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Chapter 62...Suprises!!

It's been a very very stressful week for me, i have so much work and things to do in so little time, I haven't had any time to myself just to think clearly,relax or even spend time with Justin. Believe it or not i have willingly agreed to get married to Justin earlier than i thought i would and Justin has shown great changes in our relationship,his been putting in more effort to our relationship.

I have to really catch up on my studies i have been neglecting that part of my life and gave more attention to my love life but i don't regret doing that,I just need to find balance between the two because their both important to me.

My life is hectic right now because iam trying to study for my exams that are one week away from today and plan our wedding which is a week after my examinations,Justin hired a wedding planner to make my work load lessen but still there is so much to do when it comes to wedding planning and most of the times i don't know what i want because there is so much to choose from. I have been holding meetings via zoom with my mother and the wedding planner because i wanted my mother to be part of this once in a lifetime moment for me.

Justin has given me a free pass on everything regarding the wedding,he said there is no budget i must get or choose whatever i want to make our day memorable and special but i must not involve him into things like decorations,cakes,dresses or venue because that's not his thing. The only thing that i can be sure of is that he will be at the altar waiting for me to walk down the isle on the day of the wedding wearing whatever i chose for him to wear with his grooms even if it's only boxer briefs they will wear them but atleast can they be an expensive brand. That statement made me laugh until tears came out of my eyes because the man looked serious saying it which means he meant those words.

I have chosen my day to be an outdoor event a place where we will be overlooking the ocean,Justin asked me to choose that first because he needed to go see the place so that they can plan security details around it and iam told that since it's an outdoor event he has bought the whole area including the ocean side and it's now private property. One thing about Justin he does not play with my safety he has gotten me a custom made bullet proof car with a driver who has been in the military and was the head of security for the president,Justin made him an offer he couldn't refuse. The man has all kinds of expertise and experience the list is endless, I think his over doing it and i only allowed all of this because he promised to get rid of the extra cars and bodyguards that escort me everytime i have to go out which is very often now that iam planning a wedding but after all the chaos of planning it and when we are finally Mr and Mrs he will get rid of them.

I also have a secret that iam failing so hard to keep from him and Maria because they notice every little change in me,whether it's my change of mood,food,clothes or even the way i style my hair they will notice.

My sleeping patterns have changed,my food favorites have changed,my behavior has noticeably changed as well to the point where Justin now pays more attention to me through out the day,you can see that its giving him sleepless nights. He asked me if it was the stress of the wedding,if maybe i felt pressured by him or if it's my studies he just wanted to know whatever it was so that he could fix it which i found very cute and rare to see him that worried.

Yes you guessed it right iam four full weeks and three days pregnant which means i got pregnant the night of our engagement.There was a time when my periods were due and i had the normal symptoms like cramps,backaches,mood swings and cravings but my period never came i only spotted a little blood and that was it. I was confused and scared because i thought something was wrong but i was shy to say something to Justin or Maria about it so i told my mother after a week and she straight up told me that i was pregnant and if i didn't believe her i needed to get a pregnancy test so i went behind Justin's back and asked Snake to buy me one and begged him not to tell Justin but promised Snake to tell Justin myself when the time was right.

I want to put the pregnancy test inside a little gift box as a present on our wedding night hopefully he won't be too upset that i kept it from him that long.

My problem for now is my weird food combinations that I've been asking the chef to make which has raised a few eyebrows from Justin and his usual men that are always around him or us and Maria she has been asking me questions which i try to avoid answering by all means and another problem is my sleep patterns. I have been feeling more sleepy and tired so iam always napping during anytime of the day, The excuses i have been telling Justin about my change of behavior has been too many and i even forget sometimes what i told him before and my mother has been covering up for me telling him how stressful everything is and how it's taking a toll on me so that's why iam behaving weirdly but it's something that will pass after my examinations and wedding and it's normal for someone to act like me under the circumstances that iam under right now.

Justin's normal routine that he used to have before his last accident that caused him to be temporarily blind which was four weeks ago has changed drastically and he involves me in almost everything about his legal businesses and he has even took me to some of his buildings and offices,i met his beautiful,respectful and professional assistant who is happily married which iam very grateful for.atleast i don't have to worry about her claws on my man.Justin updates me about his day every night when we are chilling or cuddling in bed just having that little intimate time together before we sleep and i do the same thing updating him about my days that have become very eventful.

Iam glad that i have not yet started vomiting but i have been having heart burn and feeling nauseous,these are all the things my mother said i was going to go through including swollen feets,sore breasts that i haven't expirience yet and iam praying that it starts when Justin knows because if those symptoms starts before the wedding he will definitely drag my behind to the doctor kicking and screaming if he has to.

Iam currently in Justin's home office using his spare laptop because mine just froze while i was in the middle of my online classes so i quickly asked Justin for help and he came through for me as always,he even got my lecturer to take a break while i get situated in his office,i had a little snack with some green tea that iam always craving these days and its all because of Justin's thoughtful gestures.

The class had been thirty-six minutes in but it feels like it's been hours.

😩😩😩One hour later🥴🥴🥴.

"Kitten wake up...Hey baby wake up" I faintly hear from my deep sleep

"Ten more minutes please" I say not wanting to wake up because this sleep is one of those best sleeps that make you drool.

"She will continue with you tomorrow,she will send you an email about the time she is comfortable with...Ok Bye." I hear the person responsible for disturbing my sleeps saying.

"Giana come on now baby wake up,you're really starting to worry me with the way you're behaving these days, I think we might need to postpone the wedding." The thorn in my life right now says but as soon as i heard the word postpone i was wide awake and looking at a serious Justin standing very close to me,the in your face close to me kind.

"Iam now awake Sky, why did you disturb my peaceful sleep like that and iam fine and there will be no postponement of anything Sir " I say sarcastically but serious.

"Than how do you explain falling asleep in the middle of a class and this is the fourth time it's happening Kitten, how tired or exhausted are you really?" Justin says

"Justin iam fine, I promise. everythingl is as it should be okay so stop worrying baby but please carry me to our room so i can finish my nap iam not in the mood to walk." I say lighting up the mood but also serious.

Justin shakes his head looking amused and a few chuckles escaped from him making me mean mugged playfully shoving him away from me but the man is made of steel so he didn't even move one bit.

"Ok first let me wipe that drool on you sweetheart and i will gladly carry you away to our kingdom my queen " Justin says with a fake dramatic English accent from England.

I quickly wiped my face checking for the drool Justin spoke of but found nothing and Justin bursts out laughing at me for falling for his so not funny joke.

"Ok now that you've gotten your daily dose of a good laugh at my expense can we leave." I say

Justin doesn't say anything smart back he just picks me up gently and iam stuck on him like a Koala it's my favorite position or style when iam in his arms,I get to hide from the extra eyes we always have around us but he never pays attention to them or maybe his used to having people around all the time. I can feel the gun on his waist and the one on the side of his ribs.

I give him a questioning look,he knows exactly why so he distracts me by pecking me on the lips and winks at me making me roll my eyes playfully at him.

Justin shuts off the laptop i was using with the free hand his not holding me with,we soon leave the office,outside he puts in a code and scanned his hand to lock the door.

"So much of security,what's so important in this office." I ask curious

"Not much really just a few important documents but the extra security is just a front so that if there is any spys among us than they will think that the very very important Mafia stuff is there but they are actually hidden somewhere else, even if they bombed this house down they won't find them." He says walking towards our bedroom.

"The Mafia is really your everything isn't?." I ask

"No, you are my everything but the Mafia is who iam." He says kissing my forehead

"The Mafia may be who iam and destined for but iam the architect of my life,i build my own foundation and i choose my own bricks that is why i also managed to squeeze in my passion for teaching becoming a lecturer in the midst of my already busy chaotic lifestyle." Justin says opening our bedroom.

"You really amaze me Justin,you are like my very own superhero because i don't really know how you do all the things you do. It's inspiring." I say sincerely

Justin walked straight to the bed, opened the covers with his free hand and layed me down on my favorite Egyptian sheets.

"Come Join me in here,i need some cuddles." I say trying my luck

Justin smiles lovingly and keeps quite for a couple of seconds just looking at me and he started to unbutton his suit jacket slowly still looking at me,Justin rarely wears a tie he told me it makes him feel restricted and uncomfortable. He turned away from me slowly going to his ensuite closet.

I quickly opened the drawer next to my side of the bed that has my night wear because sometimes im too lazy to go change in my ensuite closet so i just put a few in there for convenience. I take out my dusty pink
criss cross back contrast lace satin night dress,i undressed and wore my night dress and let my hair down.

He came out after a couple of minutes wearing only his boxer briefs,he takes the number one spot for sexiest man alive in my eyes and those glassy grey cat like eyes of his are an added bonus to his already fine features.

My heart rate increased,I got a little sweaty,i felt a one-off flutter in my belly. I couldn't stop smiling or staring i felt giddy like a teenager.

It's hard to look away when you like (and want) what you see.

Staring is an obvious sign of attraction and when you want to do the dirty with someone you can't help but be drawn to their eyes,lips and body. That's where iam at right now.

"Why are you looking at me like that?." Justin says with a mischievous grin

"Iam looking at you like what." I responded licking my lips unconsciously feeling tingly in my kitty making squeeze my thighs together.

The sexual attraction between us has always been interesting and intense. we can't stay more than a week without having intimacy unless one of us is hurt or iam on my periods but Justin doesn't care about blood it doesn't scare or faze him,nothing fazes him actually.

"You're looking at me like you want to do bad and i mean bad things to me Kitten." He says.

Justin calling me Kitten never gets old and iam now used to him calling me by that name,I low key love it.

"That's because i do" I responded seductively

"Well let's misbehave because i would love to taste you right now." Justin says now standing infront of me his eyes darker than their normal color and that's when i know he is about to rock my world. He gets really rough when his eyes gets like that.

"Just kiss me we can talk later" I say my voice shaking a bit with anticipation

"Easy baby,i will give you want you want. Stand up for me i want to see all of you first." Justin says already holding my waist helping me up

I don't fully stand up I just kneel on the bed,He pauses and stares at me for a moment.

"Have i ever told you about my fetish for lace and silk together." He says looking at me straight in my eyes

I look away blushing not able to take the sexual tension between us right now.

Justin draws me more closer to him and starts kissing my neck,he moved my hair giving himself more access. iam already dripping wet and ready to go,i need him right now.his also ready judging by his erection that is protruding through his underwear.

"My sexy Kitten." He whispers in my ear while still attacking my neck.

I groan as my body clenches in response.He’s not even touched me yet.He grasps the top of my dress,his fingers sliding against my skin,and the touch reverberates through my body. In one swift move,my night dress is off, he slowly peels my
panties down and pulls them off.

Throwing the duvet aside he lays me down gently.

He caresses my back and my behind with his skilled long manly hands,and I’m helpless.

The ache between my thighs is worse,
and i know his the only one who can soothe it,calm this roaring salivating beast in me with the beast in him.

"What do you want today Kitten,How do you want me to handle you." He says

He is always in control,sometimes he is gentle and sometimes he is rough but he always asks me what i want or feel like.

"I want you to take control over me,be rough with me." I say seriously

"Why? " He asks calmy

"Do i need a reason Justin." I ask with a raised eyebrow

"No baby, you dont." He says and crashed his lips to mine hungrily and passionately,we both moaned at the same time.

He caresses my behind again and trails his fingers down toward my sex and slowly sinks two fingers inside me,moving them in a circle,around and around and around,
torturing me.I moan loudly as my body takes over but iam suddenly flipped over on to my stomach facing down

"Get on all fours baby " Justin says with gritted teeth and i comply kneeling down on the bed on all fours.

Justin presses my back positioning my body correctly.he puts a wedge pillow under my belly in order to increase external pressure on the abdomen and pelvis—this ups the ante on the sensations you get during sex.

"keep your hips raised, rest your head and arms on the bed Kitten" He instructs..

I arch my back,this will help the angle of penetration and helps him get a better view and hit my G-spot better. I learned all this from him. Everytime he teaches me a new style or we try something new he educates me about it first so i can decide if i want to try it or not.

“Open your legs ”he growls,I comply.

He strokes my behind,grabs my hips and eases into me. I nearly come as i feel him inside of me.

"I'm not fragile,so don't hold back." I say to him.

Justin let's out a few curse words with gritted teeth,he eases out then slams into me hard.

“Ah!”I cry out,but the fullness inside of me is heavenly.

I nearly lost my balance because of the force but he managed to hold me in place. He repeatedly eased out and slammed into me.

The feeling is mind blowing,just what i needed.He’s hitting the belly aches quare on,again and again giving me exactly what i craved.He starts playing with my breasts toying with my nipples making me scream his name from this mind blowing feeling his giving me.I push back to meet him,thrust for thrust.He hisses making tortured sounds giving me more confidence to keep going,I grind against him matching his thrusts.

Justin drags me by my legs to the edge of the bed,he traced my spine with those skilled hands giving me goosebumps, he smacked my behind hard twice making me scream from the pain and he grabbed my waist pulling me back closer to him when i tried to run and he slammed into me again and again that set me off spiraling into a healing orgasm that goes on and on and wrings me out and leaves me spent and breathless.

Justin dragged me down to the darkness i craved for.

If i could, I would give him a standing ovation.he deserves it.

Iam slowly drifting off to sleep but Justin wakes me up by kissing me on my collar bone, my back and my hair giving me a sweet punishing feeling.

Iam now back on the spot where i was before on the bed before he dragged me to the edge of it,I didn't even feel him taking me back.

"Iam far from being done with you love,you asked and i shall deliver." Justin says with a mischievous smirk.

He gets on top of me and leaned in for a kiss,i meet him halfway.the kiss started slowly but soon heated up,i caressed his lower back,upper back,chest i was all over him and in no time we were on a full blazing hot making out session. Iam now wide awake and ready for round two.

"Lie back Kitten " Justin instructs and i do as instructed, he takes my legs and puts them over his shoulders.

I lie back and my legs are resting on each of his shoulders.he eases himself into me gently this time and i instantly felt that heavenly feeling again.

Justin starts rocking me in a side to side or up and down motion bringing direct contact to my G-spot. Right now we are not fucking but making love.he plays with my breasts,nipples and kissed me all over my neck while i also touched him everywhere i can. We kept the same rhythm until we both felt ourselves about to reach our climax but Justin made us switch places and warned me to not come until he told me to or he will punish me.

I kneeled on top of him easing myself in him,pushing off his chest,i started sliding up and down his thighs.i relieved some of my weight on his pelvis by leaning back and supporting myself on his thighs. We were both floating around enjoying making love.

The problem with this position is that it delays your partners climax and intensifies yours so he set me up with this position.

I tried to really not climax but i could not hold on any longer so i came undone on top of him,i just layed on his chest panting while he waited for me to ride out my orgasm and he switched our places again him being on top again.

"I will have mercy on you and not punish you now but you will be punished baby" He says riding me hard finishing off his climax after a few strokes he releases growling a few times as he rides out his own orgasm.

Iam weak he has drained the last bits of energy I had. We are both lying flat naked on the bed. I’m amazed at his erection it’s still very much on.Justin has a very high sex drive he can go on for hours if you don't raise a white flag asking for mercy he will keep going.

Justin and i laid side by side under the comfortable silky covers,cuddling each other. His arm is wrapped around my waist,holding me tight like he would lose me.

He fell asleep a few minutes ago but i can't sleep because iam now worried about my pregnancy i don't know if iam even allowed to be intimate with someone right now or worse have rough sex,what if the baby got hurt.

Tears start falling as i start imagining many bad things from my bad decision making,iam already a bad mother. That thought makes me cry out loudly,iam now sobbing.

Justin stirred next to me and i try to keep my sobs in but his already wake just trying to process what's going on.

"Giana what's wrong? What happened? Why are you crying. Talk to me please." He says his voice raspy from sleep filled with concern.

"Justin iam sorry, iam sorry." I say still sobbing.

He holds me tightly to him and says comforting words to me but I can feel how his body is tense from worry because he doesn't know what's going on and that must drive him crazy because he is not a patient man and he hates not being in control.

After a few minutes my cries died down,iam only sniffling here and there still tucked under his body. He has ran his hand in his hair a million times by now.

"Kitten talk to me please,what's wrong i can fix it whatever it is." He says pleading

I take a few deep breaths and decide to tell him the truth because maybe he can fix this and he can hate me later.

"Justin iam four weeks and three days pregnant and iam worried that we might have done something we were not supposed to do while iam pregnant." I say avoiding his eyes

It gets deadly silent for a couple of minutes,Justin finally reacts but not the kind of reaction i was expecting.

He gently let's go of me and gets out of the bed,He goes to pick up his underwear. He takes his phone and texts someone.i can see his hands shaking, i don't know if it's from anger or worry.

"The doctor will be here in fifteen minutes,please get dressed." He says calmy

I quitely get out of bed and go to the bathroom to pee. I hear a knock shortly afterwards.

"I'll be out in a minute" I faintly say

"I just wanted to know if you were okay in there,are you feeling any discomfort or bleeding." He says still calm

"No, i don't feel any discomfort and I'm not bleeding.i just needed to pee but im coming out." I responded

Justin doesn't say anything back, i take a few minutes to gather myself,wanting my mother so bad right now.

I finally got the courage to get out of the bathroom. Justin has changed the bed and tidied up it doesn't look like some heavy love making just went down in here.

He is now dressed in black Jean's,black sweater and white socks, His hair in place.

"I hope you don't mind i chose some clothes for you to wear." He says avoiding eye contact with me but points to the bed.

"Justin i-" I try to say but he stops me by raising his hand stopping me from talking.

"Not now Giana,Right now let's focus on the baby." He says going to sit on the leather couch in here, he takes his laptop and starts working ignoring me.

I quitely change to the clothes he picked for me which are his basketball shorts which i love,a sweater and socks.

I sit on the bed as we wait for the doctor,I kept touching my stomach with tears running down my cheeks.Justin kept his head down focusing on his laptop.

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