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Chapter 12

Briar Woods

Going to work on Monday morning and feeling extremely sore between my legs was not very comforting. I winced as I made my way inside the main doors. The principal secretary waved at me while she was on the phone chatting away. Molly emerged from her homeroom and her eyes immediately lit up when she saw me.

“Why are you walking funny?” She asked, eyeing me up and down and coming to a confused stop.

I grimaced and straightened up a little, “It was just a long weekend.”

“How long and how thick?” Molly quirked an eyebrow with a knowing smirk. “Girl, I didn’t think you had it in you.”

“Molly, stop it. We are at work.” I tried to divert her attention.

She giggled like a high school girl and walked towards me. Her heels clicking on the ground as she hooked her arms underneath mine.

“Tell me all about it when we get to your room.” She whispered into my ear smiling like she won the lottery.

“I’m not going to tell you anything. Plus, today is Monday and I have a lot of prep work for this morning. Parent teacher conferences is this evening and I still haven’t prepared all my students portfolios yet.” I reasoned.

“Who do you think I am, Briar? I know you have an hour of prep time during the day. Use that. This time is mine.” She countered with a glare.

I had to fight back a smile as we entered my homeroom. I sighed and placed my purse down on my desk before turning to my coworker and friend. She sat in a student chair that was so small she had to crouch to sit down.

“His name is Chase. He’s a great guy.” I said with a shrug.

“Yes? Details.” Molly insisted.

I proceeded in telling her all about Chase except for the fact that I met him at the local notorious BDSM club. Molly was squealing like a banshee by the time I was done. I’m glad she is happy for me. I know she had been trying to kick me out of widowhood for a long time.

She managed to leap out of the student chair and pulled me a tight hug, “I am so proud of you. How do you feel? Like a new woman?”

I rolled my eyes as the first bell rung. The students will be coming in soon. I picked up my purse and opened my desk drawer and slipping it inside.

“I feel good. Nothing different.” I answered but internally my heart was fluttering and chanting Chase’s name. I am in terrible trouble. I know this because I tried to separate professional from personal.

Frankly, it’s quite hard when Chase have made me see a different kind of person I could be. The things I felt—I never knew existed. With Dave it was different. Dave loved me and cherished me with every word. He made sure I knew that I was the only one. However, with Chase I feel like I was running in the wild. I felt strong and powerful. I felt alive and breathing, something I haven’t experienced. As if I had been drowning my whole life.

It was almost unexplainable the attraction I feel for Chase. He doesn’t just take care of my every waking woman needs. Chase was sexy handsome. God, his body was ripped with no ounce of baby fat on him. The way he looks at me makes me feel like a prevailing goddess that he wanted to very much drown himself in.

This past weekend, I saw a side of me that I never knew existed. The hold I had over Chase was intoxicating and spellbinding. I never saw a man lose control over me until Chase. He was the first to grovel and beg at my feet and just so he could get a taste of me. How crazy was that?

Monday teaching flew by so quickly and before I knew it the school bell had rung and students’ eager voices were already flooding the hallways. I sat down in my desk and worked on finishing the rest of my student’s portfolio. My first parent teacher conference is in fifteen minutes but it was more than enough time for me to complete the last of the student work I wanted to compile for the parents.

Ten minutes later, a knock on my door had me glancing up from my desk. My jaw dropped to the floor when the person standing in front of me was no other than Logan Hawkings and strapped to his side was my student, Elizabeth.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Woods.” Logan Hawkings smirked, his eyes sweeping over my body. The white sheath dress I had on almost felt extremely tight under his careful observation.

“Mr. Hawkings, it’s nice to see you again.” I managed to say without embarrassing myself.

“You are Elizabeth’s teacher?” He asked and walked into the room. His navy-blue suit fashionably fitted for him and his towering height almost making my little homeroom a small closet.

“And you are Elizabeth’s- “I stopped and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m her father.” He said with a soft smile and glanced down at five-year-old Elizabeth. She didn’t look much like her father. The only thing that the two had that were the same were their eye colors.

“Father? What a surprise. We should get started. The meetings are scheduled in fifteen minutes increments.” I said glancing at the clock and after crouching down to Elizabeth’s height. “Elizabeth, why don’t you go grab your little picture journal and we can show what you have been doing for the first quarter. I bet he would like to see all your beautiful drawings.”

She grinned. “Yes, Ms. Woods.”

She sprinted off to her little cubby. I turned around and grabbed Elizabeth’s portfolio and then waved to one of the kids table.

“I’m sorry that I do not have any bigger chairs. I trust you can sit in the tiny ones that we have?” I asked with a smirk.

Logan was still grinning when he managed to sit down in a little kids chair. I chuckled a little when I saw how complicated it was. He was nearly 6′5 and for him to sit down in a small little kiddies chair was a little hard not to laugh at.

“I believe we will need to invest in a bigger desk and chair.” Logan muttered as he shifted in the small little chair.

“I beg to differ. You look rather comfortable in that chair.” I said still laughing.

He glanced up at me and his eye glint teasingly. “I believe you are having too much fun in laughing at my current duress state.”

Elizabeth came skipping back and immediately opened her journal to the first place. She pointed to the first picture and immediately told the story of going on an adventurous playdate. Logan’s attention completely captured by his daughter. He listened to her talk all about her play date. I assume he already knew the story but it didn’t stop him from listening to it and reacting as if it was his first time.

I watched them interact with each other through a couple more journals before I interrupted. By now, we were almost halfway through the meeting and I needed to show him some work that Elizabeth had done.

I opened Elizabeth’s portfolio and took two sheets out of the portfolio. I pointed at the first sheet.

“This is Elizabeth when she first came into Kindergarten.” I moved to the second sheet. “This is the sheet she did today. Elizabeth’s a smart student. She excels in her work and learns very quickly. As you can see she was able to name out twenty numbers on her first day of school which is incredible work but now she had significantly upped those numbers.”

Throughout the whole meeting, Logan didn’t interrupt me. He let his daughter shine through her work and congratulated her whenever she met a huge milestone. Elizabeth was grinning at the end of the conference.

I closed the portfolio and stood up. Logan following suit. Elizabeth skipped back to her cubby to put away her journal.

I handed the portfolio to Logan, “You should be very proud of her. She is an amazing student and does a wonderful job. She’s a hard worker and I enjoy having her in class.”

Logan accepted the portfolio before glancing at Elizabeth and then back at me, “Ms. Woods-”

“You can call me Briar.”

He grinned, “Briar, I have been wanting to ask since the first time I met you, if I can have your number? Possibly a few dates too?”

I bit my lips and Chase appeared in my mind. His words vibrated in my mind like an echo. Our contracts clearly stated that physical intimacy with any other man should not happen but it never stated anything about talking to them. Plus, Chase and I weren’t really dating. To me, Chase sees me as his sub only, nothing more.

I nodded before reaching for a pen at my desk. I wrote my number down a sticky note before handing it to him. Elizabeth appeared by our sides again.

“Bye, Ms. Woods!” Elizabeth waved and hooked her hands through her father’s hand. He folded the sticky note carefully before stuffing it into his jacket.

“Good bye, Briar. I will be talking to you soon.” He winked and they walked out of the classroom leaving me feel slightly nervous and like I just did something wrong but I didn’t. I know I didn’t. Chase and I are not exclusive.

The evening went by rather quickly as parents started piling in. By the time I was done, it was well after eight. Tired and exhausted, I made my way home. I wasn’t sure if Chase will be meeting me at home tonight but as soon as I parked my car in the driveway I got a text from Chase that he will be here at nine.

I wondered if he was okay if all we did was eat and cuddled. I was exhausted and sex was last on my mind. I sent him a text back telling him I am exhausted after a long day and that if he came over it was nothing but a nice meal and a good cuddling.

I was surprised and caught off guard when he texted back that he was completely fine with cuddling.



Who is team Logan and who is team Chase? I am on one of the teams but I can’t say whose!

Leila Vy

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