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Chapter 13

Chase Gunner

Cuddling...I had just agreed to cuddle and alarm bells are screaming in my head. I’m mentally beating myself up for not following my rules but here I was standing in front of her home, ringing her doorbell.

The door whipped open and Briar stood in front of me in a comfortable long and old t-shirt that reached just below her bottom. The white fabric of her sleeping shorts below told me she had on something underneath that long shirt of hers. Her hair was damp and her cheeks were flushed. She had just taken a shower.

“I brought Chinese?” I lifted a bag into the air.

Her eyes looked at the brown paper bag in my hand before looking back at me.

“In that case, I should let you in.” She laughed a little and opened the door wider.

“I figured you were too tired to cook anyways. I have been working all day too. It would be nice to just order in.” I said as I handed it to her.

She closed the front door before gesturing to the living room. The T.V. was already on.

“Dinner in the living room?” She suggested.

To be quite honest, I was just as exhausted as she was. Monday morning since six, I had been in meetings nonstop through the day. There were staff and manager meetings at the hotel. Follow ups with associates that I needed to do rounding with. Then I had to go down to the club to help unknot some contract discrepancies. When I texted, I was on my way home to take a shower and change into something comfortable. When she told me she was tired, I figured I can go buy some Chinese and just hang out.

She brushed past me and plopped down on the sofa, pulling a warm quilted blanket over her lap before leaning forward and opening the bag. I walked over and sat down next to her. She handed me an empty carton before giving me chopsticks.

For the next half hour, her and I ate together and watched some weird ass supernatural T.V. show. At first, I wasn’t interested in the episodes but after a few episodes in, I was squabbling with her on what will happen next.

“You’re wrong.” She glared at me. “He will not get killed- ”

“He’s an idiot and reckless. Who goes marching into a mansion filled with monsters without bringing a weapon or knowing what you are getting yourself into?” I retorted.

“He doesn’t need a weapon! The monster could be killed with silver! For all we know, the mansion could be equipped with silver spoons or forks!”

I scoffed, “Yeah, I can already see it happen. Here lies the monster that is killed with an eating utensil.” I retorted and sat down my food on the counter.

She growled in frustration and sat her finish carton of food on the table. It was way past midnight.

“This is why you shouldn’t watch t.v. shows without watching the first episodes.” She grumbled.

I chuckled before stretching out on the seat. I opened my arms up to her. She was still muttering as she snuggled up close to my side. The blanket now covered her body and a little bit of me.

She felt perfect snuggled into my side. Her soft full body provided a warm welcome next to me. I sighed and leaned my head back. We watched a few more episodes and when I asked her a question regarding an episode, she didn’t answer me.

I glanced down to see she was already sound asleep. Slowly, I reached for the remote controller and shut off the television. I often found myself watching her sleep as I mulled over what I felt for her.

At first it was pure sexual attraction, nothing more, nothing less. Now, I am not so sure about that. My thoughts are consumed by her every second of the day. When she’s close, my insides are in knots. I find myself unable to think other than being completely floored by how beautiful she is every second I knew her.

It isn’t just her body. Of that I know for sure. If it was just her body I wouldn’t be feeling this way. The attraction. The need to be close to her. It’s different. She’s not like the other subs. Jesus, last weekend she dominated me in ways that had me weak at my knees and my heart racing to get to her.

Running a hand through my face I groaned as I thought about all that has happened. Briar made a soft sound before pushing me further down the sofa. I adjusted our position to make her more comfortable. She was now lying on top of me while we both laid down on the sofa.

I fixed the blanket to cover her body and mine. She sighed and murmured a few words. Her lips just about brushed up against my neck. I inhaled and stopped moving. The corner of my eyes her phone lit up on the coffee table. I glanced at it curiously before ignoring it but then it didn’t shut off. It looked like she was getting text messages.

I reached for the coffee table, knowing my curiosity will probably get me kicked out of the house if Briar knew but who the hell will text her this late at night.

I glanced at the screen without unlocking it. It was a text message from an unknown number that said something about a date. My hands tightened on the damn device so hard I think I could’ve broken the screen. A million questions ran through my mind.

Who was it?

What did he or she want?

What the hell does he or she mean by a date?

Was Briar seeing someone other than me?

Now I couldn’t sleep. I placed her phone back on the coffee table and glanced down at her. My frustration rising with each passing second. Do I want her seeing other men? She’s not my girlfriend nor is she anybody close to me. It should be more than easy to just let her date other men. Other subs of mine have done it and I didn’t care.

But why now?

Why is it that the thought of Briar dating another man had my stomach turning like acid burning my insides and me wanting to beat the living crap out of whoever that was texting her?

And why the hell was she so fucking beautiful it drives me crazy every second? As if Briar noticed the tension and stress in my body, she snuggled further in my body. Her breasts firmly pressed to my front and her lips now touching my neck intimately that had my body reacting quickly.

I raised a hand and brushed her caramel hair behind her ears. I couldn’t resist running my hairs gently through it possessively before my hand snaked down her body and I wrapped her into my arms. She felt right like she was meant to be there, plastered to my side like a second skin.

The clasping ache in my chest eased a little and I selfishly brushed my lips over her forehead and pulled her closer to me.

Maybe it’s time I talked to her and change the contract a little. No physical intimate contact and no other person besides me. She was mine and only mine.

With that I held her and fell asleep shortly after. Whatever it is that I needed to clarify with her I needed to do it tomorrow morning. There was no time to waste.


The next morning, I woke up alone. I grabbed my phone from the coffee table and saw that it was only six in the morning. Briar should still be home. The sound of her humming in the bedroom told me she was still here.

Quickly, I threw the blanket off me and ran my fingers roughly through my hair before walking out of the living room and down the tiny hallway. Her bedroom was slightly opened, giving me a glimpse of her almost naked backside.

I opened the door and she turned around to meet me. She had in her hands a deep red work dress that she was about to slip on. Her caramel hair curled in beachy waves down her back.

“You’re awake.” She said with a smile.

I nodded before walking towards her. My hands moving to stop arms from moving up to slip the dress over her body. I couldn’t help but eye her like a hungry lion. The woman was wearing nothing but undergarments that had me wanting to pounce on her. She was dressed in nothing but only in a matching pair of lace cheeky panties and bra.

“Like what you see?” She asked with a knowing smile, cocking her hips out to the side.

I smirked before spinning her around. Her nice little round bottom nestling my hard arousal between her ass cheeks. I kissed her shoulder before trailing my ways up her neck, all the while one hand still firmly holding her hands trapped in her dress.

“I love it.” I whispered huskily to her ear.

She made a soft sound and rubbed against me and I stifled a groan. Tilting my head I nipped her ear lobe playfully.

“Vixen,” I murmured, finding myself becoming extremely turned on by her playful teasing.

“This Vixen needs to go to work.” She said in a husky, sultry voice.

“I know.” I replied simply, allowing my free hand to roam her front to cup her covered breast in my hand.

“You’ll have to let me go, Chase.” She mentioned but not moving out of my arms.

“Do I?” I pinched her nipples and she squeaked before moaning in pleasure. I fucking love it when she does that.

“Yes, you do.” She said in a breathy whisper.

“I wanted to talk to you, Briar, before you leave for work today.” I told her, my hands sliding over to her other breast.

“What about?” She asked still moving against my body.

I groped and played with the other breast until I felt her guard drop. I slid my hand down the valley of her breast, over her stomach and small little belly pouch and cupped her already soaked panties with my hands.

“I want to change the contract.” I whispered, leaning down to suck on her neck.

“W-what?” She was fighting to pay attention.

I applied pressure to her sweet spot. She gasped and arched her hips for more.

“I want the contract between you and I to state that you are only mine. No talking to other man except me.” I bit into her shoulder just the way she liked it and I can feel her becoming more soaked.

“Why?” She asked, clearly confused. “Why can’t we see other people?”

There goes again. My insides turning and burning with acid at the thought of her with another man.

“Because you are mine.” I nearly growled but the hint of possessiveness lingered in that one statement.

I was surprised when she pushed me away. I allowed my arms to drop away from her body. Quickly she slipped the dress over her body.

Her eyes narrowing in on me. “What’s the matter? Why the sudden change?”

“Because I feel like it.” I shrugged and took a step towards her. She took one back. I can feel myself growing increasingly frustrated.

She wasn’t going to agree with me. I will lose her.

It chanted in my head repeatedly that I almost felt like I was being cornered. An unknown emotion of anxiety pulsed through my body.

“Our relationship is strictly professiona-”

“It is still professional-”

“Not with the clause.” She interrupted me just like I did with her.

I took two more steps and pulled her closer to me, not liking the distance between us.

“Why can’t it be professional? It’s a simple clause. I don’t want you with another person besides me. It should be simple.” I snapped angrily.

Her jaw ticked and rebelliousness replaced her lusty eyes. “It doesn’t make sense. Why does that clause have to be in the contract?”

“Because I would like to know who you are with, that you are mine and mine only.”

“But that just it, Chase. I am not yours and yours only. In bed, yes but outside of it, you have no control over me.” She turned around to leave but I moved to grab her elbow. She yanked her arm away from me and marched over to her dresser where she grabbed her purse. Her eyes met mine.

“I have work.” She said.

“We aren’t done yet.”

“We are done. If you want to put in a clause, then I will have to reconsider the contract.”

Why was she fighting this? Wasn’t it simple? Damn it, I wanted to throttle her and the same time I wanted to take her up against the wall roughly just to let her know who it is that owns every single part of her body—just who it was that knows how to pleasure her and make her scream.


“We are done here.”

It was my turn to clench my jaw in irritation. After one longing glance at her, I stepped out of her bedroom. I heard her follow me. When I reached the door, I turned around to look at her.

“Tonight, I will be back at nine. I want you by the door waiting and ready.” I demanded still feeling myself growing angrier with this infuriating woman.

Tonight, she’s going to be severely punished and I’ll show her exactly what I mean when I tell her she is mine and mine only.


Question: Should i tone down on the smut?

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