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“Put the sugar in with the wet ingredients, Chase.” Briar snapped.

Logan snickered on the other side of Briar as she mixed the cream cheese filling. Logan was working on the Chex mix seasoning for the bake sale while I and Briar were working on the cupcakes.

“Why? Everything is going to go into one fucking bowl anyways.” I muttered.

“Because the dry ingredients need to be mixed thoroughly before adding in the wet ingredients,” Briar explained to me like I was a child.

When she finished mixed the cream cheese filling I picked up the spoon to lick but she slapped my hand away.

“No eating until we are done.”

“Baby girl, the only thing I’ll be eating is you.”

She threw a bag of chocolate chips at me.

I caught it with my hand and sat it back down on the counter. I can’t believe still that I was here helping her bake for the bake sale that they were having at the school. The things I would do for this woman.

The doorbell rang, Logan cut in and told us he would get it. I watched him go and felt Briar’s eyes on me. My eyes connected with her.

“You know, he didn’t mean to kiss me. You can stop looking at him like you want to throw a fist or two in his face.”

I smirked, “I still hate the guy.”

A minute later, voices can be heard coming into the kitchen. It was Molly and she was carrying a grocery bag filled with snack bags.

It’s been two months since Briar and I have worked things out. I wanted her to move in with me but she wouldn’t settle until I got myself a home. So, here she is still in her home. I now have clothes over here in case, I wanted to stay overnight but this staying overnight was getting to me.

“Can you stop tugging on the damn bag?” Molly snapped at Logan, yanking the grocery bag she was carrying back into her arms like it was a very important package.

Logan rolled his eyes, “I need a box. Stop clinging onto it and hand over one.”

“All you needed to do was ask.” She glared before opening her bag and handing him a box of snack bags. He grumbled underneath his breath and walked to the counter.

Molly and Logan have a weird relationship. They both hate each other but tolerate each other at the same time. Ever since Briar cleared things up with Logan, he hasn’t made any more advances towards her which was a good thing because I’ll have to kick his ass then.

Molly set the bag down on the counter and walked over Briar. She wrapped her arms around Briar’s shoulders.

“Oh dearie, it smells yummy in here.” She squealed.

“Yes, well, get in here and help me. Chase and Logan ate half of the cupcakes already.” Briar sighed.

“Savages!” Molly slapped Logan and I on the arm.

I took a step back and gave her an apologetic smile. My hands raised up in the air, “This is why she has you as her friend. You can help her bake some more.”

Molly was about to open her mouth and give me a piece of her mind when the doorbell rang again. I took the opportunity to slip past her and walked to the front door. When I opened, I saw Rayna and Lucifer standing on the front porch.

Rayna and Briar has become fast friends along with Molly. They were like the three musketeers.

Rayna stepped in carrying some bag of fast food. They had picked up lunch for us since we didn’t have time to make it. We spent most part of the morning baking. Rayna flew right past me and into the kitchen without a ‘hello’.

“How’s it going, man?” I asked as I closed the door.

“You know that secret I told you about?” He looked at me.

I grinned, “Yea?”

“You fucking asshole. You told her.” Lucifer punched me in the chest.

“I didn’t!” I snapped, feeling pain shoot through my chest.

“Then how did she know I was sitting outside the home while she was watching those sappy movies?”

“Have you asked Rafe?”

“He won’t rat me out,” Lucifer growled.

“What happened? Did Rayna get upset with you?”

“I’m in the doggy house, man. She won’t let me sleep in the same fucking room as hers.” Lucifer grumbled.

I laughed, “All you need to do is take her down to the club. She’ll give in.”

Lucifer looked like he was thinking for a minute before he grinned. His eyes renewing with new determination. If anything, he was going to teach his little wife a few lessons.

Just then squealing came from the kitchen. Lucifer and I walked into the kitchen to find the girls hugging each other and jumping on their feet.

“Oh my god! I am so happy for you.” Briar exclaimed.

“I’m going to be an auntie!” Molly squealed again.

I turned to Lucifer, “You knocked up your wife?”

Lucifer chuckled, “Yeah, man. We are expecting. She’s about ten weeks pregnant.”

“Congratulations.” I thudded Lucifer on the back.

Logan spoke up, “Good luck. When my ex-wife was pregnant with my baby, she was a hormonal mess. There was one time, I had to get up at midnight to get her ice cream and not just any ice cream. I had to go to Ellie’s.”

After that, we continued to finish baking and ate some burgers and fries that Rayna brought in. Once we were done, we sat around Briar’s living room watching T.V. It was late into the evening when I glanced down at Briar who was settled warmly into the crook of my arm. She must have felt my eyes on her because she turned her head up to look at me.

Meeting her I never expected that my life will change this much. I haven’t felt completely whole until her. Now, I’m sitting in a living room filled with people I care about and I have never been happier.

Rayna was sound asleep with Lucifer on a couch. Molly and Logan were whispering back and forth on the other sofa. I couldn’t really make out they were saying but I could have sworn, I saw them sitting on the opposite side before we started watching T.V.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked.

The corner of my lips lifted into a half grin, “I just realize how happy I am.”

She smiled brightly back, “I am happy too.”

There was something I had to tell her, and I think this was the perfect moment to pull her away. She and I walked out of the house and onto the front porch. I pulled her towards the swing on the porch and we both sat down.

“Briar, I want you to move in with me,” I told her.

She sighed, “I told you. I don’t want to live in a hotel room.”

“I bought a home, Briar.” I touched her chin with my fingers and turned her to look at me.

“You did?” She looked surprised.

“Yes. You told me you wanted me to buy a place. Well, I did because I don’t want to keep coming over and sleeping over. I want to come home at night and know you will be in bed waiting for me. I want to wake up in the morning to see you sleeping next to me. So, I bought us a home.” I told her.

Her face lit up with a smile, “In that case, then yes, I’ll move in with you.”

I returned her smile and eliminated the rest of the space between us. My lips found hers and kissing her with as much love as I have for her.

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