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Chapter 17


She has been avoiding me. I can feel it. When I call her or text her, she will give me short responses. Her excuses were that she was busy at work. She won’t be home till late or not be home at all. She will be hanging out with her friend and work buddy.

A week passed and I’m going insane. My focus at work was affected. There are times, Lucifer will catch me with a distant look. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and damn if I will, I miss her. I miss her so f/ucking much it was hard to even breathe.

Not to mention, there was an unexplainable ache in my chest and a gut wrenching feeling in my stomach. Something was wrong, but I thought it might just be that she needed space.

After that night and her dream of her husband, she stopped calling, stopped texting, and avoided me like the plague. I haven’t seen her a glimpse of her anywhere. It was like she vanished.

“Chase, man, you need to get your head straight.” Lucifer said with irritation. He walked into my office and tossed a folder onto my desk. I glanced down and saw it was some numbers I calculated for one of our investors.

“Your calculations are off by two hundred grand. How can you miss something like that?” Lucifer questioned. “I’m worried about you, man. There is something different. What’s on your mind?”

I shook my head and looked out the window onto the busy streets, “It’s nothing.”

“It’s got to be something because I need you to focus. I can’t have your mind wandering off somewhere that it shouldn’t be during work.” Lucifer rebuked before flipping the folders open. He pulled out a sheet and handed it to me.

“I fixed the numbers. I just need you to review again. You think you can manage that without f/ucking the f/uck up?” He asked.

Sighing, I leaned forward and accepted the paper. My eyes glanced over it briefly before I tossed it back onto my desk. Lucifer’s face scrunched up into a scowl.

“What the f/uck, man? What’s your problem?” Lucifer’s voice rose with an infuriating tone.

Closing my eyes, I rubbed my temple. I don’t even know. I shouldn’t care if Briar wasn’t answering me. I got plenty of other submissive I can choose from if I needed a good rumble in the sheets. Yet, my mind is stuck on that woman like a bee to honey.

“Sorry. I just don’t want to think right now. It seems that is all I have been doing.” I apologized.

Lucifer regarded me with a skeptical look before he shook his head, “Get your ass home. We don’t need this right now. I guess I’ll take care of things until you get your head out of your ass.”

“I just don’t f/ucking know what the hell is wrong with me?” I growled in frustration. Lucifer arched an eyebrow at my changed of subject.

“What?” Lucifer said in confusion.

“I don’t know what it is about her that has me thinking about her all the time?” I asked not because I needed an answer, but I asked because this was the question that had been running in my head for the past week.

Lucifer made an understanding sound before moving to sit in a chair in front of me. He gestured with his hands for me to continue.

“I get it now. We are talking about Briar.” Lucifer concurred.

I shook my head and ran a frustrated hand through my thick brown hair. It just didn’t make sense.

“What happened, tell me. I’ll listen.” Lucifer said jokingly.

I shook my head again, “Nah, man. I just need to clear my head.”

Lucifer chuckled amusingly, “And how is that going? Because in the past week, you haven’t conquered it.”

“It’s nothing. Briar just has been busy. I haven’t seen her in a week and usually it isn’t that long.” I told him.

Lucifer grinned, “My poor man is weak for the school teacher.”

I growled in irritation, “Stop your sh/it or I’m going to tell Rayna what you did the other night.”

Rayna wanted a movie night-a chick flick. Lucifer hates those kinds of movies with a fury, but he didn’t want to hurt Rayna. So, he lied that he was working late at the office but instead he was sitting outside their home in his car until late.

“You’re a sh/itty friend.” Lucifer commented before standing up. “Take my advice and go see her. When a woman is avoiding you, it is because something is wrong.”

Lucifer walked out with the folder he brought in his hands. I sighed and glanced at my phone that was lying on my desk for the millionth time today. She hasn’t called or text. I thought that if I gave her space, she will come around and initiate the first contact.

Maybe I should go see her...check in on her and see how she is doing...

I glanced at the digital clock on my desk. School should be out soon. If I hurry, I will catch her right when she comes out.

I grabbed my phone and headed out of my office. Eager to see her again.

~ ~ ~

When I arrived at the school, the kids were just streaming out of the stone building. Kids laughter can be heard in the playground. Parents are asking about their children’s day at school. The place was lively but Briar was nowhere in sight.

I pushed away from my bike and walked into the building. I found my way to her classroom but when I glanced in, I didn’t see her but a different teacher. She looked up at me with a questioning look.

“I’m sorry, are you looking for someone?” She asked. “Are you a parent?”

Her eyes swept up and down slowly before meeting my eyes again. I can see the clear interest in her eyes. She was young and beautiful with light blonde hair, but she wasn’t Briar.

I cleared my throat and rubbed the back of my neck, “I was wondering if Ms. Woods came to work today?”

She shook her head, “I am her sub for the next two weeks.”

“Next two weeks?” I questioned, feeling alarmed now.

“Excuse me. You must be Chase.” A feminine voice came from my right at the entrance of the classroom.

I turned to see a pixie hair woman regarding me carefully. She must be Briar’s friend.

“Yes, I am. You are Molly? Do you know where I can find Briar?” I asked.

Molly nodded before turning to excuse us from the substitute teacher for Briar. I followed her to her classroom. Molly turned around to face me once we were alone.

“She’s not here. She hasn’t been here since last week.” Molly told me.

“What?” I asked, confused.

Molly sighed and gave me a sympathetic look, “She needs space, Chase. You have to give her that.”

“Where is she?” I demanded, feeling all kinds of emotions erupt inside of me.

“She doesn’t want you to know.” Molly shook her head. “You have to leave her alone.”

“She knows well that she shouldn’t do this.” I reasoned.

“I know about the contract, Chase, but Briar needs time. You have to give her that or you will lose her.” Molly explained.

She told me space and if I didn’t I will lose her but for the past week that was the feeling I had been feeling. I was losing her and quickly. Something strange erupted inside of me and the urge to run to her was even greater than before.

“Tell me where she went.” I said deathly low.

“I can’t. I am truly sorry but she’s my friend and I care about her. I won’t betray her trust.” She held on.

I was frustrated with her and Briar. How could she just leave and not say anything? I knew it was hard on her, but I didn’t think she will leave so abruptly.

Nodding, I replied, “That’s fine. I’ll find her some other way.”

I turned and walked out of the classroom, but I heard Molly calling my name even when I exited the building. I needed to find her and the only person I know that can find her the fastest was Lucifer’s right-hand man, Rafe.

When I was outside of the building, I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket and dialed Rafe’s phone number. He picked up on the second ring.

“Rafe, I need you to find someone for me.”

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