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Chapter 19


To say I’m pissed doesn’t meet the fury rising inside of me. The sound of another man’s name leaving her lips when she opened the door...

It pissed me off.

It took me several days to find her. I missed her every damn second and the second I found her, I come to find she was with another man.

Aside from fury, I was also hurt. Fuck, I was infuriatingly jealous and possessive.

And fuck me. The moment I laid eyes on her, my heart bled dry. It hurt to look at her because I missed her so damn much.

So many damn emotions. The same damn emotions I have been dealing with for the past few days.

“Chase...” She breathed. My heart skipped a beat when my names left her lips.

“That’s the name you should be saying.” I quipped with annoyance.

She blinked and gone was the surprised look. She moved to close the door but I stopped it with my hand.

“Leave.” She demanded sternly.

“I don’t think so,” I replied. “You have some explaining to do.”

She looked hesitant before she hardened her eyes and looked straight back at me.

“Yes, I do.”

She opened the door and to step in. My eyes scanned the small beach home as I stepped into the small living room. I heard her close and lock the door behind me.

Turning around I scanned her from head to toe. Her caramel hair brushed dry and falling in waves down her back. The thin creme color silk nightgown she had on covered the important parts of her body but left nothing to the imagination. If she were to bend down, the gown will ride up her curvy smooth ass like nothing.

Then I remembered she answered the door in this seductively sinful nightgown. I clenched my teeth in anger.

“Why the fuck would you wear something like that while opening the door?” I seethed.

“I thought it was Logan.” She shrugged before wrapping her arms underneath her breasts. That action caught my whole attention.

“That doesn’t make me feel any better. In fact, it just pisses me off more.” I growled.

She threw her hands up in the air and her breasts bounced in front of me.

“Why are you even here? How did you even find me?” She looked just as angry. “Was it Molly?”

I glanced back up at her, “No. I asked Rafe. He is a good tracker.”

“Oh, how can I forget! You have a friend that is in the dirty business.” She snapped and turned her back to me. My eyes fell to her ass and the only thing that came to mind was...

Fuck me. She had that on when she opened the door. Anything could have happened. What if it wasn’t me and someone else or worse Logan? Fuck, now I’m livid.

“Listen, Chase, this contract I think we need to end it.”

“What?” My eyebrows furrowed and I don’t think I have ever been this pissed off and possessive in my fucking life.

I took three steps towards her and caught her before she could run from me.

“This contract doesn’t end unless I say so.” I seethed before bending down and throwing her over my shoulder. She squeaked and squirmed in my arms. My hand landed on her ass to stop her from falling.

“Where are you taking me?” She placed her hand on my back to look up.

“To show you just how much you need me,” I said deathly low.



I fell back onto the king size mattress with a yelp. My hair fell over my face. I flipped it back to glare at him.

“What the-”

His lips captured mine in a harsh, fire searing, panty wetting kiss. Immediately, my body hummed with an ache only he knows how to relieve. I heard the buttons on his shirt popped and flying all over the ground. I bit his lip to stop him from kissing me but he only groaned with pleasure and pressed his hard bulge between my legs. My legs went weak and desire stirred in my core in anticipation.

He shrugged off from his dress shirt and I heard it drop on the ground before he grabbed a hold my wrist and pinned them above my head.

“I’m going to show you who exactly can make you scream with pleasure. Nobody touches what is mine.” He growled with a possessive I have never seen before.

“Chase...” My refusal died in my throat when he ground his bulge on my core. I moaned and arched my back traitorously.

His lips moved to the crook of my neck where he sucked and kissed. I let out another breathy moan and rocked my hips on his bulge.

“Keep your hands pinned. Do not move them.” He ordered.

I swallowed hard and kept them pinned above me. His hands moved to my throat, squeezing slightly before releasing and moving down to my silk nightgown. He bent down and latched onto my nipple over my nightgown.

“Ah!” I arched my back to give him more access.

“Fuck, this is mine, baby girl.” He groaned before pulling back.

My eyes opened to see him grab the collar of my nightgown and ripped it right down the middle. His green eyes darkened with hunger and possessiveness.

I bit my lips when I felt his fingers grab onto my nipples and twist and pulled. Pain and pleasure coursed through my body. I cried out and my hands slipped from above me to grab onto his hands. He growled again flipped me over, pressing my body onto the soft mattress. He didn’t take off the rest of my nightgown.

Instead, he grabbed my wrist and pinned them behind my back. His other hand moved to my ass and slid my torn nightgown up against my ass slowly. Revealing a very thin lace panty.

“Fuck.” He hissed. “I missed this.”

He palmed and squeezed my ass cheek before pressing the bulge of his erection between them. He leaned forward with his front pressed against my back, he whispered in my ear huskily.

“I’m going to drive you so crazy that the only name that will be leaving your lips is mine.”

My core pulsed with excitement.

He leaned back and with a yank of his hands, tore my thin lace panties. I moaned when I felt his fingers graze my already soaking core.

“You might say no but this tells me how much you want me. Baby girl, you are so fucking wet.”

“Please, Chase.” Unable to take it any longer. I needed him to touch me. One of his fingers slipped underneath and circled my clit. I moaned and pressed into his finger.

“You want this?” He asked in a rasped deep tone.

“Yes,” I replied.

He stuck his middle finger inside me and I cried out in pleasure.

“Oh God, mm...” I uttered, feeling my walls squeeze around his finger.

“So fucking ready for my cock inside of you.” He hissed, in an impatient voice.

He grabbed my hips and lifted my lower body up so that I was kneeling. The moment I felt his tongue lick my slick opening, I died.

“Oh shit!” I cried out.

He ate me from behind and sucked me like he has been starving for far too long. I was a writhing mess. My hands flew from my back to grasp the sheets as I squeezed my eyes tightly. The pleasure coursing through me was uncontrollable.

Just when I felt myself about to cum, he stopped and pulled back. I whimpered and his hands stilled my wiggling ass with a slap. It stung but it made my core pulse even more.

A second later, I felt him taking off his belt buckle and the sound of his zipper. I glanced behind to see him pulled his thick erection out from his black trousers. I gulped as I watched him rip an unopen condom packet and slip it on his cock.

He discarded the packet before taking his belt. He grabbed my wrists again and tied them behind my back so that I couldn’t move and it gave him full control of the speed of what was going to happen next. He held onto the end of his belt, his dark smoldering eyes met mine as he positioned himself behind me.

“I am going to fuck you hard and fast, baby girl. You will not deny me of what is already mine.”

He thrust--invading, stretching, and making me squeeze my eyes tight with pleasure. It has been so long and I ached with a fiery need for him. I needed this. I needed him here.

“Chase!” I cried out when he pulled back out and thrust back in so quickly. It was mind-blowing and scorchingly hot. His thrust was unyielding, fast, and hard.

“Ahh!” He was hitting me so deep and it felt so good.

“Chase! Oh god! Shit! Chase fuck me!” I heard him hiss before tightening the grip on his belt and increasing his thrust.

That was it. What I needed. I screamed out his name and came so hard my body shook. He growled before I felt his own release. His thrust, slowly, slowing down. He collapsed on top of me and I fell in exhaustion against the mattress. I can still feel him inside of me, pulsing and moving.

“Chase...” I whispered. This was what I was afraid of. How he manages to know me so well. He takes me apart and puts me back together like nothing.

He peppered hot open mouth kisses on my shoulder and back.

“I miss you, Briar. I need you.” His voice showed a rawness to it and I felt his honesty behind it. He missed me. My eyes stung with tears but I blinked them harshly back, swallowing the lump in my throat.

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