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Chapter 4

Chase Gunner

A simple fuck it was but it was fucking earthshattering.

My hands ran up and down the curves of her body, learning and craving. My cock twitched inside of her and she moaned softly. Her sweaty body collapsed on top of me. Her sweet luscious breasts pressed against my face sending me to a whole another kind of heaven.

I was always in control—am always in control but damn she fucking twisted me up good tonight. Hell if I knew why but I loved the way her breasts bounced while she rode me. I could still see it with my eyes closed right now. Her scent—her sweat it drove me crazy.

“Where’s your bedroom?” I asked.

She lifted off me slightly, allowing me to slip off the condom, tying it up I walked over to small trash bin in the living room and tossed it in. Buckling my trousers up a little. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a few more packs of condom. Her eyes widened upon seeing them.

I smirked while arching an eyebrow. I watched Briar’s tongue flickering out to lick her lips and I fought back a groan. She stood up and walked to the bedroom. I followed behind her, enjoying the view of her ass bouncing with each step. Fuck this woman got ass. I love a good woman with a nice curvy ass.

Know why? I love the way it quivers underneath my palms. Biting my own lips, I followed her into a door way. Her home was small. Only a few doors and everything on the same floor.

She entered into the bedroom and turned to look at me. My gaze surveyed the room. It was a simple bedroom. I am surprised there wasn’t a single feminine touch to it. It looked like a comfortable neutral bedroom. My eyes landed on the queen size bed and I turned back to her.

She stood before me half naked and I loved how she wasn’t shy about her body. We were both adults here. She had a fucking sexy body and I know she knows it. Her breasts were nice and lusciously big. In my palms, I can almost grab all of it. Her small little pink nipples were hard even I can see it from here.

I’m surprised that just looking at her how fucking hard I got. It usually doesn’t take this quick for my stamina to come spurring back but I’m more than ready to fuck her again.

“What now?” She asked.

I licked my lips before bringing my bottom lips between my teeth. “Lay on the bed.”

She walked over and crawled onto the bed. Her ass sticking in the air and I instantly imagine myself pounding into her from behind while I rub her sweet puckered hole from behind. She turned and lay on the bed as told.

“Spread your legs.” My voice dropped lower, upon seeing her on the bed. I walked over and stand on the side and watched.

Her pussy was glistening already. Jesus, she gets wet so easily. My eyes darted back up to her eyes and those creamy chocolate colored eyes darkened with lust.

“Touch yourself, baby girl.” I ordered huskily.

“What?” She whispered.

I smirked, “I know you have touched yourself before. You probably done it so often, you know just the right spot to touch to make yourself cum. Do it baby girl. I don’t have that much patience. I want to see you touch yourself.”

Her lips parted as her hands snaked over her body to cup her breasts. She pinched her nipples and squeezed them in her palms. Her eyes closed shut and she arched her back.

“Open your eyes, look at me.” I demanded. I wanted to see those chocolate eyes darken with pleasure.

Immediately her eyes opened. So fucking obedient. I wanted to know how far she will go.

One hand slipped down her body and my eyes followed it like a child eyeing their favorite candy. Two fingers slid between her slit before pulling back up and twisted her clit. She moaned and I suddenly found it hard to swallow. I couldn’t stop staring at her.

“Don’t stick it in until I tell you to until then tease your clit.” I said and crawled onto the bed. I knelt between her legs and watched her. She looked down at me through hooded eyes. Her soft little gasps and moans was enough to make me want to just ravish her right then right there but not yet.

She increased her speed on her clit and her breath hitched. She arched her hips into the air and her other hand flew from her breast to grasp at the head board.

“Stick it in.” I allowed and immediately her finger went into her warm cave. She threw her head back and arched her back. God, she was responsive.

“How often do you touch yourself, Briar? How long does it take for you to cum?” I whispered huskily.

Her eyes still on me, she spoke, “How about you watch and see it for yourself?”

I smirked, “Naughty girl. Talking back will not get you anything but punishment. Remove your hands.”

Her eyes flew open but her hands didn’t stop their assault on her core.

“Baby girl, remove your hands. I won’t ask twice.” I demanded.

She huffed and removed her hands. I captured it and brought it to my lips, sucking on it. Fucking lord, she tasted heavenly sweet. Her lips parted and her eyes darkened.

I released her hand and slowly began removing my belt. She watched me as I looped in my hands. I ran it down her body and slapped her nipples slightly. She arched her back at the contact.

“You like that?” I asked, thoroughly captivated at her response.

“What do you think?” She retorted and I struck my belt on the other nipple before running it up and down her breasts.

“Try talking back again.” I taunted. Circling and tracing the curves of her heavy breasts. She hissed and her eyes opened to glare at me.

I smirked and ran the belt down the valley of her breasts to her stomach. She moaned and her body wiggled underneath the belt. I trailed it down until it was between her legs. Instantly, her pussy gathered more wetness and she was glistening with new liquid.


“Put your hands on the headboard. Don’t let go until I tell you to.” I instructed. She hesitated but obeyed.

My belt ran over her clit and down her slit to her entrance. I watched her hips rise and I smacked her pussy lightly. She flinched but raised her hips for more. I smacked it once, twice, three times more and by then she was soaking and finally begging.

“Chase, please.” She begged.

“Please what, baby girl?” I smiled knowing fully well what she wanted.

“Please fuck me.” She pleaded, her chocolate orbs looking at me with desperation. “Make me cum.”

“Not yet.” I replied simply. I strike her pussy one, two, three more times. She was wiggling by then and tears of desperation appeared on her face.

Jesus, some subs take forever to get to this stage but she was so responsive that it didn’t take long at all. My cock was straining so hard against my pants, threatening to burst.

I dropped the belt and dipped down. My tongue licked and lapped all her juices. Her legs locked around my head and I had to pry them open. A deep chuckle leaving me upon seeing how much she wanted me to make her cum.

“Tell me, what do you prefer? My tongue or your hand?” I asked and latched onto her clit after.

She cried out and shivered underneath me. When she didn’t answer I pulled back to look at her. She looked at me in frustration.

“Chase, stop teasing me.”

“Daddy, baby girl.”

“Fuck it!” She shouted at me.

I shook my head and flicked her clit with my finger. She buckled and hissed.

“Either you make me cum or I make myself cum.” She threatened.

“Touch yourself without my permission and next time your punishment will be much worse.” I threatened.

She looked like she wanted to see if I was lying or not. When she saw how serious I was she huffed and relaxed. I rewarded her submission with two quick fingers into her pussy. I touched the right spot that and she cried out as she rode my fingers.

She collapsed when she was done. I was surprised her hands were still firmly wrapped around the headboard. I stood up and took off my trousers and brief completely. She eyed me with a new interest, now that has seen me fully naked.

I ripped a pack of condom with my teeth and slipped it on my cock. The way she was looking at me, drove me mad. I flipped her over onto her stomach.

“Keep your hands on the headboard.” I ordered as I positioned myself behind her.

She nodded and the minute her hands were wrapped around it again. I rammed my cock into her tight pussy from behind. She cried out and threw her head back. One hand gripped her waist, the other moved to grip her ponytail. I fucked her hard and fast. My cock slamming all the way inside her to the hilt, pulling back out to the tip and back in. She clenched around me like a greedy little good girl.

“I love it when you milk my cock, baby girl. So fucking greedy.” I tugged on her ponytail and she cried out, pushing her lower body towards me for more.

I dug my fingers into her hip as I continued to pound into her. I pulled on her hair tighter and she had no choice but to arch her back towards me. Her breasts bouncing back and forth like a pendulum. I leaned forward and bit her shoulder and she moaned.

“Baby girl, you like it when I fuck you hard? You like it deep?” I asked breathlessly and in a rasped voice. Sweat and sex now filled the air in the bedroom and I loved it. She was so wet too. The warm slaps each time I hit her from behind with each hard thrust was enough to tell me how turned on she was.

“Yes, Chase.” She wept in pleasure.

“Such a naughty little girl.” I pumped into her harder, I groaned when she pulsed around me again.

“Do that again.” I ordered.

She clenched and held tight. I growled and pulled on her hair. Completely coming undone I released ropes of my semen. My grasps around her hip was so tight I knew she will get bruises right there but I couldn’t let go. I was afraid of letting go.

When I was done I let go. I slapped her ass and watched it jiggle before flopping down onto the bed, completely breathless. She collapsed onto the bed, utterly content in lying on stomach. Her eyes fluttered close and I leaned over to kiss her forehead.

“Go to sleep, Briar. I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll lock the door on my way out.” I whispered, still a little breathless. I remained laying there looking at her for a minute longer before I stood up and cleaned up as much as I can. I put on my clothes and walked out of her home, locking the door on the way out.

I don’t know what it was but something in my guts was telling me I am walking into a danger zone but my mind was telling me he doesn’t give a fuck. I got into my car and looked towards her home one more time before driving off.

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