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Kinky One Shots (DDLG/BDSM)

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A BabyGirl’s Fantasies ~ With the brattiest of Littles and the punishments of Mommy and Daddy Doms - here you'll have your deepest of fantasies explored. Hot, Heated, and the Sexiest Kinks, just a few clicks away. What are you waiting for? Don't you want to know what Daddy will do if you misbehave? Aren't you curious about the toys Mommy has waiting for you as punishment? ! Contains Categories under the CGL Umbrella: DDLG/MDLG !

Erotica / Romance
Poison Ivy 🌿
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A BabyGirl’s Fantasies

⚠️ Disclaimer/ Warning ⚠️
Please read

The following contains relationships under the CGL Umbrella—DDLG and MDLG.

What is CGL?
- CGL stands for Caregiver/Little. This pertains to a roleplay relationship related to age play in which one or more parties regress to that of a childlike mindset and their partner takes on the role of their care provider. It does NOT involve anyone being underage or exposing minors to a sexual world and putting a child at risk.

What is a Little?
- A little pertains to the childlike/regressive aspect of this relationship. In other words a Little is the party which regresses to that of a childlike mindset. Again, NOT an actual child participating in inappropriate adult interactions.

What is a caregiver?
- A caregiver is self explanatory. Consists of an adult offering care to their regressed partner in the relationship. They offer nurture, discipline, love, and protection to their Little and are their primary protector.

CGL isn’t always sexual as you will see in some instances.

Please do your research and be safe!


« “Take. Them. Off.” He says sternly, his firm green eyes pinning me with their intimidation. My quivering fingers lift up the hem of my pink dress, lifting just enough to reveal my panties. My legs squirm as he raises a single eyebrow, depicting his impatience with me.

“But, Daddy.” I whimper, my body vibrating with need, knowing I won’t be satisfied in the ways I crave.

“Kitten. Don’t make Daddy tell you twice, or your punishment will be unbearable.” His face moves closer to mine, his hands shoved deep into his pockets to refrain from touching me. »

Daddy Alexei


« Her kisses pepper all over my neck and collar bone, teasing my sensitivity before her fingers press against my heat. I spread for her, submitting to her at a simple touch.

“To the room.” I whine as she releases me from her torturous yet delicious hold. “In your pretty panties and that special bra you’re wearing. If I don’t see you bent over, blindfold on. Well, you already know the consequences, my Dear.”

She chuckles, her hand coming around to grip my tender rump. I hold in a yelp and flinch as her hand comes down hard in a spank.

“Yes, Mama.” »

– Mommy Janet

~ ꨄ ~

« My vision goes black as my eyes roll back into my head with the sheer pleasure. He slows down before pulling his fingers out, my wetness dribbling down to his knuckles.

"Look at you, you're dripping all over me already and I haven't even gotten started." He chuckles, planting hot wet kisses down my navel and nipping the skin of my hip. His eyes bore into mine, his gaze darkened and predatory."You're so pathetic."

"Daddy. I'm already so close." I plead as he rubs smooth circles across my nub, teasing me further as the coil starts to build inside me. I grab the back of his neck, pulling him over me and into a kiss. I moan into his mouth and spread wider for him, his fingers slipping back inside.
I love this, I'm so wet for him. »

- Daddy Adrien


Who’s your favorite so far? 😌♥️

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