die before his time.

"First of all,Fuck you!. And second of all Never ever play like that if it's involving Giana, Third of all what the fuck you want cagna?." I say already knowing iam about to have a long ass day if this puttana di un fratello calls me first in the morning. iam usually the one who calls him unless he's about to fuck up my day.

Cagna: bitch in italian
puttana di un fratello: Whore of a brother in Italian.

"Well it's time to get your moody ass up because you have a very well tortured,scarred and bloody cagna already asking to be finished off because your father got drunk and had too much fun torturing the man lastnight." Snake says chuckling.

"When did this happen because last time i saw my father he was leaving with Mrs Jackson." I say whispering the last part not wanting Giana to hear us talking about her mother if she happened to pull the iam asleep but not really sleeping stunt again.

"Well when i asked Skull that same question he said it was after an hour he heard your dear future mother inlaw screaming all her ancestors name out while our Valentino took her to heaven and brought her back as a new woman and he proudly said she passed out on him two times while they were at it and also said it was no surprise to him because women always pass out after they get a taste of him and just for a heads up Li is in a mood today because we all heard the noises and Valentino said those words in his presence too." Snake says

"My father will never grow up i tell you and I'm sure it's exactly how i was conceived too, that's why i was considered a bastard child by that evil step mother,may her soul burn in hell. That reminds me! Can you please ask my assistant to schedule a meeting with my father in between my meetings today it's time i get my questions answered,I have given him enough time and space to get his emotions in check." I say already looking at all my commitments my assistant just sent me for today and it's alot. That is why i can't just take days off from my duties but that's something i can never make Giana understand.

"On it boss man! and side note i really missed your ass around here while you were at the hospital,Skull and your father are really evil twins or duo when it comes to work they had everybody almost shitting themselves because of them,their old ways of leading nearly made men quit the family." Snake says laughing at the end.

"Well if i didn't shit myself or quit when they trained me at a tender age im sure my men can take it too" I say amused and sad at the same time remembering some of the brutality that i went through during those years that left me scarred for life and also remembering the proud moments and looks from my father when i proved him wrong or didn't quit but I had alot of crying in private when i was alone because of it.

This is what also keeps me awake at night when i think about my future in the Mafia and my kids future too but what iam definitely sure of is they will not go through the same things i went through especially if they have Giana as their mother,that woman will kill me in my sleep if i had to do that to her kids,she might seem soft and fragile but i can see the tamed fire in her eyes that will show if push comes to shove and she is slowly but surely coming out of her shell and being bold, her smart mouth is something that excites me but is also challenging.

"Listen man all iam saying is you were dearly missed and when shall we expect you at the dungeons?." Snake says getting into business mode at the end.

"Give me thirty minutes to hit the shower and grab some light break fast on the way but i wanted Giana to join me today so she can get a feel of my daily hecting life and maybe also mess with her by giving her a few errands to do for me." I say already thinking of an evil plan to shake up my Kitten.

"I'm not sure Boss if today is a good day to be playing with the future Mrs and she might be in a mood too because of a hangover and Maria was talking to one of the female staff to get her favorite soup,hot water bottle and all her junk favorites she craves when the robot has turned red for her." Snake says

"You are talking a language i have never heard right now Snake,speak to me in simple english man." I say not understanding what Snake is talking about.

"Ok simple english it is,Giana will wake up with a hangover from the little drinking fest and mini porn you both made us witness a few hours ago on the balcony and her period is due today as per the conversation i walked in on between Maria and another female staff. Is that english simple enough for your Italian ass." Snake says with an attitude

"First of all you shouldn't be listening on women's talks you idiot and thanks for letting me know about her periods thing if it's true iam about to have a very different version of Giana today she will not be my Kitten but will be a full grown lioness and lastly i hope you all nosey fuckers didn't do some shady shit when you saw me and Giana in the balcony because iam not scared of killing you all one by one and bury you all one by one everyday giving you a dignified send off attended by me only." I say actually loving my intelligent mind because it comes up with the most weirdest,random but good ideas.

"Hey come back to reality don't let that evil sick beast inside of you start planting bullshit,I was only joking about us as witnesses, Li might be pissed at us but he still has our backs so when he saw what was coming next between you and Giana he ordered all the security cameras to be shut off that side and asked the men guarding that side to move until further notice which was like four hours after your fun." He says in assurance.

Giana stirred and i quickly told Snake to fuck off and ended the call. Snake and i have a very undiscovered friendship,we do all kinds of things brother's do. The fights,the love and hate relationship,he never takes me as his boss but he normally calls me boss or Don but doesn't treat me like one and what i love about him is his loyalty to the family and straight talk. He always says straight talk doesn't break any relationships instead it builds it to be more stronger or just exposes the weakness of it.

"Why do i feel like a bus ran me over and why are you so close to me which is making me sweat like a sinner in church." My lioness says with irritation next to me and i pray for strength to get through Giana's tantrums today.

Deep down inside iam a little hurt because i thought she was pregnant,I had faith in my swimmer's and that is why i told her not to drink at the hospital but i couldn't come up with a valid reason so she won that fight because i was also not sure but had lots of confidence in my swimmer's but i guess i have to keep doing what i do best to her body or maybe i should ask my father for a few pointers because i never had a woman pass out while i was pleasuring her.

I decide to stop thinking before my mind wonders far because already im thinking crazy things like asking my father for pointers digging myself my own grave because I will be giving Skull and my father something new to laugh at me about.

"Good morning Kitten,iam quickly going to take a five minutes shower because i need to be somewhere in fifteen minutes time." I say jumping out of the bed,not wanting to face Giana's wrath so early.

"So because you have to be somewhere you can't even greet me properly,I don't even get a peck on the cheek.Wow!!." She says dramatically rolling to lay where i was a few seconds ago

What did i say about her new smart mouth and boldness.

"Iam so sorry my love,did you have a good sleep." I say bending down to give her a kiss but she blocks it.

"I don't need your kisses anymore and how could i have had a good sleep when you kept moving me away from you." She says confusing me because as soon as i decided we both have had enough it was too late already, she was out snoring sleeping on me because she was sitting on my lap and i took her to bed with no sign of cautiousness from her side.

"I probably felt hot and was not aware that i was pushing you away from me Kitten. Let me quickly take that shower." I say.

If Giana is on her period,you must never get on her bad side,scold her or make her upset. You must just stay away from her if you can and unfortunately i can't. I heard pregnancy comes with mood swings too and if they are like her in her period than im willing to wait a little bit longer for kids.

"So you just going to leave me like this." She says

The way she is being so dramatic and confusing right now!!. iam even thinking of starting my day without taking a shower as long as iam not in her presence right now. I should be used to her tantrums by now because every month she is like this.

"What did you need baby." I say ready to bolt out the room if she starts crying which she does alot when she is on her period

"No it's okay,I - just never mind." She says

"After my shower you can take yours or have a relaxing bubble bath and i will tell Maria to bring your breakfast up and some pain killers for your headache and whatever else you will need." I say already have decided that today is not the right day to be going around with her.

Giana doesn't answer me and that's my chance to escape without any battle wounds.

I quickly took my shower,got dressed in my usual wear which is my custom made suits,checked out my appearance on the mirror to make sure my unruly hair was behaving for now,wore my Richard Mille watch that was a gift passed down to me by my grandfather. My grandfather had a really soft spot for me because i have tons of things that he passed down to me that got passed down to him by his great grandfather too and my father says the old man only left suits and shoes only for him. I also inherited all my grandparents properties and assets which i will get once i get married but I'm not worried about that because i have created my own legacy that my future children will have to continue from,their inheritance is just a bonus to me.

My father said my grandfather was alot like me even from the way i do things and he said he trusted me with his assets and properties because he believed that i will make great choices with them which i think also fueled my evil step mother's hate for me.

Something else that keeps me awake at night is Giana's concerns she has about our relationship. Sometimes i feel like im failing her or im not doing enough to make her happy and content in her life. She does tell me about everything that's worrying her but i just don't know how to fix it and i don't have any female to ask for advice because i definitely cannot ask one of my previous random hookups or talk to anyone about my relationship because that's something very special and private to me that i guard with my all.

Giana is giving me a chance to rectify some mistakes i have made along the way in my past relationships and she has managed to break down walls i putted up and is healing the wounds i suffered from past relationships.she has managed to get under my skin and create a very big unreplaceable place in my heart,she makes me excited for the future.

My phone vibrates showing that Snake is calling me but i ignore the call because i already know his calling to ask me about my whereabouts because i was supposed to meet him thirty minutes after our call but im late by fifteen minutes as i had to deal with my lioness first.

"Kitten...Kitten...Giana!?." I call her but got no response.

So i quickly panicked and checked her pulse and everything because i always think the worst when it comes to her ever since she got shot. She is fine just in a deep slumber probably because we slept a few hours ago,we drinked too much,we had some freaky porn experience with each other so she is definitely exhausted from it all and her period that's due today maybe adding to her exhaution and definitely her temper.

I kiss her goodbye and will check on her later,I will ask Maria to give her extra attention today but if she sees that she needs her space also give to her,i can't stay and take care of her my life doesn't allow me to but i will drop everything for her if she really needed me and I know i need to do better than what iam doing right now but i just need to figure out how.

I walk out of our room and take the steps for some workout because i have been slacking at the gym and i don't know how iam still looking like i go to the gym daily,I should be walking around with a beer belly,I guess i got the good genes from my mother because my father doesn't eat alot or drink alot but managed to gain weight causing him to have some health problems.

"Goodmorning son,how was your sleep?, I have already prepared you some things you will need after a night of drinking and where is Giana?." Maria says a bit too excited which means she is nervous about something and we both already know what about. She invited a few people that she needed approval from me first to say it's fine to invite them.

One thing about me is i hate talking alot unless if it's with Giana. Iam not going to address this issue with her and I don't need her apology as long as she knows her decisions were not pleasant to me. Scolding or disciplining adults about their wrongs is not something i enjoy or like to do unless i really have to.

"Morning Maria,i won't be eating breakfast here today,can i have my usual protein shake for the hangover and please send Giana's breakfast up to our room in two hours from now im sure she would be awake by then and send her some pain pills for the headache and those things for her periods." I say to her standing in the middle of the kitchen facing her.

"Ofcourse but please eat later because Snake has already informed me that you boys have a long day ahead of you. " Maria says

"Okay will do and where can i get some pills for Giana to take for her temper or emotions whenever she is on her period because i always feel her wrath when it's that time of the month for her." I say seriously but Maria only burst into laugher handing me my protein shake still laughing. I leave her there to laugh to her hearts content.

While walking and drinking my shake i passed my men in charge of guarding inside the house,they greet me and i nod acknowledging their greetings and welcome back Don words.

I finally made to the dungeons after taking more than three hundred steps to get to the dungeons which is hidden underground of the house. It's well hidden for the cops,enemies or anyone who might decide they want to be nosey and killed that day.

"About time you graced us with your presence oh great one!!." Li sarcastically says bowing down

Unfortunately for him iam not about the bullshit and playing around when iam in here and especially if iam about to kill the person who has a hand in me living without a mother.

I nod at the guards to leave,that leaves me with Li and Snake inside here.I remove the sheet that is soaking wet with blood and again they have left me with nothing to torture because the man is seconds away from dying. My father really had fun with Gustav,the man's skin is showing bones only,one eye has been gorged out and is hanging on his face. He looks bad and his tongue has been cutted out,fingers and toes missing its a scary seen that will leave many with nights full of nightmares but us we are now immune to such scenes.

"What did my father use to torture him because there is nothing left for me to do here beside counting the seconds for him to die and i don't think he can see any of us or even knows where he is and the icing on the cake i can't say shit to a man who can talk back because Valentino decided to cut his tongue out. I seriously don't know why I was called down here wasting the time i could've spent with Giana." I say

"Well i thought maybe you needed to witness him taking his last breath and say a few words to him like you always do with your kills." Li says

"He is not my kill so i have nothing to say to him,his my father's kill so he can have the last laugh or word with him, im leaving to the office. Let the cleaners know when he is dead so they can burn his body to ashes and throw the ashes somewhere far away from here." I say moving to the exit door

"Who is joining me at the office and who is going to be accompanying me to the trap houses for random visits and who is going to be involved in testing the products with me later in the day." I ask Li and Snake

"Don't worry boss man,we will figure it out between us but we will show up to all those commitments." Snake says

"Can i take a day off today iam not feeling well." Li says seriously

"Li don't bullshit us you are not sick, you are only failing to take rejection and loss like a man. I expect you to be available today,if you need space i will gladly stay out of your way but the show must go on when it comes to business." I say dead serious too

Snake let's out a few chuckles after struggling not to react or hold in his laughter.

Li just turned his back on us and took his gun out shooting Gustav with it,he emptied his fully loaded gun on him,killing him instantly.

"Those bullets were meant for us." Snake says laughing his ass off feeling troublesome wanting to start shit with Li.

I leave the two of them there because iam seriously not in a mood to be going back and forth with them right now or breaking their fights, I have a painful headache iam trying to ignore and iam fighting exhaustion too but i have a ton of things to do that needs me to attend.

When i have finally made it to the middle part of the house and going to my home office to take a few important and highly private documents from my safe i see a tired looking Giana in the kitchen giggling at something that someone said to her but I can't see who the person is because the person is hidden from me. My possessive side comes out guns blazing ready to take out any threats.

I take a sharp and quick change of direction making my way to the kitchen,when i get closer Giana is laughing loudly now and nearly falls off the high chair she is sitting on the kitchen island but she quickly caught herself.

She spots me coming toward the kitchen she smiles lovingly at me but her smile quickly vanished when she saw the look on my face,she frowns and raised her eyebrow in question.

I get to the kitchen and the person she was giggling with shows his face and its the charmer himself Valentino the man who makes women pass out. If he was not my father or if he didn't take the oath of women of other men in the family were off limits i wouldn't trust him one bit alone with Giana.

"Hi my love your father was telling me about your wild stories as a teenage boy and wow you did alot for teenage boy." Giana says giggling im sure she is recalling one of the stories my father told her about me.

"Don't worry son i only told her the lighter ones because i don't want her to leave you at the altar after hearing about all your escapades." My father says amused as well.

Well i couldn't talk much because i was still calming myself inside so i just gave them a amused smile back.

"I thought you were already at work." Giana says after a few seconds of silence.

"And i thought you would still be sleeping." I say smirking at her

"Well my mother woke me up to tell me about something." She says blushing and looking away from my father making the old man smile proudly.

"I had to kill someone first before i leave for the office and i saw you in here and decided to see you." I say testing her out on hearing about me killing someone.

"Well it was a clean murder if your clothes are still this clean with not even one drop of blood." Giana says after sometime

"Thank you Kitten i learned from the best." I say looking at my father and he just shrugged his shoulders

"Anyway i need to go,be good and don't listen to my father too much he tends to add extra things in his stories." I say giving her a kiss on the lips and glaring at my father in warning not to continue with telling her stories about my teenage years.

"Son wait!, I received an email for a meeting scheduled for later on today with you from your assistant,What is that all about?." My father says looking concerned

"Yes iam aware of the meeting and you will know what the meeting is about when you show up dad." I say calling him dad to calm him down and show him that it's not something bad.

They both bid me goodbye and wished me a good day.

I went to my home office and retrieved the documents i needed,I headed out to the waiting car driven by Tony and after few exchange of words we head out.

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