The Demon Queen

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Growing up Kiera always felt different and not in a good way. There was a darkness inside of her that she couldn't get rid of, consuming her till there was nothing good left. What happens when she indulges in the darkness, will she be too far gone to save? *preview* "This isn't you Ki. That sweet girl I once knew is still there somewhere I know it. The girl that laughed at everything and anything, the one I know and love is still there and I won't give up till I get her back." He took a cautious step forward, eyeing my reaction to his confession of love. Without hesitation I lift up my dagger, pushing the tip against the skin of his neck. "Love? Please don't make laugh. Love means nothing, it is a weakness, an unfortunate mindset. The sweet girl you claimed to love was tortured and belittled by everyone, everyday of her life. Did you know that?" I tilt my head enjoying the sight of my blade against his neck "I used to think they were the cruelest people, evil even but what they did were simply child games. I on the other hand can't wait to show them what true cruelty is, I will not stop till every single one of you supposed heroes are begging for mercy. Maybe I should just start with you what do you think?" I push my blade further into his skin, breaking the surface as blood ran down his neck. His eyes raked over my face and stopped at something behind me and

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

"So save me (Save me), before I fall (I fall)
So save me, I don't wanna go alone (Alone)"

The wind whipped against my skin painfully, like if it knew what I was about to do, urging me to go back. My bare feet hit the ground harshly as I ran through the valley of souls, an endless wasteland with monsters lurking in every corner. My body screamed at me to stop for a second, to breathe, but I know I can't or he'll find us. I look down at the bundle in my arms, my little princess, how I wish you weren't born into such a world. My little Kiera laid unconscious in my arms, I couldn't risk her crying so I had to give her something to sleep for a while, just long enough to get where we're going. The familiar stone cave comes into view, and I can't help but feel hope, maybe this will work after all. "My queen you've made it" I make my way towards the voice and there stands Oslo. Oslo is a mage, a very powerful one but he's also my oldest friend, almost like a father. "Oslo is there any word coming from the palace?" He looks at me with sadness and my heart drops "I'm sorry my queen but the plan went wrong, he knows". I can't stop the tears that pool in my eyes, " you know what to do Oslo" the look on his face breaks my heart even more because I know what he's thinking. "Are you sure? It could be dangerous to send her away especially by herself, we don't know where she might end up." I look down at Kiera, taking in every detail as I can before it's too late. As much as it'll kill me I have to do this, if she stays here he'll use her as a weapon, he'll turn her into him and I can't let that happen. "We have no other choice, he knows, which means he's already sent people out to look for us. I have to stay back and make sure he never finds her.. I have to, I owe her a different life than this one so please hurry." He nods reaching forward to grab the baby and I let him, we walk into the cave and he lays her on an alter. "If I do this we don't know when she'll wake up or where, you need to understand that after this you will never know of her" I nod, not taking my eyes of her. He turns towards her and begins to chant, his hands dancing over her bare stomach. Black smoke begins to circle around her, for a second I can see her big silver eyes staring over at me before she's completely swallowed by the smoke and disappears.

Thousands of years later

"Hurry and get your stuff packed, I will not wait any longer if you're not down in 5 you'll be walking" I roll my eyes as I stuff my clothes into a suitcase, I turn to see her still standing there "yes madame Dorothy I'm about finished" she simply huffs and walks out leaving me to finish packing. You would think she'd be nicer to me since I'm leaving but she hates me just as much as she did when I first got here, they all do. I've been on my own for as long as I can remember, I was found as a baby in the middle of the woods. They said it was a miracle I was still alive, they didn't know how long I was out there for. From there I was sent to an orphanage where I lived until I nearly burned down the place, that's when I realized I was different from others. That day changed everything, I was seen as a devil child, the embodiment of evil. I don't blame them that day took a toll on me as well. I was sent to a school that was supposed to help me learn to control my powers but they didn't, I was made a servant and constantly punished for that day.

I look down at my suitcase "the fact that my whole life fits in this tiny suitcase is extremely sad" I mumble to myself.
"You're whole existence is sad if we're being honest here, maybe that's why you're parents didn't want you and left you to die in the woods"
I turn to see Sadie, my torturer for as long as I can remember, she gives me an ugly smile as she walks toward me "Can you just leave me alone please, I don't know why you make it your mission to make my life hell. What have I ever done to you?" My sudden bravery catches us both off guard, and I know I've made a mistake. Suddenly the air begins to thin around me, and by the second there's no air for me to breathe and I'm suffocating. I desperately grab onto her begging her wordlessly to stop but she pushes me off her making me fall to the ground, "this serves as a reminder, a reminder that you'll always be the pathetic little orphan no one wants or loves. You. Are. Nothing. A piece of trash stuck on my shoe" she kicks me sending a shooting pain throughout my body. Don't lose control, don't lose control, don't lose control. My lungs are filled with air and I eagerly take in as much as I can, gasping as I crawl towards the twin bed. I manage to stand up and I'm filled with an emotion I know all too well, an emotion more complex than anger, it's a darkness. Another part of me I don't know. A darkness that threatens to unleash itself onto to everyone. I turn to look at her, feeling it take over me.

"You stupid stupid girl, you think you're better than everyone else. You're worthless, like everyone else here. You're a worthless bitch that has no use in the world other than spreading her legs. You think I didn't know you were extra friendly with professor Davis? How do you think your parents will react after finding out you're fucking a man that's older than your father?"
I can see the surprise in her face for a moment before it turns into anger, she runs at me but before she can reach me my hand flies up towards her making her stop in her tracks. Her eyes gloss over, it was like her consciousness completely left her body and she stood there like a doll, ready to do what I asked. My feet take me to the side table, opening the drawer to reveal the knife I kept hidden there. Don't do this don't do this, stop moving please. My hand reaches for it taking it between my hands, enjoying the feeling of the blade against my fingers. I turn to her "take it" she walks towards me taking the blade from my hand. "Now I want you to stab yourself, and you're going to keep stabbing yourself until you die" My eyes drift to the mirror behind her and I take in the image, the same image from the night in the orphanage. A girl stares back at me, one I don't know and her eyes aren't a deep silver anymore they're red. Red like blood. I'm instantly brought out of the daze I was in, I look at Sadie just as she's bringing the knife up "Stop!" I grab the knife out of her hand, pushing her against the wall. She blinks a few times before looking at me, fear in her eyes "what the hell happened" she moves as far away from me as she can. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Sadie" I grab my suitcase and run out before she can say anything. My mind and heart racing uncontrollably. The look on her face was pure fear... and I reveled in it.

Hey guysss! That's the end of chapter 1!!! It's a little short I know but I promise they'll get longer!!
What do you think so far?
Thoughts on Kiera?
Thoughts on Sadie?
What about the flashback what do you think that was about?

Don't forget to comment and vote and thank you for reading!! See you next chapter <333
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