Maybe He's The One

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Chapter 3 - The end of the night

We begin to make our way down the hall and towards the very back room. We step inside and although no one is home he closes the door behind me. I sit down in the chair in front of the desk and he takes the larger comfier one behind the desk.

“So I think the date went well with everyone, however I want to get to know you better and I believe this is the first step to that.”

“I agree.” I say making my feelings towards the situation clear.

“But I wanna make sure we have the same interests in the BDSM side of this before we continue, are there things your are unwilling to try?” He asks.

“Age play, urolagnia, coprophilia, cuckolding, foot fetishes are my main no’s. I’m not polyamorous so I don’t want another person involved if this continues and threesomes and orgies I’m also not a fan of.”

This may seem confusing as I want a daddy dom but without the age play. Age play, not to kink shame, freaks me out a little. I want to be treated with love however giving me plushies to play with and having tea parties like I’m a child is not something I’m into. I also quite a jealous person so I do not like to share what’s mine. He looks at me with a smirk.

“I am the same, I’m very possessive, I hope your prepared for that.” He says

Just this one sentence had me wet. With the low voice and the way he continues to look straight into my eyes with no awkwardness makes me cower, not in fear but in intimidation.”

“Look at me and we’ll continue.” He says suddenly I snap my eyes up from my lap to his eyes.

“Yes daddy.” I say and he smirks, impressed with my submissiveness.

“Good girl. Now what are things you would like to try?” he says and I blush.

“Well I’m pretty open to anything I’ve not already mentioned as a no, ive not had a huge chance to try anything further than bondage and using a few toys.”

“I’m the same, so we’ll discover together, if our next date goes as good as I think it will.”

I smile at him when he suddenly says,

“Come here.”

He turns his chair to the side indicating that I should stand in front of him, I slowly make my way to face him, keeping eye contact the whole time. Once I stand in front of him, he pulls me by my waist and brings me onto his lap. My breathing already increasing tenfold, I rest my hand on his chest to keep myself steady. He grabs my chin and strokes my cheek with his thumb. I close my eyes and enjoy the small touch. I move my hips slightly causing him to groan and hold me still. I quickly snap my eyes open but am quickly taken back as he slams his lips into mine. I open my mouth, allowing him to push his tongue into my mouth, investigating, making sure its what he wants. I pull back and look into his eyes, their full with lust but also fear.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just think… it’s nothing I’m okay.”

“Okay, so when’s this next date.” I ask, trying to change the subject.

“Whenever you want baby girl.” He says and my face lights up.

“Well I’ll be working the next few days so how about Wednesday night, after my classes?” I say. That's 4 days away.

“Wednesday sounds perfect.” He says, still holding onto my hips. I look down at his lips, as he looks at mine.

He grabs the side of my face and takes me for a another passionate kiss. I melt at his touch. He breaks the kiss apart all to quickly. I breathe heavily. He stands, taking me with him, wherever he’s going. I wrap my legs round his back and rest my head on his shoulder. I remember at that point I need to upload another of my chapters.

I’ve been posting for a month, and still have very little readers. My books often contain some dark and vicious past to my characters and there are always secrets. Rarely do my stories have happy endings and this is because I’ve never known one. I don’t believe they exist. I am generally an optimistic person and my favourite phrase is “it’s fine” or “it’ll be fine” or “I’m fine” and normally it does or is, but when things come to an end, there’s always sorrow or complications or tough decisions. There’s never happiness for everyone involved when something ends, which is why my stories don’t have them. I'll have to just upload 2 chapters tomorrow.

As I rest on his shoulder as he carries me with ease, I suddenly feel a ice cold surface against my thighs, I open my eyes to find we’re in the kitchen. I look at him confused as he hands me a glass of water. He doesn’t say anything so I just drink the water quietly.

“To relieve the hang over tomorrow, not that your too drunk but drinking water before you go to bed helps with the headache the next morning.”

“Before bed?” I question.

“Yes we’re going to sleep now because your not going home when you already paid to much to get here in the taxi.” He says. “We’ll sleep in my room, unless you're uncomfortable with that and I’ll sleep on the couch. But by how much we have in common in the sexual way of this, I’m gonna imagine you’ll be okay sleeping in the bed with me.”

I nod and I take another gulp of my water.

“Use your words baby.” He says. I swallow the water quickly.

“Yes, I’m comfortable with you sleeping in the bed with me, thank you.” I say.

“I’ll get you one of my t-shirts. Do you want shorts?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Your t-shirt will be a dress on me, I think I’ll be okay without the shorts.” I say politely.

He huffs a laugh and he turns to get me clothes to sleep in. I remain on the counter and once again look around the apartment and take in how lovely it is, when a door catches my eye. It almost looks like its tried to blend in with the walls, but the small, dark grey handle gives it away. I wonder what’s behind it then he returns.

He throws me the t-shirt and directs me to the bathroom. But instead of going I just hop off the counter onto the cold floor and begin to take my playsuit off. I pull the t-shirt over my head. My red matching set could be seen through the white of the shirt, not that he didn’t already have a full view. He looks amused at my actions. He steps towards me and throws me over his shoulder. I squeak and don't bother fighting as I know I won't win. Once we reach his room, he plops me down onto the bed. I bounce a little and then there’s a dip on the other side of the bed. I hear clothes being removed until, I assume, he’s just in his boxers. He climbs under the covers and shuts the lights out just as I was taking in this room. He pulls me towards him by my hips, moves the covers from underneath me and pulls my back to his chest. We sit in comfortable silence for a bit when he says,

“I know this might seem strange to you as we have only just met but I wanna make sure we’re on the same level before we continue. I also don’t want either of us to have been drinking to make sure it goes smoothly.”

“I agree and don’t worry I’m enjoying this a lot more than any date I’ve ever been on.” I speak the truth as he’s been doing the same.

“I’m glad little one, now sleep time.” He says sleepily. I can feel that he's hard on my ass. I smile to myself knowing I have that effect on him.

“Okay, goodnight Blaise.”

“Goodnight Indra.”

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