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Chapter 10

Chase Gunner

Standing in the small little foyer of the hotel room with little light except for the moon and city lights that streaked in from the ceiling to floor length windows on the opposite wall in front of me. I watched the woman in front of me. When she made the proposal, I was surprised to admit, I was more than intrigued.

How can a submissive in training control me-a complete dominant?

But one look into those eyes and I was quickly reminded that she wasn’t my typical submissive. In fact, the thought of her with another dominant drove me livid. I never felt such strong possessiveness over any woman except her. Which reminds me of the encounter earlier this evening-Logan Hawkings.

The man was a very powerful one. My encounters of him were always brief and mutual but now I think I’ll have to keep a better eye on him. He wasn’t getting anywhere near Briar.

“How did you and Logan strike up a conversation?” I asked, as I began to untie my tie. She slipped over in front of me. Her hands shooing my hands away. I rested them on the side of her hips while I waited for her answer. My eyes roaming her delicate and sensual features slowly.

“He happened to be where I was.” She explained. “He seems like a nice guy.”

Jealousy boiled inside of me like the Devil himself. Logan was not a bad man. In fact, the man was a good business man. He did his business right and never don’t anything publicly humiliating. He was an honest man as far as I know and that was part of the reason why it made me extremely possessive of Briar.

“I don’t want you talking to him.” I murmured, leaning down to capture her lips but she pushed me away, leaving me to remove the rest of my clothes.

“You can control me in bed, Chase, but you can’t control who I talk to.” Her eyes flared up with annoyance and irritation. “Stay here.”

She ordered me. I wanted to disobey it and take complete control of the situation. I knew damn well she was right. I can’t control her but doesn’t mean I must like the fact that Logan Hawkings was interested in her.

If I had my way, she will be screaming in pleasure underneath me right now but I remember my promised to her. I was willing to let her take control tonight and strangely I’m curious as to what she has planned.

I tossed my tie aside and threw my jacket onto the couch. Unbuttoning my cuff, I pulled out one of my metal dining chair and sat down. Once, I removed the cuffs, I started unbuttoning my dress shirt but stopped when I saw her emerge from the bedroom.

She walked back out still in her form fitting and revealing dress. Her hips exposing itself each time she took a step. I licked my lips and trailed my gaze upwards. When I saw what was in her hand, I quirked up an eyebrow.

“Tying me down?” I asked.

She bit her bottom lip not in a purpose sensual manner but in uncertainty before she moved to stand before me.

“What would you like me to do next?” I asked, finding it extremely sexy how she stood before me debating on what to do next. “Be confident, Briar. I want to see you take control.”

The words slipped out of my mouth before I realized that it was the truth. I did indeed wanted to see her take control for once. I can see she was starting to relax and another kind of confidence appeared.

She nodded and placed the tie onto the table. She knelt down between my legs and leaned forward giving me a full view of the beautiful curves of her breasts. Slowly, she began unbuttoning the rest of my dress shirt. Each press of her hand and brush of her finger against me was almost like I was being touched and licked by fire.

I was hard as a rock and we haven’t even begun yet. When she released the last of the button and pulled out my shirt from being tucked into my pants. She slowly and torturously ran her hands up my abdomen. My stomach tightened with each caress up my chest and over my shoulder. The dress shirt fell off and she slipped it off. Again, she placed it on the table next to the tie.

Her hands proceeded to slip back down and purposely brushed over my bulge that had me almost whining like a puppy wanting a treat. Her eyes gleamed with a new interest and again she worked the buckles of my belt, taking it off. Finally unbuckling my pants. I hoped she will strip me down naked but instead, she stopped. She pulled back and stood up. Reaching over to the table she picked up the tie she grabbed from my bedroom.

“Put your hands behind your back.”

I smirked and did as she said. She walked around me and surprisingly tied the tie around my wrist tightly, yanking it harshly eliciting a hiss from me.

She walked back to my line of vision again. My gaze met hers--waiting for her next move. Briar reached behind her and unzipped her gown. Slowly she slipped the gown off her shoulders and in seconds exposed her upper body for my full viewing pleasure. I fisted my hands painfully. The role switching is frustrating. I wanted her and I wanted her badly.

When she was fully out of the gown and standing only in a black g-string and heels, I swear I thought a sex nymph stood before me.

Her voluminous body filled all in the right areas just to drive me crazy. Her hair falling in soft curls down her body.

“Christ.” I whispered hoarsely. How am I going to be able to control myself?

Slowly, she walked towards me. The sound of heels clicking with each step was in sync with my heightening anticipation and thirst.

She walked around me. I felt her hands on my shoulders, massaging the sexual tension in my shoulders before leaning down. I felt her hair brush over my chest and shoulder like a soft caress before her lips wrapped around my earlobe.

Lord, I pray for willpower to maintain control. She continued to tease me by lightly grazing her plump lips through the curves of my neck before stopping at my shoulders. She pulled herself upright again before moving to straddle me. Her core firmly pressed to my crotch and I nearly croaked like a frog. I didn’t realize how much she is affecting me until now.

A small knowing smirk stretched her lips and I admitted to God in silence that, that smile was going to kill me one day. Her hands and nails dug into my skin inflicting a kind of pain that sent my blood in fire as she scraped her way up my chest.

When her nails reached around my shoulders she curved them around my neck and brought her lips down on mine. I wasn’t going to argue to what was given by Briar. Hell, it gave me the opportunity to devour those sweet lips and to fill those nice firm breasts pressed up against my hard chest. Slowly, I coaxed her to open her lips and slipped my tongue inside. I brushed one and twice before she pulled back.

This time I groaned in pain. It was too little. I needed more.

She began rocking her hips over my painfully grown crotch in an erotic move that had me biting my lips in pleasure.

“Baby girl, you’re torturing me. Give your dying man a sweet taste of you.” I demanded hoarsely.

The corner of Briar’s lip lifted. “What is it that you want, Chase?”

She is asking me to decide. I wanted everything. I wanted all of her and suddenly I was at a loss of what to pick. If I had a choice, I wanted to feast on those full breasts until she was a mess underneath me. Then I was going to take my sweet time in devouring her sweet little lips before driving me to the point of intoxication with what was going on between her legs.

“You have three seconds before I change my mind.” She informed me.

“Hell.” I muttered. “Release me, Briar.”

She clicked her tongue. “No. One.”

“God damn it, Briar. You had your fun-”


“Briar, stop it-”

“Three.” She moved away from me and I nearly died. My plea stopping in my throat but my eyes begged for her to come back.

She turned away from me and walked to the fridge. I watched her bend forward as she looked into the fridge. Her ass sticking out nicely in the g-string she has on. I swallowed hard fighting the drool that will be slipping out any moment now.

She turned me on like nothing else and she didn’t even need to try anything. All she had to do was bind me to a chair and I am at her mercy.

When she straightened, I saw her hold a can of whipped cream in her hands. She walked over to me and licked her lips. This was not what I signed up for. No, this was torture. I knew what she was going to do and I’ll be damn if I didn’t get a taste of her.

“Briar, let me go.” I ordered.

“No. It’s my turn, now be a good little submissive and let me show you exactly what you can do with my body.” She replied huskily.

I groaned when I saw her spray whip cream over her nipple. If I wasn’t drooling before, I was for sure drooling now. I swallowed my saliva and shifted in my seat.

“What do I need to do? Tell me, Briar. I’ll do anything but I swear to god do not-”

She swirled one finger over her whipped nipples, playing with it and moaning in front of me before bringing it to her lips to suck clean.

“Fvck!” I nearly exploded in my pants.

“You will need to learn to control yourself. Not a very good submissive, are you?” She quirked an eyebrow but I can see how much this was affecting her too.

“Baby girl, tell me what I need to do.”

“If I untie you, you will remain seated in your seat. You will only touch me where I give you permission. Can you do that?” She asked.

That will be extremely hard but I’ll do anything. I nodded and she walked around to untie me. When she came back around she had sprayed on whip cream on the other nipple. Slowly She walked between my legs and staring right in front of me was what I desired.

She licked her lips and said, “Suck my nipple, Chase.”


Totally not done yet. Haha next chapter will show more. I didn’t finish it in this chapter because this wasn’t my personal computer.

Leila Vy

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