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Chapter 14

Briar Woods

Five minutes to nine and I’m feeling a little nervous. The look on Chase’s face—pure possessive and determination. Our conversation this morning, he didn’t look too happy but I was sticking to my guns. I won’t let him manipulate me.

I’m going tell him that as soon as he enters through those doors. I paced the small foyer of my home. I didn’t know what to anticipate. My palms were sweaty from anxiety. My heart was skipping at every sound coming from outside. The satin black night gown I had on felt like it was constricting my body.

“Come on, Briar. Get your act together. Be strong.” I gave myself a little pep talk but I tripped over my feet the minute I heard the knock on the front door.

I fell to the ground with a thunk. I groaned and flipped to my back, my night gown riding over my hips and exposing that I was not wearing any panties. I covered my face with my hands.

“Oh who am I kidding?”

I opened the door and came face to face with Chase. He looked serious and his eyes raked over my body before flickering back up to meet mine. I noticed in his hand he held a black duffle bag.

“Listen, Chase-”

“No, Briar.” He said simply but that simple command shut me up. He took a step inside and closed the door, pushing the lock into place. When he turned around he still had that smoldering look in his eyes.

“Strip.” He ordered impatiently.

Unable to speak, I stripped out of my nightgown. All I could do underneath his dominating gaze was do everything he beckons. He watched the nightgown fall from my body, leaving me completely naked in front of him.

No reaction except the small little tick in his jaw, indicating that he wasn’t as composed as he wanted me to think he was. He took a step forward and graze my lips before skimming down my chin and throat. His finger traced the curves of my breasts then over my nipples before slipping down my stomach and to my core where he cupped me, sticking only one finger inside of me but unmoving.

I moaned and leaned into his hand but he removed them before I could do anything.

“Go to your bedroom and wait for me.” He said huskily.

I followed what he said. When we reached the bedroom, he dropped the duffle bag down on the ground. The sound of metal clicking got my attention.


“Bend down.” He smoothly interrupted.


“Bend down, Briar, or there will be no orgasms for you tonight.” He threatened in a deep throaty voice.

Damn him.

I bent down but turned my head to peer at him. He turned for me and looked through the bag. A second latter he produced a weird cuffing device. He walked over to me and cuffed my ankles; between the cuffs was a metal bar. Between the metal bar was another pair of handcuffs close together. He grabbed onto my hands and cuffed my wrists to the middle of the bar.

I was now bent over with my backside poking up and my head down. Trapped and completely under his control. His palms were on my ass cheeks. He palmed it in his hands and dug his fingers in. I bit my lips and waited for what he would need.

“You are now at my mercy, Briar. I am your Dom and I’ll be damn if I allow you to disobey me without repercussion.” He spoke softly but the clear possessiveness behind it had me shuddering with anticipation.

“I’m still sticking to my words, Chase. I don’t agree-”


His palm met my ass cheek and I hissed at the sudden sting. He lifted his palm and smacked my ass again. I counted twenty times before he stopped.

“There is one thing you will learn about me, Briar. When I want something, I always get it. And you, Briar, I want you and nothing is going to stop me, not even you. Tonight, I’m going to show you exactly what I mean when every single part of you is mine.” His lips met my stinging cheeks and he kissed away the sting leaving in its place a new kind of electrifying stroke that had my core pulsing.

He pulled away again and I tried to see what he was doing but the spreader bar had me locked in good. The sound of clothes rustling and being thrown across the room can be heard. A moment later, the tip of his shaft rub against my entrance. He stuck the tip inside before pulling out. I inhaled at the new raw sensation of his erection.

His cock continue to nuzzle my opening as his hands caressed my back and up to my front where he cupped my breasts in his hands. His front pressed against my back. He squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples hard that I had to let out a small whimper of pain.

“Mine, Briar. These are mine.” His breath spanned my back like a fiery blanket. He placed a kiss on my back before disappearing. He crouched down on the ground and to my utter pleasure spread my cheeks and ate me from behind. I nearly toppled over from his tongue licking, consuming, and devouring me.

“This—baby girl, is all mine.” He said throatily and penetrated my entrance with his tongue, swirling it around and pumping it inside of me.

Chase was eating me up like he was seeking satiation from thirst. I quivered and shuddered underneath his expert mouth until I couldn’t stand it any further and almost fell over. He caught me in time. He steadied me with his hands before unlocking my wrists from the spreader bar.

He held me up and blood rushed to my head slightly from the sudden change in position. I swayed a little. He held me until I could stand by myself before he swept me up in his arms. He carried me over to the bed and laid me down on my back.

When I looked at him for the first time since he ordered me to bend down I saw a look in his eyes that flooded me with a staggering sense of need. It was so heated and almost animalistic—like all he wanted to do was eat me up, devour me whole.

He grabbed onto the spreader bar and yanked on the bar. The bar yanked wider and my legs spread even wider. Lifting my legs up, he bent down and between my legs. His mouth covered my clit and he sucked—feasting on me. To make me a weeping puddle mess, his tongue flicked over my clit with a seductive precision that had me clutching at the sheet.

The sensation, it was too much. He didn’t stop his mouth or tongue. No, Chase ate me up so good I literally couldn’t catch my breath, like I was running for miles. I knew I was so close and all I needed with him hitting me in the right spot but he seemed to stop touching me there and I was going mad with need.

“Chase!” I said in frustration. “Please!

My hands moved to fist his hair in my hands as I forced him to hit me in the correct spot but he pulled back.

“No.” He simply said.

“W-what?” I was shaking with the need to release and he was denying me it.

He let go of the spreader bar and crawled over my body to give me a burning heated kiss. His tongue delved into my mouth and took full control. When he pulled back I whimpered with need. He kissed his way down my chest to my breasts where he latched onto my nipples.

I cried out, feeling extremely sensitive at the moment. It was like every atom in my body was lit with his fuse. His mouth ravished my breasts, taking in as much as he can before his tongue swirled and flicked my nipple. My hands went into his hair as I moaned over and over again.

“Please, Chase, god, please end this.” I cried out, begging him. “I need you.”

He pulled back again and this time I’m beginning to get pissed off.

“Fuck it. If you aren’t going to give me what I want-”

He crushed his lips over mine, punishing me for speaking out. “Tell me what you want, Briar, and I’ll give it to you so good you’ll be screaming my name at the end.”

I wanted to weep and cry in frustration. I was sexually frustrated and all I wanted was him ramming his cock inside me. I need that release and he knew it.

“Chase, please.” I begged.

He tilted his head and suck on my neck to the point where I knew there will be a love bite tomorrow. I moaned and arched my back.

“Tell me you are mine and that you are willing to sign that contract.” He ordered.

“Why?” I asked through my haze. “Why is it important that I do?”

I can feel how hard he was against my thigh. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. I knew it was taking everything in him to not take me—to not give in but I wasn’t going to throw in the towel until I knew why he needed this so much.

“You said honesty is important.” I whispered softly.

His eyes met mine and it swirled with an immense passion and lust. His jaw clenched before his lips captured mine. When he pulled back he spoke, “Because the thought of you with another sickens me. Because this time it is different. This time, I want you all to myself.”

My heart quickened. His hand came up to cup one of my breasts in his hand. He squeezed it and watched his hands with clear fascination.

“I don’t know what it is, Briar. Just give me this and I promise that I will give you want.” He said huskily. His lips found my nipples again and this time he took his time loving each one of them.

I moaned and arched my back. Who will I hurt if I said yes? The answer came as clear as day. Nobody owned me and I was a independent woman. I can do whatever I want and what I wanted was to be dominated by Chase and only him. There was no guilt, no hate, and nothing holding me back. The only thing holding me back was me.

“Ok.” I whispered softly.

He stopped sucking my nipple to look at me. His eyes even darker from before.

“What?” He asked.

“Ok, I am yours and yours alone.” I answered him. “But this goes both ways.”

“Always.” He replied before crawling to the end of the bed.

He reached into his pants and pulled out a condom. He slipped it on and walked back to grab onto the spreader bar. He lifted it into the air before his cock touched my entrance. In a blink of an eye he pierced me with his hard shaft. I cried out at the sudden and welcoming invasion.

He pulled out and slammed back inside of me. Each stroke was like a strong drug injection, pulling me deeper, numbing my mind, and drowning me in a world of constant tingling pleasure.

With my legs still up in the air, he grabbed onto my hips for better hold. He pulled out and pummeled me at a speed. I cried and shuddered underneath, begging him and encouraging him to continue what he was doing.

“Christ, Briar.” He breathed out before flipping me over onto my back. My feet met the ground and my ass stuck out one side of the bed. He grabbed my hips and fucked me from behind. This new position hit deeper inside of me and I threw my head back.

“Say it again.” He ordered through clenched teeth.

“I’m yours.” I whispered hoarsely. He groaned and pulled out before his cock slammed back inside of me.

I was so close now and he knew it. My walls were closing around his cock. He hissed a curse between his teeth and increased his speed, pummeling inside of me like a mad man. It was what I needed and dear god, I think I died at the very moment. The heat inside of me exploded and I cried out his name so loud I think the wall shook. He roared my name as he also came inside of me.

When he was done, he managed to pull out and slip off the condom. I couldn’t move. God, I think he fucked me numb.

I felt his hands removing the spreader bar from my ankles. He tossed the naughty device aside before adjusting me onto the bed. I rolled over and sighed in content. I was completely sated and happy. I thought that Chase will show himself out but wasn’t at all surprised when he crawled into bed next to me. Lately, we have been sleeping together rather than him leaving me or me leaving him.

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