Maybe He's The One

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Chapter 2 - His place

After we finish eating and have a few more drinks we begin to leave, its around 8:30 by now and I am in no mood to go home, or at least go home alone. Blaise and I continued to flirt and joke around throughout the night and we left, still holding hands. So I take that as a good sign.

“Do you wanna go out for more drinks or would you like to come back to mine?” I ask trying to act confident.

After a date I normally go home with the guy but after it I am always disappointed. I have a strange feeling this guy will be different.

“We’re going back to my place.” He says suddenly.

I mean I don’t mind and I trust Dolion enough to not hand me over to some creep for the night, I also love the order in his voice when he said it.

“Yes daddy.” I say smirking and he looks pleased with the name.

We say goodbye to everyone, with Nerezza winking and making me promise to tell her and Agharna everything, before jumping in a taxi and going to his place. The journey is about 20 minutes from the restaurant meaning its about 40 minutes for my place at the university. As the car stops I get out of the back seat after fighting with Blaise about who’s paying the taxi fare. He paid for dinner so it was only fair I got the journey here. He reluctantly let me pay before whispering sternly into my ear,

“Don’t get used to winning little one.”

I shiver at the words and as I look up I see the building we’re standing before. It is beautiful, painted a light grey colour reminding me a lot of Solace. And as we step into the elevator I am pushed against the back wall, with my hands pinned above my head. He clicks the 10th floor button.

“We will do nothing more than kiss tonight because I want you and I to work out what we like and if we want to take this further. I am pretty sure on the things I like and don’t, but I want to know your needs when it comes to this little one, is that okay?”

“Yes daddy, I believe I know what I like and don’t but there are a few things I want to try.” The words came out breathlessly with how close we are and how he asserts his dominance perfectly to my liking.

I am very much a lover of Daddy Dominants meaning I want someone dominant and can know when and how much to punish but also someone who will care for me and treat me with love. It sounds complicated but this is why I’m glad both me and Blaise are starting from the bottom with this.

Nerezza told me that Blaise also believes he is a daddy dominant however has never tried to have a relationship where this is known from the beginning, it always builds up to expressing himself more to the partners he has, similar to me as all my past relationships began with just normal, vanilla sex and I tried to slowly build on it as the relationship continued. For both of us, the relationships normally didn’t last long enough for us to reach our desires and therefore always ended us feeling disappointed or that we were missing something.

The elevator dings open and he grabs my hand gently but still with dominance, his whole hand covering my little one, and guides me to his door. I look around the place and it is beautiful, with a lovely view of the city bellow. Plants, paintings and framed photos cover the shelves scattered around the main room. The living room and kitchen are open to each other, both an amazing size for one person. There are a few stairs that I assume lead to various rooms around the place. It is beautiful, comfortable and already, strangely, feels like home.

As I slowly spin, looking at everything in awe of how homely it is, I catch him staring at me for across the room, his arms crossed, leaning against the wall. I stop to look at him right back, allowing my eyes to take in every detail of him. He’s around 6’1 with longer dark brown hair that’s slightly wavy, it hangs just above his eyes. His eyes are piercing blue with the longest eye lashes I've ever seen and has a lovely smile painted on his rounder face. His legs are long and quite muscled along with his arms. He is sculpted but not bulky again just my type.

He stands up from the wall and slowly makes his way to me. I push down my upcoming nerves and stand right where I am until he’s inches away for me. He leans down to get beside my head. I feel his hot breath against my ear and neck until he says,

“Lets go talk in my office, shall we?”

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