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Chapter 8..Egyptian cotton sheets

I wake up feeling very comfortable and relaxed the sheets felt amazing on my skin the comforter on top of me feels very fluffy making me want to close my eyes again and I moan from these foreign feelings it's very dark in this room but no too dark there is some light coming from the light of the moon I stretch my body but when I do I realise that something hard is limiting my movements behind my back and immediately I lose all sleep and the nice feelings I was having moments ago my body and mind goes on panic mode I shuffle away quickly from the hard surface but I end up falling and screaming ending up on the floor instantly growning from the pain I felt when I hit the floor seconds later I hear quite shuffling and I see a shadow of a person standing a few feet away from me pointing something looking like a gun at me and I scream again from the shock at what im seeing the person comes close to me but the gun is not pointed at me now its just hanging beside him still in his hand and I squik taking a few steps away from him and he stops and realises why I'm moving back and he curses a few words and quickly goes to the other side of the bed opens a drawer puts the gun in there and he claps his hand once and the light come on and I see its Justin he looks scared and sorry we just stare at each other not moving im still trying to process what just happened,after our staring competion he takes a few steps towards me cautiously like his approaching a wounded scared animal but I don't move.

"It's okay Kitten I won't hurt you I promise,I thought someone was here iam so so sorry if
I scared you baby" Justin says soothingly

I dont respond but I knew he won't hurt me before he even said it I just have this trust on him and I feel safe whenever iam around him only God knows why I feel this way towards him.

Justin sighs and scratches his bed hair that's looks very I mean very sexy on him right and i realise his half naked just wearing sweat pants hanging losely on him I find myself licking my lips I'm disturbed by him clearing his throat I look at him and he has this lusty hungry look on his face like a beast looking at his prey ready to pounce I lick my lips again unconsciously and next thing Justin is next to me with that same hungry look but it's now more intense I shiver and look down running away from this intense look because it's making me feel my stomach twist and my panties wet but when I look down I come face to face with very large bulge in his pants calling me to it taking a step towards him and now there is no space between us I look up at his eyes and I wish I had not because now the beast is out next thing Justin lowers his face to mine and crashes his lips to mine I feel myself getting hot his lips feel amazing against mine Justin pushes his tongue in mouth and I moan feeling my legs buckle Justin holds me tight against him I moan again when I feel him deepening the kiss he growls against my lips after a few minutes of this intense toe curling heavenly feeling kiss I start to feel pressure needing to breathe and I wimper pushing at his chest gently he breaks the kiss but the hungry look has not gone I give him a shy smile he growls again crashing himself to me and he starts kissing me from my forehead,all over my face and ends up on my neck I immediately cry out from the buzz I get all over my body when he gets to my neck and this drives Justin crazy he sucks more on my neck my feel my whole body shaking he squeezes my butt and goes to my breasts I cry out from these heavenly foreign feelings I'm having Justin starts to grind his hard budget again me still torturing my neck with kisses squizing everything in my body he can get his hands on next thing I scream from the feeling I get from my core and I start to shake all over feeling my panties getting wet Justin growls more and goes back to kissing my lips furiously after the wave I felt I feel so tired and my body goes limp Justin picks me up bride style towards the bed he lays me there gently.

"I think I pee'd on myself" I tell Justine tiredly

He chuckles and shake his head amazed he disappeares for a few minutes comes back just when I was dosing off,he takes off my pants and I get up to stop him

"Relax baby I'm not going to do anything to you yet iam just changing you"

"No it's fine I will get up and do it myself"

"Kitten do you trust me" I nod a yes

"Then please let me take care of you" I say nothing I just go back to laying down

Justin takes my pants off again and my panties I try to get up again but he gives me that warning look I shyly look away from him he continues and I feel a warm towel his cleaning me with and his so gentle he puts his boxers on me he walks away comes back shortly and puts me inside the covers and I moan feeling those Egyptian cotton sheets again he growls I peek at him.

"Kitten you tired but if you keep moaning like that you will find yourself moaning my name in the next few minutes and you will pass out this time cause I just gave you an orgasm with just kissing you imagine if my dick buried inside you" he says smugly

I blush at his words but I panic a little realizing I just had my first kiss and orgasm from him I turn away from him embarrassed he seems not to like that because he turns me over gently looking pissed.

"Baby as much as I love your shyness but never ever turn away from me no matter what you hear me" he says warningly..I nod really feeling sleep take over me

"I'm sorry I just felt embarrassed that I just got my first kiss and orgasm from a stranger" I say to him

"We are far beyond being strangers now Kitten and iam soo happy to hear that but never be embarrassed about the things I will do or you will do to me because there is alot we still going to do baby this was just the start and if you think we stranger's because there is still things you need to know about me you will know those things soon but right now you need to rest please"

I nod at his words Justin takes his phone and puts on a shirt heading for the door.

"Justin don't leave me" I say

"I'm not leaving you Kitten iam just going down stairs to get some water I will come back and make a few phone calls on the balcony here".

"Ok" I say with a pout,he shakes his head amused

"I will come back to bed as soon as I'm done Kitten I just need to do these things cause I'm not feeling sleepy right now iam actually
energetized from our session" he says and winks at me

I blush and cover myself with the comforter I hear Justin chuckling and closing the door behind him.

After a few minutes sleep takes over me but not before making plans to talk to Justin about everything on my mind and needing answers from him but knowing him something can happen in a blink of an eye and I will forget all that,being with him is an adventure.

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