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Chapter 3


I woke up the next morning with three hours of sleep on me. I had been staring at the ceiling for most of the night, and so many things were going through my head.

When I had walked into their office the previous night, it was obvious what they had been doing. Madeleine was absolutely beautiful, as I knew she would be, and Sloan was an absolute Adonis. He was a foot taller than me, and I felt like an ant next to him.

They both had made me wet last night, and I had beat myself up about it.

I couldn’t fall for my bosses. It was wrong and shameful.

But damn them for being so perfect.

I sighed and rolled out of bed, stretching and looking at my phone. It was 8:34 am, and the sun was shining through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

I hugged my arms around my body, and whirled around as I heard the door open.

Sloan and Madeleine walked in, looking like a God and Goddess.

Madeleine’s hair was up in a topknot, and the same red color stained her plump lips. She was wearing a long-sleeved, royal blue dress and white heels that made her at least three inches taller.

Sloan had his hair in a small, low ponytail, and he was wearing a hunter green, button down that was tucked into slim black pants.

Madeleine gave me a gorgeous smile and walked over to me, giving me a tight hug.

“River! How’d you sleep, darling? Was the bed comfortable enough? If not, we have many other rooms you could try staying in,” She said, rubbing my shoulders.

I gave her a small smile and replied, “I slept very well, the bed’s perfect, I promise.”

Madeleine grinned again and patted my cheek, saying, “I’m so glad. We have breakfast prepared downstairs if you’d like to join.”

I nodded, and she motioned for me to go in front of her. I timidly walked, and I heard a small laugh come from her and a chuckle from Sloan.

I turned and blushed, asking, “What?”

Sloan motioned at the plain pink panties I had put on the night before, and said, “I think your shirt’s a little ridden up there, sweetheart.”

My hands shot down to my ass, and I gasped loudly. The shirt was bunched up and tucked into the waistband of my panties, giving Sloan and Madeleine a full view of my ass in them.

“I...I’m so sorry...” I breathed, my face beat red as I fumbled with it.

“There’s nothing to apologize for, love,” Madeleine reassured me as she came over and untucked it, her fingers grazing the bottom of one of my cheeks, “you should actually be very proud. I’m sure anyone would want to see that very delicious ass of yours.”

She winked and continued down the hall, and I peeked over at Sloan. He was grinning, and my God, even his smile made me want to spread my legs for him.

I gave him a small smile back, turning even more red at the thought of him smelling my panties last night.

I followed them downstairs and through a long hallway before Madeleine pushed open the door and gestured for me to enter. I did, and gaped at the large room.

It had a thirty-foot-long table in the middle, with seats surrounding it. There were two plates at the head of the table, where two chairs sat, and one plate to the left.

Sloan pulled out my chair for me, and I quietly thanked him as I placed my napkin over my lap. They both sat down, and a server came in and laid two fried eggs, a load of bacon, and a piece of toast.

“We didn’t know what you liked, but if this isn’t it then please let us know,” Sloan said, patting my hand as I smiled at both of them.

“This is perfect, thank you,” I gushed, looking at the food with wide eyes.

They smiled at each other, then we all began eating.

We sat in comfortable silence for several minutes, then Madeleine cleared her throat and said, “So, I suppose you’d like to know what you’ll be doing with your job.”

I swallowed the piece of bacon I was munching on, and nodded over at her.

“Well, it’s all the basics. You’ll do the laundry, sweep and mop, do the grocery shopping, and attend to all needs Sloan and I have. Does that sound like something you can do, love?” She said, holding her husband’s hand.

I gave them both one of my best smiles, and Madeleine’s smile became wider while Sloan’s lips formed into a small one.

“Yes, ma’am. That sounds easy enough,” I replied, taking a sip of my juice.

Sloan nodded and added, “We have one butler, a chief, and two servers. Those are the only people you will see every day, including myself and Maddie. You’ll have a uniform, which is already up in your bedroom. As soon as you’re done with breakfast, we would like you to go try it on and come show us in the office.”

I nodded again, and finished off my toast, patting my lips with the napkin and turning to them.

“Thank you again,” I said shyly. “I know it takes a lot of trust to keep someone in your home that you barely know, but I’ll do my best to keep your trust and earn your respect. You already have mine, but I know it’s a different story the other way around.”

They both gave me warm smiles, and I blushed slightly before scooting my chair back.

“May I be excused?”

“Of course, darling,” Madeleine said, shooing me off.

With her blessing, I scurried off to my room.



“God, she’s so perfect,” I sighed, sitting on the edge of Sloan’s desk as we waited for River.
He licked his lips and answered, “I’m not so sure. She doesn’t seem all that...kinky.”

I raised my eyebrows, and reached over to flick his forehead. He flinched, and glared at me, flipping me off as he rubbed the spot where I had thwacked him.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover, Cane,” I scolded, using our last name to piss him off.

He rolled his eyes, and we heard the same timid knock from the night before. We traded smiles again, and Sloan called for her to come in.

When she stepped into the room, I had to stop myself from gasping.

The sexy maid outfit fit her perfectly, and all I wanted to do was rip it off her body.

The corset top pushed up her small bust and made her breasts appear larger and more contoured, while the skirt held up and gave us a nice view of the white thong attached to it. The heels made her several inches taller, and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

River blushed hard, and lowered her gaze as she fiddled with the skirt, saying, “I-I think it’s a bit...small...”

I laughed at that, and saw her face get redder. I looked over at Sloan, and he whistled sharply, making her head snap up.

He spun his finger in the air and instructed, “Turn.”

There was a slight moment of hesitation, but River exhaled softly and turned slowly. I hid my moan inside my hand as we saw her plump ass in her thong, and when her front came to face us, we saw that she still had her hands covering the front of the thong, and what would be the mound of her pussy.

“Move your hands, River,” Sloan demanded, his voice low and firm, yet gentle.

River let out the tiniest whimper, and I felt my panties get wet. She very slowly moved her hands, and I bit my bottom lip hard when I saw the very obvious bush, with some hairs curling around the edges.

I looked up when I heard her sniff, and I quickly walked over, tilting her chin up and feeling my chest tighten when I saw her eyes glistening with tears.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” I cooed, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear and cupping her cheek.

She peeked over my shoulder at Sloan, and I followed her gaze. He was staring back, but glanced away when I gave him a warning look.

“I-I’m embarrassed,” She mumbled, wiping at her eyes.


Her chin quivered, and I tried to calm her down by stroking her cheek. It seemed to work after a few seconds, and she replied, “B-Because I haven’t shaved...down over a year, and I f-feel like both of you are disgusted by it.”

I sighed softly, and pulled her into a hug. I rubbed her back, and she wrapped her arms around my waist tightly.

“Darling, we really don’t care. It’s completely natural, and not something you can control if you don’t have the tools. If you want to get rid of the hair, we can. If you want to keep it, we don’t mind one bit. It’s your choice, alright?”

She nodded against my chest, and without thinking about it, I kissed her head. She stiffened up slightly, but otherwise didn’t pull away.

“I unfortunately have a doctor’s appointment, but if you want a waxing, Sloan will happily do so,” I said, stroking her cheeks again as I pulled back.

River’s eyebrows rose, and she said, “H-Him? He’ll do it?”

I laughed, and squeezed her hands, nodding.

“He does mine all the time, darling. I promise you, you’ll be in good hands,” I reassured her.

She blushed harder, and whispered, “B-But isn’t that inappropriate? My boss...seeing me down there...?”

I paused, and looked over at Sloan, who raised his eyebrows at me.

I looked down at River and replied, “Well, he could’ve just as easily seen it last night, yes?”

Her eyes widened, and I winked before patting her cheek.

“I’m off to my appointment. I’ll be back at around 3,” I announced, walking over and kissing Sloan lovingly.

He smacked my ass hard, and I moaned into his mouth, grinning as I heard River’s small gasp. I pulled away, and saw her bottom lip between her teeth and her thighs clenched tightly together.

“If you want a smack, too, all you have to do is ask, love,” I giggled, tickling her under her chin as I walked by her.

She watched me leave the room, and I smirked to myself once I was in the hallway.

What a minx.

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