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Chapter 65....Just when things were going fine😩

As soon we got back home Justin and i headed up to our room and got busy until he had to go to another drop off meeting, he had to monitor things to go smoothly and he told me that him and his team have started making their own products and have an A+ team that does weapons for them so they no longer buy from other countries or businesses they now only sell their products and right now their products are the most wanted or purchased merchandise because of their uniqueness and quality which is a hard pill to swallow for the other businesses and those he was using their services because this move will definitely crumble alot of businesses income,others may be bankrupt or forced to ask for help from him as they relied on the money he was bringing to them by being in business with them so keep up but it's a business risk his willing to take for now for his legacy and that's also creating enemies for him too.

It's now eight thirty in the morning and iam having breakfast with my wedding planner and my mother joined us on video call ,we are just going through the list of things we've done and things still to do.

The wedding planner came with different wedding cakes for tasting,different wines,whiskeys to state and choose from as well and her assistants will come with the different startes,main meals and deserts later.

I have been trying to buy time by asking her stupid questions and taking my sweet time to eat my breakfast because Justin has not come back yet and i slept alone lastnight. He only sent me a text message telling me he was fine,to be careful and that he loves us last night and when i tried calling his phone this morning it was off.

The wedding planner needs him for measurements for his two suits for the wedding.Tony,Snake and Skull have already sent in their measurements because they refused to me touched by a stranger...very childish behavior if you ask me but anyway we move.

"Giana darling time is not on our side,we have alot to get through today and we can start while you still eating." My wedding planner Sherry says running out of patience i guess.

She opens a big box with six different wedding cakes on a beautiful cake stand,she gives me a gold tea spoon and saucer she starts cutting small amounts for me to taste,i guess i might as well forget about my breakfast.

As iam on my third cake tasting,Justin comes waltzing in the dining room casually and confidently.

He comes straight to me and gets into a crouching position infront of me.

"Goodmorning baby,i know i have alot of explaining to do but can we please talk about it later and iam so so sorry for stressing you both out." He says kissing me lightly on the lips,forehead and my nose making me giggle and all my anger towards him forgotten.

"You smell like sweat,Marijuana,whiskey and you look tired with all these bags in your eyes. Go bath and come back to help me here." I say brushing his hair back trying to tame it

"Kitten i told you from the start that this is not my thing." He says calmy

"I know but your suits measurements are needed and i need you to help me choose the right cake,you need to choose the whiskeys,Champagne and wines for the guests and you know i can't drink for now." I tell him truthfully

"Why the fuck would you ask a pregnant woman to taste alcohol?." Justin asks the wedding planner sharply ,now he is standing facing her

"Justin stop!,she didn't know because i haven't told her yet. It's not her fault ,that is why i was waiting for you so you can help us out in that department." I say

"Well where is the damn alcohol.? " He says rudely,I give him my meanest look but he doesn't look affected by it.

The wedding planner quickly gets up and excuses herself saying she is going to her car to get the alcohol.Justin gestures with his head for one of the men to go with her.

"Justin stop being rude and intimidating the poor lady,you're still in hot water with me so tread carefully sir." I say in warning

"I'm sorry Kitten i had a long night so i thought when i come home i would still find you in bed so i would take a quick shower and join you in bed. " He says tiredly

"Why didn't you come home lastnight anyway,where did you sleep.?" I ask him with a raised eyebrow

"Well let's just say things took a nasty turn and bullets started flying,fists fight started,blood got spilled,many men lost their lives, me and my men had to find our way home by walking in the bushes luckily we found a bar on the way so we bought a few bottles of whiskey to make the bloody fists numb and not to feel too much pain removing the bullets from our bodies and the long walk home." He says like it's nothing.

"Oh lord!! Are you hurt,take off your clothes i want to see you." I say panicking already on my feet.

"Hello!Hello! Iam still here and i don't want to add seeing my son inlaw naked to the list of my traumas please." We hear my mother shout from the online video

We both turn to the apple laptop and see her on the screen sitting crossed leg drinking her wine smiling mischievously at us.i honestly forgot about her.

"We love you Mrs Jackson,it's way to early for an alcoholic drink and Bye Mrs Jackson." Justin says closing the laptop living me wide eyed for his bold move.

"What the hell is wrong with you this morning Justin!?" I whisper shout at him

"Kitten i just told you what i went through iam in no mood to be playing nice guy with anyone besides you.Can you tell that lady to come back tomorrow or something." He says seriously

"No Justin she can't come tomorrow because tomorrow we will be busy with something else,we have only four days,FOUR DAYS LEFT to get everything done,iam already stressed and nervous enough to add you to my worries right now, Just go upstairs have a bath,i will ask Maria to bring you your breakfast up and you can sleep after that." I say exhausted already by all this

"You should have let me hire you another wedding planner. Anyway i will stay for whatever you need me here for than i will leave when you are done or she is done doesn't matter to me." He says taking a seat slowly on the couch thats next to me and he pulls me closer to him until im standing next to him,he rubs my stomach tenderely and puts his forehead on it like his praying and i massage his shoulders gently.

We here someone clearing their throat behind us and i stop massaging Justin but he doesn't move or move his forehead from my stomach,i turn my head and it's the wedding planner standing there awkwardly and blushing hard.

She quitely steps forward still blushing
and puts a box on the coffee table and the security man that Justin told to go with her comes with two other boxes and places them on the floor next to the table.

"Ca- Ca- can you please ask Mr Sky to um taste some of the beverages please." She says her voice slightly seductively

I brush Justin's hair and kiss his earlobe teasingly and he quitely growls and tightens his hand that's on my waist a little.

"Don't start things you can't finish baby because i don't mind laying you on this table and having my way with you right now infront of company or not." He says seriously

"Justin don't start,Sherry is a busy woman can we please start." I say trying to be stern.

Justin finally moves away from me and looks at Sherry a bit. She gives me a scared smile but gets a blank look from Justin.

Sherry starts taking out five bottles of champagne,whiskey and wines putting them on the table and on the box thats on the floor she takes out different glasses with different shapes.

"Tony! Snake! Mike and three men come here now!!." Justin shouts

In three minutes six men are standing looking tired and bored in the dining room.

"Help me taste all these things and we choose the one we like best. Is that how it works right lady?." Justin says looking at Sherry. She quickly nods her head Yes.

She starts pouring the different champagnes in glasses and asks them to taste and after tasting all of them they start writing down the ones they liked the most,the whiskey followed and the same routine happened and as well as on the wines.

By the time it was over they were a bit drunk and looking exhausted.

"Thank you guys,Snake tell all the men that went to the drop off with yesterday thay they have a full day off today but tomorrow it's business as usual including you two idiots, Tony put the other trusted men on other duties while the others rest. Thank you, now fuck off!." He says looking at the six men one by one

Tony and Snake flip him off leaving but the other men just get up and leave,he smiles mischievously making me roll my eyes.

"Um my love there's still cake tasting." I say pushing my luck with him.

"Giana i love you more than i love myself but i can never ever put a cake inside my mouth and i will throw up if i eat anything else right now.i haven't had any food for the past twelve hours,i have been walking for more than six hours on foot,I have smoked too much Marijuana and drank too much alcohol and my body hurts everywhere all i need is a cold shower and you next to me in bed."

"I'm so sorry baby for being inconsiderate,let me get you upstairs and help you so i can see where you're hurt,Sherry can we please finish the cake tasting tomorrow and the other stuff." I say

"No Kitten im not hurt anywhere,finish everything else here and come upstairs when you're done. You will find me in bed knocked out or on my laptop working." He says getting up and kissing my forehead and leaving .

After he left,I got my mother back on the video call but before she could say something stupid i told her Sherry was with me,that made her behave while we got down to the business of this wedding.

We managed to choose three top whiskeys that will be served,champagnes,wines and i chose to have two different cakes with different designs.We called Justin's tailor and sent him the suit designs i chose for him to be custom made by him and he has his measurements already and i chose the shoes too for him.

Now what's left is choosing the different dishes that will be served,deserts,cocktails and I have to go for my final dress fittings, i will be changing three times,two dresses and a suite like outfit at the end of the night, my two dresses will be long enough to hide what shoes i will be wearing which will be custom made sneakers because Justin has seriously banned me from wearing heels and i have tried on the wedding dresses and they're very heavy so im kinda glad i won't be wearing high heels. All that is what we will be doing tomorrow.

Justin has not said anything about a honeymoon and i doubt we will go on one because of his work and me being pregnant in a different country or on a island somewhere far from civilization where doctors are not near or if we are under attack help can come later maybe after the damage has been done so i doubt Justin can take a risk like that.

Maybe we can go on a honeymoon when our kids are two or three years old but i don't know Justin can surprise me with one.

"Sherry i don't think it's a good idea sweetie to only ask men to taste and choose the beverages because men and women don't like the same drinks or have similar tastes so since Giana can't drink,why don't you send me some different bottles so i can ask my friends from my book club to help me choose and i will give you feed back and you can send us the different cakes samples too as well." My mother suggests

"Um that's a good idea Mrs Jackson but that will also be a bit costly and i know you cant afford it and we also need not to use or take Mr Sky's kindness as a lotto ticket and -." Sherry says but gets cut off by my mother immediately.

"Sherry sweetie don't worry about the costs that's not your problem or department,my son-in-law has that covered,you focus on delivering the best wedding for my daughter which is what you are hired for but that can also very easily be changed for having a smart mouth and as her mother i have a right to say and do anything benefitting my daughter." My mother says with a bit of an attitude.

"Ok i think we are done for today ladies,Sherry please show respect to my mother and My fiancé's pockets has nothing to do with you,please focus on your job description and iam very grateful and happy with your work so far,let's not ruin it by unnecessary issues." I say seriously

"I'm sorry Mrs Jackson i will do as you asked and the deliveries of the beverages and cake samples should arrive latest twenty four hours from today and Giana i apologize for my unprofessionalism can this please not get to Mr Sky." She says pleading at the end.

"Don't worry it's all forgotten on my side and my mother's side too." I say looking at my mother

"Well Justin's walls have ears all around so i don't know." My other says shrugging her shoulders being petty Betty.

"Sherry let's meet tomorrow around ten am please,security will escort you out with your things. Thank you for your help. Get home safely please." I say helping her pack up her stuff.

Two security details help her carry her stuff out and she bids us farewell.

"Watch out for that girl,she is growing wings and developing some feelings for your fiance,I don't know if it's a crush or if its serious but keep an eye on her. Tell Justin about it so he can sort it out but no ,no ,no i change my mind Justin might just kill the thing and hire another one." She says giggling at the end thinking this is a joke.

"Mom don't start,you watch too many movies,anyway how are we getting Valentino's measurements because i have asked him to walk me down the isle and the tough intimidating beast actually shared a few tears when i asked him and he was so excited and said he will be grateful to walk me down the isle. You promised to get them for me and i told you it would've been easier if we just got Justin to give us Valentino's tailor details and we do the same thing we're doing for Justin about his suits." I say to my mother.

"I haven't seen Valentino's for the past four days,his not answering my calls or texts so by the third day i was panicking so i got hold of Skull's number and sent him a massage about Valentino and he only replied and said his fine and to give him space during these days because it's Justin's mother's death anniversary and please my child iam begging you to not tell Justin about this,his father will tell him when it's time." She says begging

And it hits me that Justin's birthday is tomorrow and i forgot about it,i don't know if he celebrates his birthday or if his aware that it's his mother's death anniversary but im sure his aware because he now knows that his mother died the same day she gave birth to him.

"Mommy i promised not to say anything about it but I'm sure his aware,let me go up and check on him please. Thank you mommy for all your help and support with the wedding planning,im going to need you to come a day or two early before the wedding though please." I say sincerely

"ofcourse my love ofcourse i will,go and check up on your soon to be husband but no sex before marriage kids." She says laughing and i poke my tongue out at her laughing at as well before closing the laptop.

I quickly run upstairs taking steps by two at a time and three security men are already behind me aiding me looking scared,i only realized what i was doing wrong when i was already on the last step,I gave them a sheepish smile and walked slowly to my room because iam already out of breath anyway.

I slowly open the door and find Justin in bed with his laptop on his lap wearing his eye glasses looking like a sexy beast.he frowns when he looks at me.

"Why are you out of breath and looking flushed." He asks looking at me serious.

"Um i was just running nothing serious." I say still trying to calm my racing heart

"Running from who?,what and why?." He says leaning on his side on the night stand. I'm sure his reaching for his gun.

"Justin calm down i was running up the stairs just for a little exercise,getting my blo-." I say but get cutted off when i feel bile rising from my gut to my throat.

I speed walk to the bathroom but i don't make it in time and throw up just when i was opening the door,my vomit splashes everywhere the bathroom door,the floor and my legs and feet.

Justin is by my side in seconds,he tells me to kneel down because the vomit keeps coming,he rubs my back while i vomit. He is barking orders on the phone too,my mind is fuzzy,my head is dizzy,my throat feels sore.

I don't know after how long but Justin holds a bottle of water for me to drink and iam now laying on his lap with vomit and all,he keeps saying things to me but he sounds far and i hear him asking me to keep my eyes open.

"She is fuckin vomiting blood you imbecile,get to the fuckin hospital now i will be there with her in five minutes!!!" Justin roars on the phone startling me and bringing me back to earth

"Justin son take it easy don't rush with her" Maria says timidly

Justin doesn't say anything,i can hear movements and i can feel that iam in Justin's arm's and his moving.

I don't know how long he was moving with me in his arms or where he was taking me but i remember him asking me to promise him not to close my eyes and i didn't but my mind was somewhere else and i was focusing on the excruciating pain i felt in my stomach and throat.

I remember seeing our family doctor and other ones i haven't met before surrounding me and Justin keep appearing in my view and disappearing,their mouths were moving but couldn't hear anything and i couldn't reply i was only able to blink with my eyes and i could only feel Justin's warm hand keeping me warm because i felt very cold.

As soon as Justin's hand was ripped from mine i felt like closing my eyes but the last thing i saw before giving into the darkness was Justin shooting a doctor between his eyes, Snake and Valentino holding him down while Tony injected him with something.

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