Mr. and Mrs. Cane ***SLOW UPDATE***

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Chapter 5


“River, do you know what bdsm is?” I said, holding Sloan’s hand as I looked at the shaking girl in front of us.

She bit her bottom lip and nodded slightly, fiddling with her hands as she replied, “I have a fair idea, yes.”

I traded looks with Sloan, and he lovingly kissed the top of my hand, nodding encouragingly at me.

“Well...Sloan and I are what is known as “couple dominants.” We like to share one sub, and....we would like that sub to”

Her jaw instantly dropped, but she forced it to close as her chin started to quiver.

Sloan reached out and held her chin still, soothingly stroking her cheek with his thumb.

“River, why are you crying?” He asked softly as we both watched tears stream down her cheeks.

“I-I don’t feel like I’m good e-enough for the both o-of you,” She sobbed quietly, fiddling with her hands more.

I placed a hand to my heart and knelt down on the floor, picking up one of her hands and kissing it.

“Darling, if we didn’t think you were good enough then we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” I said gently, squeezing her hand in reassurance.

She sniffed and looked over at me, staring for awhile before giving me a small nod.

“W-What would I have to do?” She whispered, sniffing more as she wiped at her cheeks and eyes.

“Whatever we want, but ultimately the ball is in your court. You’ll be given a safeword, and you say it when you need to stop, and we’ll stop. It’s all about trust and consent, love,” I informed her, rubbing her thigh lovingly.

River exhaled shakily and said, “I-I don’t even know what I like…”

“That’s okay, sweetheart,” Sloan reassured her, “We’ll go through a list, and you can mark off everything that you like, don’t like, and things you haven’t done but are willing to try.”

She swallowed hard again, and nodded before looking up at us.

“Okay. I’ll try, but I can’t promise I’ll be any good,” River said softly.

Sloan reached forward and ran his fingers through her hair, smiling again before saying, “You’ll be amazing, babygirl. We know it.”

She gasped softly at his endearment for her, and I smiled so big I could barely contain myself.

I reached forward and took her jaw firmly, not waiting a second before pressing my lips against hers. She was frozen in shock for a second, but then she slowly responded, kissing me softly. I moaned quietly against her lips, and she squeezed her thighs together. Sloan instantly ripped them apart, and laid a single finger on her clit.

Her whole body jumped, but he held her down and let out a small chuckle.

“Babygirl, you’re so wet I can hear it,” He grinned, pushing a finger against her hole and making her whimper loudly as a “squish” came from her pussy.

I reached down and flicked her clit, making her cry out against my mouth.

“Oh, sweetie, it seems you need a lesson in control,” I mumbled, biting down on her bottom lip.

River looked up at me with wide eyes, and shook her head in denial.

“Yes you do,” I purred, smacking her clit lightly.

She howled out, and at that moment Sloan sank two fingers into her dripping hole, making her howl turn into a scream.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Let the whole house hear our girl scream,” Sloan cooed at her as River’s body shook lightly.

I held her arms down and sucked down her neck, leaving small hickeys on her body.

Sloan fucked her slowly with his fingers, and she let out tiny moans as she closed her eyes and started grinding back on them, digging her nails into my arms and biting her bottom lip.

“P-Please…” River cried out softly.

“Please what?” I said, sucking gently at her nipple and causing her back to arch.

“Please, Ma’am. Please, Sir. Don’t s-stop,” She whined out, and Sloan and I nodded in approval.

We continued our loving assault on her body for about two more minutes before she screamed out and came all over Sloan’s fingers.

I bit her nipple gently, and Sloan slapped her pussy hard, glaring up at her.

“I didn’t hear me or Maddie give you permission to cum, little girl,” He growled softly.

She looked up at him tiredly, panting and biting her bottom lip.

“We’ll let you have it this time, my small slut. Next time, however, you wait for permission or you get a punishment. Am I clear?” I said sternly, holding her jaw firmly,

River whimpered loudly and nodded, whispering, “I’m sorry.”

I fought back the smile and leaned up, kissing her gently.

“Good girl for apologizing. And it’s alright, don’t do it again though,” I stroked her cheek, and she chewed the inside of her cheek before nodding, giving me a tiny smile.

Sloan kissed her clit, which made her gasp, before leaning up and laying his lips on hers, letting out a soft sigh as he did so.

He picked her up in his arms and kissed me lovingly.

“I’ll take her to bed, Mads,” He said quietly as River closed her eyes in his arms.

I nodded, and kissed his head before watching him carry our little girl out of the room.



I laid River down on the bed, and kissed her forehead as I smiled down at her.

I began pulling away, but she grabbed my hand and whimpered softly, the sound making all the blood rush straight to my hard-on.

“C-Could you lie with me….please?” She said softly, looking up at me with those irresistible blue eyes.

I leaned forward and stroked her cheek, responding, “Babygirl, Maddie’s waiting for me to come back.”

River’s lower lip quivered, and I sighed softly before stripping off my jeans and climbing into her bed behind her, wrapping my arms around her tightly.

She instantly curled into me, and ran her fingers gently up and down my arms.

“Where do we go from here, Sir?” River asked quietly.

I rested my chin on her shoulder, and replied, “Babygirl, you only need to call us Sir and Ma’am when we’re doing anything sex related. Call us Sloan and Maddie the rest of the time.”

She blinked up at me, and when she nodded slowly, I rewarded her with a small kiss.

I ran my fingers across her stomach as I answered her question.

“We’ll start slow. Learning what you do and don’t like, your limits, your kinks, and eventually we’ll get to the point of just knowing. How does that sound, love?”

River smiled and nodded, continuing to curl her body into mine.

We stayed there in a comfortable silence before she gasped and said softly, “I-I’m not on any type of contraception.”

I smiled back down at her, and said, “Well we’ll just have to fix that, won’t we?”

She blushed hard and nodded, chewing on her bottom lip.

I brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her temple, giving her one last squeeze.

“Go to sleep, River. We’ll talk more in the morning, alright?”

She closed her eyes and nodded, giving me a sweet smile.

“Goodnight, Sloan,” River said softly.

“Goodnight, beautiful girl.”
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