Maybe He's The One

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Chapter 4 - A move forward

I wake up at around 10am alone. I grab my phone and slowly try to wake myself up. That was one of the best and most stress-free sleeps I’ve had in a good while. He was so warm and comforting. I sit up slowly and take in my surroundings, the curtains and lights are still off, so I make my way to the window. Once I open the curtains, I look out to see an amazing view of the city bellow. The view in here is even nicer than the one in the main room. I turn around and am taken back by how big the room is, I didn’t really have a chance to see it yesterday, it is huge. With the bed in the centre, pushed up against the back wall, two chairs and a table by the large floor to ceiling window, a walk-in wardrobe with mostly black, grey and white clothes hanging from poles. Its an amazing room and I wish it was mine.

I quickly run to the bathroom and begin getting showered, woman’s shampoo, conditioner, body wash are all lined up on the sink with a stick note saying, ‘for you, since I doubt, you’d want to smell like a boy all day :) x’. I look under the sink where there is also women’s deodorant and other feminine hygiene products that also have a sticky note saying, ‘just in case ;)’. I smile at how considerate he’s being. I step in the shower, which is the perfect warmth. I shower quickly before throwing on the t-shirt I slept in. It’s Sunday so I have no classes. I walk through the hallway and into the kitchen, it smells amazing, with pancakes and bacon being pilled up on the two plates.

“I didn’t know when you’d get up, I would’ve brought it to bed as well.” He says.

“Awk, I missed my chance to have my first breakfast in bed.” I say with a smile.

“Well, if this goes well, you’ll get plenty of breakfasts in bed, don’t worry about that.” He winks at me, and I smile, with a slightly blush forming on my cheeks.

Once he’s finished plating up the food, he sets them at the island in the middle of the kitchen. There are very high stools at the island. I begin to actually climb the seats when I feel two large hands under my arms, I squeak and then I’m turned and put on the stool. I blush and thank him whilst he laughs at my reaction. He sits opposite me and we continue to try get to know each other a little better. His favourite colour is black, his favourite food is BBQ ribs and he wants to travel to Japan one day. We ask silly questions like that to each other and once the laughing dies down he asks,

“what was your longest relationship?”

“Well most of my relationships don’t really go past the three month mark, either because they do something hurtful or because I’m just not feeling it anymore. That sounds really bad but if I don’t see a future with the person I’m with I don’t stay.” I say and realise I was rambling. “Sorry, I’m talking too much.”

“No, I like to hear you talk. I’m the same, I think my longest relationship was 6 months. It never ends well for me though.”

“Well, hopefully this will go pretty well.” I smile trying to cheer him up

He smiles back and we continue to eat the rest of breakfast and enjoy each other’s company. I watch him every so often, entranced with the way his muscles move as he picks up his glass to take a drink, or the way his jaw moves when he eats. He’s spectacular and entrancing and interesting and I wanna spend the rest of today with him.

“If you keep staring at me, this morning may go a very different way than I intended little one.” He says without looking up. I snap my eyes to my plate embarrassed that he caught me staring. He continues,

“Have you got anything planned for today?”

“I have to write two chapters of the book I’ve been working on, since I missed one yesterday. And look over some notes before going to class, but that shouldn’t take too long. Have you?” I ask hoping he hasn’t.

“Unfortunately I do I have some finishing up with the deal I’ve been trying to get going for a while, and its gonna take a while. We can go get lunch though, then I’ll drop you at your place.”

“That sound good, we’ll see each other on Wednesday anyway.” I quickly realise I have no clothes here and doubt I could wander about in this top. “But I don’t have any of my clothes here.” I continue.

“Oh, don’t you worry about that, whilst I was out getting shower stuff for you, I grabbed you a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.”

I’m completely shocked. How long was he out for, I woke up at 10 that’s barely late in the day. I’m very grateful but he shouldn’t have had to do that.

“That’s amazing thank you, but you really didn’t have to.” I say with my mouth basically on the floor.

“I knew you’d hate it, but like I said, I like to spoil my little one.” I blush at the nickname that has quickly became mine and I’ve quickly grown to love. I thank him again before putting my plate at the sink, I offer to help clean but he ordered me to go get ready before we go out. I’m smart and do as I’m told once I get back to the room, I find clothes lying over the chair by the window. It’s a pair of blue skinny jeans, a black, tight top that was low cut, you could basically see my whole chest and a large black hoodie, oversized, just the way I like it. He got the sizes perfect so I carry the hoodie just now. I walk out and he turn is head away from his phone. He leans against the island and takes in every bit of my body. I just stand there under his inspection and finally he reaches my eyes. His are full of lust when he slowly makes his way over to me.

He grabs me by the hips, pulling me close to his chest and my heart rate speeds up. I look right in his eyes as he grabs the side of my face and bring me into a long deep kiss. He explores my mouth with his tongue before pulling away and attacking my neck. I let out a quiet moan and this urges him to continue. His mouth makes it way towards my breast, before he suddenly pulls the top down so my chest is exposed to him entirely. He takes my nipple into his mouth, nibbling and biting slightly, building me up. My underwear and probably my jeans are soaked as he moves across to take the other into his mouth. I moan a little louder and when I do he grabs my face and forces me to look at him as he continues to play with my body. He moves away from my breasts and back to my mouth. My whole body is tingling and hot. I can feel the pulse bellow. He breaks the kiss breathing deeply before fixing my top.

“I’m going to go get ready, I’ll be 5 minutes, so don’t try please yourself, it won’t work without me.”

And with the he strides away. I’m left speechless as I watch him walk away. He giggles to himself because of my reaction. I don’t think I’ve been so easily aroused in my entire life. I’m still on edge and I feel frustrated and horny beyond belief. I do what he asks however and don’t try to please myself, I’ll do that tonight.

He finally walks out looking amazing with skinny, black ripped jeans, dark grey t-shirt, a silver chain and around 3 silver rings on each hand. He has a pullover hoodie in his hand. I do the same as he done to me, taking my time, taking in every detail. He slowly makes his way towards me then takes my hand as we leave the apartment onto the busy street.

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