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Chapter 2


The next day, I was a blubbering mess. I spilled my coffee all over my shirt while hurrying to get to the school. My mind was filled with what will happen tonight.

I am nervous. So nervous.

It took a lot of courage for me to even enter the club. My stomach was knotted. I was getting light headed with the sexual fog in the club. Then I saw a

Chase Gunner

The club is in full throttle. Sick music setting a dirty sexual moods throughout the club. It is just one of those nights where the heated sexual air in the club seem to heighten extremely. People’s sexual desires seems to be more prominent tonight.

I don’t normally stop in but tonight we have new members and we need to make sure they stay within the rules. No mistakes. No law suits. Although everyone is screened before joining, I still have to make sure everything runs smoothly.

I went behind the check-in counter and asked Ryan for the list of new members that were here tonight. He hands me the list without hesitation. I looked it over and ten newbies were here tonight ready to explore their sexual desires.

“Everything good?” I asks Ryan while scanning the list.

“All good boss. Although, many of them look completely out of their elements tonight. They are practically babies.” Ryan smirked.

The corner of my lip lifted, “I like fresh meat.”

I walked passed a few doms and subs to check out some rooms. The club had an open galore for those who enjoyed public erotic plays. Down two corridors that are opposite direction from the galore were the private rooms that consisted many bdsm toys.

However, not just any person can get through. To get a private room, you have to pay a higher price for the night. To get a room where there are a public show and a wide audience it costs a whole lot more.

What exactly does this mean?

Most people hang out in the open galore. The higher businessman who is submissive tends to pay for their doms to perform their desires privately. This is where I earn my income--by luring the rich people.

I checked to make sure the occupying rooms were paid for before heading back to the open galore. I walked around it and watched for any disturbing signs until I literally tripped over my feet when I caught sight of a caramel hair babe sitting in a private corner looking completely out of place.

She bit her very full pink lips nervously. Her fingers ringing in front of her. If I didn’t know better I would say she wouldn’t last tonight and will pull her membership in an hour. However, I did know better. Her creamy chocolate eyes flicker around the room with clear curiosity.

I feel like someone threw a punch at my stomach. Her eyes explained so much.

Her innocence.

Her curiosity.

The wildcat in her.

The need to be dominated.

My feet walked toward her before I even comprehend what I was doing. She looks up the minute she sees me near her. Her eyes widening a fraction. I knew the effect she was feeling right now. I wasn’t the average looking kind of guy. I knew how I looked and I knew how much women liked it.

I slip into her booth without permission. She shifted uneasily in her seat. I put my hand out in a gesture of shaking her hand.

“My name is Chase Gunner. I am the owner of this club.” I introduce myself to her.

She blinked and a smile appeared on her face. She shook my offered hand.

“Briar Woods.” She stated.

I grinned, “What are you here for?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” She poked at me and I fought down the dominant in me. I wanted to teach her a good lesson in answering appropriately.

However, I decided to oblige her this time. My eyes dropping down her body. Reading her body language, the way her hands are clasped together tightly on the table, the way her legs are crossed. Every now and then she will bite her lips and her eyes will look anywhere else but at me.

A dominant can easily read who will be submissive in bed and I knew just by looking at her, she will fight me, but in the end, she will give in.

A challenge.

A fucking delicious challenge.

Every neuron in my body is on full alert and drumming with excitement. I was dangerously attracted to her and a strong part of me wanted to make her submit underneath me.

She cleared her throat and shifted in her seat for the fifth time since she saw me. A salacious smirk appeared on my face because I knew she was just as attracted to me as I was her.

“Sex. You need someone to fuck you hard and long. Someone to grope your nice sexy ass, twist your sweet nipples, suck on that already soaking wet pussy until you are screaming for release.” I answered her. My voice dropping dangerously deep. I inch closer to her. My legs are brushing against hers as I do so. I see her chest rising quickly upon contact.

“Was I right? Don’t bother lying to me, Briar. I will know and you won’t like what I do next.” I command, my fingers tracing up the little mini skirt she has on.

She swallowed hard. I waited to see if she will challenge me again.

“Y-yes.” After a very long wait, she finally admits.

My smirk broadens, immediately I moved my fingers that were dangerously close to her core. I pull back from her space giving her breathing room again.

She lifts her chin. “I am here to find someone w-who can p-please me but I have conditions.”

My interest is definitely piqued. I arch an eyebrow for her to continue. She fidget in her seat again. Her eyes moving around the room.

“Did you want to continue this in my office?” I offer, catching onto how uncomfortable she looks.

She shakes her head, inhaling deeply for a shot of confidence she spoke, “I need a Dom who is willing to only meet at my home. I-I don’t want to be here. I need him to be there when I need him. I don’t work well with extreme BDSM. I need only a Dom who can give me what I want. I also need a Dom who will only have one sub at a time.”

The corner of my lips lifts in amusement, “I don’t have Doms who does house calls-”

She opens her mouth to say something but I lifted my hand, silencing her.

“I, however, do.” I watch her irises dilate in surprise. I lied. I don’t do house calls but I wanted her badly I was willing to lie.

“Y-you mean you will take me up on my offer?” She asked, hope flaring in those creamy chocolate orbs.

“Not so fast. I have conditions of my own. If I am to be your Dom, your body is mine and mine only. That means no other male will touch you. That includes you. You will only touch when I tell you. I won’t come when you call me. I am the Dom, Briar.” I first explained. She needs to know these are my rules as her Dom.

“So, no Briar, you will expect me to be at your place every night at nine sharp. I will oblige by what you are willing to do. I won’t do anything that you don’t want but you will promise to try new things with me.” I end my terms on that note.

She licks her parted lips, mulling over my conditions. My eyes homed in on that innocent and indecisive move.

“What kind of things?” She asks, unsure.

“Things that will give you and I both pleasure,” I reply with a confident smirk.

She nods, “Deal.”

I nod along with her, “Then it is settled. Our deal starts tomorrow night.”

I expect her to fight me but she nods, “This is my first time. I am nervous. You will have to teach me.”

The playful me chipped away and I gave her a comforting smile. She is adorable.

“I will teach you everything you need to know. I will show you a whole new world.”

“Thank you.” She smiles back at me and I was swept off my feet. If I thought she was stunning before, she was a goddess when she smiled.


“Yes?” She responds, her eyes light up like a little girl getting a lollipop. Fuck, its sexy as hell. I can’t wait till I had her sucking mine.

My hand came up and I swept a strand of hair behind her hair before the back of my hand trails down her cheek. Her chocolate orbs darkened upon contact.

“Know that there is a safe word. When you want out, say ‘Red’. I will stop immediately. You are the important person here.” I said honestly.

Her shoulder slumps in relief. I didn’t realize how stiff she was until now. Briar Woods is fucking attractive and beautiful. It made me wonder, what’s her real story behind coming here.

“How long have you been doing this?” She asks shyly.

“Since 18. I started with a friend but he pulled his partnership. I bought him out.” I answer her truthfully.

“Why did he pull?” She continues further.

I chuckle, “You are a curious one.”

She looks down a little embarrassed with all the questions.

“He started a life. We are still friends. His fiancee and he still comes here once in a while but he wanted to focus solely on her.” I respond, not wanting to see her pull away.

Besides, I am not ready to let her go just yet. She is quite entertaining and the night was still young.

“I’m curious. Who are you?” I ask.

She looks up at me, “I am a Kindergarten teacher. I teach at Marshall Elementary school.”

“A teacher?” Fuck. That’s sexy. Damn, my cock is throbbing so badly that the strain in my pants is becoming painfully uncomfortable.

She smirks, “yes, is that a problem?”

I wiggled my eyebrows suggestively, “On the contrary, its fucking hot.”

With the dimly lit club, I can still see the blush that appeared on her cheek.

Tomorrow really needs to hurry up. I have so many plans for her.

the most attractive man I had ever laid eyes on.


His name has me clenching my thighs under my desk. My students were scribbling away and using all kinds of art materials to master a beautiful Mother’s day card to their mommies. I glance at my phone for the hundredth time. I don’t know why though. Chase doesn’t have my number. However, I finished that thought too quickly. My phone chimed and I picked it back up.

Unknown Number: This is Chase. Is tonight still a go or is my sexy school teacher backing down?

I stare at the text. He had to text me. Of course, he did too. He must have taken my number from the club application.

I sent a quick reply that it was still a go before slipping my phone away and getting up to help the children. After that text and dealing with excited and cherry children, it is time for home.

I finish setting up my activities for the next day and tidy my room before leaving. I ran into Maria, the administrative assistant on my way to the parking lot. She is around my age.

“Going straight home?” She asks.

I nod, “I have a lot of cleaning to do.”

“Seriously, Briar. You really need to get out more. You can’t always be home alone. I know its not my place but I really do care for you. I want to see that bright smile on your face again.” She pushes further.

I gave a forced smile. I really didn’t want to go there. Especially tonight. She is right too. She has no right to tell me what is best for me.

“Thank you for caring. I will see you tomorrow. Have a good night.” I reply simply before getting into my small car and driving off.

When I got into my tiny little two-bedroom home, I quickly cleaned up any mess I had. At thirty-one, my house looks like an old granny home. I should really think about redesigning again but ever since Dave, I had fallen off the wagon.

The living room connected right into the small foyer that I have and on the right side of the foyer was the dining table. Both entrances are arched doorways. The dining room leads to the kitchen that small enough to only fit a couple of bodies. When Dave and I bought this home, it was enough for both of us.

Six months after buying the home, he got deployed to Afghanistan. Dave was in the U.S. Army and served in the Medical Corps. He was a doctor and truly believed in saving people. When he enlisted I was extremely upset but I knew it was his passion. I let him go. Five years into working in the Medical Corps, his site was bombed and attacked. Many civilians and soldiers died that day, including him.

It was the hardest news to hear that they will bring his body back for burial. I felt like my chance to live to the fullest with the love of my life got taken away. At first, I mourned and then I grew bitter. I blamed God. I blamed anybody that was close by. After lashing out, I realized nothing I do will bring him back.

I mourned him for so long. I didn’t think I will ever be able to move on but three years is a long time. By doing this, I feel like I am betraying him. I feel like my love for him wasn’t strong enough that is why I decided to join the club. That is why Chase is coming over.

A sickening feeling erupted in my guts. I walked by Dave’s picture hanging by the hallway and my heart twisted in my chest. I haven’t packed away his stuff. They were all still here. I couldn’t put him away. If I did, it would mean he was really gone.

I can’t let him go. I don’t think I ever will.

I walk into our bedroom and see our wedding pictures on the dresser. I walk over and lift it up to look at him closely. I loved his smile. He had one of those smiles that seemed to brighten my day up in seconds.

I remember when we first met. It was in a bar and it was raining outside. I had just finished my beer and walking out for the night when I bumped into him. He wrapped his arms around me to prevent me from falling.

I think at that moment, I knew I was in love with him. People might think that it is physically or emotionally impossible for someone to fall in love that fast but one look. All it takes is one long look in each other eyes and you’re lost forever.

He offered to drive me home that night. He never had his beer. He asked for my number and we were together ever since.

He married me two years after dating me. Why that long? I kept pushing him away. I told him I wasn’t ready. He had the ring for over a year before I agreed. Now that I think about it, I should have agreed. Maybe then I would’ve had more time with him.

I slip our wedding picture into the dresser, hiding it from what I am about to do in just a couple of hours. I turn around and surveyed my room. Anything that reminded me of him, I hid it. When there was nothing left, I grabbed a change of clothes and walked out of the bedroom, across the hall to the bathroom.

Slipping off my work clothes, I undo my bun and allowed my hair to fall over my shoulders and down my back. I walk into my shower and turn on the water to warm. My mind flickers back to Chase. Was he really going to come? What if I got ready and he didn’t? I would like a total fool.

God, that man was truly beautiful, even I had to admit that. His dark brown hair was slightly long but carelessly done. It made him look like a very laid-back kind of a guy but those eyes—those green eyes were something. They stirred a deep carnal desire inside of me that had me clenching my thighs even when he wasn’t touching me.

When I was thoroughly washed, I turn off the water and reach for my towel. After wiping my body, I slipped on the clean comfortable clothes I had picked out.

Feeling more refreshed, I walk to the living room and turn on the T.V. before walking into the kitchen. It must sound stupid but having the T.V. on while I am in the other room helps me stay a little sane. Living alone can be extremely lonely. I was shuffling through the fridge for something to eat when the doorbell rang.

I close the fridge and walk to the front door. A delivery man stood in front of me. He held a package in his hand.

“Ms. Woods?” He asks.

I nod, “Yes, that’s me.”

“I have a package for you. I just need you to sign here.” He hands me the package. I slipped it under my arm before signing quick. When he left I close the door and look at the package strangely.

I didn’t order anything, at least I don’t think I did.

I walk into the kitchen and grabbed my keys. Using my keys, I broke through the clear tape. When I opened the box, I inhaled sharply.

A note sat on top of the clothes I could clearly see was a naughty girl school uniform.

Lesson #1: I am the master of your body.

Put this on. I expect to see you wearing it and waiting for me at the door. If you decide to disobey, you will be punished, Ms. Woods. After all, I am your teacher and you are my student.

See you at 9.

Mr. Gunner

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