Mr. and Mrs. Cane ***SLOW UPDATE***

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River Holston is the housekeeper for Mr. and Mrs. Cane, a couple involved in the Italian mafia. As time moves on, however, things move from professional to very, very personal... (MATURE CONTENT 18+) (Italian is not my first language, so some Italian phrases may be wrong. I apologize in advance.)

Erotica / Drama
veronica phillips
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


My eyes widened as the taxi pulled up to a gated entrance that led to one of the largest houses I had ever seen.

I swallowed hard, and paid the driver before stepping out of the taxi, pulling down my navy pencil skirt. I walked slowly to the fence, and pressed a button near it.

There were a few moments of silence before a beep sounded, and a voice so deep and velvety it sent me chills—answered, “Hello?”

I cleared my throat and said softly, “Um...hi? My name is River Holston, and I’m here for the housekeeper position?”

There was another pause, and I bit my bottom lip before the voice said, “Please come in, Miss. Holston.”

I nodded and facepalmed when I realized he couldn’t see me. Before I could say thank you, the monitor turned off, and the gates slowly opened.

I walked down the long, paved driveway and walked up the three steps to the white French doors, my heels clicking on the marble steps.

I lifted my fist, but before I could knock, the door opened and I had to stop myself from gasping.

The most beautiful woman I had ever seen stood in front of me.

She had long, glossy black hair that fell down her back in soft waves, and she stood about 5 inches above my 5”3 height. She had sharp grey-green eyes and a perfect bust and small waist.

I wasn’t aware of my gaping until she tilted her head slightly and gave me a curious smile, making me gulp.

“I’m guessing you’re River, darling?” She asked, her voice firm yet delicate with a slight accent I couldn’t place.

“I-I...” I licked my suddenly dry lips, and watched her eyes follow my tongue.

I cleared my throat and nodded, replying softly, “Y-Yes, ma’am.”

She smiled again, and tucked a lock of hair behind my ear, making my body break out in goosebumps.

“I’m Madeleine. Follow me, sweetheart,” She instructed, and I didn’t dare hesitate, making her chuckle softly as I stumbled a bit.

I let my eyes wander as I followed her, and I knew these people had money. The walls were smooth and recently painted, and the marble floors were so glossy I could see my reflection in them.

My thoughts were interrupted by Madeleine knocking firmly on a dark, mahogany door. I heard a muffled voice tell us to come in, and she pushed the door open, waving for me to go in first.

I scurried inside, and looked around the room in awe. Dark colors accented rich wood, and there was a fire crackling I’m the stone fireplace.

A throat cleared, and I snapped my head towards the sound, my breath catching in my throat as I landed my eyes on a man just as beautiful as Madeleine.

He had dark, rich brown hair tied back into a bun with a few strays surrounding his face, and emerald eyes stared back at me. He had a five o’clock shadow, and even sitting down behind a dark desk, I could tell he was a giant.

I continued drooling as Madeleine came behind me and brushed her hand across my lower back, making me shiver slightly.

I watched her go over to the man, and I pressed my lips and thighs together when he grabbed her neck and pulled her lips to his.

He watched me out of the corner of his eye, and I blushed harshly as I tried to distract myself by looking around the room.

Madeleine giggled as she pulled back, and tapped her fingers at her red lips, smiling wide as she turned to me.

“River, darling, this is my husband. Sloan, this is River. She’s here for an interview about the housekeeping position,” Madeleine said, her voice so perfect it was making my stomach turn.

I kept my eyes lowered as I said softly, “Nice to meet you, sir.”

“Look me in the eye when you’re talking to me,” He demanded, making me gasp quietly as I realized he was the voice on the intercom from the gate.

My gaze snapped up to his, and I bit my bottom lip. Something flashed in his eyes, and he pulled Madeleine onto his lap, nodding at me.

“Take a seat, River,” He said, motioning to the chair on the other side of the table.

I hurried to take the seat, and looked up at them both, my cheeks slightly pink.

Madeleine picked up a file and started flipping through it, while Sloan kept his eyes on me.

“Alright. It says here that you’re 25 years old, with a Bachelor’s in journalism from NYU. You paid your way through college with student loans, and working for a cleaning company. You also have three years of experience as a nanny. We don’t have kids. They’re too innocent for what goes on in this house,” Madeleine said, peeking over the file at me, a small smirk on her face that made me squeeze my thighs together.

I laughed nervously, and said, “Yes, ma’am. I’m aware you don’t have kids, it said so in the job description. But I do have what I would like to think is plenty of experience, and I’m willing to do anything and everything. I’m a quick learner and a hard worker,” I replied, switching my gaze between the two of them.

“Anything and everything, hm?” Madeleine said, raising her eyebrow.

Sloan pinched her waist and looked back at me.

“You have no current address lifted,” He stated, raising an eyebrow just like his wife.

I hesitated slightly, and fiddled with my hands as I answered softly, “W-Well that’s because I’m homeless, sir...”

Madeleine’s head snapped up at that, surprise written clear on her face. Sloan furrowed his brows and rubbed a hand over his shadow, licking his lips.

“We’re sorry to hear that,” He said, giving me a sympathetic look.

I gave him a shaky smile back, and shifted in my seat, saying, “I’m sure you are. It’s not as bad as it seems. I mean, I’ve gotten myself this far on my own. If I’m being completely honest, one of the main reasons I applied was because the job description said you would offer housing and all financial costs. I know that now makes me seem like a less-likely candidate, but I would much rather be honest and not get the job rather than be a liar and get it.”

I exhaled shakily, and when I looked up, they were both staring at me. I swallowed hard, and Madeleine got off her husband’s lap and came over to me, pulling me up and hugging me tight, resting her chin on my head. I hesitantly hugged her back, but once my arms were around hers, I melted into the embrace.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes before she pulled back and cupped my face, stroking my cheeks with her thumbs as she gave me a small smile.

“You’re hired. You can spend the night here, and we’ll take care of any and all needs,” She said, looking over at her husband, who gave me a small smile and nodded.

I looked at them both in shock, my eyes wide and my mouth open.

“I-” I began, but Madeleine cut me off and took one of my hands, pulling me to the door.

“Shh. Now, one of our butlers, Adam, is waiting outside this door to escort you to your room. We’ll check in on you in a few hours, alright?” She said, giving me a warm smile.

I gave a shy one back, and she rubbed my back before opening the door.

I stepped out, and just before the door closed behind me, I heard Madeleine say, “She’s perfect.”
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