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Chapter 3

My heart fluttered in my chest with each passing second. My palms were sweating and I swear that I keep clenching my thighs every five seconds in silent anticipation.

The outfit that Chase chose for me made me look like Brittney Spears from her music video “Baby Hit Me One More Time”. The plaited black and dark grey skirt was so short, my ass cheeks were hanging out. The thin black thong that came along with the outfit slid nicely in between my ass cheeks and each time I clenched my thighs together the thin material will rub against my already sensitive clit.

I bit my lips as I took one last glance in the bathroom mirror. The white collared shirt was short and meant to be tied right under my bust, exposing my mid-section and the top of my breasts for him to view. I put my hair down to give me a little coverage but little did it do. I still felt naked but I also felt sexy and different.

I released another heavy sigh and shook my head. I can do this. There was no need for me to freak out. I can make this work. I just needed to get over these sudden nerves ransacking through my body.

The doorbell rung a second later and my head snapped towards the door. I can see his body through the fogged glass windows of the door. He had only rung the bell once and now he stood there, tall and confident.

I managed to make my feet move and I walked over to the door. I opened it and his eyes snapped onto me immediately. The heat that flared up in his eyes, the heated trails that leisurely explored me from head to toe sent electrical shocks to my core. When his eyes met mine again, it was smoldering.

It looked like he just got off work. He wasn’t dressed up or anything like me. Instead, he wore a simple white dress shirt that was unbuttoned at the top to expose enough of his chest. The cuff of his shirts was rolled up to reveal a strong pair of arms. I swallowed hard as my eyes trailed down his body and landed on the evidently large bulge between his legs.

“You listened. Good.” He smirked and when I didn’t answer. He arched an eyebrow, “Are you going to let me in?”

I bit the inside of my cheek to shake me out of my stupor before I nodded and moved aside. He walked in and I closed the door.

I felt like I needed to offer him something so I turned to look at him, “Would you like a glass of water? Beer?”

His intense gaze met mine and I knew he had been staring at my ass, “I am thirsty but not for a glass of water or beer.”

Good god, my heart wouldn’t stop beating rapidly in my chest.

He walked over to the living room and looked around before settling on my gray love seat. The way he was sitting down right now made him look intimidating. His eyes never leaving me. He seemed to love staring at my ass and my breasts because I haven’t once seen him look up at me.

“Are we going to do something or are you just going to sit and stare at me all night?” I snapped, feeling slightly irritated with the way he was looking at me. It was making me extremely hot and soaking wet.

He chuckled deeply and scratched at his nose in such a sexy manner I was almost in awe at how smooth he did it. He shifted on the sofa and propped his elbows on his knees.

He nodded for me to stand before him. I walked over to stand in front of him. I watched him swallow hard and his jaw ticked as he again looked me up from head to toe. A low whistle leaving his lips and I heard a sharp hiss before his eyes met mine. They burned with so much hunger, I wanted to just straddle him and ride him right on the love seat right now.

“Fuck, baby girl, you are fucking sexy in that outfit. I am finding a hard time not slamming you up against the wall and fucking the fuck out of you.” He said huskily and my core clenched at his dirty words. “But we have many things to do, many things to teach.”

He stood up and slowly walked around me. His finger touched my fingers, my wrist, and ran up my arm as he walked around. Then it fell and brushed up against my ass cheeks. It burned and seared right through me. I had to bite back a moan.

When he standing behind me, he placed an arm on my back and pushed my torso down. My ass now in plain view for him. The dim lighting fixture in my living room gave him enough light to see just exactly what I had to offer him. His hand massaged and kneaded my ass cheeks. I could feel myself dripping with my juices just waiting for him to do something more.

“So fucking hot.” He growled and I felt a hard slap on my ass. I squeaked and clenched my thighs.

“I want to do so many things to you but we have many things to learn before we do anything else.” He said huskily before walking to stand before me. He lifted me up and gestured to the sofa. “Sit.”

I obeyed gratefully. My legs were shaking and I think I will collapse very soon and he hadn’t even fucked me yet. I sat down and he moved to sit on the coffee table. He leaned forward so that he was looking straight at me.

“First off, you will never lie to me. When I ask you something I want you to be honest with me. Can you do that, baby girl?” He asked.

“Is this all the time or only when we are in bed?” I asked, because hell, I had a lot of personal things he doesn’t need to know. Business doesn’t mix with pleasure.

He nodded in agreement. “This will work both ways. In order for us to be able to trust either, we have to be open. If you asked me a question I will answer you honestly.”

I was internally relieved upon what he just said. I liked the idea that not only will he know things about me. I will know things about him.

“My other subs often call me Master but-“He hesitated and a slow wicked smirk crawled on his face. “You are not like my other subs. You are a baby, my baby girl, which means you will call me daddy.”

I bit my lips. As cliché as it sounds, I wanted to very much call him that. The familiar burning heat stirred again in my stomach. He must have known I liked it because his smirk grew.

“When you don’t like something I do, you must let me know. Don’t let me push you too far. I want you to trust me that I will bring you the best orgasms you will ever encounter.” My pussy clenched and I found myself growing impatient.

“Lastly, we will not live in the past. I don’t give a crap what you did or who you were with. When we are together, we are living in the present. There will only be you and me. Do you understand?” He asked.

That one was a hard one but I promised myself that I needed to move on. I know Dave and he would have wanted me to live like this. I needed to learn to move on.

“I might make mistakes...” I said truthfully and I met his eyes. “But I am willing to try.”

He nodded, satisfied with what I gave him. I am thankful he didn’t push further. I don’t know what I would say if he asked further.

“We will establish more rules as we further our exploration but as of right now. I need to take a good look at you. Stand the fuck up.” He ordered.

Immediately, I stood back up again. My legs were less wobbly. I moved again to the middle of the room. He moved to sit in the same spot I sat and leaned back.

“Strip.” He commanded, his green eyes sparked with a sly glimmer. He was waiting for me to disobey. One corner of his lip lifted confidently.

I reached for the tie of the t-shirt and untied it. It fell open and half of my breasts were exposed. My nipples were the only small barrier stopping it from falling completely to my side. I saw his jaw ticked again.

I pushed the small piece of clothing off my shoulders and my skin met the cool air in my living room. My nipples hardened. I heard him let out a breath of annoyance.

“Tie your hair up, baby girl. I want to see what’s mine.” His voice turned raspy and low. I inhaled slowly as I removed the black hair tie from around my wrist to tie my hair up into a ponytail. My breasts in plain view now.

“Fuck, you’re going to kill me.” He groaned and I saw his jaw tick again but still, he didn’t move.

I moved to remove the skirt but he stopped me by standing up. He walked over to me and grasps one of my breasts in his hands. The rough and callousness of his hand caused me to arch my back for more. He groaned and with one twisted my ponytail in his fist as he crushed his lips against mine.

He pinched my nipple in his finger so fiercely I whimpered. He smothered that small little sound with his tongue, slipping it inside and invading my mouth. I hadn’t been kissed in the longest time and I felt like a total amateur. His tongue, though, it was an expert. It fucked my mouth and sucked my tongue like he knew exactly what he wanted.

When he had thoroughly kissed me, he released me to slowly unbutton his shirt. I watched with keen interest as inch by inch his chest exposed more and more for me.

“I had so many plans for you but fuck tonight I just want to fuck you.” He growled almost animalistically. I shuddered and swallowed hard upon hearing how much he wanted me.

He pulled his shirt out of his pants and then unbuckled his black leather belt. Then he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock. I nearly buckled upon seeing it. It was thick and long, if I measured it with my hand it surpassed my wrists.

“How the fuck is that going to fit me?” I gasped. I had said it out loud.

He chuckled and slipped a hand between my legs. His finger touched my already drenched thong and rubbed it swiftly before pulling it down. I helped him by stepping out of it. His finger found my slit again and he ran it up and down.

“Baby girl, you are fucking soaked. You wouldn’t have to worry if it will fit or not.” He groaned, slipping out a condom from his pocket, I watched him roll it on his throbbing cock. Once he was done he moved back to sit down on the sofa. His cock bouncing and twitching in front of me.

“Straddle me.” He ordered.

When I hesitated, he arched an eyebrow. “I don’t have much patience, baby girl. Fuck me or I’ll bend you over and fuck you.”

I spurred into action. I crawled onto his lap and my entranced over his bobbing cock. He groaned and used one of his hand at the base of his cock to rub my slit up and down, coating the tip of his cock. I closed my eyes at the strange and familiar sensation. My body muscles tensed in excited anticipation.

“You want this cock, don’t you, baby girl?” He whispered huskily and moved in to bite above my breast.

“Yes.” I breathed, my own brown eyes meeting his dark intense green ones.

“Yes, what?” He purred onto my neck. His tongue flickering out to lick the sensitive skin that sent a shuddering pleasure down my spine.

“Yes, daddy,” I whispered and I felt myself become wetter. Good god, if he doesn’t fuck me soon I’m going to go crazy.

“Ride me, baby girl.” He ordered.

Thank the fucking lord.

I slowly went down on his cock and surprisingly he fucking fit like a snug glove. He was so thick he touched every sensitive nerve in my core. I can feel him so deep inside of me, throbbing and pulsing. He groaned and his hands dropped to my ass where he squeezed it.

“Fuck.” He hissed. “So fucking tight, baby girl. How long has it been?”

“Too long,” I whispered huskily and breathlessly. My hands moving to his shoulder I began moving up and down.

“How long?” He growled out as I began moving. His hands tightening on my rump.

“Three years,” I told him truthfully. No lies.

His jaw ticked again. “Faster.”

I happily obeyed. Bouncing faster on his thick cock. He moaned and grasp onto my ponytail he yanked my hair back. Pain shot through my roots but he mixed it with the pleasure of his mouth on my open neck. He sucked and licked in a way that had me fucking him faster.

“That’s it. Ride your daddy’s cock. Take care of me like a good girl.” He said throatily deep. I whimpered and increased my speed, my ass cheeks were now bouncing each time I hit his thighs. It seemed to drive him a little crazier. He moved from my neck and moved down to my breasts where he paid licked and sucked on it like a baby eating a bottle. I ran my hands through his hair.

The feeling—it felt so fucking good. Every single nerve in my body was humming to life. I felt like I was running a marathon and at the end was a grand prize waiting for me. The string inside of me knotting up more and more with each hard stroke. It has been so long and it felt so good. His hard body wrapped around my body. The way he was teasing and pleasuring me was shrouding my mind with a deafening need to get a release.

He switched to my other breast and bit my nipples between his teeth. Pain and pleasure pulsed through my body and I clenched around his cock greedily. He hissed not in pain but in pleasure.

“Greedy girl.” He bit my nipple again as a small retaliation.

It was all I needed to come undone in front of him. I cried out and my fingers dug into his shoulders as I rode the first wave of my first orgasm in three years. Everything around me seemed to have shattered and all I could see was oblivion. He groaned and buckled several times inside of me, the way I was milking his cock he wouldn’t be able to hold in his own release. Even with the condom, I can feel his hot spurts of sperm with each thrust.

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