Mr. and Mrs. Cane ***SLOW UPDATE***

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Chapter 2


I stared at Sloan waiting for a response, and he nodded, a slow smile appearing on his face.

“Yes, baby, she is,” He replied, stretching in his chair.

I grinned and clapped my hands together, laughing as I walked over to him and pulled him out of his seat by his tie, standing on my tiptoes even in high heels to reach his lips on his 6”3 frame.

He smirked against my mouth and bit my bottom lip hard, making me moan as he drew blood.

He pulled away right after, and glanced at the door.

“You really think she’s the one, Mads?” Sloan said, wrapping an arm around my waist as I twirled his tie around my finger.

I looked at the door with him, and smiled at the thought of River on her knees in front of us.

“I really do. You saw how she obeyed. Listened. Called us ma’am and sir,” I said, looking him in the eye as I unbuttoned his shirt one by one.

He slowly looked down and met my eyes, his own filled with lust and need.

I started slipping off my dress as he undid his belt and wrapped it around my neck, growling softly under his breath as he tightened it to the point where’d it leave a leather burn.

I sat down on my knees, and pulled his zipper down with my teeth.

He kept the belt wrapped around one hand, and the other hand went to grip my hair.

“Do you think she gags, Maddie? Sloan said hoarsely, pulling my hair slightly as I lapped at his tip like a kitten.

I stroked him and smiled big, meeting his eyes.

“A girl that tiny? Of course she does.”

He laughed and I grinned before taking him all the way down my throat, only gagging a bit and making him cut off his laughter with a moan, bucking his hips into my face and biting his lip as he gripped my hair hard and slammed his dick down my throat, making my eyes water.

I moaned around him as he started pounding into my mouth, making my throat tighten up around his length and leaving me struggling to breathe. He slapped my face a few times, and I moaned back in response, feeling my cheeks heat up from the impact.

“F-Fuck, baby. You’re too good at this,” He groaned, slamming hard into my face one more time before I felt his cum stream down my throat.

I met his eyes as I swallowed all of it, waiting for him to let go of my hair and give me the go-ahead. When he did, I pulled back and gasped for air, smacking and licking my lips while giving him one of my best smiles.

He trailed his thumb along my bottom lip and cupped my cheek, saying, “So fucking beautiful. I love you so much, Maddie.”

I pressed my cheek into his hand and kissed his palm, replying, “I love you so much more, Sloan.”

He tssked and gave me his drop-panty smile, making me shiver as I watched him tuck himself back in.

Just as he had pulled his jeans back up, a timid knock came at the door.

Sloan and I traded knowing smiles, and I stood up in all my naked glory, turning to the door as Sloan walked to it and opened it up.

I heard River’s small gasp, and then she mumbled something that I couldn’t make out from where I was. Sloan said something, and a few seconds later she stepped inside the room, her eyes instantly landing on me.

I watched her face turn bright red as her eyes widened, unable to take her gaze off my body.

I smirked at her and ran a finger over the trimmed hair on my pussy mound, saying, “I’m usually more put together than this, but I’ve been lazy lately.”

Her gaze followed my finger, and she audibly gulped, making me giggle as I made my way over to her, her eyes dropping down to the floor.

“Ah ah. Eyes up, sweetie,” I said softly, trailing the same finger down the side of her face and forcing her chin upwards.

She lifted her head, but avoided my eyes.

“I-I...I was w-wondering where I could find something to wear for the night...” She said softly, swallowing again.

I tucked another lock of hair behind her ear, and grinned when she unknowingly tilted her head into my hand.

“Sloan will give you something. Go along with him, darling,” I instructed, tickling my nails under her chin.

She gave me a small smile, and nodded before turning to Sloan, who was leaning against the wall next to the door, his eight-pack still glistening with a light layer of sweat.

He crooked his finger at her in a “come here motion,” and I gently pushed on her back, which made her stumble slightly to him.

Sloan winked at me before taking her hand and leading her down the hall.


I kept glancing back at River as I guided her down the hall. She would make eye contact with me every so often, but she would look away just as quickly.

She was a tiny little thing, about a foot shorter than me, and her head only reached to just below my pecks.

“Mr. Cane?” River said quietly.

I paused in the hallway and turned to her, lowering my gaze. She blushed and bit her bottom lip, and I fought the urge to grab her by the neck and bite it for her.

“Yes?” I said, making my voice gentle so I didn’t scare her.

“Um...could I ask how old you and Madeleine are?”

I smiled and pulled her to just in front of my bedroom door, opening it and chuckling at her gasp.

“First off, I’m sure she’d much rather you call her Maddie, sweetheart,” I called out as I walked into our closet and grabbed a shirt of mine.

“And second, I’m 28 while Mads is 27,” I answered, walking back out and handing her my shirt.

She nodded as she took it, her brows furrowed as she unfolded it.

“T-Thank you...” River said, giving me a small smile.

“Call me Sloan, sweetheart,” I smiled back, winking at her as I took my hair out of its bun and shook it out.

River stared, her mouth open wide.

“See something you like?” I teased, laughing lightly and crossing my arms, motioning at her body.

“Go ahead and change,” I said, looking her in the eye.

Her eyes widened more and she replied, “Wh-what?”

“You heard me, River. And I don’t like repeating myself.”

She blushed so hard I thought she’d pass out, but then she slowly started untucking her white shirt. She lifted it over her head, and I already knew that she was going to be easy to hold up against a wall while I fucked her.

She swallowed hard and slid off her skirt, making me hiss quietly as she turned around and gave me the best view of her plump ass in her black thong.

She undid her bra and quickly pulled my shirt over her head, turning to me and fiddling with her hands as she kept her head down.

“Give me your panties, bellissima,” I said lowly, my eyes flashing as I saw her body shudder lightly.

I saw in her eyes that she wanted to ask why, but instead she slowly slid them down her legs and handed her thong to me.

I took them, and made eye contact with her as I lifted them up to my nose and inhaled deeply.

River wrapped her arms around herself and frowned deeply, turning away from me.

I instantly stopped, and looked up at her.

“River-” I began, sighing as I ran a hand through my hair.

She shook her head and ran out the room, leaving her clothes in a pile on the floor.

“Fuck,” I groaned, slamming my fist into the wall.
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