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Chapter 11

Briar Woods

His mouth greedily sucked and licked clean the whipped cream but that didn’t stop him from continuing to feast on my nipples. He sucked as much as he can from my breasts as if he was avaricious. My hands dug into his hair overwhelmed with the powerful tingles vibrating from that erotic latch.

No words can explain how much I wanted this man. All I could think about was him pounding between my legs, driving us both to insanity and oblivion. I dug my fingers into his hair and tugged hard. He released my breast reluctantly and I looked down at him through hooded eyes.

“Remember, don’t move,” I whispered.

I sound a lot more confident than what I was feeling inside. Inside I was a tangled mess. My inner desperate woman wanted him nestled between our legs but my sanity held onto every last thread she had left.

I stepped away from him and slowly slipped out of my g-string. After removing the last article of my clothing, I walked over with as much sway to my hips as I can muster, noting the hitch in his breath with each step.

“Where are you going?” He asked hoarsely.

I smirked without looking back at him. I reached his expensive pearl like the sofa and crawled onto the sofa. My ass hanging out in the air as my knees dug into the sofa cushion. My elbow propped at the top of the seat. I turned to face him, knowing full well how my ass affects him.

He was biting his lip and his eyes were dark, completely carnal and hungry. He wanted to very much to take control. I knew it for a fact by the way his jaw ticked with sexual tension and the way his breath increased with each sway of my ass in his line of vision.

With one hand I slapped one cheek, it shook and stung under contact. Redness marred my pale creamy cheeks. He groaned and shifted in his seat. I slapped it a few times and each time the stung sent a pulsing sensation straight to my core. I had to fight back a moan each time.

“Christ, Briar. You’re killing me. Your ass is so red and pink. I want to soothe it by eating it. I’m fucking dying over here. Let me help you.” He was completely aroused and shook.

I licked my lips and slipped my fingers down the curve my ass to press against my drenched entrance. He muttered a few curses and I knew I was losing him.

“Touch yourself,” I said, bringing him back.

I watched him remove his pants quickly and stood before me naked. He was hard as a rock. His hard erection stood at attention and bobbed with need in front of me. Slowly he wrapped his hand around the base of his cock before he started pumping.

It was sexy to see him touch himself. I moaned and stuck my finger inside of me-deeper. My walls clenched around my finger welcoming the penetrating invasion. Together, Chase and I kept our eyes trained on what each other was doing and managed to sync our pumping.

I was panting a few minutes into the inciting display of our needs when his eyes flickered up to mine.

“I need to be inside of you.” He rasped with a throaty need.

I gave in. The last thread that my sanity held on-finally let go. All I wanted now was just him. His skin on mine. Him pounding inside of me.

“Come here,” I whispered.

He didn’t hesitate. Chase was behind me in second and surprisingly, he managed to pull out a condom from his pants before he stood behind me. With an unimaginable speed, he ripped the packet and slipped the condom on. Grasping my hips, digging his finger into my meaty skin he rammed his cock inside me without warning. I hissed the minute I felt the head of his cock knock against my cervix. It felt so damn good. My walls clenched around him galvanizingly.

He slapped my ass hard. It shook and stung like crazy but it only made me clench around him again. His palm smoothed over the sting before he palmed my ass and dug his finger in, all the while thrusting into me like a ruthless barbarian.

“Chase. Chase. Chase.” I gasped each breath, only able to squeak out his name.

“Fuck, baby girl. So fucking sexy.” He growled and his hand slipped from my ass to my front where he groped my breasts possessively. “Fucking tease.”

“You did well,” I managed to squeak out before he pulled all the way out and rammed back inside me. I threw my head back with a soft pleasurable cry.

He pinched my nipples hard. “That was fucking torture.”

“You didn’t like it?” I asked, feeling slightly unsure now.

“I liked it too fucking much.” He groaned and leaned down to suck on my shoulder. I moaned and allowed this man to possess my body. His hands roamed each inch of my body; paying extra attention to my clit, rolling it between his finger until I was crying out with release.

I buckled and shooked underneath him, unable to control the wrecking orgasm that pulsed through me. My muscles were freaking out with each wave but he took it all. He continued to fuck me while I orgasmed. I heard him grunt and groan with each hard and unyielding thrust.

When I came down from my high, I felt weak in the knees. Chase didn’t stop, however. This man’s appetite was at large and not ready to be appeased yet. No, he wanted more.

He flipped us around. He sat down on the sofa and had me straddled his hips. He latched onto my nipples and sucked on them. While his other hand slipped behind the play with the entrance of my untouched puckered hole. It was a whole new sensation and somehow it sent me spiraling back into a minefield of pleasure.

“Chase...” I moaned.

“Ride me, Briar. I want to see those full breasts bounce in my view. I want to see your eyes fill with need and your sweet lips part with each gasp you make.” For a man who didn’t form an attachment with his submissive, he was being pretty poetic right now and like I couldn’t even control my own emotions. My heart skipped.

I did as he ordered. Bouncing on his hard shaft. His eyes never leaving me. Chase watched me like a carnivorous animal ready to eat his meal clean to the bone. I propped my hands on either side of his head and increased my speed.

“Like that?” I whispered huskily.

He groaned with each bounce, I was taking all of him and it by no mean was a small feat. No, his cock was fucking huge and to be able to bounce on him and take all of him inside of me-I was insane but it only drove him nuts. His finger dug into my thighs.

“Just like that, baby girl. Take me all in. Ride me with that tight pussy.” The way he talked dirty-it spurred me on and god, call me a wanton bitch because I dug my hands into the sofa cushion and rode him harder.

When I felt him stiffen underneath me and the throaty, guttural sounds he was making I knew he was close to his release.

Slipping off his cock without his permission, I slipped down to my knees.


I slipped off his condom and locked my lips around his cock. He groaned and threw his head back. Again, Chase was at my mercy. I sucked him with hollow cheeks. I didn’t stop. I bobbed and took him in inch by inch until he was hitting the back of my throat. He muttered a curse and tried to tug me off his cock but I wouldn’t let go.

I was determined to have his hot cum spurting down the back of my throat. I felt him release a guttural cry and the warmth of his release hit the back of my throat.

After I swallowed and licked the last drop of him, he tugged on my hair until I looked up. His lips crushed mine heatedly. His tongue slipping in and devouring me with urgency. When he pulled back his eyes were heated with amazement.

“You drive me crazy, Briar. You are something else.”

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