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Indra is a 19 year old female with medium length dark brow hair and green eyes. She’s 5’3 but still loves the tall boys. She’s not extremely bright or dumb. She’s trying to grow confidence in herself and has began to follow her dream in writing. She begins her exciting journey when friends introduce her to Blaise. She has a large group of friends but her two closest is a boy and a girl, Agharna and Nerezza. They live in the UK and know Blaise through Nerezza’s boyfriend Dolion. They all have the same sexual preferences meaning the men enjoy dominance, consent-non-consent, knife play, breathe play, overstimulation and much much more, and the women enjoy submissiveness. This is Indra and Blaise’s first ever real relationship where BDSM and many other fetishes and kinks are open and they are ready to experiment and find their boundaries together. Blaise(Blaze) Agharna(Ah-gar-na) Nerezza(Ner-ezza) Dolion(Daw-lay-on) WARNING IF YOU ARE NOT OVER 18 THEN PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE TO READ! THERE ARE MANY KINKS AND FETISHES THAT WILL BE EXPLORED IN DETAIL, SO BEWARE.

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Chapter 1 - The start of it all

On the way to the restaurant I am wearing a black playsuit, that looks like a dress. My larger breasts are clear as day and the floaty skirt makes my butt look that wee bit bigger. Struggling with my confidence has always been a big thing for me, so I walk with my head high and act like I am the baddest bitch out there and will continue to shove my self-consciousness away until I naturally act with confidence.

I meet my friend Nerezza outside the restaurant where she and her boyfriend, Dolion, are waiting. I give her a kiss on the cheek and a hug then chat with her boyfriend. Me and Dolion have become friends, both loving Nerezza as much as we do made it quite easy for us to chat and get along. Next comes Agharna who flirts with Dolion (as usual) before making his way over to Nerezza and I to give us a hug. We all gush over how good we look and then I see him. Nerezza makes her way over to Dolion to make sure this is who she thinks it is. Me and Agharna both stare as a man dressed in an all-black suit strides with confidence and ease, over to Dolion and shakes his hand before pulling him in to a man hug.

I gasp slightly as he catches my eyes. He whispers to Dolion and I see him nod. He makes his way over to me and hold out his hand.

“Hi, I’m Blaise, it’s very nice to meet you Indra.”

I try to suppress my nerves knowing that the man in front of me is a dominant and he has already had a huge effect on me. I take his hand and he kisses it as I say.

“Hi, its nice to meet you too.”

Nerezza then shouts that we should go in. Blaise surprisingly doesn’t let go of my hand as we walk in as if we’ve been a couple for years. I enjoy that, it’s comfortable. We follow Dolion’s lead as he’s the one the tables booked under and sit in our booth with the order being Agharna, Nerezza, Dolion, Blaise then me going from left to right. I begin to chat with Blaise as we make small talk, he asks what I would like for the meal and of course I said mac and cheese. We order and everyone is in their own conversations as we get our drinks. I ordered a vodka and fresh orange juice and Blaise orders a cider. We begin chatting, asking each other questions about our hobbies and I told him I was a writer. I asked what kind of job he did and he said that he ran a business but didn’t really go into detail.

We continued to chat about little things until I realise his hand on my thigh. I don’t say anything or move it as its probably been there most of the night. I’ve most likely been to caught up in trying to think of what to say and to try to act confident that I didn’t realise. I like it though to I leave it.

“So Dolion says that you’re the type of girl that I’ve been looking for.” Blaise says.

“Oh is that right? And what sort of girl are you looking for?” I say, trying to act confident and flirty.

“Well… I guess someone I can spoil and take care of but also ruin to my liking.” Blaise says lowly.

I choke a little at how direct he is being, however I much prefer the directness of this than someone who tries to wiggle around the subject.

“Well then you might be right, but I hope you know I’m not one who takes being spoiled easily. I am independent still and hope to spoil you right back, but who doesn’t love a wee surprise every now and again?” I say still trying to flirt.

I don’t have a lot of money as I have been living in University dorms for the past year. I am now beginning my second year of University in Journalism and Politics and have been loving it so far. Writing journalistic pieces is what I want to do for a living, however I still love to write book and stories that are fiction as it is a good pass time for me.

I have been working as a waitress at this little pub called Solace, which fits the place perfectly. People of all ages come by and drink and we have very little incidents. Everyone who works there is lovely and I enjoy being around the staff and people who come in. It is a homely place with a large glass fire place right in the middle and lots of light grey leathered seats, white walls and white, glossy tables. Seems quite bright for a pub but the whole atmosphere is amazing.

Blaise chuckles deeply and leans closer, bringing his hand further up my thigh, reaching just before my playsuit shorts end.

“Oh that’s fine but you still haven’t commented on how I want to ruin you to my liking.”

“I guess we’ll need to see if everything Nerezza has said about you is true, because I’m certainly up for being ruined properly.” I say.

I feel myself becoming more aroused with everything he says, his deep voice sending shivers down my spine, he looks me up and down slowly.

“Oh believe me little one, I’ll be even more than what she says I am.”

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