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Chapter 24


“What?” I breathed. I was afraid that what I heard wasn’t exactly what I heard. That I was becoming delusional with missing him that I have actually started hallucinating.

He took another step forward, eliminating the space between us. His forehead moved to press with mine as his eyes bore mine. Softly, he caressed my cheeks with his thumbs.

“I have feelings too, Briar. I miss you and I need you. I didn’t realize--I was too afraid. I am so sorry I walked out on you that morning. I shouldn’t have. What I should have done was admit what I already knew but denied.”

This time I looked at his lips moved. He misses me and needs me. My heart ached with pain and love. My hands slowly coming up to wrap around the front of his shirt. My emotions were flying everywhere and I didn’t know where to begin to sort them all out.

A part of me resented the fact that he left me but then I realized that he had never had these kinds of feelings before. He never had a serious relationship before. Did I expect him to just understand what it was that he was feeling?

I didn’t realize I was crying until his thumbs brushed against my cheeks once more. I turned my face and kissed his palm. He inhaled sharply as if that small little act hurt him ten thousand times more.

“I didn’t realize how empty and meaningless my life was until you.” He took in a shaky breath. “I don’t really know how I can express my feelings to you, because I wasn’t myself the first time I set eyes on you. Hell, I should have known the moment I agreed to come to your home --that just getting to know you will change everything. At first, I thought it was only because I cared. I brushed it off as me being a good Dom but the truth was I didn’t give a fuck what the contract said. All I wanted was you. All I needed was you.”

I am weeping at this point. What’s with the revelation? What made him changed his mind?

I didn’t realize I sobbed it out until he answered me again.

“It took some real thinking and a hard look at my past. I realized I didn’t care for any of that now. All I wanted was you and when I realized that me walking out meant a future without you--it scared the crap out of me.”

He moved so that he can brush his lips against my forehead, “I am sorry, Briar. I am sorry I didn’t realize it sooner. I am sorry that I am too late. I hope he treats you right. I wanted to tell you this even though I know that I am too late. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t tell you.”

He was reluctant in letting me go but I felt him started pulling away. However, my hands tightened around his shirt. He stopped and his questionable green eyes connected with mine.

I sniffed, “How are you late? I don’t understand.”

“I came to see you yesterday. I wanted to talk but when I arrived I saw you and Logan--” His jaw ticked in anger.

“You saw him kissing me.” I finished for him. I pulled back and wiped away my tears. My eyes were still red from all the crying.

“It wasn’t what you are thinking, Chase. He kissed me, yes, but I didn’t kiss him back.” I told him. “He took me home from work because I was a mess after you left. He offered to give me a ride and help me out a bit. I didn’t realize he will kiss me until it was too late but we aren’t together.”

His eyes lit up slightly, “So you are saying I have a chance?”

I gave him a small smile, “Yes.”

He smiled then before moving in and pulling me into a tight hug.

“Christ, I love you. I love you so fucking much, baby girl.” He kissed the top of my head.

“I do have conditions though.” And I felt him stiffen in my arms.

I pulled back to look at him.

“What?” He replied.

I shrugged, “If you are going to be in a serious relationship with me, I have conditions that you have to follow. I would need this on paper. You’ll have to sign it.”

He smirked, “I’ll do anything.”

“But you didn’t-”

“I don’t care what it is that you want. Hell, right now I’ll fly to the moon to get you the moon if you asked.” He said.

By now, it was past four. All the children have gone home. Only a few staffs are behind and busy in their classrooms.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked.

“Does the contract have a clause in it that states you are my girlfriend?” He asked.

“Well, yes...”

“Does the contract have a clause in there that states I can fuck you whenever I want?” He started for the door.

I frowned, confused on why was he leaving.

“Well, yes...” I replied.

He shuts the door and locks it, “Does it allow me to fuck you wherever I want?”

Immediately, I knew where he was getting at. He looked back at me with a clear intention.

“Chase...this is a school. My workplace.” I warned, taking a step back but even then I couldn’t help but feel a burning desire and need to have him between my legs. I wanted to rip the clothes from my body and his. I wanted skin on skin. I was desperate to feel him again.

He chuckled, walking towards me without a care that we were in a school.

“Afraid we will ruin the innocence of this room?”

“Uh, yes. This is a school. I won’t look at this room the same way again.”

“I can fix that.” He replied and walked forward. I edged back until my butt hit my desk. Liquid pools of heat now drenching my thong. He was smirking when he knelt down and slipped my dress up, removed my heels, and took off my stocking. The stroke of his hands on my bare flesh was like licking fire trails.

He stood back up and tied my stockings around my head to cover my eyes.

I wanted to laugh because now I can’t see the room. He spun me around. Startled, I pressed my palms against the desk while leaning forward slightly.

“Imagine you are in my office.” He said huskily.

“Chase...” I moaned when I felt him hiking up my dress over my hips to my waist.

“Only feel, Briar.” He whispered. “Don’t think.”

I heard him inhale sharply, his fingers slipping between my legs and underneath my thong to touch me where I was dying for him to touch.

“Chase, we are not alone in this building. I can get fired.” I protested weakly.

He leaned forward so that his front was pressed with my back. His breath fanned my right ear as he spoke.

“I will be quick. I just need to be inside you. Let me fuck you, baby girl.” He said huskily.


“I’m only fucking you on your desk, Ms. Woods. Be a good teacher, stop thinking, and let me fuck you to oblivion.”

I bit my lips when I heard his pant zipper unzip. A few seconds later, he shifted my thong to the side and entered me swiftly.

Thank God, my desk was positioned at the corner where nobody can see if they looked through the glass window at the classroom door.

I gasped upon feeling him fill me completely to the hilt. He groaned and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled back and thrust back in hard.

I let out a small pleasurable cry. His thrust was fast and hard. My body shook with every thrust. His hands moved up from my waist to my breasts, cupping them in his hands while he fucked me wildly from behind.

It was so naughty and I should be ashamed of myself but the thought of doing it in public and in the most insane place possible was exciting. Even if it was in a kids classroom.

“I fucking love you.” He whispered while thrusting into me. My walls clenched around his cock. He groaned and bit my back shoulder.

“Chase, please.” I moaned.

He seemed to know what I want because immediately, one of his hand slipped between my legs and rolled my clit in his finger.

“Yes!” I cried, my release rushed forward and I pulsed around his cock as I came.

He cursed underneath his breath and pumped into me until I came down before he pulled out and I felt his thick spurt of release on my butt cheek.

After he was done, he dropped his forehead against my shoulder for a second to catch his breath. Then he proceeded to wipe off his cum from my butt cheek with tissues on my desk.

After he cleaned us both off, he let go of my dress and it fell back down. He removed my stockings and I blinked several times to adjust my eyes.

When I looked at him, he pulled me in for a long, hot kiss.

“I love you, Briar.”

“I love you too.” I murmured, my legs shook from the intense orgasm I just had.

He chuckled and wrapped an arm around my waist, “Tonight, we will be going to my hotel room.”

“Hotel room?” I looked at him in surprise.

He kissed me once again, “I am not done with you yet. You didn’t think I would let you go home that easily.”

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