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Chapter 64...Another Surprise 🎉🙌🤗

Today is the final day of my examinations and it's also the day of my first proper visit to the doctor.

It's been a tough week i even told Justin that i didn't want to get married anymore, that nearly gave the man a heart attack but i was only saying it out of frustration and it was a little joke. Well atleast to me it was a little joke but Justin didn't find it funny or as something to say no matter what. i got an earful from him and he only backed off when i started to fake cry but he didn't know i was faking those tears.

I have come to know that Justin gets weak when he sees those tears drop from my eyes so i have been very emotional lately so sometimes i take it a bit too far with him and his been keeping it together really well if you know his character or personality.

Justin decided to tell everyone close to us about the pregnancy just for them to be always alert and careful with me. I personally think it was a bad idea because i now not only have him fussing and worrying about me twenty-four seven a day but have a whole team of people treating me like an egg that can break any minute if you not careful.

Iam so glad that im finally done with my exams one less stressful thing down and one to go,it's now the final count down to the wedding and i would be lying if i said i wasn't scared or nervous about getting married it feels unreal and my anxieties has been kicking my ass lately to the point where Justin organized a Deep Relaxation Hypnotherapy Sessions for me twice a day.

The exams weren't too bad because i studied for them so surely i will bear great fruits for my hard work and i couldn't cheat even if i was tempted because during an online proctored exam, the activities of the candidate are monitored throughout. The software alarms, pause or stop the exam in case any sign of cheating is observed. The whole exam session is recorded to review it later.

Iam currently waiting on Justin in the kitchen which is my favorite place to hangout at these days because it has all the things im always craving,iam eating unripe mangoes with chicken spice,Maria suggested this combo when i complained about constipation and i have never turned back because it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Justin comes striding in inside the kitchen looking all kinds of yummy,we are both scared to get intimate with each other because of the last scare.We have been just kissing and cuddling.

"Sorry im late Kitten the meeting took longer than i expected,how was your final exam?." Justin says hugging me from behind and kissing my head the same time.

We take a few seconds just enjoying being this close to each other,his manly smell combined with his perfume is my favorite smell of all times.

"It was good i guess,im just happy that it's over with and i can now focus on the wedding planning and my baby fully." I say responding to his question.

"I don't want you stressing about the wedding,do you need me to hire another wedding planner to lessen the load because i want all your attention on me and the baby only,how is the little squirrel anyway?" Justin says slowly turning me around on the kitchen island im sitting on and rubbing my protruding belly.

"Not that im saying anything negative about your eating habits but as a concerned man for his woman and child is it safe for you to be eating this thing this much,you've become obsessed with it." He continued, minding his words but his face looks a bit disgusted at what iam eating.

"Well the acids contained in green mangoes increase the secretion of bile and act as intestinal antiseptic.Raw mangoes contain an acid which helps ease digestion and control constipation. They also help the skin soften and breathe, making it healthy." I say confidently to Justin

"This is a practiced answer from someone who was already waiting for this question but I'll take it for now until i speak to the doctor about it." Justin says with a raised eyebrow

I don't say anything back because yes i was waiting for this question from him,his been quite about all the things I've been eating but this one has him concerned because he had a very nasty argument about it with Maria.

The argument escalated when Maria said he had no right to question her because she practically raised him while his mother was out somewhere throwing herself to useless men and that set Justin off. He was out of his chair in a quick second and had Maria by the throat and if i was not there to beg for her life and for Snake to help get him of her i would be saying a different story.

Justin did let her go after my many pleads,i even went down on my knees begging him. No one dared came close to the scene when it was happening only I,Snake and Tony were brave enough to do it.

The first thing Snake asked me to do was remove Justin's guns and knives from him. for the sake of Maria and refusing for any blood to be spilled in the house i did it with shaking hands and a heart that was beating so fast i thought i was having a heart attack.

I remember clearly the beast of a man i saw that day and the scariest look he gave me when i first attempted to take his guns away and the only words that i managed to say at that time when he was looking at me were "It's me Justin don't hurt me please" in a squeaky shaking voice. His eyes did soften a little but went back to focusing on the target.

I also remember clearly how angry and sad he kept roaring the words "You don't fuckin know anything about my mother!!"
Those are the words he said when we managed to make him let her go,he repeatedly roared those words until he got into our room where i led him to and when we got into the room he quickly took out the bottle of whiskey and drank from the bottle and took a box of cigarettes going out to the balcony. He stayed there for hours. I only heard him coming inside the covers in the bed later when i checked the time it was five in the morning,he was smelling like a whole bar and he was freezing cold,I cuddled him to make him warm and i heard him sigh loudly satisfied and he whispered the words i never get tired of hearing from him and that's I love you.

Justin's relationship with Maria took a nose dive from there,Maria did apologize for taking things too far and Justin said it was fine and told Maria the truth about his real mother and Maria felt so bad because the words she said were the things Justin's evil step mother told her but their relationship has been rocky since then, i hope they will find their way back to being like a mother and son again.

"Giana i have been calling you for the past two minutes what's wrong." Iam brought back from my deep thoughts by a concerned looking Justin shaking me like a rag doll.

"Sorry i just zoned out like that,i was just thinking about you and Maria." I say testing the waters if he wants to talk about it.

"Not today baby,are you ready to leave." Justin says letting go of me and fixing his suit jacket running his hands in his hair which is what he does if his trying to control his emotions.

I slowly get up getting the hint that his ready to leave and has no time for such talks.i straightened my dress and wear my pumps shoes because i have been banned from wearing heels and anything tight by Justin, now you see why i say his always fussing and in my ass twenty-four seven a day,i let him because i understand that his going to be a first time dad so he is worried about everything just like iam and we actually don't know how this pregnancy thing goes so we just do what we think is good for the baby.

Another crazy thing Justin has come up with is that we sleep naked cuddling so the baby can feel both our presence and can feel safe,loved and protected.we laughed about it so hard but we do it anyway.

Justin takes my hand in his and takes my handbag with the other one.we walk out of the kitchen together,we take the elevator going to the parking area where Justin's cars stay. Justin decided that we use the elevator to go to the parking place we no longer go outside for safety reasons since iam pregnant.

Justin ushers me to his black Rolls-Royce opening my passenger door and buckled me inside,he swiftly moves to the other side which is the driver's side,he gets in but doesn't put on his seat belt but that's expected because he never does and when i asked him about it he said it irritates him and makes him feel restricted and he hates feeling like his caged in. I figured it something that has to do with his upbringing or past traumas.

Once we are both comfortable and ready to go Justin drives out of the parking place and already three big SUV's are waiting for us. One leads infront of us the other two follow us as we leave the house.

There is comfortable silence between us,jazz music playing quitely in the background and we keep glancing at each other ,if our eyes meet we just give each other flirty looks and Justin gets extra and licks his lips and winks making us both burst out laughing at his silly playful side and im glad he has that side because his going to be a father now and his tender gentle side needs to come out.

Iam stressed but also very happy right now in my life,alot of good things are happening for us and alot of exciting changes too are happening.

Justin's work is still taking sixty percent of his time but he makes sure that the forty percent for his family is well spent and we even have movie nights,games nights and jacuzzi nights doing whatever we want.

Justin told me he has been elected as the president of the entire Mafia underworld because of the things and huge changes he has done for the underworld but he turned it down because that means more aggressive enemies,more time away from family,more attention on him and his family especially his children but if i wasn't in his life he would've taken the seat but he has people who are more important than his titles or work now so they come first to everything.

"Kitten we are here" Justin says touching me on my thigh gently

"Giana are you really okay because im really worried about you zoning out like this,do you need to see someone about whatever it is or you want to tell it to me." Justin says looking at me

"Justin please stop worrying iam fine,im just in my head alot but not in a bad way i promise. If something is wrong i would tell you." I say truthfully

"Okay baby,let's go in we are already an hour and half late for your appointment." Justin says smiling mischievously unbothered by what he just said.

"Justin let's go." I say opening the door quickly and jumping out.

"Giana don't ever fuckin do that! Come on now why would you do that!?." Justin scolds me when he got to my side. He looks pissed right now and yes i know that was a stupid move that i did but i wasn't thinking when i did it.

I don't say anything back i just hang my head down in shame and let him usher me inside with the security detail surrounding us.

We quickly make it inside the clinic,we are quietly and quickly taken to the doctors office while our security detail took positions outside the room.

Justin starts tapping his shoes on the floor which is one of the things he does when his nervous about something and i start eating my nails my go to habit when im nervous,we both look at each other communicating with our eyes.

Justin comes and seat next to me on the little bed in here and i cuddle into him needing that comfort i always get whenever im close to him.

"We are okay and the baby is okay,nothing will go wrong but if something is than they will fix it ,if they can't i will travel the ends of this earth to find someone who will i promise you and our unborn child that Kitten." Justin says confidently assuring me and himself.

"I know Justin,believe me i know and i trust you with our lives." I say kissing the back of his hand tenderely

The doctor comes in five minutes after. greets us looking nervous,i think Justin's intimidating presence is making the man nervous. He starts telling us about how long his been delivering babies and how he delivered five of his children but Justin gets tired of the rambling man so in Justin style he shuts him up by telling him we are not here for a history lesson about his life or his heroic deeds can he start doing what his being paid for...I swear that's his exact words to the man. I felt embarrassed on his behalf.

The doctor asked me to change into hospital clothes in the other room but Justin told the doctor to get out of the room we are in and stand outside so i can change and he will call him once im done changing. The doctor quitely went out and Justin helped me to change and complained about how hospital clothes look ridiculous and tacky.

Once i was done the doctor was called back and he drew some blood for tests,took my urine after he was told to get out again so i can pee,i even wanted Justin out but he flatly refused and i pick my battles with Justin i know which ones i can win and which ones i can't so i let him have his way but atleast he turned around to make me comfortable.

It's now time for the first ultrasound iam shaking like a leaf and Justin's hand is surely bruised by the way iam crushing it but he keeps giving me assuring smiles but i can see that his also nervous but someone who hasn't been around him alot won't see.

The doctor puts the jelly thing on my stomach and starts the ultrasound,we hear sounds. He moves the transducer around and shows us what he says it's the embryo which will grow to be a a baby as time goes we are both excited and overwhelmed too by what we are seeing.

"Wait a minute,what's going on here." The doctor suddenly says making us scared

"What's wrong?" Justin manages to say something

"Um wait let me call in my assistant just to be sure." The doctors says leaving and even Justin couldn't react fast enough because we are both in our own world thinking of scenarios of what could this mean or what it is about.

The doctor comes in followed by another old beautiful woman wearing a doctor's coat.

She smiles kindly at us and greets but we don't greet her back or return her smile we are in a serious situation right now there is no time for smiles or greetings.

She doesn't look offended by our reaction to her and she seems to be understanding.

"Okay let's see what we have here." She softly says as she take transducer wand and moves it around too,she looks at our doctor and smiles and nods her head in agreement to whatever.

"Um Mr and Mrs Sky don't be alarmed but doctor Murray here just wanted to be sure of what he was seeing so that he doesn't give you false information but iam happy to confirm that you both are going to be having triplets! Congratulations. Triplets are very rare to have so you are a very lucky couple." The lady doctor happily says

I heard everything she said but i just cant come to terms to believe them,I look at Justin he looks like his going to faint any minute from now

We hear the door closing but we are just stuck unmoving only looking at each other.

After sometime i finally snap out of the the shock and unbelief. I let go of Justin's hand and that's when he also snaps of whatever trance he was in.

"We are going to be parents to triplets,how and why us." Justin says with unbelief

His words feel like a dagger in my heart because it's obvious his not happy about the newly found information we just received and truthfully i also don't know how i feel about it yet but i know that iam not disappointed or sad about it. My tears starts coming out as i start thinking about how Justin is not happy about our blessings and how he would probably reject us but all i know is that i go where my babies go and i will die where they die and yes a life without Justin will feel miserable but as long as my babies are fine i will also be fine i mean he can't throw us out without anything or would he. These are the things going through my mind.

"Kitten don't cry,we will figure everything out together i will hire a nanny for each of the babies and security will increase,I think we should move to a bigger house i mean what if you fall pregnant again after having the three musketeers and you get another three." Justin says rambling while attempting to wipe my tears with his handkerchief.

"So you not mad about having more kids than we expected and you won't reject us." I say looking up at him and he looks confused by what i just said.

"Giana why would i be mad about such blessings and why would you even put the words reject and us together,that will never happen,i would rather die than reject you or my kids you are all i need for me to be excited about the future or waking up in the mornings." He says sincerely

The doctor comes in nervously smiling at us because he doesn't know if we're happy or not especially Justin.

"Congratulations once again Don" he says rubbing his forehead

"Thank you and when should we expect the test results and when is her next appointment?." Justin says now in business mode

"The test results should be ready by tonight and would you like me to drop them at your house or call you? And im sure there is nothing to worry about judging my the examinations we did on her and the babies look healthy as well as the mother." The doctor says calmy

"Ok, you can call about the results and i will send you an email about most of her food choices so that you can check if she can or cannot eat those things." Justin says to the doctor

"Any questions or concerns from your side mam'" The doctor asks me

"Is it safe for us to get intimate now or its now a bad idea since we are having triplets." I say

"Yes you are still in the safe stages to have sex but not extreme activities just stick to vanilla sex for now." He responds

Justin gets up quickly looking un amused by the conversation iam having with the doctor,he asks the doctor if there is anything else he wants to say and the doctor says no so Justin tells him he will send him the email and ushers him out telling him i need to change to my normal clothes.

The doctor bids us farewell and leaves and out of the blue Justin is crashing his lips with mine and we are now having a full blazing makeout session and as things start leading to other things Justin stops and said

" I will not make love to you in a hospital
bed that's not what you deserve,get dressed and let's go celebrate at home."

After that he did not have to tell me twice i quickly got dressed and we headed out of there like our asses were on fire. Time to celebrate with my man in our bed! I have been craving for him for a whole week and now i can finally have him.

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